Bhubaneswar, A Great City
One day I received a call from a Gentleman who introduced himself as Ramesh, to me calling from Bhubaneswar and he informed that he got my number from Kahnu. Kahnu was my sex partner for long and we had been doing sex whenever we were in Bhubaneswar. I was Gay, and I got only option to go to Bhubaneswar and meet people there. Anyway coming abck to the story, Ramesh was a past middle aged gay, in his late forties. He was about fourty seven and a lecturer in an engineering college in Bhubaneswar.

We talked on phone for quite so many days till I got a chance to visit the Temple city (Bhubaneswar). Before I went there we had made sex on phone often and now I was waiting to meet this guy. He was TOP as he said, and I always told him that I am also TOP so there may be some problems, but he incisted we have a relationship. He came to the statoin to pick me up and we went to his house where he offered me his room. I was in hurry for some official work so I left and when I was free in the evening I called him and we were in his room in the city. He had his family and he had told them that I have come for some business deal with him and that we weould be discussing about a new project at night so all will sleep in their rooms while we would discuss and sleep in his room.

So far so good. After dinner we were talking on the bed when he initiated by rubbing my thighgs and then pushing a hand below my pants to reach my already erect dick. He was massaging my dick and I was enjoying while we kept on talking. After sometime he got up and went to the door and clsoed it. Coming back to me he dragged my bermuda down and started having a lusty look on my dick and then putting in his mouth started sucking it. He was a nice sucker, and I relaxed on the bed. I was trying to hold his dick but he would not allow. When I asked why he is not allowing me to fnidle his dick he says that he feels too much teasy and that he would cum soon. But i was not feeling well, as his dick was still in his Lungi ( a wrap up type of cloth worn by men in south india especially).

I bent and grabbed his dick and while he was sucking my dick I opened his Lungi to expose his dick and started mouthing it. His dick was eqaull length as mine and was a bit thicker. We were doing 69 then. Then he asked me to relax as he shifted his face from my dick to my ass hole and putting a thick spit on it he started sucking the whole surrounding of the ass hole and his sucknig made my ass chicks ache with pain, but he was sucking them so hard that I was in pain and yet enjoying much.

He was ass rimming me for about half and hour, And then he wanted to insert his dick into my ass, which I did not allow as I never done that, he was sad but then he insisted I fucked him in the ass. I denied that but he incisted and then he offered me condoms to put on and fuck and I agreed. He had everything ready. I put on the condom and he started sucking the dick with condom on it for a while to mak it wet with his saliva and then he poured a thick layer of saliva on my dick and asked me to push it in his hole.

He was standing like a dog in front of me and I was aiming to push my dick into his ass. I knew it was difficult but I wanted to do it, as this was my first experience. I again put some body lotion on the dick and then putting it at the entrance of the ass pushed a little and my dick smoothly went inside and then with little pushes my dick was inside him. I kept silent for a moment and then I started pumping him hard and hard, while stroking his dick with my hands.

He was moaning like a women and I was fucking him like a dog. Then we changed position while he slept on the ebd i was on him like missionary style fucking and he was a master at that also whenever I would feel like cumming he would stop me and ask me to relax and think of other thing other than sex, but you know when someone is ready with a open ass and you have an eight inch poker all you wish to do is RAM his ass and pound his ass to the full.

I fucked him for some thirty minutes and then his dick was hard and throbbing in may hands. I grabbed the dick harder and started giving good strokes and he started cumming in my hands and I got excited and giving him some really deep butt fucks I came within his ass.

We made love for another two times that night, and then After I have been a great friend of Ramesh.,Whenever I go to Bhubaneswar I definitely visit ramesh and pound his ass.

How is my experience, tell me (Whenever you write to me please dont forget to mention the name fo the story you want to talk about)

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