Behan aur Mummy ko Driver aur Uncle ne Choda
They were three sisters-Riya, Sunanda and Megha; their father, Harish, 42 years, was a businessman and mother, Padma, 36 yrs., was a housewife. Riya was the eldest of the three children, then aged around 18 yrs old (Class 11th), next to her was Sunanda (Class 10th) who was 1 1/2 years younger to her, and the youngest, Megha, 15 years (class 8th), had been adopted by her mausi (mom's elder sister) just 7 months after her birth, who had no child and there was no hope of her bearing one. She lived with her husband about 80 kms away from them. Mausa had a small factory and mausi was a religious, devoted housewife, and she looked after Megha very well giving her with all the affection she would have given to her own child. Their love and affection had made Megha a rebel in certain sense, as she was very pampered. She was quite attached to both of her elder sisters. Harish had an agency of a few pharma companies for the region, so the family was pretty well off. Harish was very liberal with his daughters and was of modern thinking and had given his daughters lot of freedom, besides behaving like their friend, as he used to say that daughters should be treated on par with sons. For last 4 years he had been suffering from diabeties and recently had had a heart attack also. He had gone quite weak because of these diseases during past 2 ½ years. Both of the sisters used to go to the same school and they were very close to each other, could discuss and share any and every thing. Padma was busy looking after the husband, her two daughters and the domestics.
All the three sisters were fair complexioned, Padma was slightly over-weight but she looked very beautiful even after having bore three children and looked at least 5-6 years younger than her age; both sisters were slim, like their father, while Megha was plump and looked almost 13-year old with budding small breasts. Riya was 5' 3" and was average looking; but younger sister Sunanda had acquired her features from her mother and was very beautiful and stood 5'3" tall, like her elder sister. Riya's breasts were firm, almost like a tennis ball in size, her nipples were dark brown in color, and she wore a 32" brassiere; Sunanda's breasts were budding then and were almost like a golf ball in size, she had not started wearing a bra as yet. Riya knew about sex only to the extent she had heard from other girls but was curious about it
Harish was not a very social person though he was very good natured and polite in behaviour. His inner circle of friends had only 3 persons- Hari Singh who was a huge man,42 year old, 6'2" robust with big moustaches and was a very big civil contractor in the area. He was his classmate since school days and lived hardly 500 metres away. He was one of the regular visitors to their house besides the two other friends. Hari Singh was a widower and had just one son, Sumer Singh, who was 19 yrs old and a school dropout. Sumer was a local bully and had a few police cases registered against him. He was a strong man, 6' tall and had a cut on his face which he got during a gang fight about two years back. Harbinder Singh (52 yrs) was a Sikh and oldest in the group; he was short, 5'2", and was suffering from a number of diseases. He had taken voluntary retirement from government service and was looking after his vast field where he got agriculture done by contractors; he lived with his wife and two daughters-Surinder Kaur (18 yrs) and Paramjeet Kaur (15 yrs). His wife was a very religious typr and a simple housewife. The third was Masoom Ali, 40 years, was the youngest of the three; he was single by choice and was the only heir of his deceased parents, who left huge assets for him. He loved to crack jokes and live his life to the fullest, loved his drinks and was known to be a big womaniser. He had a good health, was a regular at the local gym, though he was a bit heavier on his 5' 10" frame, but had a very strong body with rippling muscles; both the girls had seen him staring at their mom's breasts and swaying butts whenever he was at their house for a visit. These friends used to meet once a week at least and would play cards and used to have a few drinks as well. Generally these meetings were like families get- togethers, but on rare occassions only the men would meet minus the families.
Harish had kept one car for the family and another for his own use for going to office etc, which most of the time he used to drive by himself, but after the attack he disposed of his personal car and employed a muslim driver (chauffeur), Aslam, to take him to his office in the only car with the family. His office was 6 kms from their bungalow. After dropping him the driver would return home so that if anyone of the women had to go, he could drive them and then drop them back. Riya had started learning driving for last 5 months but was still scared to take the car to market or crowded places. The driver was an expert driver and they all, especially Harish, liked his driving skill very much. Aslam was 5' 9" tall, medium complexioned, average looking, healthy and muscular man, though for a year he had started showing a little paunch but still was very active and smart. Harish was liberal by nature so had allowed Aslam to wear t-shirts etc when off-duty and had given him a room over the garage for his stay; he had even given him loans for constructing house in his native place, which was about 120 -130 kms away.
