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I received a great response for my previous story ‘Hot Blooded Bang’ and hence I decided to share another one of my recent experiences. Please note that whatever I write is completely true and not fiction. I share my deepest secrets here online as it allows me to retain my secrecy. My previous experience, which I shared earlier was the first one of it’s kind I experienced. What I wish to share with you now is something which happened with me very recently.

So now I had a broker – Bake Lal, he used to get me new guys occasionally and sometimes it used be more than one guy but other times just one guy. I traveled very far off places for the fun: Sona, Modinagar, Agra and a few times in Delhi itself. Most of the times it was with a person of the middle-class, who was a bit representable but nothing which could put a spark in me like my previous gangbang encounter. I was missing that particular adventure and wished something as exciting as that to happen again. Well, something like that did come true but in a very weird way.

I started dating a young guy, Alok. It wasn’t a serious relationship, but a very platonic one. Alok is a useless spoilt rich bum who had a very bad childhood. His family belonged to a village in Haryana but became very rich over the years, but still had the same mentality and thought process. His father was a drunk and his mother didn’t care about him or his father, leaving Alok in the company of bad friends and people. He became involved in drugs and started to spend money on all his poor friends. He was friends with the shadiest of people. You could call him a ‘lafanga’ if you wish too.

Alok saw me in a market once when I was shopping. And like all Delhi lafanga’s he started to follow me. If any Delhi girl is reading this, she’ll know how common it is to be followed and troubled by such lafangas in Delhi on a day to day basis. Anyway, so Alok started to follow me and I was unaware of this. So by the end of the day he knew where I lived and with his funny connections found out my mobile number.

Let me describe Alok for you. He’s a tall and slim guy. If it wasn’t for his Armani clothes and branded personal accessories and an expensive car, you’d probably think he’s a watchman or an auto rickshaw driver. He had a pathetic looking moustache which used to make him look like a 70s porn star. He always roamed around with his pan masala chewing friends who were worse than him.

So over the next few weeks I started receiving gifts and flowers from him, with cards saying he wants to be friends. This of course created a problem for me at my strict home as they did not appreciate all this. So I decided to call him and end this nonsense. I knew his number as he was calling me up and wished to be my friend and the same old lame things that he loves me etc.

When I called him up and asked him to stop doing all these things he requested to meet me just once. He really begged on the phone and then promised that he would stop everything after I met with him once. This was a tricky situation for me. As if he kept on with his current trend, I may be grounded due to my family restrictions and all my other sex activities would come to a halt too. So I decided to meet him by taking a huge risk and end this. I thought to myself, what’s the worse that could happen? He could rape me? Maybe with his friends too? I surely wouldn’t mind that as I’m game for it. So I went ahead to meet him without fear.

He took me to a fancy 5-star hotel and tried to impress me to the hilt. He said that he loved me and wants me to be his girl friend and later marry me. I laughed on his face. I explained to him how, I’m not the marriage sort of a girl and how my family too would never allow me to marry him so he should forget about the entire thing. He then settled with the concept of just having me as his girl friend. He gave me a very expensive diamond bracelet to further prove how much he loved me. Of course I refused the bracelet. I couldn’t stop feeling very bad for this poor guy and I decided to ask him to be just friends. To which he gladly agreed and we shook hands on it. It’s here when he shared is personal life with me and I felt very sad for this poor bloke. The meeting didn’t last long and we went our own ways from there.

Since, that day we met a couple of times and everyday he used to call me to talk to me. I had to protect my image in front of the public so I used to meet Alok in a very discrete fashion. Either in his car or maybe in far-off restaurant. Our physical comfort label had reached to kind sympathetic hugs and kiss on the cheek. When he was depressed I even used to hold his hand to give him well needed support.

Alok had no idea about my raunchy side and my sex life. According to him I was the simpleton that I looked and reflected. I could figure out how much he wanted to have sex with me as I could see that lust in his eyes and his dick move at times when I used to hold his hand. Whenever that happened, I used to take is as a compliment but I never considered encouraging it further as it was too risky as he knew where I lived, who I am etc.

It was Alok’s birthday and he invited me over to a small party he decided to give on his farm house deep in Harayana. He threw the party on a weekday afternoon so that I could attend the party. He knew about my restrictions at home by now. He had a very beautiful and big farmhouse. It was very far from the city so he decided to pick me up from a designated place instead of me driving there. I was treated like a queen by him.

Once, we arrived at his farmhouse, there were only a few cars parked there, which made it look like a very small party. There was no catering or decorations done, which made it obvious that it was a very small affair. I asked him the same to which he replied that he just wanted to enjoy the time with me and a few of his close friends eating and drinking on his birthday. Plus he said who would throw a party for him? His parents weren’t concerned and his friends were too greedy to throw a party for him. I felt very bad for him.

