Broke My Virginity With A Virgin Girl
Hi Guys Im Gopal from Gurgaon working with MNC. Well I have read lots of stories from o9l. Most of them are awesome.. So i thought that i must right my own experience.

I am 5’9″ guy. having healthy body and 8″ dick. Well lets proceed wiht the story…

I was in 2nd year of my gradauation and there was a New Admission in our class from the different college. due to the commuting issue she joined our college becoz it was too close to her home.she was so hot having nice figure 34 26 36. all students got a project and fortunately she was in my team. due to that i got a cahnce to interact with that girl. by this i got to know that she belongs to a higher braod minded family..

one day i was passing throgh the way of her home. and suddenly my bike got puckchured on the way… I was standing and making the calls for time pass while mechanic was changing the tube.. then suddenly she came from behind and closed my eyes. i was surprised who’s this.. i pulled her in front of me and i was shocked to see her.. then she told me that she leaves near abt there.. and then she asked abt me.. then she insisted me to come to her home.. then i went with her in her home.. she was alone at her home. her family went to a function and they were suppose to reach at home so lait.

I was feeling so excited. i always had crush on good figure girls but never got the chance for making sex with someone so itried to get this chance. she made the coffee that time i was watching TV. we took the coffee and there was just normal converstaion. she suddenly asked that do u have a girl frnd. then i said that no i never find a girl like u so waiting for that one.. then she said oh really trying to flirt with me.. i said no that true.. u have a good figure and u so sexy and bold.. then she cut the crap and said wait until she changes her clothes.. then she went to her room but she did not close the door. it wre fifteen min. but she did not come so i thought i must go and find her…

when i was going to her room then she suddenly came and i was shocked to see her.. then she said what happend i said nothing and she slightly smiled. she was in the nighty and she was looking like sex goddess.. i said her u r looking gorgous. then she said really then i thought i have the chance why should i not try then i came to her and she was surpried. she said stop but i did not and then i put my hand back of the head and i slighlty pushed her towards me. then i neas abt the lips i stopped and she closed her eyes. then i said do i? she did not say anything. then i give her a kiss. that was my first kiss and my heart beats wre trembling very fastly. then i smooche her for 5 minutes and she was alos breathing so high.then i unhooked her nighty then i saw a real odel stnding just front of me. she was awesome by the figure.then i unhooked the Bra and sucked her nipples and my second was in her panty. It was all wet. and by that time she had taken my dick in her hand.. she was giving massage to it. then i put one fingure in her pussy and then i taste her wet pussy..

then we went to her bedroom. she was lying on the bed. the i came to her and i opened her legs and started licking her pussies it was already wet the taste was so salty. i loved it vewry much. then she suddenly put the hands on my head and said she is abt to come. then i licked her pussy so speedly and she came and i drink all of the her CUM. then she said now its my term. then she hold my dick in her hand and she stared sucking it.. and i was abt to come with in five minutes as it was my fisrt experience. then she took it over her mouth then we went to bathroom and tooka shower and we wre palying with each others toys and my dick got erected again and then i made her the dog position and then tried to push my dick into her pussy but it was not going inside. her pussy was so tight

Then i put some oil and put it on her tool and on her pussy. then i tried to push it. then after the hard work of 5 minutes it pushed slightly into her pussy and she was saying plz take it outside its paining then i i di not push it and started squeezing her boobs.. after that few minutes i pushed it again and i gave a shot she shouted ouuuuuuchhhhhh. i was also feeling pain becoz my seal got broked and there was some blood coming outside. then i again started squeezing her boobs and pushing my dick slowly slowly. and it got completely inside. then i increased the speed and after sometime all the pain converted into enjoy and she was enjoying the ride with me.. then i dropped all the cum into her vagina..

Then we felt relax and she cleaned everything and we went to bedroom then we started smooching. then we wre ready again then then i lay down and she come over me. in this action i did not do so mcuh hard work she was like a horny babe. she was pumping so hard and so fast . i was enjoying her neeples. and after five minutes she dropped her cum but i was still on the highyway so i lay her down i started pumping she got mad and she scretched myt back. and after sometime i also came to her pussy.

and we enjoyed each other company and we had sex several times.. we both wre happy till our college.

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