Riya's classes started at 10 am, while her sister's (SUNANDA) started at 8 am. Sunanda would be home by 2 pm, while Riya's classes would end at 4 pm and she would return home by 4.30pm.
One day while playing at school, Riya slipped and sprained her right foot. It was very painful and difficult for her to walk on her own. Her teacher called her home and the driver was sent to pick her up from school. She had to take his help in walking to the car and then from car to the house. He would put his arm around her waist for better support and she would hold him by his shoulder. Doctor had examined her foot and had ruled out fracture, but since she had sprained her foot he advised her to avoid putting load on the foot and walk minimum, for next 10/12 days. From that day Aslam would take her to school holding her for support. On third day when leaving for school she lost her balance while trying to hold him and fell down; he offered to pick her up but she was shy, so refused. He insisted that she better not argue and lifted her up in his arms and carried her to the car. She felt shivers run through her adolescent body. But it felt nice in some strange ways and his touch sent current in her budding youthful body. He had held her with one hand around her knee and wound another around her upper torso; his fingers were close to to the base of her left breast but she did not say anything or object to it, but at school he'd not pick her up as she totally refused to be carried that way. After reaching home he would again pick her up and she didn't resist, but this time his fingers were touching her left breast and in a way pressing into her flesh a little. Next day also she felt his fingers on her breast flesh a little up towards her nipple. She felt strange sensations when she felt male fingers touching her breast flesh, and used to shiver a little for a few seconds when his fingers made some movement on my breast. On the fourth day he picked her up holding her by her hips with her breasts touching his shoulders. He said she would be comfortable this way and that time she felt his fingers in the crack between her ass cheeks, but again did not say anything. Next day also he picked her up the same way but he pressedher ass cheeks while holding her and this was causing increased sensations in her body. And on 7 or 8th day he was once again holding her horizontally again but this time his palm was almost cupping her left breast and the middle finger was touching her nipple.
Several times she felt his finger on nipple pressing on it, she felt her panties get a wet spot on her panties when Aslam's fingers touched her breasts. And by now she was enjoying the feel of a male finger on her breast, though initially she thought it was accidental but later she was definite that it was intentional. Since she did not react to the touches, she thought he would never know how much she liked those touches and the sensations caused by them in her budding body. She got better after 10th day and could walk a little; he mischieviously said he missed picking her up and she would go beet red in her face. She asked him why he wanted her to walk with someone's help, but he didn't reply to it, just grinned looking at her.

One day, he reached about 10 minutes late to the school and Riya was waiting for him outside the school. There were some students from a nearly college standing near her were passing lewd comments and were teasing her and some other girls, she ignored them but was feeling embarrassed waiting for the car. Just then she saw her car coming and she felt relaxed; the boys did not stop teasing till the car had stopped near her. Aslam got out of the car and she told him about the boys and their continuous teasing.He got furious and started beating them all, most boys just fled but two of them got good beating from him. She was very impressed with his act of bravery, and liked his strength. In a way she felt strange kind of attraction for him at that time.
"Aaj tum time par aa gaye, varna yeh ladke mujhe pareshan karte rahte" (Today you came in time, otherwise these boys would have continued to tease me), she said.
"Ab kabhi nahi karenge" (Now they will never do).
She looked at him and smled. They drove off silently, but she was recalling the way he had appeared and beaten up the boys to rescue her. She looked at him every two minutes in the viewing mirror from her rear seat. He was calm and composed as if nothing had happened.
About 2 months after this incident Riya had gone to attend a friend's birthday party and by the time it finished it was 10.30pm. She had phoned home so he came to pick her up. As soon as she came out of her friend's house she felt very cold and she cursed herself for not getting any woolens with her as she had thought party would end by 9 since it was winter; and was only in skirt and blouse. He sensed it and pulled out his coat and covered her desite her feeble resistance, for she did not want to wear her servant's clothes. That day he opened the passenger door for her rather than back seat door. She got into the car without saying a word and they drove off. Her house was 3 kms from there so it generally took 10 minutes to cover the distance, but it was foggy night so he was driving at a slower speed. Because of cold there was hardly any traffic on the roads. All of a sudden he touched her cheek asking if she was feeling cold. She was shocked for once but she was already thinking about him and this touch made her shiver with sensations. He smiled and she lowered her eyes but did not reply; he slowed down the car and bending towards her, kissed her on her right cheek.
