Bhabhi ke Nakhre aur Mera Badla
I Used to go to my cousin's home a lot when I was like 19 years old, He was my good friend and he was living with his Elder brother. His elder brother has a wife Sonia. She is very beautiful and stylish and qualified as well, Masters in Computers. She knew she was stylish so she was proud too.

She used to walk in such a style that my heartbeat used to change with her every step, Her body was so smooth and her Skin used to glow like lights and i could just see her lust for her but could do nothing except keeping my eyes down when she was around, I was much scared of her.

Near to my cousin house i had an affair with a girl, and that was my main reason to go there most of the times, the younger cousin used to help me in dating her. Elder cousin does Job so he stays out of house from 8 am to like 6pm, All day my younger cousin and Bhabhi stay alone at the house. Bhabhi has habbit of sleeping in afternoon time.

That was the best time for us to do our dirty activities like watching porn movies and dating the neighbor girl Ayesha, Ayesha was like 3 years younger than me and very hot girl, we had our affair increasing day by day with kisses ad hugs but we could not do any real hardcore sex cause of no place and due to ristrictions on ayesha.

One day while Ayesha's parents were gone to village and she was at home with her younger brother, we made a plan, It was risky for me to go in her home, cause her younger brother already suspected me of having affair with his sister, So I called ayesha at my bhabhi's home when Bhabi was sleeping, she used to come meet Sonia bhabi most of the times so outsiders wont suspect her coming to bhabi's house.

So afternoon came and Bhabhi slept and I called ayesha at Bhabi house, She came. I took her to upper floor room. She had just took shower and her hair were wet and black and her skin was like almond shell colour, She had some sents and the water dripping from hair was making her shirt wet from many points, She was smelling great and this was the time, I told my younger cousin to keep an eye outside and i started with Ayesha, I hugged her and started kissing her, she also started kissing me passionately, We both were in each other's arms and getting hotter and hotter, My younger cousin may be was peeping and watchin me doing all this too but who cares, i was like his teacher and wanted him to learn some moves, So with ayesha i was loosing my control and my body was getting hotter and hotter. I started taking our clothes off and soon we were naked in each other arms naked without any piece of any cloth on our bodies.

Ayesha was heavily breathing and her thin arms were around me and her legs were wrapped up in mine and i was sucking her boobs and she was moaning and shivering with joy, Her legs and my legs were getting wet by her pussy juices and my dick pre-cum, Now it was the best time to enter her pussy, I took bottle of oil and applied on my strong long and hard dick, it started shinning and then i applied some oil on her cunt and was massging her to make it soft and ready for the Fuck. It was going to be a great fuck for a vergin pussy and my dick was thursting for the Pussy heat.

Suddenly i heard loud angry and abusive voice from my back ....... raaajaaaaaaaaaa you basteredddd and my all senses were black out, I felt all darkness in my eyes, and for some moments i got paused, Then a big string slap came on my face hurting my nose really bad and making me come back to the world and my senses, It was BHABIIII , Oh my GOD she saw both of us naked doing sex, She was furious and then again she slapped me, I could do nothing but to grab the shirt and hide my dick and legs and she was constantly slapping at my face and my body, Then she took a Stick in her hand and with all her pressure she hit on my back with anger i cried with pain and ran out of the room.

I was looking for the younger cousin that why didnt he inform me that bhabi is awake, but that asshole was in washroom jerking his pennis to masturbation, So now I was in hell and Bhabhi didnt know he was with me. I just took some clothes from his room and tried to cover me up, And Ran back to the room where ayesha was, I had no plan just to applogies deeply from Bhabhi, and promise that i wont ever do it and I was dam scared that she ll tell this to my parents and everyone, She was already a proud bitch.

I went near the room and started hearing from the door, what Bhabbi was saying to Ayesha, She was asking her how long you both are doing this? Ayesha was crying that it was the first time and i heard slap and bhabi said you lier, I know you both are doing sex fucking each other since long.

Bhabhi was slapping poora ayesha too, I was unable to do anything and ayesha was crying like hell that please dont tell anyone, Please dont tell my parents, Please dont do anything, I ll do whatever you say, She was crying badly and Bhabi was not listening at all and was slapping her again and again, So i came in and said Bhabi pleaseee Let her go.

Its not her mistake, Its all me, She always resisted to come and she is saying truth, It is our first time and please save us, Please dont tell to anyone please I beg you, I wont even come to your house again, Please let her go and just try to forget what happened, I promise it wont ever happen again. Now SONIA BHABHI became little quiet ...............

SONIA BHABHI was quiet now, and Aysha was still crying, Environment was really tensed, Aysha already had put her clothes back on, I started talking again, That please Bhabhi ji, I know this is very wrong, Its my fault, I promise i will never ever do it again, I will even never come to your house, Just save us, Let aysha go and dont tell anyone, Dont tell her parents and dont tell my parents please, All i can say is to beg of you.

She stood up and said, Dont you understand if someone knows about this from her family or my area then how much problem we ll have to face, You even didnt care of our status in the neighborhood, Just get lost from here and never come back to my house again, She said to ayesha you stay here i ll talk to you, and she said just take your clothes and leave from my house, I begged again that please please Bhabhi let her go too, Please save both of us, ayesha was still crying and she also started begging this Sonia Bhabi the Bitch, Now Sonia Bhabi told me ok dont worry, I ll let her go, just want to make her relax first, so that if she go out in this state someobody will know, cause her face was red with bhabi's powerful slaps, Man she had such a powerful hand, i could feel pain in my back where the bitch hit with the stick. She said now get lost from here i dont wanna see your face again. I ll send ayesha back home when she ll be completely normal.

I took my clothes changed myself and came down, My younger cousin was saying sorry to me, but i said man its too late, i am in deep trouble she said never come back to my house again, I told him that pretend that you dont know anything about me and ayesha, else you will be in trouble too, I made him understand very well to stay out of trouble which he agreed.

Now i reached back home took shower and relaxed, i was watchin tv that suddenly my dad came in to my room and slapped me really harder on my face and started beating me like a foot ball, with kicks punches and the moment i knew at once that the bitch couldnt shut her fucking mouth at all, The fucking bitch called at my house and told my dad about my affair with ayesha and how she caught me and slapped me and kicked me out of her house.

