Blackmailed My Mother In Law
Hi this is Huma. I have brought a new hot incest story which you will love I am Manoj, 25 years old guy from Delhi. I have been married for 3 years to Shalini who is excellent in bed, a real slut. She would suck, fuck and do all kinds of kinky things with me. Shalini’s mother Deepa is 42 years of age and is a widow. My saasu maa is even sexier than my wife. Deepa is 5 feet 5 inches tall, very fair, well built, beautiful tits, pert ass, long legs and very seductive eyes. Most importantly Deepa my darling saasu maa lives with us.

I have tried to be friendly with her but she has always given me an unfriendly look and I have kept my distance. Once I mentioned her mother’s attitude to my wife,” Shalini, your mom is always a snob, she doesn’t care for me at all” My wife looked at me mischievously,” Manu, you bastard, you are not eyeing mom with intention to fuck, are you? She loves you all right but she does not believe men. All men want only one thing, cunt, she says. So Manu, if you are horny, fuck your wife and forget your mom in law”

I did fuck my wife but never forgot my mom in law. Who knows when you could be lucky? I did strike luck one day when I caught my mom in law stealing money from my purse. At first she showed her anger and acted haughtily but when I threatened to expose her to her daughter, she fell on my feet.” I am sorry, son, I can’t tolerate my humiliation before my daughter. Please don’t tel Shalini, I beg you. I will do anything you ask me to do, please….”

I smiled at what I heard” Anything? Didi I hear right?” I looked at her ample cleavage which was peeping out of her pink sari and blouse. Her bosom was mouth watering. She looked away when she saw me eyeing her boobs,” Anything mom? Ok, mom, I will visit your room at night. Shalini is going for her college tour and we shall talk privately in your room.” I said touching her white shoulders,” But Beta at night….why….you don’t mean to……. I am your saasu maa…..My beti ….If she finds out….”

But I was gone out of the house. I had my chance at night. At night I tried to open her door but it was closed. I turned the knob, and pushed the door open. Deepa was sitting on the side of the bed, wearing a white cotton gown after her bath. Her hands clutched at the gown. The bitch smelt of soap as I came near her. I cupped her chin and lifted her beautiful face. Her eyes lowered.

” Son, I told you …I can’t be alone with you at night..You are my daughter’s husband….Leave me alone…I am your mother….”I touched her gently on shoulder and pulled her to me and kissed her lips. Deepa trembled in my arms. She was hot.”No!” She pulled away.

The gown opened slightly, exposing hewer milk-white cleavage. The bitch looked so sexy after her bath.”You agreed. You said you would do anything for me….Deepa, I want you….I have made love to the daughter…..Now I want the mother….You want it too….You need a cock…What is bad about my cock….Whoever said a man cannot fuck a daughter and mom? And I must tell you….You are better than your daughter.”

She clutched her gown tighter as she saw my lust filled eyes. I touched her cheek. Her face burned with humiliation and sexual excitement. “I’m your mother, son. You know this is not right. You must stop .. Go away….I will tell Shalini.”"… No, you won’t darling…..It is I who will tell her you stole money.”

Manoj, please….You’re my son, my son in law……my daamad. We can’t do anything wrong. You are sick. This is sick.”" Ok, this was all my fault. I promise never to steal. Please leave my room son.” Her eyes were moist with tears.”This is my house, not your room, Deepa, my sexy Mom. We should share this bed tonight.” I grabbed her by the shoulders.

She tried to twist away but I was too strong. I took her lovely body in my arms and pushed her onto the bed. I was on top of her busy opening her gown. She wore nothing under the gown. “Deepa, tell me something. Were you waiting for your Daamad? Were you anticipating my arrival? Thats why you did not wear a panty or bra? Oh mom, you are sexy little bitch!” “We can’t, son. We can’t do it….What will my beti say if she found out?” she said in a hoarse whisper.

I pulled the gown open completely without any resistance. Her heavy breasts came out. Her dark brown nipples were hard when I touched them. I kissed her beautiful breasts like a son kisses his mother’s tits while suckling them. My tongue traced her soft white flesh. I put her nipple into my mouth. I sucked greedily at her tit. I slid my knee between her bare thighs. She opened her legs for me and she moaned loudly and breathed heavily.

I sucked her nipples turn by turns. I could hear a low moan escaping her lips” Manoj beta…..what are you doing to your mother? I am melting in your arms beta….Deepa loves your lips on my tits…..My cunt is all wet…My son is making me hot and wet….Rub your knee on my slit…..ohhhh behnchod… are making your mom hungry for your cock……The same cock….Your Lund…Which fucked my daughter is going to fuck mee…..I thought I would never tell you but I have seen you fuck my daughter with your wonderful cock…..I have spied on you…..I have been hungry for your cock, son” Deepa blurted out the truth.

I heard everything my mom in law said and sucked and licked her nipples. I loved her tits. They were even larger than her daughter’s. My mother in law combed my hair with her fingers and pulled my face to her heaving bosom. Her boobs were wet with my saliva. I bither nipples with my teeth. “Ohhhhhhh. bastard….don’t bite. My tits hurt.” She tried to pull him away from my mouth but I held on her breast to my hungry mouth.Stop it beta! maderchod, it hurts! Are you a beast?”

I did not let her go but continued to suck and bite her tit. I lowered my right hand between her thighs and felt her swollen pussy mound. She was hot but very wet. Her cunt juices flowed on my hand,” Saasu maa, your Choot is all wet and set for my lund You need my lund badly….your choot is saying this to my lund….Do you want my cock now? Tell me, if you don’t ask for my lund, I may go away without even fucking my mom.