" Yeh..." (This... ), she wanted to say but did not finish the sentence.
It was so sudden that she did not know how to react for his taking this liberty with her, but she felt shiver run thru her entire body; she felt embarrassed and without saying anything she ( ) covered her face with both of her hands. After reaching home he took the car inside the garage while normally he'll drop her near the portico before taking the car in the garage. After switching off the car engine he came to the passenger side and opening the door for her he gently pulled her towards himself and taking her in his arms, he kissed her on her lips and she just kept my eyes closed as if mesmerized by his strong male body.
"Kya kar rahe ho? Koyi dekh lega tab?" (What are you doing? What if someone watches?)
"Andhera hai yahan... koyi nahin dekh sakta" (It's dark here... no one can see.)
"Please chhod do mujhe ab", (Please leave me now)
"Bura laga tumhen?" (You didn't like?)
She did not reply in words and closing her eyes she wrapped her arms around his neck to convey the message. He placed his both hands on her ass cheeks and kneaded them while pulling her towards him. His lips were on her lips again, sucking them and then he inserted his tongue inside her mouth and let it play with her tongue. She felt a big swelling rubbing against her dripping pussy and she knew what it was. She trembled by the heat it radiated taking her fast towards her climax. In another minutes she felt her orgasm hitting in her pussy.
After kissing her for another ten minutes, he pulled her harder to bring her still closer to his body, kissed all over her face and then clutching her ass cheeks he traced the crack between them with his fingers. She was very wet in her panties and her teen body was shaking uncontrollably with an unknown pleasure.
" Fir milogi na?" (Won't you meet again?), he asked kissng near her cleavage.
"Haan" (Yes), she said.
" Main tumhen chodna chahta hoon. Jis din se yahan aaya hoon, tumhari choot ko chodne ke liye taras raha hoon" (I want to fuck you. Ever since I came here I have wanted to fuck you), he muttered squeezing her left breast hard and twisting the nipple while pulling it outwards.
She was beet red in her face hearing these crude words from him, but they sent shivers run across her whole body. She pushed him and ran away hiding her face in her hands.
Next morning while taking her to school, he asked her if she was angry with him and she just replied shyly by nodding her head in negative. He asked her to come to garage before dinner for 5 minutes and she hesitantly accepted, as she could not wait to explore what more could be in store for her. That night in garage, he kissed her and even pressed her firm young breasts from over her shirt. She was with him for 10 minutes in the darkness of the garage and allowed him every liberty to let him feel up her breasts by thrusting his hands inside her brassiere while he kissed. That day she kissed him back enthusiastically.
His callous hands roughly massaged her small firm breasts sending shivers from her breasts to her pussy and she enjoyed the pain he caused by squeezing her breasts.

Next week Harish went out of the city for three days, as per his normal monthly routine of going on business trip twice a month, so it was easier for her to go to garage after her papa had left in the evening. Both girls shared the same bedroom, so when he asked her to come to his room late at night after her sister had gone to sleep, she did not reply immediately. She told him that she was scared and she thought they had already gone farther than she could have thought; but he was insistent and asked her to be bold. He lived in the room above the garage; there were stairs from inside the garage leading to his room. The room was also accessible from the roof of the house as one of his room 's door opened on the roof. Sunanda would be asleep by 11pm so at 11.30 pm after checking that she was sleeping Riya got out of their bed tiptoed and moved up the stairs leading to the roof. She opened the door very gently. She was shaking violently and was sweating in the cold winter night but was too excited to think rationally. She moved towards his room door, which was kept open for her. He was waiting for her in lungi (wrap around) and baniyan (vests) only. As soon as she entered the room, he gathered her in his arms and was kissing and fondling all over feeling victorious at seducing his employer's teen-aged daughter. He laid her on in bed and slipped into it under the quilt, next to her.
