Brahmin Wife Raped Inside temple in Front of Husband
Hello everyone, my name is leelavathi, I am from kanchipuram, tamil nadu. Upon the wishes of my husband I wish to share this incident that changed my life forver. I would write this story in English, but certain words and dialogues will be in tamil in order to capture the reality of the incident, apologize in adavance for the inconvince.

It was my 30th birthday, since we are orthodox Brahmins there was no cake. I celebrated it with my relatives at a temple. My husband santhosh was working as one of the priests in the temple. He was a 37 year old man, who was also extremely orthodox and a very loving and caring husband. He always treated me with great respect and I treated him as a human god. Our marriage was an arranged one, I got married at the age of 20. He was the only man that I ever loved, since my family was strict I was home schooled and was not allowed to go outside without being accompanied by an elder and when I became 20 I was married. Infact the first time I even saw santhosh was the time he tied the thali (mangal sutra) around my neck.

We all came back home, I tucked in my 10 year old son on our bed, and was just removing my kajal (eye liner) sitting in front of the mirror. My husband walked up behind me and kept his hand on my shoulder. I looked up at him through the mirror and smiled. He had been fasting for the past one month, hence we couldn’t have sex, but by yesterday his fasting was over and I was sure that he was hungry for my body. He slowly slid his hand from my shoulder to my hip. My hip size is 26. It was fleshy and curved milky white colour. He grabbed a part of the flesh and pressed it hard. I moaned in pleasure and I looked down on the floor as I got shy. Suddenly there was a ring on his cell. It was from the temple, they had some work for him hence he was called urgently. It was 10 pm, But the temple was just walkable distance so it wasn’t a problem.

I wore a very thin see through pink saree with a short sleeve black blouse, so that my husband would come home and satisfy his lust. I could see the bulge in my husband’s lungi, I saw it and again looked down on the floor feeling shy. He didn’t notice that and left for the temple. And I lay on the bed and went to sleep. I woke up to drink water at around 2 am, and I also noticed that my husband had not yet returned. I got worried, I came out of my room, I didn’t want to wake any of my relatives because I didn’t want to be seen in this type of saree. I came to our street which looked deserted except for a few stray dogs howling.

I decided to walk to the temple and see what was the problem. Upon reaching the temple gates I noticed that my saree was tucked in very low. It was revealing my navel and my low hip. But I couldn’t remove my saree on the road and wear it again, so I didn’t mind and just went in. The temple gate was open and I went in and closed it behind me, it was very dark. I called out “yean na…. irkingala… yean na” (husband…. Are you there… husband) I suddenly heard my husband shouting “oadi poa de, varatha, leela oadi poa de” ( run away leela, don’t come) I got scared and started to run towards his voice, but as I came running, two men ran towards me. I got stunned and stopped my movement. The two men came and held both my arms and carried me to the main altar.
I was horrified and started to scream but one of the men put a cloth on my mouth and carried me to the main altar, I shook my body vigoursly and tried to escape, one of the men said to the other “oatha intha thevidya thudikara da” ( fuck, this bitch is struggling) he grabbed my sweaty hip with his full hand and squeezed it for support. For a second I lost myself and closed my eyes and moaned a bit. I guess the man noticed that and rapidly continued to press my hip flesh, I was at a state of shock but at the same time my body reacted on its own, I pressed the man’s shoulder everytime he pressed my hip at the same time my body was struggling to break free. The other man who was holding me was not at all noticing all this.

At the main altar the men threw me on the floor, I was still at a state of shock and didn’t notice my surroundings. After a few seconds I composed myself and looked up and the first thing I saw was my husband, who was tied to one of the pillars. Tears were already overflowing my eyes, and I looked around to see 5 men, who were standing near a sack which contained a statue. I knew then they were thieves who had come to steal the idol, I later found out that one of the thieves called my husband pretending there was an emergency at the temple, so that he would come and open it. The 5 men were looking at me and smiling.

Remaining story pls

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