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First i will start when i was a Young guy ,Since the time i was young i started understanding about sex
. We had a house in Mumbai a small flat where me my parents and brother used to stay , My dad and mom both were working. We had a Maid who was around very young and I was too small that time , after dad and mom used to leave she used to be alone and we used to return back from school around 1 pm and after that we three( me my brother and maid ) used to be home till eve. Her name was Rekha , she was kind off slutty by behaviour (which I realized after years) .
So the story begins with her. One day I still remember it was a Friday and I wasn’t well , so I was back home with her alone(at the young age). So after she finished her work , she came to the hall where I was lyin on the sofa watching tv , I had fever so mom had asked her to keep changing the cold water strips in 2 hrs time and wipe me off with a towel(as I cudnt take bath). So she came and sat by my side . She had nice boobs which were always visible thru her pink/purple gown she used to wear,.so as she came and sat besides me , at first she checked my temperature by putting her hand on my forehead, and the fever was still there. So she asked me to turn off the tv as my eyes were getting red.

I refused to do so and said I will watch for a while and then switch it off , she said okie just 15 mins else I will turn it off. I kept the remote in my hand and was just lying there, she came with the hot water and a towel to clean me , I still remember I was wearing shorts with a undie inside. And a vest. First she asked me to lift the head and then she sat on the sofa and said to rest my head on her thighs so that she can clean me while watching the tv .So I did ,
she asked me to remove my vest to clean my chest area, So I removed it and she started cleaning my arms , my shoulders my neck , chest , while she did so , here breasts were hanging just above my forehead or can say whenevr she bent I cud easily feel the firmness of her breast .
Nor did she said anything nor did I , so while cleaning there was a rape scene on tv which had shakti kapoor in it , which while she was watching she asked me to close my eyes ,
Rekha said arun akhein band karle gandi cheezein nahi dekhte , meine akhen bandh karli as I was small and had to obey, bt thodi si akh kholke scene dekh liya, jab who scene dekh rahi thi uske hath mere chest per he ruk gaye as she was lost in the scene, jaise he scene mein vilan ne uska blouse fada uske hath meri chest per ghumne lage, fir ruk gaye , muje gud gudi hui , to meien kaha didi scene khatam hua , usne koi jawab nahi diya aur mein bhi scene dekhe jar aha tha , fir uske hath mere chest ke nipples per ghumne lage aur use halke halke se apni 2nd finger se tickle karne lagi aur 2 ungliyo ke bich lekar pakde rakha,muze current sa feel hua aur tickling bhi , so meine kaha didi kya kar rahi ho gudgudi hoti hai , to uska dhyan meri taraf hua, scene mein jab shakti kapoor ladki ke upar chad gaya to usne apna dusra hath anjan bante hua apni thighs per se hote hua mere sir ke nich rakh liya , (yani ki apni thighs ke bich mein). Aur thodi der mein muje mehsoos hua ki who use hila rahi hai , muje laga khujli kar rahi hogi , fir thodi der mein scene khatam hua to usne hath apni thigh ke bich se hata liya aur muje towel bath dene lagi ,
meien pucha akhein kholu ?
usne kaha nahi , to meien kaha scene to khatam ho gaya ,
to kehti tuje kaise pata , meien kaha awaz nahi arahi na , to muje aise laga ki shayad khatam ho gaya hoga, to usne kaha thik hai khol le,
ab who muje acche se wash kar rahi thi meri neck ke pass mere shoulders ko meri stomach ko ,
Meine us se pucha didi yeh ladki TV mein chikh kyu rhi thi , use dard ho raha tha? ,

to rekha has kar boli nahi use maza arraha ha , fir kehti buddhu dard aur dar lagta hai tabhi to awaz karte hai , to meine pucha use dar kyu lag raha tha ? to kehti uske sath who balatkar kar raha tha isliye ,
to meine pucha who kya hota hai? ,,
to kehti jo mein tere sath karungi agar tu chup nahi hua to ..
I was scared so I just kept mum.fir usne muje pet ke bal letne ko kaha , so I did , and she started cleaning my back , aise karne per mera muh uski thigh ke bich mein ghus gaya , aur us mein se uski chut ki aur uske kapde dhone ke sabun ki khushbu aarahi thi , , I tried to keep myself still so that I don’t touch her between her legs ,
muje us time itna maloom tha ki ladkiyo ki thighs ke bich lund ki jagha chhed hota hai , caz meien ek bar school mein apni ek classmate ko school garden mein pee karte dekha tha, but I was not sure ki har ladki ko aise he hota hai .
Khair to meine koshish karke apna sir uski thighs per rakah aur who clean karti rahi , thodi der mein who mere hips tak pahuch gayi to usne kaha arun apni nicker bhi utar, so meine jhat se utar di (as I wasn’t shy in front of her ) now I was just in my undies, , ab usne mere hips k aur meri thighs ko saf karma shuru kar diya , jaise he who thighs tak pahuchne ke liy jhukti , uska pet mere sir per touch hota aur uske chuchiya meri pith per ragad jati , aur mere khayal se usne bra nahi pehni thi kyuki thodi der mere pith per uske chuchiya rub hone ke bad, muje aisa laga jaise koi ubhri hui cheez mere pith per rub ho rahi ho , jis se muje bahut gudgudi ho rahi thi , but mein bas hilta raha ,
khair thighs ko saf karte samay kai bar uska hath mere chhote se underwear ke side se mere chhote se lode(jo ab 8” ka ho chukka hai) per touch kar jata , muje ajib si feeling ho rahi thi , who tv dekhne mein mast thi aur sath sath muje clean karne mein bhi , thodi der mein tv per song start hua (barish mein bhigte hua sexy sa) , so uska hath kuch zyada he mere under wear ke pass ghumne laga ,
muje maza araa tha aur mein bhi apna muh halke halke se thighs ke bich rakhne laga , karte karte usne mujse kaha ,arun underwear utarega ya aise he kardu , meien kaha sharam ati hai , aise he kar do , usne kaha fir mat boliyo ki cleaning acche s nahi ki , meien kaha thik hai , so pehle usne towel ko gila karke mere undi mein hath dala kar mere hips ko aur un ke bich clean kiya fir usi position mein who apne hath aur nich le jake mere lode tak pahuchne ki koshish karne lagi but as she wasn’t tall so she coudnt bend much, but halke halke se uske hath mere balls per touch ho rahe the aur muje first time aisi feeling arahi thi jaise mere lund mein halchal ho rahi rahi ,
uske tight hua nipple meri pith per touch karne se muje bahut gudgudi hui to meine use finally puch he liya , didi yeh apka locket mere pith per gudgudi kr raha hai , use piche karlo, to usne muje jan buj kar apne nipples touch karke pucha , yeh wala locket ??

to meine kaha han yehi , but yeh 2 kaise hogaye ? .
to usne kaha yeh locket piche nahi ho sakta yeh mere body ka part hai , to meine us se pucha magar jab massage karma start kiya tha tab to touch nahi ho raha tha , ab kaise ? , to who boli jab balatkar karungi tab sab samaj jaega , ,

mein dar gaya aur meien kaha mera balatkar mat karma..
she started giggling and said fir thik hai , mein jaise kehti hu waise he kar , nahi to tera balatkar hoga . itna sunte he mein uske thigh ke bich dar ke mare chhup gaya , usne us time per jo long skirt pehni thi who uske thighs tak chadhi hui thi , aur mere gal uske thighs per rub ho rahe the ,
shayad use tharak chadh rahi thi isliye uski thigh 1 dum garm ho gayi thi , jaise he meine sir niche kiya to mera forehead halke se uske panty per rub ho gaya , and uska jo reaction tha , haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii , usne mere hips ko kaske daba diya aur halke se uske muh se siskari nikal gayi , mein dar gaya kahi muje mar ya balatkar na ho jae ,, usne mujse kaha , kaha se sikha yeh tune arunnnnnnnnnnnnnn , ganda ladka ,,

meine pucha kya hua ? to usne kaha jo tune abhi kiya ,, meine kaha mein to kuch nahi kiya , muje to dar lag raha tha ki kahi ap mera balatakar na karle so dar ke mare mein chhup raha tha , ( to use khushi hui ki abhi mein nabalik hu aur muje is bare min kuch nahi pata aur fayda uthaya ja sakta hai ). To usne kaha accha dar lag humare arun ko , meien kaha han,, to kehti itna dar lag raha hai to andar chhup ja, meine pucha , andar kaha ?