She was in a trance; never had she imagined a man's touch could be so exciting and pleasurable. She was trying to protest feebly but her body responded positively to his advances. He then took his hand inside her nightie to grab her breasts from over her bra
and soon had slipped her cups upwards to grab her naked breasts in his rough hands.He laid himself fully over her teen body and pulling off his lungi he started rubbing her cunt from over her panties with his hard and throbbing cock.

After a few minutes, slipping off her, he lay down next to her, and cuddled close, for just a minute. He started kissing her neck, her ears, her face - not ready for it to end. His hands were roaming all over her, stroking, fondling and squeezing. Her small but firm breasts received his special attention. As he squeezed one and played with the nipple between his fingers and thumb, he was sucking hungrily on the other nipple. Both nipples were quickly swollen and hard. He swapped sides and continued to raise her excitement level.
While he was massaging, pinching and kneading her breasts, all she could do was moan. Her body shivered vigorously when his hands touched her naked breasts and she could feel something seeping out of her virgin cunt; she knew she had had her first orgasm with a male without his touching her virgin hole. It was much more pleasurable that she had ever imagined.
"Please ab chhod do... jyada mat karo... dard ho raha hai."(Please leave me now... Don't do more. It is paining.), She whispered.
"Jee chahta hai aaj tumhen chudai ka mazaa bhi de doon" (I want to give you the pleasures of fucking today, he said chewing on her nipples, "Ruk jao na aaj raat aaram se chodunga tumhen. Thoda dard hoga lekin main jaanta hoon tum bardasht kar logi" (Please stay tonight, I shall fuck fuck you tonight gently. It will pain a little but I think you can bear it).
"Ab jane do please..." (Now let me go pleae).
"Mera lund khada hai meri jaan" (My cock is hard, my dear), he said squeezing her left breast.
"Aaj nahin... fir kabhi" (Not today... some other time), she mumbled unconsciously, then realizing what she had said she went red in her face, which he could not see in the darkness of his room.
She too wanted to remain lying in his bed till morning to allow him to explore her fully and take her to the new heights of extreme pleasure; but was afraid all this time about losing her virginity on her first night itself, so she decided to control her desires. Aslam was an expert in these matters; he did not want to take her cherry that very night because he knew that all he had to do is drive her excitement and desire to a level when she could not refuse him and would be willing to offer her teen body to be ravished the way he wanted.
"Hmm...", he hissed. He took her right hand and pulling it towards his groin, placed it on his throbbing cock. Involuntarily her fingers wrapped around it as she felt a strong current pass across her entire body. She slowly started caressing it and then moving her fist up and down over its length.
He put his left hand over her panties while his mouth sucked her small breasts biting gently on her nipples alternately. He did not go beyond gently massaging her cunt lips, first through her panties and later by inserting his hand inside it. His 7 inces cock throbbed wildly as he touched her cunt lips. He could feel her silky pubic hair on her mound. He was against shaving a pussy; it excited him to watch a pussy with hair on the mound because it felt more erotic when his ample growth of hair mingled with female's and the friction excited him very much. His touch and massage on her cunt-lips and his rubbing her hardened clitoris soon brought her to her second orgasm of the night. He was on the verge of coming himself and he wanted to feel and watch her come with excitement; he got up and raising her nightie he sat on her chest and rubbed his flaring purple cock-head on and around her breasts, into the valley between her young breasts and hard nipples. He shot his load on her breasts and then brought his cock-head over her lips and forced it inside her mouth to let her savour the taste of his cum. The last few drops of cum were deposited inside her mouth on her tongue. He insisted that she swallow his cum. She had her third orgasm then.
Riya could go to him at night one more time, after her sister had slept, before Harish returned from his business tour. That night also the same performance was repeated because Aslam did not want her to get scared; also he wanted her to get interested in every act of sex. He was patient and did not undress her fully on the night when she had gone again to his room, a day before her daddy was to return, but he made her suck him off and drain out his cum inside her mouth, which she swallowed without any protests.