Alok introduced me to his friends. There were five of them there. These were closest of his friends. They all gave me a stare from top to down in a very lustful look. They were worse than Alok in every way possible, whether it was appearance, hygiene or manners. Alok then took me to the basement where the arrangements were done. There were a few mattresses kept on the corners of the room with a stage in the middle. I was really wondering what was going on. Alok made me sit on the mattress and asked me whether I needed anything to drink or eat to which I replied not yet.

Moments after three foreign girls came in to the room. I couldn’t believe what was happening. They put on some music and started to dance on the stage. All of Alok’s friends started to whistle and ogle at those girls. They were very sexy girls but not pretty. I am a firm believer that Indian girls are the prettiest so I don’t find any Caucasian girls pretty. They are very sexy, no doubt.

Well, in moments they started to strip and I understood what kind of dancers they were. It was kind of disgusted me as to how would Alok get me to party like this but I had never seen a striptease before so I thought of going ahead with it. Maybe this was a way for Alok to test whether he could sleep with me or have some physical fun with me. I thought that he was just trying to test my views on the subject. I understood him well.

The show was over in sometime and the girls left the room completely naked. We ended up talking about those naked girls for the next few minutes. I didn’t participate much as I didn’t want Alok to think that I enjoyed that. Seeing that the conversation was making me uncomfortable they quit the subject in a bit. The servant then got something to eat and the guys started to drink up. They offered me some drinks which I gladly decided to have.

Something very unusual happened after that I became unconscious. I woke up after a couple of hours and saw the guys talking and giggling on the other side of the room. I asked them what happened and they said maybe I had too much to drink and I slept. I knew that wasn’t the thing and I was feeling funny. I felt weird in my clothes and felt uneasy wearing them. Later on, Alok dropped me home and the evening ended.

After a few days I met Alok he said that he had something special for me. To my amazement it was a very horrifying surprise.

When I entered his car, which was a land rover SUV, he started to drive towards the border. In Delhi that is perhaps the only place where you can go for a peaceful drive without being stuck in traffic. After a bit we stopped at a fast food joint and he got us some cold coffee, my favorite. He then asked me to view a video on his phone. It was a video of me getting screwed by him and his friends at his farmhouse. I was speechless and I started to cry. A river of tears was flowing out of my eyes. I understood that these bastards had slipped something in to my drink that day and drugged me. I asked him why he did this for which he replied:

“Teri gori chuut ke liye.”

I started crying more. He then said:

“Yar tujhe bol bol ke thak gaya ki mein tujhse pyar karta hu. Tujhe itna ghumaya aur khilaya, aur kitni der friend tak atka rahu, mere lund to bhi to teri chut ke sath friendship karni thi na. Ab tu apne aap maan jaati to yeh sab na karna padta. Lekin mein wait kar kar ke thak gaya tha. Saala kitney din teri photo dekh kar khud muth marta.?”

I was so shocked hearing these things from his mouth. I felt devastated and couldn’t stop crying. It felt like my whole world was coming to an end. He really had the potential to destroy my complete life. I didn’t know what to do. I felt like shooting him at that instant. He then wiped my tears away, held my hand and said:

“Dekh yar roh mat itna, tujhe goli thodi mari hai. Chodha hi to hai. Aur fikar mat kar yeah video kissi ko nahi dikhaonga.”

Then he did something very unexpected. He took out his dick and said with a wicked smile:

“Thoda sa choosde rani.”

He then guided my head to his dick. I then started to suck his dick. I was used to such unhygienic and stinking dicks so I started to enjoy it in no time. I had become quite good in sucking dicks, Alok didn’t expect that out of me and he cummed within a few minutes and while doing so he pushed my head further down and cummed while screaming. All his sperm shot in my mouth which I swallowed without hesitation. While gasping for his breath said:

“Arey baap re!, Tu to randi jaisa choosti hai. Kaha se sikha?”

I didn’t react to it. I was still a little scared to what he had recorded. I then managed to gather some strength and said:

“Alok, please mujhe yeh video vapis kardo. Tumhe jo karna tha woh kardiya, mein bhi usse bhool gayi, par please yeah video mujhe vapis dedo?”

He smiled and said:

“Arey tu fiakr kyu karti hai, yeh ekdam safe hai mere saath. Aur jab tu nahi thi, to issi ko dekhkar muth marta hu. Agar yeh tujhe de doonga to mera lund ka kya hoga?”

TO which I replied:

“Dekho tumhe ek bar aur karna hai to karlo mere saath mein tayar hu, lekin mujhe phir yeh video vapis kardo.”

I thought if I offered to him this he would probably agree to the deal. But to my amazement he replied back:

“Ha ha ha! Tujhe kya lagta hai Teri choot abhi nahi thookegi? Abhi to to tere kitney aur video banney hai tujhe kya pata. Abhi to meri jaan shuruwat hai. Tujhe kuttiya jaise chodoonga. Bahut intezaar karvaya hai tuney.”