to usne 1 hath se apni skirt thodi aur upar kari aur kaha ab bil mein ghus ja nahi to balatkar kar dungi , mein darke mare uski skirt mein muh dal diya.. uski thighs mere galo ke dono taraf chipki hui thi aur meri nak uski panty se bas 2 inch dur thi , muje uski chut ki khusbu aj bhi yad hai ,, namkin si , aur uske skirt mein ajab si thandak aur garmi ka mixture tha ). Jaise he meine uske skirt mein muh ghusaya who tadap uthi but apnea p ko sambhalte hua shiver hui ,, aur 1 proper ahhhhh uske muh se nikli ,meine uski tharak badha di thi , aur woh mera actually mein balatkar karne ki tayyari mein thi .. 2 min bad jab who shant hui to usne mere hips per massage chalu kiya , aur mere underwear mein pura hath ghusa ke mere lund tak pahuchne ki koshish karne lagi , tv per chalta sexy song , mera muh uski skirt mein aur uski jo marzi who kar sake , aur kya chahiye tha use , usne mujse kaha arun thoda aur agey aaja mera hath tere pairo per nahi chal pa raha , to mein halke se aur agey khiska, aur pucha didi bas ? ( mein abhi uski panty se touch nahi hua tha darke mare jabki who chati thi ki mein uski panty mein chhupi uski ankhili chut ko chat jaoo.) uske andar ki vasna uski awaj se saf jhalak rahi thi ,

usne kaha nahiii arun thoda aur andar karnaaaa,, (age hone ki wajhay usne andar kar kaha) ,, meine kaha aur andar kaha jaoo didi , agey jagha nahi hai , usne kaha bahut jagha hai meien kaha didi magarrrr.. usne kaha agar magar kuch nahi meine kaha na tuje age hojaaaaa
mein darke mare aur agey hua aur panty per jaise he apne hoth touch kiye mein aur rekha didi dono he madhosh ho gaye (halaki I wasn’t aware wat was it happenin) uske muh se 1 siskari nikliiii , ahhhhhhh arunnnnnnn.chipakkkk jaaa puraaa. which wass very silent .. but mein waise he position mein raha aur meine didi se puch hhmmmm thikkk haiiii(I cudnt speak fluently as my lips were all over her panty )… usne koi jawab nahi diya aur halke se mere underwear ke side se mere chhote se lund ko muth mein pakkad liyaaa..mein to jaise 7we asman mein tha ( at young age )meine hilne ki koshish ki but usne mere lund ko halke se pakde rakah aur puch , kyu hil raha hai kya hua tuje ???????? meine kaha didi gudgudi hoti haiiiii ,

to kehti kaha ?? meine kaha jaha apne hath rakha hai ,, to puchti kaisi gud gudi acchi wali ya buri wali , meine kaha acche wali,.

Usne mere lund ko halka sa aur dabaya aur uski skin ko piche karne ki koshish ki , but who hui nahi as I was too small , muje pain hua to meine kaha didiiiii ahhhh , to usne skin wapis agey kardi ,,

Usne use sehlana shuru kiya(caz she was scared ki kahi mein parents ko na bold u ) and she asked ab thik hai , to meine kah han,
usne mere lund ko chhoda nahi (uski tharak ab hadh se bahar thi) , mere balls ko usne muthi mein lekar rub karne lagi and she was enjoying it like hell…

rekha ne mujse pucha yeh kya hai ?? meine sharmate hua kaha susu,..

To kehti yeh kaisa susu hai ,, dekh mere pass to hai he nahi ,, while giggling
Meine kaha muje kaise pata chalega hai ki nahi , to usne halke se mere sir per hath se daba ke mere lips kp apni panty per feel karwaya (and she started shivering) usne kaha , aaarrruuuunnnnn ssssdekh naaa haiiiiii ki nahiiiii mere pass bhi tere jaisiiii susuuuuu,, meine kaha hhhhmmmm didi itna mat dabav dalo mein breath nahi kar pa raha , is mein se 1 type ki smell ati hai ,, usne kaha acchi hai yaaaaaa buri arunn ?? meine kaha acchii haiiiii,…
Usne 1 aur siskari li(caz she gt da approval that I am also willing) .. usne mere lund aur balls dono ko muth mein lekar unhe massage karte hua kaha arun apne face ko rub karke check karnaaaaa susu hai ki nahi ( mein dabaungi nahi dar mat ) ,,
Meine check karne ke liye 1 ,2 bar apne lips uski panty per ghumaye , uski panty gili hone lagi thi , panty mein se chut ki khushbu bhi badhne lagi thi aur 2sri bar jab meine lips ko tough kiya to usne thighs kholke muje andar kas liya , to uski panty mein se 1 khatti si bundh nikli , aur wohhhhhhh madhosh ho gayiiii, mere balo mein hath ferte hua usne kaha uffffffffffffff arunnnn meri chut mein ghusjaaa,, kha ja ne meri chuttttttttttt,,9that was the first time where I learnt pussy is chut). Muje bhi accha lag raha tha kyuki meine bhi thighs ko stretch karke lund aur balls ka massage pehli bar le raha tha.. jaise he who thodi si shant hui , to meien kaha didi susu nahi hai yaha magar bilkool flat hai ,,, usne thodi der tak jawwab he nahi diya aur mere sir mein hath fere ja rahi thi aur siskariyo per siskari liye ja rahi thi , woh apni chut chatwana chahti thi magar itne chhote se ladke se incest ka maza he kuch aur mil rahatha use,,

Usne thoda shant hoke kaha , yeh jo tera susu hai who apne ap heavy ho jata hai kya ? meine kaha pata nahi didi aj pehli bar aisa hua hai ,

to usne pucha maza aaraha hai ? . meine kaha hhhmmmm , (tab tak mein uski skirt ke andar he tha ) .. to usne mujse finally kaha ki meri susu bad mein dekhenge pehli apni to dikha , palat ke let ja… finally I came outta her skirt and I cud feel the fresh air, but inside was better J.. she didn’t put her skirt down , I could see the flower printed panty it was white with red green blue flowers on it , when I came out she asked me to lye down on her naked thighs , now here perky tits wee clearly pointing out thru her gown,

Now she \ threw the towel aisde and put her right hand inside my underwear and started caressing my penis , it was the most amazing feeling of my life (first) ..jab pura lund uske hath mein aagaya to usne kaha arunnnnn ab apni chaddi utar muje tere susu ko bhi saf karma hai , waha se tum susu karte ho to bahut ganda hota hai , meine kaha muje sharam ati hai ,
Rekha said , koi bat nahi abhi tu utar apni chaddi fir mein bhi tuje apni susu dikahungi , chal dekhte hai tere susu aur mere susu mein kya farak hai , so I was okie wid it , I just lifted my legs and she removed my undie with her legs , ( she did it in a lusty way ) actually a slut she was.. inexperienced slut who must have learnt this from watching her parents or friends doing this to her.
Jaise he me full naked hua , uski akhen chamk uthi , usmein ek ajab sa nasha muze nazar araha tha, niche lete lete mere chehre par uske lambo balo ki choti uske chuchiyo per upar niche -2 ho rahi thi , usne mere tango ko apni tango se spread kiya aur mere lund ke as pass ungliyo se gud gudi karne lagi , mein bas let kar sab chizo ka anand le raha tha , kabhi lund ko to kabhi balls , kabhi dono ko muth mein bhar bhar ke shla rahi thi , lund bhhi na chahte hua tann ne laga gaya tha , but puri tarha ho nahi pa raha tha ,. Fir who jan buj kar mere upar jhuki aur uska momma mere lps per touch ho gaya , aur usne kaha locket dekhna hai ? le muh mein le locket , le muh mein nahi to balatkar kar dungi , meine muh khol aur nipple side mere adhi tounge tak pahuch gaya , , na chahte hua muje sas lene k liye muh hilana pada to tongue uske nipple per hilne lagiu , aur who fir nashe mein madhosh hone lagi , muje samaj nahi araha tha kya karu , 1 taraf maza to dusri taraf saz, khair meine kisi tarha muh side karke nak se sas li aur uski chuchi ko pine laga , uske muh se siskari nikle ja rahi thi , jaise he meri tongue uske nipple ke tip per firne lagti , aise he who muje tez muthiyane lagti , lund ko kass leti .

