Brother Sister Love
My name is Thomas, but to be honest only my sister calls me that. Everyone else calls me Tom. I’m nineteen years of age and I am currently in college in Bristol studying Geography. I play football for the college team so I would describe my self as reasonably fit, for a student that is. I have an active social life, college was one of the best decisions of my life, and I’ve learnt so much about life.

I mentioned my sister, her name is Georgia who is two years older than me, she lives in London and has just started work for quite a large legal firm, it’s not the best job but she’s happy to start low. Georgia is also my best friend; we grew up on a farm in a rural community so there were not many other kids our age, our parents worked very long hard hours so we generally made our own entertainment.
The event I’m about to describe to you happened two months ago, its taken me this long to get the confidence to write about it. Georgia had just moved out of her student flat into a flat she is renting in Clapham, it’s costing her a fortune, but she’s glad that she no longer had to share with anyone; I don’t think she got on with her ex-flat mates. I decided to go up to London for a long weekend to visit.

I arrived in kings cross at 10:45 and decided to see some sites and do a bit of shopping before meeting up with Georgia at her new flat after she finished work at 5:30.

By the time I caught up with Georgia I was worn out from all the shopping and sight seeing, I’d bought a nice bunch of flowers for my sister as a moving in present, I took a taxi to the flat from the tube as I didn’t know where I was going, I’m not great at directions, I’m glad I did as I would still be walking around Clapham.

Georgia answered the door with a big smile gave me a big hug and a kiss on the lips; we’d always kissed on the lips, as I said we’re close. She looked at the flowers “Oh Thomas you shouldn’t have, they look lovely. Come in little brother” she led me through the door still holding my hand, I couldn’t help but notice she looked amazing. I should describe her a little, five foot eight, mousey blond hair to the shoulders, very slim but curves in all the right places, medium boobs but very firm, she doesn’t often wear a bra and there is little wobble, however I think her finest asset is her ass, simply beautiful. She was wearing a tight hipster pair of dark blue jeans and a pink and light blue stripped cashmere cardigan over a low cut white v-neck t-shirt. We sat on the couch with coffee and caught up, I did notice that she sat very close to me and kept touching my leg, I wouldn’t say I was uncomfortable quite the opposite, I found myself touching her back, a gentle flick of her hair which was in her face and a gentle hand on her leg.

We soon decided we’d eat out, Georgia knew of an Italian restaurant nearby she’d wanted to for a while. “How posh is this place going to be, I haven’t really brought much clothes?” I asked

“Don’t worry,” she replied “I’m going like this, and you look great anyway.”

We stumbled through the door about midnight; we’d had a great meal and a couple of bottles of red and a long catch up chat. We’d decided to go to a local wine bar for a couple of drinks on the way home. Georgia opened another bottle of red at her place and we sat on the couch and I put my arm around her and we cuddled up. We got talking. We talked; about her job, my course, friends from back home and we started talking about our love lives. Georgia had split from Stuart her ex six months before; she was saying that she hadn’t been out with anybody since then, “My rabbit has been working overtime ever since then!” I looked at her mock horror on my face, “ Georgia ! I thought you were innocent.” I’d finished with my ex Jennifer a couple of months previous so I understood what she meant, I’d been horny ever since.

I don’t know why I asked but I suppose because she’d mentioned her vibrator I asked Georgia , half joking, “So what’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?”

She looked at me with a fake shocked look on her face “Thomas!”

“Go on tell me then I’ll tell you mine?”

“Well…. Ok, there’s nothing very kinky, you know just the normal, Stuart used to love me giving him a blow job, plus one time he got me dressed up in a nurse’s out fit.”

“Wow, very sexy, any pictures?” I replied.

“Not for your eyes. Ok now your turn.”

“I’m not saying.” I laughed

“We had a deal bozo” she laughed and playfully hit my leg.

“OK, ok but you can’t tell anyone.”

“Ok, what?”

“Jennifer used to make me lick her arse hole out.”

“Shut the fuck up, you are such a liar.” She said laughing.

“It’s true honest; I took a lot of convincing the first time though. She used to love it; she’d have an orgasm just from that.”

“I don’t believe a word of it.” She laughed.

“Well I can hardly prove it, can I?” I asked.

“I will not believe you until you do Thomas.” She said pouting.

“Ok well bend over then because there’s no other way I can prove it.”

“You mean it too, don’t you Thomas?” she asked with a massive grin on her face.

“Yes I do Georgia.” I replied grinning. I honestly didn’t think she’d do it, but we were both quite pissed.

She stood in front of me, never breaking eye contact. She slowly undid her belt and then her button fly jeans and dropped them round her ankles. She was wearing a pair of white Calvin Klein panties. I could see a bit of camel toe where her panties hugged her pussy lips; I could also see her short neatly trimmed pubes through the cotton front just above a damp patch. I didn’t remember doing it but I was sat up with my hand slowly caressing her hip and left buttock. The panties were actually a thong. She slowly undid her cardigan and threw it to the floor. She slowly turned and bent over to touch her toes. There I was, like a rabbit in the head lights, staring at her perfect ass; I found myself stroking her thighs and brought my head in to kiss her left cheek. I brought my hands up slowly to grip the top of her thong and pulled them down until they were rolled around the tops of her thighs. The sight of her damp throbbing lips and her tight little hole were incredible, I could smell her juice and it was driving me wild. I gently kissed her arse hole and felt her shiver, and then I ran the tip of my tongue along the small strip of flesh between her twitching lips and her tight bum hole. I felt her clench as I started running my tongue around and around her glory hole. With my left hand I slowly cupped her pussy gently rubbing up and down, I felt her clitoris like a hard bean under my fingers and started tweaking it, soon her pussy was oozing with juice and Georgia was moaning. I pulled my left hand back and licked her juice from my thumb and slowly inserted it up her tight arse, she moaned quite loud at that, then started to eat out her pussy, it was the sweetest juice I’d ever tasted. With my right hand I started pinching her clit as I forced my tongue up her pussy. I felt her lips contract and then she gushed juice on me as she came all over my face. I stood up and pulled my thumb out of her arse, she turned and kicked off her jeans and panties, I remember the smile on her face as she leant forward and we kissed, it was the first time I’d tasted her tongue and the taste was incredible, her tongue was almost electric, like licking a battery. I unbuckled my jeans and ripped my clothing off and stood in front of her with my manhood at attention. She smiled then pulled her t-shirt over her head, I stared at her breasts, they were the most beautiful I’d ever seen.

“It’s my turn now, little brother.” As she got on her knees and took my cock in her delicate hands and brought her face in and wrapped her lips around me. It was pure ecstasy I gripped the back of her head as she rocked back and forth, teasing me with her tongue and gently running her teeth over my purple head. It was the best blow job I’d ever had; I came quickly filling her mouth with pump after pump of hot sticky spunk. She just gulped it all down and licked me clean.

I sank down in front of her and kissed her again, our tongues locked, I could taste the saltiness of my spunk on her tongue, and I loved it. I gently picked her up and walked to the bedroom where we had sex all night. We staid in bed most of that weekend.

I have been back to her flat three more times since, we don’t know where we can go with this but I do know I love Georgia more than I could possibly love another, and I’m certain she feels the same.

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