Mom came running to the tv room asking what happened and i got time to run out of the house, I ran frm the house and called my friend that man i am in deep trouble and went straight to him, The fucking bitch Sonia created a big scene for me, and i was doomed, I was out of my home, and totally fucked up, and was even fucked up in the eyes of my parents, I wanted to kill the bitch instantly, But i could do nothing.

I stayed at my friends place like 1 month and then finally my parents called me back in, as they were my parents and i moved back into my house. But my pocket money was shut down, and dad behavior also remained changed till 3 to 4 months. 6 months it took to be normal again at my house and those 6 months i was just thinking the same thing to teach the bitch some fucking great lesson, she used to come into my house and i used to hide in my room and used to fantaisise about beating her up with hunters and sticks, the bloody bitch was just fucking crazy made my life hell.

so 6 or 7 months passed like this, and things at my home became normal with me and then we had a marriage of one of my cousin, so all family gathered at the marriage, including us and the fucking whore Sonia.

I was trying to avoid eye contact with her at my best, and was staying away from her, cause whenever i see her or think of her, my mind gets out of control feel like killing her the moment i get any chance.

Suddenly what happened my mind could never believe, i thought i have got insane, or something, I heard a voice, Rajaa come here, I was astonished to see it was that bitch calling me, towards her, i tried to avoid but she called me once again loudly, Oyee Raja, come here, I had no choice to go to her, she said go fetch me glass of coke, I was so mad at this, fucking whore, i could say nothing but to bring her the coke, and then she said i am hungry bring some chicken from the food table, The bitch was ordering me like i am her servent, This was killing me tearing me apart, I just said in my heart that fuck you bitch and i saw her dress, she was wearing a sareee, it was purple saaree with different textures and her belly was visible, I wanted to put the whole hot chiken on her and to burn the bitch, The whore. I gave her the plate and the aunty beside her said soniaa you are looking so georgious, I made a face and looked at sonia, Aunty was saying truth the bitch was the most beautiful looking girl in the whole party, but whatever she was nothing but a dirty bitch for me.

Later on when everyone was leaving i heard her telling my mom that she needs some things and send those things in raja's hands, I was really getting upset that why is she treating me like her servant. Bloody Cunt, as she left i saw her bare back while standing, the shiny smooth back made me felt horny and in my fantasy i thought of tearing her shirt off badly and pressing my dick on her back with all my pressure.

We came home and my thought towards Sonia changed from killing her to fucking her ha ha ha, Impossible but if if ever i will get any chance to fuck her, i ll fuck her like a real bitch like a whore, she ll always remember.

At night i fantasised about tearing her clothes off and making her run away naked on roads in the traffic where people could see her boobs jumping and her ass moving up down the fucking bitch...........

Next day i went to her house with clothes and stuff, the stuff also had her bra, It was her bra and was a big one, i wondered how big her boobs are, as soon as i reached her home she told me to sit in common and turned on Tv, asked me if i want tea or anything else, I didnt say anything, Didnt have any guts to ask the bitch.

She said come on tell me what you need, I said with trembling voice ww w water , she smiled at me, said now u even cant speak, and normally you take such big steps in your life ? She taunted me with her words and made me feel like burning my ass on hot stove, i wanted to slap her then and there that what the fuck, just shut up and mind your own business, you did whatever you wanted to do, made my life hell not what the fuck do you want from me to discuss and embarrass me like this, you bitch.

She came out from kitchen with some juice and pastries, I asked where is nabeel { my younger cousin } she said he went to hill side with his college friends. So now i was alone there infront of her and she was still sitting in her usual proud pose, i was quietly eating pastery and she started talking, hows ur study going, i said fine, she said i heard you got good grades in university, I said yeah, She said means my punishment made you become better, again my ass started burning with her taunts, I finally spoke, Bhabhi please dont talk about that thing, i have suffered a lot, i said sorry many times to you too, but you told my parents each and everything.

She said yeah you suffered but that girl could also suffer so much because of you, there should be a lesson for everyone who does this kind of bad mistakes and behaviors, I could never ever think that you can do this and even in my house in my presence?

My ass was burning like someone put hot red coal in me, but all i could say to the bitch was that please bhabhi leave it, forget it now, its past, She said ok as you wish but i hope now you are a good boy, and wont ever do it again, I said yeah i wont ever do it ever in my life i wont even marry if you say, but please stop taunting me now.

At this she smiled and said you wont even marry? I said yeah i wont happy?? She said oh come on , its ok it is past forget it, Its ok i wont taunt you again, The bitch was like eating my head like crazy bla bla bla bla ... fucking dirty pussy bitch. i wanted to put my dick right away in her mouth to give her a lesson to be quiet.

But now she was like a whore she wont stop at all, again she asked me so how long you were having all this with ayesha, I said bhabi i said it was first time, She said oh really??? was it ur first time? or her first time? I was already mad, didnt knew exactly what should i answer so i said yeah it was her first time, and she said what ??? you been doing this with other girls tooo??? oh my God raja you were such a bad boy... I was like oh this bitch is taking information from me to taunt me more.

I said ok bhabhi i am leaving she said wait, I have some work, i am waiting for my husband to come back, then ll give you money, you can pass it to your mom for me.

Oh My God, fuck shit noooooooooo, man i had to spend like 4 fucking hours at her home, og my god she ll fuck my brain the bitch mannnn, Shit i should have not come to her house at all.

The bitch opened her mouth again and said raja, I thought you were a good boy, why do you do all this stuff, wats the need of it? I didnt speak at all what should i say, She said again aysha seems to be an educated girl, she is also cute and well manered how did she fell in your trap? I didnt speak at all, I knew she is just taunting me heavily with her words, She said how can a lovely girl like ayesha become ur girlfriend and agreed to do all the stuff with you.

Now my mind was fucked up by her taunts and i said why am not that bad either, I am really handsome and i know it, she said wow you are handsome how?? I said I know, cause univeristy girls and other girls always like to come to me for friendship, and they never resist my friendship, She said u must be very experienced guy, what do girls find in you so attractive.

This was the first time i realized that Rajaaa there is something wrong, what is the need of her being so frank with me, She has never ever spoken to me like this ever, and then what does she needs of me, why is she behaving odd like this, and there i noticed her pose of sitting was quite changed like she was sitting in relaxed manner and her dress { saareee } was not covering her full body.