She was actually trying to dominate me with her lust , her Gown was getting wet with my saliva .. and her perky tits outline wasnow prominently visible . she started jerking me hard , and I dunno what happened to me , muje aisa kaga jasie actually mein pee arahi ho ,
To meine rekha didi se kaha didi muje susu aarahi hai , usne kaha koi bat nahi mere hath mein karde ,,,I was feeling shy , and she started moving her hand faster up and down ,. And forcing her tits inside my mouth ..

Suddenlyyyyy the Door Bell Rang. And we were set back ,, she appeared to be scared aur fir usne apna gown niche kiya aur mujse kaha arunnn tu andar ja muje dekhne de kaun aya hai , I ran away naked( I know it was embarrassing like A customer running from a Brothel :P)

She took the towel as a chunni and went for the door ,

It was The Bloody Post man … I was watching Hding behind the curtain ,
The postman was aged man , and he was from the maids Village only , so they were talking something , he handed her the letter and asked her glass of water,she asked him to come in and he handed the letter to her which she slipped by mistake as she turned to get back inside the door, letter uthane ke liye jaisi he who jhuki towel niche gir gaya aur muje uski chuchiya saf nazar arahi thi .

aur piche dekhta hu to postman was actually going to grab her from behind he just pretended to move inside and touched her ass with his danda.. kuch seconds ke liye rekha usi position mein thi (as she was madhosh by the encounter with me ) aur ischhoti umar mein koi 45 -46 sal ka insane uski gand per pehli bar apna lund ragad rahatha , who bhi din ke ujale mein ,

kuch he der mein use ehsas hua ki darwaja khula hai aur koi bhi dekh sakta hai to who anjan bante hua andar agayi aur postman to mano uske piche aise andar aya jaise uska lund rekha ki gand mein kutte ki tarha fas gaya ho ,, andar ate he rekha kitchen mein bhag gayi aur postman sofa per baith gaya ,

Rekha pani lekar jab wapis ayi to towel lena bhul gayi thi aur uske gown per mere saliva ke nishan saffffff nazar arahe the , jaise he woh pani dene jhuki , I could see the post man looking straight at her breasts (pointed nipples rather). Uski akhe wahi gadi hui thi , itni jawan kam umar ki sexy si kamwali jo abhi tak bilkool bacchi si dikhti thi , uske nipple gown se bahar ane ko ho rahe the aur upar se who pani ka dag … I am sure he must have got the hint that rekha is actually a slut ,, he didn’t said anything , He asked are you alone, so she said nahi Baba(me) ghar pe hai aj who school nahi gaya use nehlana hai..

Postman ki akho mein saf mayusi nazar agayi , and he said okie koi bat nahi , agli chitthi dene Jald Aunga.. and had the wicked smile.. Bloody Bastard…
Jaise he Postman chala gaya , Mein bahar aya , to muje Rekha ko face karne mein sharam arahi thi , but anyways , rekha ne muje dubara bulaya aur kaha yeh postman ka baccha.. koi bat nahi idhar aja arunn to hum kaha the , aur yeh kehte he usne uje wapis dick se pyar se pakad liya , muje kuch samaj he nahi raha tha yeh ho kya raha hai ,,

Usne uth ke tv band kiya aur muje andar wale bedroom mein le gayi aur mere samne chowkdi mar ke baith gayi .
Mein ab tak naked he tha ,. Mein bed se tek le ke baith gaya , aur who mere samne .. mein na chahte hua bhi uske skirt aur legs ko dekhe jar aha tha , muje bas yeh dimag mein tha ki iske thighs ke bich aisa kya hoga jo mere jaisa nahi hai , aur shayad usne macho ko padh he liya , who mere pairo per hath rakh ke gudgudate boli kyu arunnnnnnnn bukhar utar gaya ya aur tez ho gaya hai ? .. mein kuch nahi bola bas uski thighs jo ki uski upar uthi skirt se dikh rahi thi , aur pankhe ke karan who upar niche ho raha tha ,, gori gori heavy thighs thi uski aur bich mein white panty , mano jaise jan buj ker who mere samne aise baithi thi , ki seduce kar sake .. usne kaha ruk abhi tera bukhar check karti hu ,, aur usne thermometer ko leke mujse kaha ise muh mein dal , meine kaha muje thermometer muh mein dal ne se dar lagta hai kyuki doctor ne kaha tha ki who tut sakta hai , usne kaha accha chalo koi bat nahi mere pass 1 aur tarika hai jis mein tuje kuch muh mein nahi dalna padega , mein khud check kar lungi..
Meien kaha woph kaise? ,

And you wont believe guys muje nahi malum tha agle pal kya hone wala hai , usne kaha akhein band karo,, meine karli , uske hath muje apne pairo se upar ate mehsus hua to meine akhein khol li , uska dhyan mere penis per he tha , she didn’t see I was watching ,, hath upar la kar usne halke se fir se mere penis ko pakda aur kaha , lagta hai bukhar abhi bhi hai , ruk mein natural tarike se temperature leti hu ,,
Meine kaha jo karma hai jaldi karo muje dar lag rha hai ,
Usne kaha dar mat aur jo kuch hum khel rahe hai who kisi ko mat batana , warna tera balatkar yad hai na,, meine kaha okie

Usne kaha akhein kyu kholi hai , aur mere penis ki skin ko piche kiya , meine sorry bola aur akhein band karli ,.(scared).

Jaise he akhen band ki , muje mere thighs per feel hua ki uski touch kar rahi hai , meine darke mare akhein nahi kholi bas wait karta raha , aur 10 sec bad, muje mere penis per garam aur gila sa ehsas hua, meine pucha didi mein akhein kholu , meri susu mein yeh kya ho raha hai , sune kaha abhi nahi , abhi temperature check kar rahi hu , jab ho jaega tab khol dena..
Yeh keh kar who mere penis ko chewing gum ki tarha halke halke se chew (yes chew skin ko halke se jaise nipples ko ladke chuste hai) karne lagui , muje aisa pehle kabhi feel nahi hua tha , .. mein bed per aram se lait gaya aur tange khol kar uski sucking ka maza le raha tha ,,, jo ki who ammature ki tarha kar rahi thi , meine chupke se akh kholke dekha to usne apna 1 hath mere balls ke pass rakha tha aur dusra hath uske skirt meintha , jo ki saf nazar araha tha uski panty ke bilkool bich mein tha.mein yeh sab dekh ke hairan reh gay aur kaha didi , ye hap kya kar rahe ho ,, to usne kaha tera bukhar utar rahi hu ,
Meine pucha is se to muje gudgudi ho rahi hai aur kuch kuch aisa lag raha hai jaise susu karte hai tab lagta hai ,
To rekha kehti , arunnn agar susu arahahi to kardee, koi bat nahi ,,,
Tab muje ehsas hua ki ladkiya kitni tharki ho sakti hai …and that’s a fact . ..
Tabhi muje yad aya ki usne wada kiya tha ki agar mein use lund dikhaunga to who muje apni who chiz dikhaegi , so meine use pucha , didi apne kaha ki ap bhi muje apni susu dikhaoge , to dikaho na..

Usne halke se apna gown side kiya to halke se andhere mein muje kuch bal se nazar aye aur usne apni tange thodi si aur kholi , meine kaha didi saf nazar nahi aaraha , to usne aur thodi si tange kholi , aur pehl bar muje nazar aya ki chut kya chiz hoti hai ,. Meine use se pucha didi apke to age aisa nahio hai jaise mere hai ,

So rekha ne kaha han ladkiyo ke agey yeh chiz nahi hoti ((penis per tongue ferte hua kaha ,
Meine kaha didi mein bhi ise pass se dekhna chahta hu ,
Rekha kehti thik hia but kisi ko is khel ke bare mein pata nahi chalna chahiye , sirf muje aur tuje , okie ?
Meine kaha okie ,
To usne mera hath pakkad ke apni thighs per rakah , aur kaha abdhire dhire upar kkarte ja , aise karne per uska gown uski thighs se upar jar aha tha aur uski chut per se parda hatt ( ) ne laga , jaise he adhi se zyada thighs nazar ane lagi who garam hone lagi aur mere penis ko kaske pakkad liya aur kaha ab dono pairo ke bich hath rakh arunnnnnnnnnn ..
Meine halke se hath age badha ke uski chut ko (pehli chut) ko touch kiya , jis pe halke halke bal the aur kuch gila gila bhi tha , who to mano ache band karke kho si gayo thi ,

Meine pucha didi yeh to bahut gili hai apne susu ki ?
Usne kah nahi , yeh har ladki aur ladke ko hota hai jab who bade ho jate hai ,
Meine kaha oh to muej bhi hoga jab mein bada hunga ? top kehti tuje to mein jald he bada kar dungi ,
Roj agar yeh khel hum khelenge to kuch mahino mein tuje bhi maza ayega,..

