Brother Sister Incest and Blackmail Story
If I said I wasn"t atracted to my sister before this I would be lying. Well sibling having sex tend to be a bit taboo.

It wasn"t too long before I noticed girls. I had an incredible control on my libido. I felt that I can handle myself and not be controled by the ladies sexual "wepons". But I wouldnt let down a chance to get some that easily. I look at girls asses and boobs and still keep my cool, that is I discovered my sisters hot body.

The thrill of incestreous sex made me into a sexual beast. I jerked off to her more times then any one ever. After 3 years of this, my fellings peaked and began to slowly fade. At the time I truly beleived that, but I didn"t see this next event coming.

Between work and college I had no time to think about my sister but winter break gave my some time around the house. With my sister Sheetal who was 26 and married I always had the urge to fuck her. I still didn"t fell quite as excited as before I pretty much let it go. But I had a quite interesting situation ahead of me. Sheetal had come to the house after a fight with her husband and was quite disturbed

I was bored in the house by myself while the others went chrismas shopping. I decided to take a trip to my sisters underware collection for old time sake. You see at the peak of my incestreous fetish I took a snif of my sisters underware from time to time. It has been a while since my last trip to my sisters underware collection she had rearanged her room. I looked at the last place I remember some of her more private collection of panties, but instead there was nothing in there but an old shoe box. Inside was a bunch of blank papers and a small bag consealed among the papers, inside the bag was some marajuana.

I thought to myself "What should I do" so I give it back to her and tell her never do that again, report it to our parents, put it back and not care, or... The situation awoke the sexual beast that has been waiting for a chance like this for so long, do I blackmail my little sister into fucking my brains out. I had to wait for the right time. My libido didnt get of the way of my plan, I waited untill she and I where home alone.

"Hi sis"
"Hey bro"
I thought to myself " she has no idea, that we"re about to fuck like crazy in about 5 minutes"
"So, someting interesting happened the other day."
in a girlish vocie she said "realy what"
"lets go to your room and I"ll show you"
I followed her upstairs as we headed for her room I was staring at her perfect ass as we went to the room where her own brother will fuck her any way he wants.

She entered the room then I closed the door behind us.
"So what is it?" she asked.
"why don"t you tell my" I held the bag out, she said
"It"s not mine...I was holding it for a friend...oh no please don"t tell anyone"
"well that depends"
"I could show this to mom, you"ll be sent to rehab and possible face jail time"
"Oh No!!" she said.
"Just do exactlly what I say, first beg me"
thinking that is all she had to do she quickly said "please don"t tell anyone" I kicked it up a notch and said" get on your knees and beg.
she looked up at me from her kneels and said "please don"t tell anyone" when she looks stright ahead of her she saw my hardon. completly surprised she look at me again with a frighten look of guilt and regret. She knew what was coming and I knew what was cuming as well.

I rubbed the top of her head and said "It"s ok."
she said "I guess I have to please you if I want to keep you from telling any one".
she closed her eyes and opened her mouth just little. I pulled out my penis, held the back of her head and slowly placed the tip of my dick in between her beautiful lips. She opened her mouth alittle more the head of my dick touched her tounge. I slowly placed my dick into my sisters mouth, I moved her head back and forth graduatly faster. Her lips tightened up the faster I went. I saw that she hadn"t sucked a dick before so After only about 5 minutes I pulled out. She had waterly eyes and some precum on her lips, that is the look of some one that has never took a cock in her mouth.

she looked at me and said "Are you done?" then she noticed that I was staring at her breast. Then she gave me the same completly surprised frighten look of guilt and regret like before. She thought that was it, but the fun had just begun.

I grabed her breast and lifted her up on the bed, then layed her down and ripped her shirt open. She was wearing a white bra that I took off of her her nipples hardened instantly. I sucked on her neck then licked my way down to her breast sucking each one.I unbuttoned her jeans pulled them down and grabed her lushious ass. Then I placed my hand in between her legs and felt a soaking pair of panties that I quickly took off of her. I spreaded her legs and took off my shorts I did the most unthinkable thing that I had ever done I begain fucking my sexy sister.

I gently placed my prick in her pussy lips slowly pushing it deeper inside of her, then she let out a scream. After a few thrusts I realized that she was still tight inspite being married. The fucker must not being fucking her hard and hence their fight. I kept on going and going faster and faster then I looked at her face.She was smiling...I couldn"t belive it I fucked my sister out of blackmail and not only did she aggree to do it she enjoyed it.

I must have cum inside of her 3 times that night when I laid on top of her then she wispered in my ear "thank you."

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