Some thought came into my mind, what iffffffffff ???? may be or may be not she is thinking of something, Anyway now i wanted to know it that what exactly does she want.

I answered her in a good manner now that i care a lot about girls, i dnt hurt them, i do what they say and also i dress up well stay neat and clean and also i am good in studies as well.

She asked but how do you trap the girls in your talks and how do you make them do all this stuff for you, I was like getting surprised the way she was asking me all this, I started looking at her body for the first time like this, her body was firm, straight, pure sily and soft, her creamy skin was visible from sides of her dress and se was wearing silky green saree which with the combination of her skin was making the whole atmoshphere pretty hot, Now here was her whole figure sitting infront of me, her hair were dark brown straight with colored highlights in them and length was almost touching her lower back. Her lips were like filled with juices and she had some shiny lip gloss over them which was making the lips shine and her cheeks and neck was really creamy and soft, her boobs size will be like almort 34 to 36, and down her waste was like pretty much like very sexy around 28 something, i cant measure her perfectly lollsss and her hips were also good almost 32 to 34 something.
and her legs were so sexy could grab a view from under her saree and her feet were also neat clean well maintained.

Now i started getting frank with the bitch too, i said there are many ways to do it, depends upon the girl, which you choose, She said how do you choose your target girl, I said its not difficult she must have some devil inside her to be my girlfriend, else its not so easy to be my girlfriend, She said why do you think you are Shahrukh Khan hehehe i said no, I am not but i have my own choice and style too.

She asked ok how do you make them do things like these for you, I said hmm i can explain but its not easy to explain, I start the relation normally and then slowly slowly i take relation to kisses and then slowly i move further, I could see that she was really enjoying the show now, I knew that something wrong is going in her mind but i still was so scared to take any step .............................
I was thinkin in my mind what should i do now, Should i start moving further towards hot topics ot just stop it, May be she is trying to set me up into some more deep shit, what if she tells my parents that i tried to seduce her, This time dad wont waste his time in beating me up, he ll just shoot me what should i Do, A plan struck to my mind.

I said let me grab water bhabhi i am thirsty, you want, She said yes, I said inside my heart { fucking bitch i wanna give you poison, or come drink my cum your fucking whore } .......

I went in the kitchen took out my mobile, turned on voice recording and put it back in my pocket with speakers and mic on front side, took glasses of water and came sit this time near to her, to be able to record clearly her voice, If she ll set me up in anything, i have her voice recorded to prove she was the one dragging me up into dirty talks.

Now the bitch said, you got thirsty is the explanation very hard, I said yeah, its very hard, do you want to listen what i really do, she said yeah tell me, good good the voice was being recorded and if if that bitch is really thinking wrong and if she is getting horny, Oh man she will be in hell, she just doesnt know how much i hate her, i ll fuck her like some fuckin arab brutely fucking his mistress, I have seen some videos, This bitch will be in trouble for all of her life .......

Now i was trying to get what was inside her, but also i was very scared that may be i am wrong and she is just asking for fun and to make environment better between us, so that i can feel relax in her presence, Whatever i had no idea what was on her mind......

I started slowly that its a proper practical game, it is very hard to explain in words, she said oh so should i call ayesha and my mouth was opened, she started laughing like a whore and said hey dont get excited i am joking ok, Never ever think about her again or i ll do more worst than this, man what the fuck.... she is talking me into all this shit and taunting me and threatening me at the same time, the bloody cunt, the fucking bitch, the whore, the dirty pusssyyyyyyyyyyyyy i ll just take some elephant dick and put it all in her mouth the fucking whoreeeeeeeeeeee........... huh ...........

She said ok so how do you do tell me, how you started with ayesha that day, Now i thought that i should use some really hot words to check how she reacts, I started the story as i narrated above, all the massaging, sucking boobs, holding her tight and licking her thighs and her body and now i could see bhabhi's eyes were shining differently, i always know this glaze in girls eyes, that this type of shine in the girl's eye means she is hot or horny, Now she was enjoying the talk, I said to her that then you came in between and all the drama stopped else i could have continued, and i smiled and said just joking hehe

Bitch said yeah yeah it was good i came, else u would have taken her virginity, She was a virgin, I said i knew, she said yeah yeah you know everything what a dirty mind you have, i said its not dirty mind, its knowledge everyone knows about it these days, She said but you are more practical into it then just knowledge. I said yeah practical is not easy, its not very simple, some girls wont ever get hot even if i touch them or kiss them, she said why? if you ll touch them they must get hot, i said no it cant be same with everyone, she said why not girls and boys are different and i think every girl will feel something if a boy touches her.

I took a bold chance and asked her i dont agree to this, take this example if i touch you, Will you get hot too? She was like little trembled and i could see her getting uncomfortable suddenly, she said mmm me no, never i would never get hot by your touch. I said see thats what i said, even i wont touch you ever with those kind of intentions ever, She said i know, I was getting little horny now cause after the dirty talks the conversation was coming towards her now, and i realized wow we are alone in the house too, what if i get her today, i ll make her my sexy slave forever, so i continued talking, like you know if i just hold you hand, normally you wont feel anything, she said yeah and by saying this i took her hand in my hand, she let me took her hand, and didnt say anything, but i could feel some changes on her face, of course there was something going on her face, but she was trying her best to be normal, the bitch, i said see nothing happens, and i caressed her hand with my other hand, her hand trembled in between my hands, i said did u feel something, she said no, nothing, I said wow thats good, very good, what if i was some guy and was trying to seduce you how would you act normally, she said i will not get hot by your touches, I said oh really, lets see, i touched her cheeks, she said nothing, i touched her neck, her breath increased, i touched her thighs and she was like breathing faster and faster with my every touch, then i slowly came near her neck and placed a kiss on her neck and she shivered and said what are you doing?? I said why something happened to you?? i am just checking that you are right or i am right ? and i placed another but deep kiss on her lower neck and there she started breathing heavily, she said ok stop, i said that means that something happens to you, She said yeahh, I said what kind of feeling you are having, she said nothing ok just go play something or watch tv i ll sleep for sometime.

I said wow man, she let me kiss her beautiful neck, and let me touch her beautiful body and now her sound is recorded at my mobile too, I should do something to the bitch to make her my slave, the bloody bitch had made my half year a hell .......