Khair jab yeh sab ho rah atha , hum time ke bare mein bhul he gaye aur bhai ne bell baja di ,,
Hum dono fir se adhure vasna mein reh gaye aur usne lkapde thik karte hua kaha , arun tarun ko kuch mat bata aur na hi mummy papa ko nahi to mein fir kabhi yeh khel nahi khelunga ,,

Meine kaha thik hai , ( man he man socha aisa khel jis mein itna nasha sa ho to kyu bataoo kisi ko khamokha.)

Is wakiye ke bad 2 din tak mein wait karta raha ki kab rekha aur mein akele mein khel khele but time he nahi lag paya ,
Is bich rekha jab bhi muje akele mein milti ya mere kapde change karti to mere lund ko sehla deti kabhi muje apne god mein bitha ke tv dekhte hua , uske hath mere niker ke side se andar dalti , ( it was amazing feeling) , but kuch dhang se ho nahi pa raha tha ..

Fir 1 din Sunday ko parents ko kisi pass ki colony mein function per jana tha , bhai bedroom mein so raha tha , rekha kitchen mein thi , mein video game khel raha tha ,

Huamre ghar ka bath room tv ke just side mein he tha, kuch he der mein rekha kitchen se ayi , bhai ko sote dekh ke , bathroom chali gayi aur darwaza khula chhod ker apni gown ko kamar tak uthaya , yeh sab karte waqt uski nazar meri taraf eh thi , but casuall..
Fir Indian style commode per who baith gayi , jaise he who baithi , uski tighs ke bich emin uske ubhre hua chut ke lips side hua aur 1 tez pani ki dhar nikalne lagi ,, mein to dekhta he reh gaya aur who mere akho mein dekhe ja rahi thi , lusty way mein ..
Kam se kam 3- 4 min tak who aise he position mein rahi,, fir jab 2, 3 bunde nikal rahi thi , usne pani ka mug lekar apni chut per pani mara aur dusre hjath se use rub kiya .. aur najane kyu usne saf karte karte 1 finger andar dal di , aur mere taraf dekh kar akh mari ,,, mein to sharam se apna muh t ki taraf kiya , fir jab meine fir se dekha to who khadi ho gayi thi aur ulti hoke hath dho rahi thi , uskia gown uski gand ki darar mein fasa hua tha , jis per halki halki pani ki chhite padi thi .. us age mein yeh sab itna lusty nahi tha but still I m telluingthe reall story ..

Jaise he who bahar ayi usne kaha arun kya hua bada ghur ke dekh rha tha .

Meienkah anahi to didi , mein to video game khel raha hu ,

Rekha kehti accha , jhut mat bol meine dekha tu kuch dekh raha tha jab mein susu kar rahi thi , mere pairo ke bich mein.. sach sach abta ..
Meine darke bola , didi kuch nahi bas yehi soch raha tha , ki mein to susu khade ho ke karta hu , but ap to …..
To who hasne lagi aur kehti bas yehi dekh raha tha ?
Meine chup tha , fir meine kaha han bas yehi dekha ,
To kehti , mere ladkiyo ke pass ladko jaise pipe to hoti nahi ki khade khade utha ke kardo susuisliye humein baith ke karma pdata hai , kyuki jab humare hole se susu nikalti hai to wo pairo per gir sakti hai .
To meien kaha ohh , muej laga ap potty karne baithi thi :P
To kehti chhi ganda kahi ka , accha muje bhi sikha kaise khelte hai video game …
Meien kaha kuch nahi yeh remote hai ismein aise aise dabate hai , to tv per yeh aise jump karta hai move karta hia , etc ,,,,
To rekha kehti accha idhar aja meri godh mein baith kar sikha ,,,
To mein rekha ki godh mein baith gya aur v-game mein mast ho gaya ,
Dekho didi aise right aise left , is se upar is se niche ,, is se boxing , is e kick ,
To rekha kehti aise kaise samjhungi jab remote tere hath mein hai ? meien kaha abhi meri game chal rahi hai , mein abhi nahi dunga , is game ke bad deta hu , and is started playing the game ,
Ab kuch he der hui thi , I fir muje aisa laga ki rkha mere nikker ke side se hath dal rahi hai , meine itna dhyan nahi diya (however it was excitingme),.

And she kept doing more, thodi der mein uska hath adha mere nikker mein tha , aur mere lund ko halke se pakkad ker kehti arun mein is per practice karti hu , jais etu khelega , waise mein is per practice karungi okie,,

Mein to maze lena chahta tha , it was all new to me , I said alright ,, m
Jaise he mein video game min jump karta , who lund ko upar karti , fir niche , fir left right ( I was playing tekken):P
Mere lund mein hal chal hone lagi thi aur halka sa hard bhi hone laga , jaise who thoda hard karti , mein didi se ruk ke kehta , didi plz aram se karo warna mein nahi sikhaunga , fir who pyar se lund ko sehkati , mere gal per kiss karti aur kehti accha thik hai ,,

Aise karte karte muje maza sa ane laga , fir mein jan buj kar game mein jump karne laga :P . aur rekha bhi usi tarha hath chalne lagi , meine left right hota tab bhi uska hath upar niche chal raha tha m, mere pith per fr se rekha ke nipple touch hone lage , … who hard ho gaye the , aur rekha jan buj ker khel khel mein unhe rub kar ja rah ithi ,
game khelte khelte kab sham ho gayi pata he nahi chala aure mere pant mein halka sat ambo bhi khada ho gaya tha . aur pani bhi nikalne laga th a( not orgasm ) but precum ,
jab rekha ko precum ka ehsas hua to usne lund ke skin ko thoda piche khichne ki koshish ki , muej dard hua to meine kaha didiiiiii kya kar rahi ho , muje dukh rah ahai , to who ruk gayi , aur apna hath bahar nikal kar , 2 ungliyo ke bich precum ki dhar ko dekhne lagi , uski akho mein nasha sat ha ,,, usne kaha ab game bas kar arunnn sham ho gayi hai , aur yeh kehte kehte usne us dhar ko muh mein dal ke chakh liya..

mein to dekhta he reh gaya ……:O
jaise he tv bandh kiya utne mein bell baji ,, rekha abhut dar gayi thi , kyuki mera tamboo khada tha , aur agar papa mummy aye ho to , uski wat lagegi ,,

usne mujse kaha arun tu bathroom ja , tera susu ganda ho raha hai , aur jab yeh susu niche ho jaye tabhi bahar ana , warna pap chadhega ..

mein to dar he gaya ,yeh kya nayi musibat hai ,, mine kah didi magar yeh baithe ga kaise ,, usne kaha tu jaaaa mein ati hu , mein bitha dungi , magar tab tak bahar nahi ana ,..

meine kaha okie aur bathroom mein ja ke meine nikker uteri , to dekha ,, lund ram pehli bar zindagi mein fulle huwe .. mein to 1 dum dar gaya , ki yeh swelling kaise ayi , halaki dard nahi th a.. muje kuch samaj nahi a raha tha , mein use hath lagane se bhi dar raha tha m utne mein meine halke se darwaza khola (but bahar nahi aya .. dekhta hu to kyaaaa.. postman uncle ..
aur postman ka hath rekha ke gown ke andar ,

rekha aur postman darwaze ke andar the aur darwaza adha bandh th , postman rekha ke gown mein zabardasti hath dal raha tha , aur uski thighs ko rub kar raha tha , rekha use mana kar rahi thi aur dur hatne ke liye hath chala rahi thi ,

meien dhyan se suna tab pata chala ki postman ne rekha ke mere sath kiye karname jail ke darwaze se dekh liye the ..
postman:- tuje yeh bacche he mile the maze lene ke liye , mein kya mar gaya tha RAND..
muje to tere per pehle se shak tha jab teri badi behen shadi se pehle he pet fulla ayi thi ..
Dono beheno ke bare mein mohhale mein charhcha chalti ahi who sahi he hai, ghashtiya ho dono , yeh kehte hua , postman ka hath kcuh zyada he upar chadh gaya aur sath eh gow upar uth gaya , usne darwaze per lat mari aur darwze latch ho gaya , rekha bar bar postman uncle se bole ja rahi thji , uncle meine aisa kuch nahi kiya , hum to videgame khel rahe the ,
Postman kehta , to mere sath bhi khel le jara videogame … mein bhi to dekhu ..
Yeh keh kar postman sofa per baith gaya aur rekha uski godh mein ..
Rekha ke pasine chhut rahe the ,
Bathroom ke door ke gap se muje saf nazar arah tha , postman ne rekha ko apni tango ke bich bithaya tha , aur dono hatho se uski tange kholne ki koshish kar raha tha ,

Rekha rone si lagi aur kehti uncle please mat kijiye mein aj ke bad kabhi nahi khelungi vide game..
But postman man ne ko raji he nahi tha.. usne rekha se kaha 1 shart pe chhodunga , jo muje karma hai karne de , mere pass time zyada nahi hai ,
Rekha rote hua man gayi aur kaha thik hai , but please jo karma hai jaldi kijiye sahib log ate honge. PLeaseee..