He then started driving and in a while we picked up his friends too. The moment those bastards entered they started to squeeze my breasts and feel my vagina over my jeans. I kept pushing them away. Then Alok said:

“Yaro, saali kya choosti hai mein kya batao. Mere to chakhey chudha diya isney. saali undar se poori randi hai. Bahar ke sab dikhawava hai.”

Hearing this his friends pulled me to the back seat which was a big one. They stared to rip my clothes off and either some one was sucking my breasts or someone was kissing me on my mouth and someone was fingering my pussy. There were three of them on the back seat and two guys on the seat behind that. Alok was driving, so it made it six in total.

Once I was stark naked, one guy lifted me up and made me sit on his dick, I gave out a loud moan when that happened. I couldn’t resist what was happening as it would have been useless. I was under their control and power. They would have done what they wanted one way or the other. They were ruthless bastards who just wanted pussy for their disgusting dicks. Also, this was something as exciting and unexpected as my previous experience with Raza and the other guys. I somehow wanted something like this so I started to enjoy it.

Now, I was sitting on one dick and was sucking another guy’s dick sitting next to the guy. The third guy was behind me trying to get his dick in my asshole. The guy on whose dick I was sitting on was sucking my tits and pulling them with his mouth. They all were drunk and were abusing me all the time. They were abusing me with the worst Hindi abuses I’ve ever heard , but I somehow seemed to enjoy it all.

The guy whose dick I was sucking had his hand over my head and kept pushing it further in so that I swallow his dick more and more. They all had average to large sized dicks. Enough to comfort any girl. Of course all of them smelled like they never had a bath in their life and their dicks smelled of stale sperm and pee. I of course gagged and threw up on their dicks a few times. I was held and pulled by my hair by the guy behind me and fucked on all three holes. This didn’t last long and they cummed in my ass, pussy and mouth within a few minutes.

I was then passed on like a toy to the guys in the back seat and again fucked by both of them. After they were done, I was again passed to the middle seat and fucked by all three till they cummed. I cummed a couple of times too in this process. After sometime Alok pulled over in a quite spot and came at the back seat to fuck me. He had put me on the car floor and fucked me for the longest time. His sweat was dripping on my body and the car started to stink like a toilet due to all the guys sweating and due to all their cum.

We were parked for around 40 mins. During this time they all took their turns to fuck me and I was passed like a toy from one dick to another. I don’t even remember who fucked and cummed in me and how many times.

Just then there was a knock on the door and someone open the back door. It was two cops staring at me with a dick in my pussy. They started screaming and shouting and dragged Alok outside the car naked. They started to beat him a bit with the bamboo stick they carry.

I was very scared as this day was turning out to be a nightmare. All of us in the car started to get dressed. It took me a while to find my clothes as the guys had thrown it all over the car. Before I could dress up, the guys were out of the car talking to the cops. After a couple of mins I was only able to find my panties and my jeans. I had put my panties on and had my jeans till my ankle when the car door opened and the cops entered the car and closed the door behind them.

They started to squeeze my breasts and take their clothes off. They were typical Harayana cops. Above 6 feet tall and very very bulky physiques. Within a few seconds they were naked and had stripped me of my jeans and panties. I knew there was no chance for me to avoid this so I co-operated.

I was made to lie down on the car floor and one cop sat over my face and inserted his dick in my mouth and started to fuck it. It was a huge disgusting black snake and I couldn’t take it completely in me so I started to spit out and gag on it. The other cop had started to fuck my pussy and was increasing his pace with every thrust. My boobs were fondled and my pussy was fucked. Within a few minutes the cop cummed in my pussy and they changed positions. I think it took them half hour to get exhausted and after that I was lying on the car floor almost unconscious.

The door opened and Alok and the guys picked me up and took me in the middle of the fields to a tube well where they cleaned me up. They took me back to the car and fucked me again for the next couple of hours while driving all around Haryana and till we were about to enter Delhi.

At the end of the day, Alok assured me that he would return the video to me and I gave him the first smile of the day. I also assured him that he can have sex with me whenever he wants and it’s safe if he would be able to return the video back to me.

We’ve continued to do so three more times after that day. And every time I’ve been fucked in the car by all the guys for a few hours together. It’s been a pleasure and I’m glad it happened.

Some people requested me to give my email id etc so that they could contact me. I don’t really wish to receive a lot of unwanted emails so I won’t be providing my email id here. Although, there were a few girls who wished to contact me earlier and wanted to ask me a few questions and experience a few things on their own. I maybe able to help you out in that and would request you to provide your email id when you post a comment on the comments page. I’ll surely get back to you.

I hope you like this true story too and let me know via your comments.



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