I thought of a plan and peeped in her room, she was lying on the bed with her face on other side, i wanted to do something cause my dick was hard in my trouser after touching and kissing her, also i knew she was horny and this is the best time to get her, cause she was breathing heavily and was getting more hornier, may be if i make it late, she wont let me have any chance.

I carefully turned on the camera on my mobile and turned it on to video mode, i placed it on the shelve just in front of her bed, so that the whole bed view would be clear and i went to her, i said bhabi, i am getting bore, when will ur husband come, she said 2 hours. i said bhabhi i am really bored, lets talk again, she said raja am sleepy , i said ok u keep lying no need to get up and i ll talk to you like this, and i placed my hand on her shoulder while saying this, she didnt took my hand off her shoulder and didnt say anything too, i again looked towards the camera to check if it was standing in right position and then while talking i said we were checking the things and you got sleepy at once, otherwise we could check more, like i also place my hands on girls waste, and i placed my hand on her waist area and touched her belly, oh my god her sareee was not at her belly and i could touch her bare belly, then i could see her breath and her boobs going up down fast with her breath...... I applied a little pressure on her belly and she moaned like aaaahhh rajaaaa, man this voice made me go crazy and i said oh bhabhi am so sorry i pressed so hard, am so sorry let me fix it and i started kissing on her belly and made her get straight, she hold my head and there i knew ok its a green signal, i started kissing her softly on hr belly, sweet small kisses, at each and every point of her belly and making her more and more hornier and slightly rubbing her arms, she was now almost moaning properly like aaahhh and her moans mixing with her breath were making such great sounds like you cant imagine, i was kissing softly on her belly then came on her arms started kissing her arms and then went up to shoulders, i was kissing her on top of her dress, was taking every step very slowly and easily, cause this was the blooddy bitch who made my life in trouble didnt want to hurry up ending into any trouble, i came to her neck and kissed softly on the neck, the bitch made some sounds aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmm hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm rajaaaaaa what are you doing raaajaaa, and i was not stopping, this was the chance of my life i was waiting from last 6 months like crazy... i was kissing her neck frm all sides and i took her head in mine and started kissing her neck from the back side and started going down on her back, i put my one hand in her back inside her sareee and stared rubbing the hand on her back, man it was such a feeling i could never imagine doing it ever, the bitch was under me and my hand was in her dress and my lips were on her neck and shoulders...... slowly slowly i put my other hand in her dress too, i placed the hand on her front belly and started moving it up and there i was about to reach her boobs and she grabbed my hand tightly, was not letting me go any further towards her boobs, bitch was still creating hurdle in my ways, i didnt stopped or didnt took my hand away, i put my 2nd hand inside her trouser from back side and there she left my upper hand and grabbed my lower hands to stop them going inside her trouser, my upper hands as soon as got free jumped over her juicy mangoes and grabbed the boobs, she quickly put her one hand on my hand trying to stop me pressing her boobs and other hand on my down hand trying to stop me caressing her hips, but this was not working for her at all..............

I was applying pressure on her boobs i could feel her boobs soft skin in my fingers she was not letting me my hand move so i was just pressing it little down n up, and my other hand ( ) was on her hips in the same position coudlnt move but i was pressing her hips har, she was moaning with my both presses and i was kissing on neck constantly, she really started getting hot, Thanks God Aircon was turned on else we would be sweating at the moment in this position, i had to go on further wanted to make her go naked, but i was still little scared inside my heart but also bold due to the situation and my video camera thing.

I started kissing on her lower neck, i wanted to make her so hot so hot that she ll leave my hands herself, I wanted to give her such a pleasure that she herself would say oh raaja fuck me, take from me whatever you want, i was just kissing her with all my passion, my kisses were creating disturbance in her nerves, i was giving really hot kisses on her lower neck and then slowly i moved more down, she was moaning aaahhhh raajaa noooo nooooo , And i was going down to kiss her, i knew she has only two hands, if she ll grab my face to stop she ll have let her one hand free, I was kissing her and was going to her boobs now she had to let one hand go but the fucking bitch turned around quickly and lyed on hr belly, her boobs belly front neck all disappeared into bed, It was disappointing but for me, no never, i wont accept my defeat now, i will make her go crazy asking for my dick herself, I wont stop at all ............

after seeing this, i just didnt stop, i placed my both hands on her back and started rubbing her back, man wow what a smooth silky skin that is, she was no doubt a really beautiful figure, her skin was so soft and silky that i started pressing her back with my fingers, i came near to her ears and said let me give you a nice massage bhabhi, and i started pressing her back with fingers and she was moaning, cause i was applying pressure on the right points, she was moaning with pleasure and i started my kissing session again, started from back of her neck, small small soft kisses with my warm breath were making her horny, i knew she is getting wet in her panties, but she was trying to be over smart bitch, she didnt know that she was already a slave of my dick, i kept kissing her neck with soft lips, tuching her amazing sweet skin, i continued for 5 minutes and started kissing deeply again on the back of her neck, and sides of her neck, slowly slowly i started moving down, towards her back, i came down to her shoulders with my continous kisses and she was moving her shoulder round n round with my kisses, it was great pleasure to see the bitch enjoying and i kept kissing and kissing, and pulled her dress down to give me more skin of hers, and now i was kissing her physically hot back, her skin was hot i could feel the warm fresh skin on my lips my dick was as hard as iron but was waiting for the right time, i took my one hand slowly placed on her lower back and started massaging her, she was moving with my hands and i knew she is in pleasure, i kept my mission on and my hand started going towards her bottom, and my lips on her bottom back, this time i pulled her dress up from her back and could see her bare shiny milky skin of the back, which i saw in the marriage party, i placed my lips right in between her backbone and started kissing her up and down and my hand went down to her hips, she tried to hold my hands but cause she was totally facing down towards bed she couldnt hold my hand, i squeezed her buts what a feeling man, they were so soft and like some dry jelly, i kept kissing her backbone and then sides of her back and then started pulling her dress down from her legs, she started resisting again, put her hand on the dress and was not letting it come down, i could see her dark blue panty on her milky creamy hips, and thighs it was enough to make me crazy and i placed my lips on her back thighs and there she grabbed the bedsheet with pleasure, now first time she let go of her dress and allowed me to do somethingm i kept kissing her soft skin of thighs and giving as much warm breat as i could to make her burn with dessires, i knew behind this panty was a wet pussy waiting to be fucked but i wanted to hear from the mouth of the bitch but she was quite, only moaning and breathing, i had to do more, i took my tongue and placed on her inner thighs there her sound came with a sighhh sssssssssssssssssssssssssss and it was so enough to make me go out of control i held her thigh with my powerful hands and squeezed them so hard that she almost cried with pain aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and there i started kissing heavily on her thighs and legs and thighs and legs and started licking the beautiful skin with my tongue i took all my power and pulleed down her dress to her toes and she tried to get up but i was on her already took her both arms on my hands and pressed on bed and lyed on her with my body weight and started licking her neck and her back and started biting it, she started moaning hevaily oh raaajjjjjjja ohhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooo what are you doing, please stopppppppppp , this is not right, dont do it with me, i am your bhabhi, oh raajaaaaaa stop raja, stop raajaaaaa, and i took off my shirt at once and placed my bare chest on hr bare back, there she go crazy ohhhhhhhhhh awwwwwwwww raaajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa whatttttttt ohhhhhhhhhh whattttttt awwwwwwww what are you aaaaaaaaaaaa
oohhhhhhhhhhh raajaaa doing????? nooooo ahhhhhhhhh and here my dick was pressing hard on her butsfrom my pants, and i was rubbing my chest on her bare back and what a feeling man wow what a great feeling of her slily back on my chest and her sounds were making me even more crazier, and there i placed hand on her belly tiurned her up and held her face straight, and planted a deep kiss on her lips, she pushed me heavily and got up, holding her dropiing dress, and said stop please, this is enough, someone ll come, its not right, go please, go back to your home, I was really mad at the bitch, i was so mad that i staright away went to the camera and and showed her that ok i am going back home and showing this viedo to everyone, she was whattttttttttt RAJAAAAAAAAAAAAAA oh nooooooooooo yo made my video doing all this you bastered and she came near to slap me and i held her hand and slapped on her face badly and she fell down on the bed crying, i said you bicth you whore, you made my life hell for 6 months, now its my turn, i dont want to have sex with you bitch, i want to show this video to my cousins, and other family people, they all will know that you are a fucking whore, may be my father ll throw me out of the house again, same will happen to you by your husband and i will also show to my friends and younger cousins.