Postman ne apna bag side rakah aur rekha se kaha ab shant baithi reh , hath side rakh , agar hilaye to pure mohhalle mein bata dunga kit u bhi rand hai .. baccho ke sath aisi harkate karti hai ..

Rekha chup chap postman ke tango per baithi rahi aur hath apne chuchiyo per rakh liye ,

Ab postman ne dekha rekha puri dari hui hai , aur sab bat man ne ko tayyar hai , to postman ne apne dono hath rekha ke thighs per uske gown mein ghusa diye
Aur gown ko upar chadhane llage
Uski gori tthighs aur without any hair saf nazar arahi thi ,
Aur who gown upar hote jar aha tha
Mein yeh nazara bilkool samne wale bathroom ke door se dekh raha tha
rekha ne akhen bandh karli , use maza araha tha ya sharma yeh nahi pata , but bahut dari hui thi ..
postman ne dono hath ab rekha ki thighs ke bich legaya aur usne zabardasti rekha ke chut ko dono hatho ki ungliyo se chowda kho diya ..

meine pehli bar usi chut khuli hui dekhi .. kya chut thi ,,andar se ek dum pink , bahar se brownnn…

ajise he postman ne uski chut kholi rekha rone si lagi but chup rahiii aur dire se kaha uncle pleaseeee ..

postman ne kaha ,, tuje banata hu rand mein ,,, chadha ta hu tuje tharakk ..

aur yeh kehte hua usne rekha ke chut ki bich wale hisse ko apni 2nd finger se gol gol rub kliya , muje samaj nahi araha tha ki who kar kya raha hai ,. Kyui jaise who rub karta rekha hawa mein ucchal jati aur siskari leti …

bich mein wogh apni ungli ko rekha ke muh ke pass le jata , aur kehta rand ise gila karrrr.. muh mein le nahi to khud royegi ..
rekha chup chap ungli ko suck karti aur dubara postman uncle uski chut ke bich ungli se rub karne laget , aise 5 ,7 min karte hua postrman ki ungliya apnea p chut se gili hone lagi..

fir postman ne apni ungli ko sungha , aur dusre hath ki ungli rekha ke chut mein daldi aur nashe mein madhosh ho gaya aur bol raha tha , jawani ka pani nikal rah haiiiiii..

rekha bhi ab rona band kar akhen kaske bandh kiye apne hatho ko badi mushkil se thamme hua uchle ja rahi thi ,, postman ki 1 ungli rekha ke chut mein fasi hui thi aur dusra hath ki ungli sungh ke usne who hath rekha ke chucho per piche se daba diya. Pura momma postman ke hath mein agaya , rekha ne hath hatane ke liye jaise he koshish ki , postman ne piche se uski garden per kata aur kaha , Sali agar hiklne ki koshish ki to pura hath chut mein de dunga , chupchap baithi reh ,,
yeh keh kar usne rekha ka moma pura bhich diya aur dusre hath se rekha ki chut mein ungli age piche karne laga ,

bas kuch he seconds mein muej nazar aya ki rekha ne apni thighs kaske andar ki taraf bandh karli aur rekha ki thighs per se kuch bund pani niche tapak ne laga

postman ki speed tez ho gayi aur , momme wale hath ko nipple mil gay atha jise who behrehmi se masal raha tha ….

Kuch mint aise karne ke bad rekha ne kaha please uncle ab to chhod do… pleaseeeeeeeeee who siskariya lete hua bol rahi thi ,,

Postman ne kaha , saliiiii pani nikal gaya to bolti hai chhod do..
Rekha chup thi ,, usne tange kaske bola nahi uncle plzz bahut der ho gayi hai ab , sahib ayenge to bahut bawal ho jaega , plzzzzz..
To postman ne kaha ab se tuje mein jaise chahunga mein nachaunga ,aur meri rakhel bana ke rakhunga ..

Aj to waqt ki kami hai isliye apna pani nahi nikal paya , magar wada hai aj se jaha tu milegi , tujse he apna pani nikalwaunga,.,

Samji rand..,??
Rekha chup rahi aur rone lagi

Usne fir se apni ungli puri andar de di aur nipple nichod diya , to rekha chila uthi..

Aaaaaahhhh han uncle mein jaise ap kahoge , mein karungi ,, aur rone lagi ,,
To postman ne apna hath uski gown ke bich se bahar nikala ..
Uske hath per itna sara chip chipa pani laga hua tha .,

Who dekh kar sune use sungha aur fir se rekha ko muh mein lene ko kaha ,,

Rekha na chahte hua bhi postman ki ungliyo ko muh mein le kar chatne lagi ,,,shayad use uska taste pasand nahi aya tha , but fir bhi , marti kya karti..

Postman ne rekha ko apne sath he khada kiya , to uska gown uski kamar se jhyat se niche uske ghutno tak agaya.. aur fir postman ne uske nipple ko chhoda..

Aur apni taraf ghuma kar uske hotho ko besabri se chumne laga ..
Rekha ne apne hoth shayad bandh kiye hua the , muje sirf uski gand wali side nazar arahi thi , postman ka lund shayad uski chut se drect touch ho raha tha , postman ke hath uske garden aur balo ko kaske pakd \e hua the .. aur who zabardasti use smooch kar raha tha ,.,

Jiase he smooch khatam hui , rekha e chain ki sans li ,,, aur postman ne uske gand ko pakkad kar kaha ,

Tu maza to bahut degi ,, aise nakhre karti thi jaise sati savitri ho ,, ab dekh kaise rakhel banata hu tuje,,

Rekha ne fir se postman se hath jod ke kaha , apko jo karma hai ap kar sakte hai , pleae magar abhi ap jaiye , sahib ane wale honge , pleaseee mein hath jodti hu ..
Yeh kehkar jab postman side hua , to meine dekha , postman ki pant mein bhi tamboo khada tha , jo ki mere tamboo ke triple size ka tha ..

Mein sochat he reh gay aki yeh sab kyat ha ,.,,,,
Rekha rote hua Darwaza Band kar Bathroom ki taraf ayi .. (who bhul he gayi thi ki mein bathroom mein hu ..
Who andar ghhusi , badi ghabrayi huui thi , meine ek dum puch liya didi kya hua ?
To who ekehti kuch nahi , Marwa diya tune , aur marwa ayi mein ..

Meine pucha matlab ,, to kehti kuch nahi ab jaldi se kapde thik karle aur bahar chalk e baith .
Meine kaha magar yeh to thik karo…
Tyo kehti kya ??
Meine apne nikker ki taraf ishara kiya to , kehti ufffff ab yeh bhi na. abhi isi ki wajha se pakdi gayi hu mein
Yeh kehte hua woh mere pass ayi aur mere nikker ko niche khiska ke , lund ko muthiya ne lagi , meri akho ke samne postman ka kiya gaya attyachar yad arah atha aur maza dugna ho gaya ,

Who tez tez mutthi marne lagi to muze aisa laga jaise kuch nikalne wala hai aur who speed badha te gayi , meine rekha ke kandhe per hath rakh diya aur akhe band kardi ,,, meri pehli tassali bhari pichkari rekha ke mutthi mein nikli… meine bata nahi sakta who feelinggggg,,,

Rekha fir bhi paglo ki tarha mutthi mare ja rah ithi , magar mujse bardash nahi ho rah atha , shayad woh postman ke kar gaye assault ki wajha se garam ho gayi thi ,, jaise he mera pani uski hath mein nikla mera lund apne apn chhota hone laga , mere liye yeh sab ek dum naya tha ,, us din ke bad se meine mutthi marna sikha . .

Mera pani nikalne ke bad rekha ne meri nikker upar kari aur jaldi jaldi bahar nikalne ko kaha aur mujse kaha , arun aj jo kuch bhi hua tu kisi ko kuch mat batana nahi to tera balatkarrrr..