Tell me Deepa, do you want my lund, if you want it, take it in your hands, play with my lund you bitch….Suck it!”"Yess son Deepa, the bitch wants your cock….your mom wants your lund for her starved choot….. I want my daughter’s cock for my cunt…..Ohhhhh Bhagwan….I want my beti’s suhaag to fcuk me, I am a fucking bitch. All those years of frustrations without a cock have turned me mad with lust, son.”

I loved her confession and slapped her butt hard. ” Sasu maa, you have done right by saying the truth. I have always lusted after you. When I fucked your daughter, I had you in my mind. Mom, I was fucking you when my cock was buried in your daughter’s cunt. I promise to fuck you and Shalini at the same time in the same bed one day.

You both shall be my sluts. I shall own you both. Tell me something. What should I call you by? How should I address you? Should I call you mom or Deepa?” She closed her eyes and caught my cock in her hands” I don’t care, call me anything. Call me Deepa, mom, slut or whore, but fuck me with your cock…..give me your cock…..fuck me…..chodo beta!” My hand touched her ass as well as her cleanly shaved choot. I touched her ass and pushed my finger into her hot cunt and she gasped as my fingers touched her clit.

I took her gown off completely and asked her to suck my cock. My cock was at level with her mouth I inhaled sharply as I felt her moist lips on my cock. Her tongue went to work, and she sucked at my cock head. “Oh, Deepa … Bitch….suck me…you are a real bitch mom.” I reached for the back of her head and pushed all my lund into her wet moth as sucked my cock. I pulled my cockhead out and then pushed back toward the back of her throat. She did not let go of my cock and her hands fondles my balls.

“Suck it.” I said “Suck it down, … bitch.” I felt my cum rise to my cock. I could erupt anytime. But I had other plans for my bitch Deepa. I had to ravish her choot and gaand. I pulled my lund out of her mouth. She looked at me surprised. ” No Deepa, get ready for the real fuck….Sasu maa ki chudayi ke liye taiyar ho jayo.” She lay on the bed and opened her legs. Her bare pussy was glistening. ”On your hands and knees…just like a bitch….kuttia ki tarah Deepa” I instructed and she obeyed without speaking.

She turned around and bent before me. Her big ass facing me. I slapped her ass cheeks roughly and cupped her choot again. I mounted her like a bitch, my bitch. Her cunt was juicy and wet. My cock buried itself inside her soft cunt. She was hot. I grasped her tits in each hand. I pulled her back by her hair and slid my cock effortlessly in her cunt. I loved the way her cunt gripped my cock and increased my speed and fucked my darling mother in law harder and deeper. She moaned loudly. Her buttocks shook under my cock attack.

“I love you, Mom in law. You’re such a bitch but I love you.” I pinched her nipples. We were both covered with sweat. I fucked her hard and slapped her buttocks hard making her cry out with pain and pleasure. “Ohhhh …beta…dont hit so hard….hit my ass son….hit me hard….mama loves it” I slapped her ass again and again. She buried her head in the pillow but he grasped her by hair backward and continued to fuck.

Her pussy was so tight. I was close to cumming. I knew she was close too.I pulled out my cock out of her cunt. I placed my cock at her brown puckered asshole. My cock trembled against the moist crack of her ass.

“Manoj beta kiya kar rahe ho? Not my ass…you bastard…I agreed for regular fucking….not my ass…..maderchod meri gaand nahin….harami sale nahin……” But I could not stop. My cockhead pressed into her tight ass. “No ….” she protested. She tried to mover her ass away but I held her ass tight against my cock.

“Chup Deepa, let me taste your ass….your ass is sooo tight…I love your gaand.” My hand reached under her and touched her choot which was leaking our juices. She fucked her cunt on my hand and her ass on my cock.I was guiding my cock into my mother in law’s asshole.Beta… please. It hurts…..please not in my ass.”

But I pushed against her Gaand deeper with every thrust of my pelvis. I was double-fucking her ass and cunt at the same time. She gasped and moaned but I could tell she was loving it.I pushed harder at her tight ring. “Mom, I’m fucking your ass …ohhhhhh Deepa.” I pushed into her gaand and felt it open to my cock.

“Fuck … my ass you son of a bitch ..fuck Deepa’s big dirty ass……Manu you maderchod…..chod apni maa ki gaand….tear my ass you bastard….do what you want to do to you mom….fuck my ass.” she blurted out hoarsely. I loved penetrating my saasu maa’s ass. I felt so powerful over my bitch mother in law. She was mine now. She was my saasu maa, my lover, my bitch. She was breathing hard. She was in pain but she loved it too. I bent down and kissed her lovely back, her ear.

“I love you, Deepa, I love fucking your cunt and ass,” I whispered into her ear. “Oooh…maderchod fir chodo mujhe…chodo apni saasu maa ko sale maderchod…ab bacha hi kia hai, chodo mujhe” she moaned loudly. My lund was now buried fully into her butt. My balls hit against her buttcheeks Her ass swallowed my cock into its depths. “Ooooooh maderchod phad do meri gaand maderchod chod mujhe”, she moaned. I knew it was pain and pleasure both.

“I’m fucking your ass, Deepa….main teri gaand chod raha hoon…how do you like it how do you like my cock in your ass…bitch? I fucking your big beautiful butt now” I was about to cum. I touched her clit, and her body shook violently. I screamed as my cock erupted into a gush of juice and it fell into her ass. I filled my saasu maa’s ass with my seed. ”What will Shalini say if she found out?” My mom in law asked.

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