she started crying please forgive me, i did wrong, that day i didnt knew what to do, i saw all that for the first time in my life couldnt controlled hit you and told you parents, please dont take revenge from me like this, i will be dead, please i beg of you, i pulled her up from her hair, and said if you want me to be quite then do what i say else you know i can do anything just to take my revenge from you, and bu saying this i threw her in the bed and started taking her clothes off, she was saying please dont do it i am your bhabhi please please, i said no way, you started ittt bitch, you called me your home, started talking bullshit and dirty with me, and let me touch you and kiss you and now no no no stop the bullshit drama and do what i say, i took her dress all off, and she was just in her bra and panty, it was such a view to see which made me go crazy like hell, i held her from her legs and stood on the bed her legs were up in the air in my hands and started kissing hr legs madly and she was crying, i sat down and put her legs on my shoulder sna started kissing her thighs badly licking them with my tongue, and then i took off my pant, and i was only in my underwear, i made her go straight, and sat on her belly she screamed with the pain of my weight, i put my hands on her back and tored her bra furiously, and pulled it off from her, she was trying to hid her boobs from hands i slapped her on her shoulders and took her hands away, she was just crying, i took her boobs and pressed them so hard with all the hatered in me, with my angry hands i pulled them up and she cried with pain and there i took her face and inserted my tongue in her mouth... she was like now doing nothing she knew she is messed up, i tasted her mouth with my lustful tongue and lips, and then came near to her ears, and said to her wow what a body you have, its so silky smooth, you are beautiful sonia, you are damn beautiful, you are so sexy, stop crying and enjoy it with me, now i took he rnipples in my finger tips and rubbed them so hard she almost jumped up like some shock was given to her in her body, i took the nipples in my mouth and sucked them so badly that she was moaning heavuly ahjhhhh its painful raaja, its painfull, and made them red, i said shutup and enjoy, she said please stop, at this i just took her face in my hand placed my knees on her arms and pointed my dick toward her mouth, in a second before she could understand i pressed my body on her mouth and there my dick was deep in her throat she started jumping trying her best to get out of me, but no, my cock was fully insterted in her mouth and i was sitting with pressure on her mouth with my dick inside her, the bitch was just nit shutting up, this was the best way to shut her up, and then i started giving strokes in her mouth, she was almost choking to death, i didnt care, i was fucking horny and mad, i kept stroking my dick in her watery mouth and my dick was fycking her mouth, she was moving her legs up down but my pressure body weight and power was not letting her do anything i could see her eyes wide open due to the choking and tears were coming frm her eyes but i didnt stop, i kept on giving strokes and there i felt like cumming why not even piss in her bloody mouth, why not??? man what a feeling that was having her beautiful red lips touching at the bottong and top of my dick skin and my dick tip was touching her tongue and inside and there i told her awwwwwww i am going to cummm, hearing this her eyes went widely opened and then she applied all her body's force to get off but nothing happened for her at seeing this she just left every effort and closed her eyes waiting for my cummmm, and there i felt immense pressure on my dick like i was fucking after years, and i started unloading my cummm into her mouth and she was like choking my dick was deep in her mouth and my cummm filled her mouth and started coming out of her mouth too, dripping to her neck cheeks chin and bedsheet. i just lied on her and left her body and as soon as i left her body she jumped from the bed and ran out frm the room and fell in the common and started vomitting badly, i took her from back and made her reach washroom, she was not letting me touch her, i pushed her in washroom and came back to her room to clean the mess, i could hear her vomiting badly in the washroom and i was just laughing at the bitch, and said loudly that you are my slave you whoree, you ll suck my dick whenever i want else i ll fuck your life forever.