Meine kaha okie didi mein kuch bhi nahi bataunga,, who bhi nahi jo postman uncle ne kiya ..

Rekha dar gayi aur usne kaha , kya tune sabbbb,,, sab kuch dekh liya ??

Meien kaha ha didi pata nahi but jab who apke sath jo kuch kar rahe the who dekh kar muje maza araha tha , bas a pro rahi thi who accha nahi tha .. kya postman uncle bhi apke sath balatk……

Rekha kehti chup kar nalayak ..
Chal ab bahar chalet hai tere mummy papa ane wale onge .. bas is bare mein kisiko nahi batana ..

Who din aise he nikal gaya

To dosto , Rekha se meri sex life ki shuruat hui thi , uski chut he who pehli chut thi jiske darshan mein kiye ,

Mutthi marna meine usi se sikha , aur ladki garam kaise hoti hai iska bhi thoda sa anubhav muje rekha se mila :

Kaisi lagi apko meri yeh sacchi kahani feedback zaroor de..

Abhi to shuruat hai J

Agle part mein mein apko bataunga ki kaise meine us umar mein postman ko rekha per zabardasti chodte hua dekha , aur kaise who uski rakhel bani

Kaise use jhadiyo ke piche le ja kar colony ke driver aur mali chodte the.. yeh sab next story..
Hi All , ab tak ki story ke bad muje in sab naye experience ka maza ane laga tha , mein koshish karke rekha ke as pas rehne ki koshish karta , rekha postman wale kisse se kafi dar gayi thi , isliye usne 1,2 din tak koi harkat nahi ki mere sath , Uske andar sex ki aag to lagi hui thi who pakka tha ,

1 din sham ko jab mein Rekha aur mera bhai ghar ke pass wale Park mein khelne gaye to Meine dekha , Rekha Kuch der mein park k eek Side jaha jhadiya thi udhar ko ja rahi hai ,, mein bhi chupke se uske piche piche chal diya .

Jab mein jhadiyo ke pass pahucha to dekha , waha thoda sa andhera tha , aur rekha apne kamiz ko dato mein pakkad ke pajama ka nada khol rahi hai , use shayad pee lagi thi , , who muje dekh nahi pa rahi thi , usne nada khol ke pajama niche ki , uski thighs ek dum gori aur smooth thi , meine socha aj fir chut dekhne ko milegi , mein chuop chap khada raha , to Rekha ne apni panty bhi niche khiskaayi aur woh pee karne niche baith gayi , uski gand meri taraf ko thi , mein bata nahi sakta , uski gand thi ya mota sa kharbooj , patli kamar kali kacchi ghutno tak atki hui aur gori gand,, utne mein uska pishab nikalne laga , haiiiiiiiii

Uski awaj sssshhhhhhhhhhhhh , jaisi aur pichkari jaise nikle jar aha tha , jaise who kuch sec ruk jati , fir 1 dhar marti , fir rukti , fir pichkari , aise kam se kam 6, 7 bar hua , aur uska sara pishab hone ke bad , usne 1 finger apne chut ke hole mein dali aur bahar nikal kar use sungha .. mein to hairan reh gaya , ki yeh smell kyu kar rahi hai .. fir use na jane kya sujha , usne pass k eek ped ki chhoti si hari tehni todi aur apne chut ke andar dali ki koshish karne lagi , who dandi naram thi isliy halki mud rahi thi , to usne dusre hath se chut ke lips khole aur fir tehni ko andar ghusane lag , aur jaise he tehni andar ghusi , wof hava mein uchli fir niche baithi , aur tehni ko aur andar lene lagi ..fir tehni andar ghusane ke bad use apne fingers se ghumane lagi (rotate), mera to lund khada hone lag gaya tha , Sali bahut badi ghashti thi .. karib 5 ,7 min mein jab use laga ki andhera badh raha hai , tousne woh tehni chut se bahar nikali aur khadi ho gayi , tange khol ke , uski gand mein abta nahi sakta itni sexy thiiiii ki ab aisa lagta hai , agar us time mein bada hota to Sali ko ghodi bana ke usi time use pishab karte hua chod deta…
Usne panty upar ki ayr panty uski gand ke darar mein fasi to usne ungli panty ke side se ghusa kar use bahar nikala , fir pajami upar ki , nada banadha ,,
Bass itne mein waha se bhag nikla ,,

Jabw oh bahar ayi to who muje jhule ke pass ghure ja rahi thi , meine pcuha kya hua didi , to kehti abhi tu mere piche aya tha ????
Meine kaha nahi didi..
To kehti jhut mat bol
Muje tere pairo ki awaj ayi jhadiyo ke pass,

Meine kaha nahi did mein to yahi hu ..
(shayad use mere bhagne ki wajha se , patto ki awaj agayi thi)..
khair who man gayi aur us din hum wapis ghar agaye
Kuch din aise he bit gaye , rekha muej kabhi kabhi cched deti magar zyada nahi ,

1 din mein apne samne wale ghar mein rehti ladki (Pinky) jo meri he age kit hi ,cute si bacchi thi , hum aise he uske gahr khel rahe the , who badi cute sit hi , hamesh chhoti chhoti skirts frok pehna karti thi , jab bhi who baith ti ya hum khel rahe hote , mera dhayn bas uski kacchi ki taraf he jata ,. Us din usne pink color ki panty pehni hui thi , aur hum ghar ghar khel rahe the , mein uska pati aur who meri biowi ban ke , 1 tv ke cardboard box mein ghar bana ker khel rahe the, muje uski chut dekhna ka bada man karta tha m,curious tha ki kya iski bhi rekha ki tarha hogi ? jabki mein bahut chhota tha , magar rekha dwara 1 bar pani nikalne ke bad mein mano bhuka sher sa ho gaya tha ,
khair jab who mere samne baith ke khel rahi thi , to meien kaha chalo ab rat ho gayi hai sote hai (khel khel mein). Usne kaha thik hai , magar box mein jagha kam thi , to hum dono bilkool sath mein chipak kar let gaye , aur sone ka natak karne lage , meine kehl khel mein uski chhoti si kamar per hath rakh diya , who bhi meri he age kit hi , itni chhoti age mein use kuch malom nahitha , 5 mine son eke bad meien apna hath apne land per rakh diya aur khujane laga ,, mein chahta tha ki uska dhyan waha jaye .. lund ko touch karte wakt jagha kam hone ke karan mera hath uski chut per lage ja rah atha , to who kehti kya kar rahe ho arun ..

meine kaha muje yaha khujli ho rahi hai ,

to woh kehti tum khujli kar rahe ho muje gud gudi ho rahi hai , meine kaha mein tuje thodi na kuch kar raha hu , to who kehti tumhara hath muje lag rah ahai to gud gudi hoti hai , meine puch kaha lagta hai to , to kehti ek bar fir karo to pata chalega
meine jan bujke apna hath uske thighs ke bich lagaya to who kasma gayi , aur kehti han yehi per. :P to meien apna hath waha se hataya he nahi aur palm se halke se uske chut ko daba diya , who to mazak mein he le rah I thi aur gudguda rahi thi , meine fingers se feel karne ki koshish ki to kehne lagi arun gudgudi ho rahi ahi , meine kaha to mein kya karu mein aur karunga , to who kehti agar tum karoge to mein bhi karungi , keh kar usne apna hath mere land per rakh diya , pehle to who dar gayi , aur mujse puch a yeh kya hai , meine kah a is se mein susu karta hu , to who use tatol ne lagi aur kehti , mere pass to nahi hai yeh , meien kaha sacchi ??
tumhare pass kya hai fir , to kehti tum khud dekho , sach mein nahi hai , she was innocent , she kept on rubbing my penis , I started tickeling her pussy , we were too small to understand al this but we both were enjoying , she started moving her hand in return just as we are playing , and said I will tickle you too and started pulling my dick , I was in heaven , as she was so cuet and small I started palming her vagina , I put my hand inside her skirt and between her panty I grabbed her pussy wildly , that was the first time she felt 1000 volts current instead of tickeling and said arun what are you doing , I said you are pulling my susu even I waana pull yours,,, sos she said I told you na I don’t have , then I asked her what do you have in between your legs then ?? . and started touching her small little pussy , she said its just a gap , there is nothing hanging like yours , and pulled my dick again , I was getting a hardon due to her stupid oplay and she started feeling it getting hard, indirectly we both were trying to masturbate ,

now this play continued for a while and in thi ticking tickling I got on top of her , and pushed myself on her , my peni was lying near her pussy , she was still busy with the play , ( even I was not a player but had some hint what happens next). While I was on her she kept holding my penis and said arun yeh mota kyu ho raha hai ?????