I changed bed sheet in her room and checked if everything was all right, i was walking naked in her house and she was naked too in her washroom, she ran out so quikly that she couldnt take her clothes even her bra, she kept crying weeping etc in washroom for many time, i went to kitchen took some milk and drink waiting for her to come back, i asked her ok come out, she said shutup you bastered get the fuck out of my house, i said no i ll get the fuck inside your pussy baby, come out, she locked the door from inside washroom and then phone bell rang, i came t attend it was her husband, he asked me where is she, i said in washroom, he said ok tell her that i ll get late today might come after dinner time, so tell her to eat dinner and dont wait for me...............

ha ha ha what a luck man, just a day back i was the most unluckiest guy, and now my luck changed, the bitch who made my life hell was under my dick control, now the bhaya will also come late, i can do with her now all the time untill night wow man this made my dick hard again and i started thinking of a plan, and it came so quick..................
i called her SONIA your husband called and said he is on his way, he is coming home, now if you wanna stay naked in the washroom till he comes, its perfectly fine with me, i am spreading your clothes in the common, so that he can have a clear and good view of your clothes, she opened the door and ran towards the room but i held her hand and her hair and dragged her on the sofa on the common, and pushed her into the sofa and sat again on her bare body and boobs.

she said please rajaa he is coming, please you leave, i said why leave i know you are going to tell this to everyone, so let him see both of us like this now, naked in each other arms, you ll get your desire and i ll get mine, she said no please believe me i wont ever tell to anyone, please i promise i will never tell anything to anyone, please forgive me, i beg of you......

wow these words sounded so familier to me and the flash back came into my mind when i was begging her for forgiveness like this, wow ............ today she was begging me for the forgiveness, i said that day i was begging for forgiveness you didnt, now i wont, i want ur husband to see both of us like this, she started crying and begging please please forgive me raaajaa, i did very wrong to you, and then she saw at my dick which was touching her boobs, it was erect and hard, i followed her eyes and saw my dick touching her boobs and nipples, i said ok press ur boobs on my dick, she said no my husband will be back anytime, i said noooo its my lucky day, i lied to your husband is not coming now, he will come back late he called to tell this, i told u lie to make u come out of the washroom. now do as i say, else i ll put it again in your mouth, DOOOO ITTTTTTTTTTTT......

now she took her boobs in her hands and placed both of them around my hard erected dick which was getting longer and longer with her touches of boobs, i took her hands in my hands and pressed them against the boobs and started massaging my dick with her boobs like mad, what a feeling that was and was masasging heavily and i was moaning like aaahhh soniaaa you bitch you are so soft oh soniaaa you are so sexy ..... your boobs are making me go crazy.......... soniaaaa your lips are so sweet......... sonia your body is so sexy and i was rubbing her boobs and she said please dont do it rajaa, you had your revenge/ badlaa already... i said shutup else dick will be in ur sweet mouth again and i leaned on her to take her lower lip in my mouth but she turned her face to the sofa, it made me go mad again, and pulled her hair and said you really liked to turn your face into bed and sofa haaan you really like to show me your back, i turned her back toward me and started rubbing my balls on her back and neck, i said you really like to show me your back .... you want me to rub my dick on your back... i rubbed my dick on her silky back a,d then i said u like to show me your ass haan, i slapped on her ass and it vibrated like a jelly and wow what a feeling i got why not this ass????????? why not ?????

i said you really like to show me your asss soniaaa, by saying this i pulled her panty down to her toes and gripped her both parts of ass and pressed them so hard that she moaned badly, my dick was so horny and so hard, i placed it right infront of her ass hole and paretd her both hips and i knew if i ll try slowly she ll run away, her face was down she didnt know what was about to happen, i opened her legs immedietly and placed my arms on her belly to be ready for her reaction, everything was ready i took little saliva on my dick and with my all power i pushed my rod into her asshole and gripped her belly tightly with hands and her legs with legs and there a loud scream came from her mouth. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
she tried her all force to get out of it but she could not cause my grip was so tight and her ass hole was so tight my dick was stuck inside was not moving any further, and she was shouting ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh take it outttttttttttttttttt take it outttttttttttttttttttttttttt .................. it is hurting rajaaaaaaaaaaaaa i am in painnnnnnnnnnnnnn i ll dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee rajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee i am diengggggggggg let me gooooooooooooooo rajaaaaaaaaaaaaa and i pushed her head down in the sofa and kpet my pressure on her my dick was still inside her asshole, i tried to move it a bit but couldnt, but i was applyng my all pressure of my body on her pressure i knew she was in deep pain but yeah thats what she deserved, my dick was so hot but still her ass was more hotter than my dick, i could feel her heat on my dick skin ....... she tried her best from all angles but she couldnt do anything except crying badly, now i found her little relaxed, i took my dick littl bit out of her ass and withh all presure again banged into her ass and there she screamed again ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhh hh
and i knew i need some lubricant cause it was very dry my dick was also hurting, i kept her in this position for sometime and then i said wait dont move, i got up to find some cream and saw blood on my dick and her ass.... her ass was bleeding no doubt she was in pain and this pain wont go easily in a day or two she ll always remember this pain.... i was looking for cream and suddenly she tried to escape and run again to washroom but i came in her way and pushed her in the side and this pushing took us to the kitchen, i held her tighly and started looking at some creamy things in the kitchen but coudlnt, find, there idea came to my mind i opened the fridge and took butter out, i took butter in my hand and pushed her towards the wall of the kitchen and pressed her hard on the wall, i applied the butter on her ass and her ass hole and the remaining on my dick she was crying that let me go let me go raajaaa dont do it, its really hurting me badly, rajaaaa, but i said shutup, you were showing me your ass since last 2 hours now let me take it, now i applied butter it wont hurt, so now just relax and let me put it back in, she knew she cant escape from my arms so she said ok but please slowly please it hurts a lot, now she was coming on the line, good she was coming on the right track but why slowly to this bitch ??? why ??? this bitch does not deserves mercy, and i pushed her on the wall and there with my all force again pushed the dick deep inside her ass hole, this time it went completely inside her ass with the butter, and she cried like hell ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh raajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i am deadddddddddddd raajaaaaaaaaaaaa i am deaddddddddddd and she started shivering with pain and her body was in pain i was pushng my dick inside her ass and what an immense pleasure my dear, the smell of the butter and the sounds of Sonia Bhabi and the tight walls of her hass and the vibrations of her body and the odd situation in the kitchen was making me crazy and i increased speed of my storkes, i was fucking her vrigin ass hole badly, and she was getting dizzy with pain and strokes and her grip on my hands and walls everything got loose, it was hard to make her stand and i had no time to take her into bed, i just made her lie down on the kitchen floor and lied down on her with my dick already in her ass, we both were on the kitchen floor without any clothes and my dick inside her tight ass which was no more virgin at all, i kept fucking her and her moans became lighter lighter and she was loosing consciousness, but i didnt stop at all, was doing it like i am on a war, this is what i wanted from long time and my dick was going in and out of her ass better than before, the blood was continously coming out with my every stroke and making me go crazier and crazier, and i was pressing her boobs and kissing her neck and was fucking her ass, and my time to cummm was coming near, i took her nipples in finger tips again started squeezing them and giving my best strongest strokes of my life, the sound of my balls and flesh hitting on her hips was loud. thaap thaap thaap was the sound coming from our body and there my dick front portion felt like filled with hot cummm and it stated bursting out into her asssss. i kept stroking and kept cumming inside her ass, she moved a bit as she felt the hot cum inside her asss, i held her tightly and kept licking and stroking untill my balls got dried and all the cummm was ended and settled into her asss hole, which was now a fuck hole of my dick......