I said jab is se koi khelta hai to mota ho jata hai ,

To pinky kehti is se kaise khelte hai ?
Meine kaha jaise tu khel rahi hai ,,
She pulled it and said aise ?
I said nahi move your hand back and forth .

She started doing it and she was feeling it funny , she was giggling , I was getting horny by her smile and this game..
Si atrted asking her pinky teri panty mein kya hai muje dekhna hai m tere pass mere jaisa kyu nahi hai , so she said dekhlo(innocent),
I took the advantage as her parents were out we go up (inside the small box) she left my penis while getting up. Now she ( so small cute little girl) wearing a pink short skirt , sat in front of me like grls sit while peeing , and I could see her lovely panty ) , my penis was noticeable through my shorts , she was mesmerized on my dick and I was s stick to her panty , now is aid show me what is there in your panty , she said even you have to show then only I will show , I said okie , she just moved her panty to the side with her 1 hand and while giggling she said , see I don’t hav anything hanging ..

Mannnnnnnnn it was the first time I was looking at a such a small pink pussy so close ..
I just kept lookin at a\ut . I asked pinky , mein ise chhu ker dekhu ,
She shyly said okie but don’t tickle.

I said I wont and I just touched her lovely little pussy , the opening was not even visible as it was small and it looked like swollen lips,. Woowwwwwwwww what a feeling it was I just rubbed between the lips and she was again stupidly giggling and said arunn I will pee if you do that ,,

I said let me do , I wan asee what it is ,
She said arun even you have to show me your hanging thing else I am not showing you my susu,,

And just covered her pussy back..
I said okie babab kya dekhna hai , dekh le jo dekhna hai and just dropped my shorts off,

My dick was slightklyhard..
The 1st glimpse she had at my dick , she was like.
Arunnnnnnnnnnn yeh kya hai??????????????aise kaise?? Chhhhhhhhiii
I said , is mein cchi kya hai , ladko ke pass aisa he hota hai ,
Spinky asked me , butttttt ? areyyyyyy fir tum susu kaise karte ho ??
I just pulled a small portion of my penis skin and showd her the small opening , she was out of words,,, she wa just mesmerized ,, arunnnnnnnnn yeh andar se pink kaise hai ?//
Aur yeh skin piche bhi jati haiiiiiiiii……… hooooooooooo

I said han yeh piche jati hai fir mein susu bhi kar sakta hu, dekh dekh chu kar dekh ,,
I desperately wanted her hand,,

She also cutely and being young jus moved her hand to my dick and moved the skin back ….
Wow man it was a feeling of a life time,.
I was like ahhhhhhhh
She was lost in playing with it ,
She just giglled and said
Dekh dekh dekh kaise skin piche ja rahi hai ,,
Dekh arun kaise skin age arahi hai ,,
And I was lovingggggg it
I said han ,, dekh sahi mein , fir se kar fir se kar..
And she kept doing it ,,
I closed my eyes and simply enjoyed it for few mins and my dick was hard..
Pinky asked me why is it getting stiff arun ???
Abkya hoga , yeh hamesha aisa he rahega?? Muje pehle wala pasand tha , yeh nahi L
Ise naram karma arun
Meinnahi khelungi L
I said pinky isko jab age piche karte hai na , touise maza ata hai , aur yeh hard ho jata hai , aur thodi der bad na is mein se dudh nikalta hai to yeh fir se soft ho jata hai

She was curious about the dudh stuff, sh was like kya ?? dudh ,,s acchi?? Dikahna arun dikahna
Nikalna dudh is mein se mein bhi dekhungi ..
I said tu ise age piche kar fir niklega dudh ..
She started oding it like a amateur (obviously we were too young and all thi s was just a game0
She didn’t knew how much pleasure io was getting ,,
I was about to explode..
I said pinkyyyyyyyy
Muje lagta hai iska dudh nikalne wala hai .
She was excited and said nikalna , muje dekhna hai , and she was giggling and enjoying it
Suddenly my penis started spurting its first shot , It was the first time it SPURTTED not just watery..
She was like arun dekh dudh nikal rah ahi , I was in heavennnnnn,
I was just sayingggg ahhhh pinky aur hilana
Aur lund ko hilana
Tez hilaaaa
Nikal mera dudh
Khake dekhna ,,
She was like are you serius ? I can have it ? and what did you say lund>>
What is that ,
I said first you have the milk then I will tel you what is lund

she was too excited to taste it and she just tickelled the first drop with her tongue..
and started coughing ,,
I said hat happppend ? she was like ccchhhhhiiiiiii aaawwwwwwwwwwyyyyaaaaa,,
Yeh kitna khata hai , yeh dudh nahi hai , yeh namkin hai arun L..

Meine kaha arey pehle aise he nikalta hai fir mitha ata hai ..
She was again curious that may be I am true , so she again tried to lick it and this time she took some time on it waiting fir the next spurt ( to be sweet) I just kept my hand on her hair and spurted to the core.. she kept on swallowing it ,( she didntknew whats happening and whats goin on and when will the sweet cum gonna be out ,) I just kept saying han pinky abhi nikal rah ahai , haaaaaaaann
Aur kha ,,
Pura lund pinky
Pija dudh sara,,

And it emptied the last of my young semen in her mouth which she kept on sucking and swallowing like stupid kid..

Once I was done I just kept liying , and sshe with my dick in her mouth ,,uhhhhh uhh mitha wala kaha hai ? .. I said pata nahi ,, she was angry and just gave a small bite on my dick which was strong for me , I was like ahhhhhhhh kya kar rahi ahi pinky :X
She is like jhutte … tune jhut bola ,, is mein to mitha tha he nahi , yeh to sara namkin tha..

I said pinky muje kya pata meine thodi taste kiya hai:P
She started punching me .. and I was giggling
I just wore my shorts back and she just kept hitin me back ki tum gande ho arun , tumne jhut bola , muje yeh namkin sa ganda sa pani pilaya aur kaha dudh niklega,, huh
I said koi bat nahi baba mein iske badle tumhare susu ko chat lunga …
Then she was like sacchi ?? kitna maza ayega na ,,, I was about to go ahead and get into her skirt , utne mein uski ma ne awaz kagayi , pinkyyyyyy ,
Oh pinkyyy

Chalo ab muh hath dho ke padhai karlo , chalo
Aur arun ko bolo biscuit khalega .

Sio this was the next encounter in my life where I started using what I learnt from rekha.. It was just that I started enjoying the sensation wen I used to cum..although I didn’t knew what it was and how we actually do all the sex stuff but still ,. Rekha rand ne iski shuruat ki , o agey na jane muje kaha kaha le gayi ..
I wil tell you soon about thatJ

How did you like the story > feedback guys feedback..

Donty be kanjoos , ki muth mar ke chalet bane
Alright so here the story continues, about what happened with Rekha(My slutty maid wen I was oo young)

One Day I went with rekha To the Park near our hous , where we always used to go In the evening.I was Playing with other Kids, And rekha was nearby only , It was not too long after the Postman Incident had Happened , I saw Rekha Was passing a smile at the Gardner , may be ther were from same society, After a while Rekha went from there and I kept playing in the park , when I noticed she is not nearby , I went to0 have a look , She was walking towards the gardner , who was cutting hedges at the corner of Park, Rekha was Wearing a pink skirt with White top that day and I Think or can say I m sure , usne bra nahi pehni thi , caz uske chuchya chalet time hawa mein uchal rahi thi , she had made a sluty pony , and wa slookin a real randi, (Which whenever I visualize now gets me a hardon) as that time I was too young to understand all this,

Meine dekha Rekha Mali ke pass ja ke kuch bat karne lagi smile karte huwe, Mein chupke se ped ke sid se dekh raha tha , waha ek Mango tree tha m Rekha ne Gardner ko Amm ke ped ki taraf ishara karte huwe kaha ki use Kaccha amm khana hai , kya mein tod lu ?