i kept my dick inside her ass and kept lying like this on her for sometime, she was almost out of senses and was unable to understand what was going on around her, i knew i had to make her come back to senses before her husband will come back, it was already 6, but her husband will come back after dinner so i had like 4 more hours to make her relax...

finally i took out my dick from the bitch ass and stood, felt some butter and blood and cumm mixed on my dick i leand down and wiped it off on her legs, i came out thinking what to do, took her clothes from her room and saw my camera... hahaha i took it came out and took her nude pictures lying on the floor of kitchen ..... she mummered in a very low voice you bastered get lost ............ you raped me ......... i am dead ....

i said ok shutup and relax its already late, your husband might come soon now, so now get fresh and be ready for him, she was just unconcious, i held her from back lifted her and took her in my arms, she had a light weight body and took her into washroom, i turned on hot water tab and put her in the bathtub, came out checked some drawers in kitchen and found a pickle box, i took some pickle and went to washroom, i opened her mouth and put little bit of it inside her mouth, the soar taste ll wash away the unconciousness....

now i was gently washing her body i turned her back towards me and washed her ass with hot water, she moaned a little bit, i knew its gonna keep her hurting for weeks, anyway then i made her straight and applied body wash all over her body, wow i was showering her like a baby ha ha ha and then i felt little bad inside my heart that i have done much bad with her now look at her she even cant move poor girl...... so my hands became little gentle on her and i was looking at her body with smile and pitty, i told her to relax now, i came near to her ears, and said its over baby, just relax and kissed softly on her cheeks i shampood her hair washed her body completely and mine too, i made her stand, now she was little bit in senses but due to pain in her ass she was unable to move, so i said dont move else it ll hurt, she noded her head up down to agree, the bitch was my slave now.............

i took towel and wrapped around her and again took her into my arms took her to her room and placed her on bed turned off the aircon and covered her with the blanket..... she was totally quiet and like she has no tongue now, the bitch was not stopping talking earlier, if she could shut her mouth her mouth would not have got fucked and if she wouldnt turn her face and boobs down her ass could not have been fucked but now she learned a great lesson by me ......... my fucking slave Soniaaa Bhabhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii .............. You are my bitch slave now ............ I ll fuck you whenever i want wherever i want ................
After covering her in the blanket i asked her do you have hot water bag ? She couldnt say anything just pointed out towards the wardrobe, I checked and found the water bag, I said relax i ll be back, i went to kitchen and took water and started heating it on stove, meanwhile i took sandwiches from the fridge and ate them, Gosh i got hungry after forcing her for an ass fuck, the water boiled and poured it into the hot water bag and tightened the cap, I also took a glass of milk made it hot in oven and put suger and HALDI in it mixed it and took both water bag and HALDI WALA MILK to her, I placed on bed side table and helped get up i made her rest her back on wall and told her to drink the hot HALDI WALA MILK, she quietly took the sip and i said place the hot water bag under your ass, you ll be all fine in 2 hours, she did exactly as i told, and started weeping...

she said why dont you kill me, its much better you kill me, you did not do good with me, you fucked me like a bitch or whore , and now you are showing me kidness why??

I said just shutup, i was angry and i wanted revenge that time and you were doing nakhre all the time, you started all this and started nakhre too, now just keep quiet and drink milk and rest else i ll start again. she was shutup and drank the haldi wala milk and lyed down in bed with the hot water bag in her ass.

i was naked too didnt cared much abour wearing any clothes so i entered in the same blanket with her too, i said its ok dont worry now, its over, so just relax you ll be fine in 2 hours take good rest, while saying this i started caressing her hair and kissed her cheeks softly to make her more relax. she seemed much better now.

i asked her what was in your mind when you started all these talks with me today ??? you started sexy talks with me and then you let me kiss you and let me touch you and then when i started doing you made me stop why ??

She said i dont know what happened to me, I had no bad intentions to seduce you, but the image of ur shining dick with oil used to come into my mind sometimes, Today i just thought may be i can seduce you to see ur dick again, not more than that, I thought I ll talk to you good will make you feel better, and will let you kiss, may be you ll masturbate in washroom, i could see from the other room whole, thats why i left u alone after letting me touch you but i never thought that you ll create such a scene with me....

I said in my heart what a bitch...... she wanted to tease me by her moves and wanted me to masturbate in her washroom what the fuck she think she is? bloody whore she really deserved what i did to her... Fucking bitch i was getting mad at her again so i became quite else i would slap her again ....

we both slept like this for may be an hour, and then i got up by her movement she was trying to adjust her hot water bag under her ass, i said wait let me help you, and placed my hand under her back and rose her up a little, man her back is so smooth silky it just felt so nice and so good, i placed the hot water bag under her smoothly and started thinking what a beautiful body she has and i fucked her body and saw her naked oh mannn i am so lucky guy, her beauty was famous in our family and i was the one tasting her beautiful body today, thinking this i started feeling my dick getting harder, i turned towards her and asked is it better now.???

she said yes its better, i said ok good, it ll be fine may be you need little massage too, she said how do you know all this i think you are experienced in rapes too, i smiled i said no its my first time so i said let me massage you to make you get relieved, so i started slowly massaging her body but actually i was enjoyong myself exlporing her body curves, it was in a perfect shape body, and this time her boobs per facing up, i was gently massaging her body i started from her legs, and then thighs she said wait let me wear my clothes on, i said shut up and keep lying, she became quiet....

i placed my hands on her beautiful legs, the legs and thighs were so clean and were waxed properly, i could feel pinching in my dick again, she could see early so i covered some blanket around me and kept doing what i was doing... i massaged her thighs and asked her it ll make u feel better and ur pain ll go, i turned her around and started massging her back, i also took little oil in my hands and massaged her back with nice hands she felt better, i asked her how you feeling now she said better, i was also feeling much better inside my dick .... i kept massaging but then i couldnt control much so i stated kissing her neck, she said rajaa again ? i said yeah i think your pain wont go away untill you get relaxed completely, she said how? i said just let me do what i am doing, cause i am the experienced guy, you just relax and enjoy and watch how i ll take ur pain away....

she agreed at last and i started kissing her neck, her neck was the hottest part in her body my lips could feel her heat of the skin, i kissed her deeply and she started feeling little bit and her breath increased, now i knew she wont resist much, so increased my kisses, i grabbed her neck took her into my arms and started kising on her shoulder, i took the towel off from her, and watched her full body naked in my arms, her eyes were closed she knew what was going to happen now and she was now ready for it, i kissed on her shoulders and her arms hugged her tightly and kissed on her boobs, she started moaning now aaaahhhhh i kept kissing on her milky soft boobs they were in C cup shape and were perfect for any boobs add in magazines, i kissed them and started licking them, Sonia was now enjoying it and her mouth was making sounds .... mmmmmmmm aaaaaaawwwwwwwwww ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .........

it was the right time cause her nipples got erected with joy, i took nipple in my mouth and started sucking it with pleasure and she grabbed me from my back we both were sitting on the bed now lapping in each other legs and she was holding my back and i was sucking her both nipples one by one, what a taste was coming into my mouth i was making her nipples wet by my tongue and was making her go crazy, her breath was heavy and her sounds were crazy now she was tajking my name raaja oh please raajaaa what do i dooo raja what should i dooo now oh raaajaaaa am getting mad raajaaa , i held her face and started kissing on her lips madly i put her lower lip in my mouth and sucked it like a toffeee and was enjoying the juices of it, her lips were so juicy made me crazy i entered my tongue in her mouth and started tasting her, told her to do so and she did, man she made me crazy she was licking my insdei mouth wals my lips and my body temperature was rising heavily, my dick was so erect in her lap it was touching her belly button and i was pressing it on it.

she was now madly kissing me and the bitch was for the first time in 3 attempts was really horny, i started telling her kiss me deepyly
kiss me harder, she was responding, i said grab me tightly and she did, i again took her nipple in my mouth and sucked them even more harder this time she said ohh rajaaa suck me..... suck me please baby suck me harder .......... and i just started sucking on them harder and harder i pushhed her towards the wall and opened her legs i sat in front of her took her legs in my lap and opened them properly, now sonia bhabi was sitting in my lap with opened legs and my dick was touching her cunt, i touched her cunt with my dick top and she shivered for a moment, i then touched her with my finger and she tremebled, with joy she said aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh rajaaaaaaaaaaaaa what you wanaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaa dooo ??? i said i wanna make ur all pains go away i wanna give you pleasure baby. .....

she was moaning louder and i was touching her pussy lips with my dick, her pussy became really wet and juices started dripping off from her pussy onto my thighs now, i knew she has got very very horny ..... i was kissing her nipples and touching the tip of my hard iron dick on her pussy lips and there she said ohhh pleaseeeee put it inside me rajaaaa, please fuck me pleaseeeee rajaaa and as soon as i heard the words i gabbed her from back and hugged her tightly as i did so her pussy moved into my dick and my dick entered into her pussy, wow man it was so wet that my dick moved my way so easily into her pussy.....

after reaching in my dick felt immense heat of her pussy, and i started feeling like crazy.... wow such a hot pussy and such a tight one too, looked like havent been fucked since long.... i was enjoying every second of this game now......

i pushed my dick depper inside her and she cried with moan ohhhhhhhh rajaaa your dick is big, its aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh making me crazy rajaa ohhhh rajaaaaa ...... now i started giving her strokes slowly slowly and she was moving up down with my every stroke her breast was vibrating and boobs were bouncing.... now i increased my speed with thick strokes and her moans increased like ahhhhhhhhhhh ooohhhhhhhhhhhhh ohh rajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa awwwwwwwwwwww aaaaaaaaaaaaa ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Goddddddddddd
and there she tightned her body vigorously and then relaxed and my dick felt her pussy juices all around me she had already cummed ..... her cummed made her pussy even more wet and my dick was moving like a tool with speed in her pussy... man her body is so pleasurable in my hands and niplpes so tasty in my mouth, i am syucking them the taste is coming in my mouth little sour little salty, and her legs are so soft touching my legs... i can feel the smooth skin, and her pussy is hot so hot and my dick is also hot and now at its best ..... hard like an iron rod and furiuos like a machine gun..... i was stroking furiously into her pussy to cummm... i want to come now in your pussy you bitch.... your pussy is made for my dickk, my cock will fill ur pussy you whore .... i grabbed her hair and pushed so deep inside her and there i felt like cumming i wanted to end in my way so i pulled my dick out, take her boobs and started fucking in between her boobs and there i creamed with joy and my cummmm came out again spread on her boobs face even on her hair and she screamed oh rajaa you are such a bastered ...... her fucking tongue just couldnt control herself and i grabbed her hair and again insterted my dick in her mouth and moved it completly to let her taste my cummmm she pushed me away and fell down in the bed... i also fell down on her.... her body, hair mouth and neck were sticky becuase of my cummmm and i was lying on her with my dick in between hr legs, i again entered my dick in her pussy and pushed it inside and said keep ur mouth shut you bitch, everytime you ll open ur slut mouth u ll get my dick in ur mouth... now let me relax for sometime ........... we lyed there for sometime like this, her face was red with anger again cause i put my dick again in her mouth... i was enjoying her anger ....... what a looser slut she wass .....

after sometime i got up and said ok its time to wash up, last time i washed you now you wash me, took her to washroom we took shower, she washed me i said i know you enjoyed me fucking you.... she kept quiet .....

after shower i said i ll leave now, cause its too late, i dont want your husband to suspect me staying for so late with you.... and better take money from him tonight and I will come tomorow to get the Money and Honey again .......................................

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  Badla with pregnent chachi 5,320
  Badla with 1 month pregnant aunty 18,207
  Kaise Saas se badla liya 10,503
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