Mali ne kaha nahi agar kisi society ke bande ne dekh liya to Problem ho jaegi , Rekha ne us se kaha ki agar ap chahoge to tod ker aram se de sakte ho , To mali ne kaha De to sakta hu , maga muje bhi tere Amm Khane hai ,,

Rekha ne pucha mere aam??
Mali:- Arey matlab Tere sathhhh aam khana hai ..
So rekha was excited and she said thik hai hum sath mein khaenge(Uski age bhi kam thi so uske dimag mein yeh abt nahi samaj ayi ki mali kaun se aam ki bat kar raha hai ,,
Mali:- Rekha ek kam kart u Ped per chadh ja aur jaun sa aam tuje pasand hai Nikal le magar jab mein bolu niche utarne ko to niche ajana jaldi se ok ?
Rekha ne kaha magar mein ped per kaise chadhu? Yeh to bahut ucha hia ,
Mali:- Arey mein teri madad kar deta hu , yeh keh kar who dono ped ke pass pahuch gaye
Rekha ki skirt waise he gazab dha rahi thi aur mali uske ghutno se niche gori chikni tange dekh kar halke se apne lund ko sehla raha tha , rekha ped per chadhne ke bare mein sochne mein wyast thi , mali Rekha ke piche gaya aur ped ke pass khadi rekha ke skirt per se uski Thighs ko Hath se pakad liya,
Rekha ghabra gayi aur boli , arey yeh kya kar rahe ho mali Bhaiya??

Arey ped per nahi chadhegi to hum Aam kaise khaenge???
Rekha:- ohhhh accha to ap merio help kar rahe ho ..
Mali:- han rekha mein tuje pakkad ker upper uthata hu , tu tehni ko pakkad kar upar chadh ja,
Mali to sala wait he kar raha tha ,ki kab who upar chadne ke liye tange failaye aur kab uski kacchi dikh jaye..
Ab mali uske aur karib ho gaya aur ek dum chipak ke , apne lund se uski mulayam nazuk Kuwari gand Ko bhida diya.. Rekha ko mano current sa lag gaya tha,, but use laga ki shayad who help he kar raha hai aur kuch nahi ,
Mali ne rekha ko Thoda sa uthaya aur uska lund uski gand ke bilkool bich fas gaya ,
Shayad rekha ko uske lund ka ehsas ho gaya tha , tabhi who gudgudayi , aur nich utarne ko kaha ,
Mali ne uski kamar ko pakkad kar niche kiya, Mali ka bada bura halt ha ,
Rekha ki gand ki 1 ragad ne uska lunda ekdum pole ki tarha khada kar diya tha
Arey kya huwa??
Rkha muje gudgudi kyu kar rahe ho , aram se uthao na …
:- accha thik hai , ab ki bar chadh jaiyo ped per
Mali ne dubara uski gand se chipak kar uski kamar pakad li aur use upper uthaya , aura b ki bar aur kaske uski gand per lund se ragad diya,, Aur halksa dhhaka bhi diya , jaise mano skirt fad kar use chod he raha ho , Rekha ne kaise baise Ped ki 1 tehni pakdi aur 1 tang ped ki choti tehni per rakh di,
Ab rekha hawa mein jhul rahi thi , Mali ne uski kamar chhodi to to rekha chilyai arey bhaiy gir jaungi , Muje sahar do jaldiiiiii

:- arey ab kamar se pakdunga to tu chadh nahi paegi , ruk mein teri jang se pakadta hu aur tuje upar uthata hu ,
Yeh keh kar mali ne uski thighs ko 1 hath se skirt per se pakkad liya , rekha ko Gudgudi hui aur usne tang jhatkayi aur kaha muje gudgudi ho rahi hai bhaiya , jaldi kuch karo mein gir jaungi ,
Arey rekha teri skirt bahut silky hai , is per se hath fisal raha hai , (rekha ki skirt uski Thighs ke adhe hisse tak pahuch gayi ti magar kacchi abhi nazar nahi arahi thi , mali ki akhen uski skirt ke andar he gadi hui thi , Rekha ne kaha , bhaiya fir skirt ko thoda side karke utha lo , jaldi , mein gir jaungiiiiiiiiii Please

MALI ki to chandi ho gayi, Mali ne Jhat se rekha ki skirt mein hath de diya, aur uski thighs ko pakkad liya aur dusre hath se uski gand ko daba ke use upar chadhnae ki koshish karne laga, Uski nazuk kuwari thighs ka sparsh milte he Mali pagal sa ho gaya tha , Mein yeh sab ped ke piche se dekh raha tha , Udhar rekha ko bhi nasha sa ho gaya ,
Mali ne thodi de raise he uski thjighs ko pakkad kar rekha aur skirt ko jan buj kar upar uthaya (mauke ka fayda utha raha tha sala)
Rekha ki Printed kacchi jis per ful bane the yellow color ke , dekh kar mali ka lund pant se bahar ane ko tha , Uski kacchi uske ttango ki darar mein chipki hui thi , matlab ki Who gili ho gayi thi ,
Utne mein rekha ne jkaha Bhaiya thoda jor lagao mein tehni pakad lungi , mali ne jaise taise uski gando ko acche se ragadte huwe use Upar kiya aur thighs per hath fer te hua uske ghutno tak le aya , Uski skirt wapis niche ho gayi aur panty dikhna bandh ho gayio,,,
Rekha ne apni tag dusiri tehni per rakh kar kaise taise upar chadh he gayi ,
Rekha ne kaha hey bhagwan chadh he gayiiii,.,, uffffff , yeh keh kar usne mali ko smile di , Mali to behal he tha , who bas uski panty ki tasvir mein dub he gaya tha, Rekha ne kaha kyahua mali bhaiya??
Arey kuch nahi , kkcuh nahi , ab jaldi se aam khila de bassss..

Rekha ped per chadhne lagi , 1 tang niche wali tehni per dusri upar wali tehni par, magar uski skirt ghutno mein atak rahi thi , isliye usne skirt ko ghutno se upar uthaya ,, mali ko uski gori dudh si thighs ke darshan dubara ho gae , rekha ko zyada andaza nahi tha ki who mali ko uttejit kar rahi hai , magar who kuch kuch samaj rahi thi , isliye bar bar apni tange bandh kar leti magar thighs to dikh he rahi thi , mali jan bujh kar ped ke bilkool niche khada ho gaya , rekha ne jaise he tehni per chadhne ke liye tang failayi , uski kacchi mali ko saf nazar aagayi ,, dono tange bilkool faiyli hui kyuki tehni kafi dur thi , rekha aam todne mein mast thi , use kya patra tha Niche mali uski gili kacchi nihar raha hai , Usne puch mali bhaiya koi aato nahi raha na???
Arey koi nahi aaraha abhi rekha , tu aram se sare aam tod le..
Mali uski kacchi per nazre gadaye baitha tha.. Rekha aam todne mein mast thi , usne 2,3 kacche aam tode aur mali se kaha bhaiya app yeh aam pakad lo mein aur nahi tod sakti .. Mali ne kaha , de de apne kacche aam muje ,, aj to chakh ke rahunga…
Rekha ne niche jhak ke dekha to use pata chala ki mali uski kacchi nihar rah hia, usne kaise taise apni tange thodi si sikud li , maga abhi bhi uski thighs faili hui thi aur mali besharmo ki tarha uski kacchi dekhe jar aha tha, Rekha kuch keh bhi nahi sakti thi , kyuki mali umar mein kam se kam 30 sal ka tha,Mota sa kal sa,
Usne jaise taise 3 aam Niche feke , jo mali ne catch kar liye, Rekha ko sharam arahi thi , magar usne socha koi aur to hai nahi , aur mali bhaiya ki shadi bhi ho he chuki hai , who kya bigade ga, Usne tange aise he khuli rakhi aur fir aam todne mein mast ho gayi,, Mali ko laga rekha use chut den eke liye yeh sab kar rahi hai , who bas uske niche utar ne ka intjar kar raha tha , aur uski gili kacchi ko chat jane ko tayyar tha,, rekha ne 4 aam aur tode aur niche utarne lagi , Bar bar tange fail ate huwe who mali ko apni printed gili kacchi ke darshan karwa rahi thi , jaise he who niche ko ayi to mali ne use pakda n eke liye hath agey badhaya , Rekha ne uske hath per pair rakha aur niche fisalne lagi , mali ke hath uski chikni tango se ghutno se upar uski skirt mein ghuste gaye , aur dono hatho se usne rekha ke skirt ke andar thighs per se uski gand tak pahucha diye, rekha jab niche utri , mali ko dono hath rekha ki gand per the , skirt uthi hui aur muje uski thighs saff nazar arahi thi ,, mali ne use kuch de raise he pakde rakha , Rekha kuch samaj nahi payi , To boli , Bhaiya mein utar gayi ab Chhod to do…

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