Next month, her father as a routine had gone on his business tour for 4 days and that day she was having 5th day of her periods; she had not gone to his room for almost twenty days, so she getting impatient to feel his hands and body next to her. She got wet in her panties every time she remembered all that had happened between them on those two nights when she had gone to his room. She decided to go to his room on the very first night, after the departure of her father on the business tour, and she planned to go, as early as possible, so that she could stay longer with him; and she wanted to give him a surprise by going to him without his prior information. She had managed to get a few sleeping pills from her father's closet, which Harish used to take every night; and at night she put a pill in her sister's milk immediately after they finished the dinner. She did not wait till they all had retired to their respective bedrooms. She was out of her room by 11.15 P.M. and on her way to the stairs leading to the roof she checked her mother's bedroom. When she heard rustle of clothes from inside she knew her mother was getting ready for bed. She went up the stairs and gently closing the door behind her after reaching the roof she walked inside his room. She did not bolt the door after reaching the roof because bolting and then unbolting did make a little sound, which she wanted to avoid. It was almost a full moon night and not very cold too. She found the door of his room open. She silently entered the room and finding him laying in his bed in his normal attire at night- a vest and the lungi (wrap around). His eyes were closed but she knew he would not be sleeping so early. He opened his eyes as he sensed obstruction in the moonlight entering his room. He was pleasantly surprised because on earlier occasions they would fix up the meeting and he would be waiting for her. He sat up and pulling her to him, he took her in his arms and started kissing and roaming his hands all over her body. He could not wait to view her naked body in the moonlight so he took off her nightie, bra and panty and for the first time she stood naked before him without an stitch of cloth on her young virgin body. She was feeling very shy and embarrassed standing naked for the first time in front of a man, her hands immediately covered her swollen breasts and she sat down trying to cover her jewel between her folded legs. He got up and pulling her up undressed himself fully, then embracing her tight and placed his lips over her lips and pushed his tongue inside her mouth and started playing with her tongue. His right hand was mauling her breasts while with his left hand he was holding her close to himself. She used to feel his hardened member whenever he embraced her but could not dare touch him despite her desperate desire she did not initiate to touch him. Her prayers were soon accepted when he took her right hand and put it on his throbbing member. It was very hard and very big and when her hand touched it she could feel it throb violently. Since some moonlight was coming inside the room from the open door, she could see for the first time his circumcised cock. She was fascinated with the prospects of getting to explore his body and was fast getting wetter than she ever had been.
"Ooohhhhh... uunnnnnhhhhh", she moaned.
"Aaj dil bahut kar raha tha kya?" (Did you want it very much today?)
"..." She dint reply but her rapidly turning red in her face said it all.
"Bol na..." (Speak up).
"uuuhhhhhnnnnnn... Itni jor se mat dabao" (uuuhhhnnnnn... Do not squeeze so hard).
" Kya dabaa raha hoon?" (What am I squeezing?), He asked mischieviously.
"Dhatt... mujhe nahi pata" (Hushh... I do not know), she said hiding her face in his hairy chest.
He lowered his face and clamped his mouth on one of her swollen breasts. He kissed and fondled her breast holding it in one hand and his mouth could almost take half of her breast in mouth. He bit it a little harder while squeezing it roughly, which made the teen cry with pain and pleasure; his other hand was caressing all over her ass-cheeks.
" aaaaaiiiiiiii... dheere... e... e... ee" (aaaaiiii... gently... y... y)
He increased the pressure of his teeth on her soft flesh to leave reddish mark of his teeth on her breast.
" Kya kar rahe ho? Kitna dard ho rahaa hai, tumhen kya pataa." (What are you doing? How much it's paining, you do not know), she scolded lovingly.
He shifted his mouth to her another breasts and was kissing, biting, kneading it hard before his hand moved to the one his mouth was until a few minutes back. She was going mad with excitement; the pain would always lead to pleasure and she realized that whatever she had heard in her friends'circle about love making was not enough before what she was experiencing.
He laid her on his bed and then lay himself upon her soft and silken body. He was much heavier than her, but she hardly felt his weight crushing her.
"Darwaza band kar do... mujhe sharm aati hai" (Close the door... I feel shy).
He got up and closed the door leaving a little opening to allow a beam of moonlight to enter the room. He joined her in his bed laying himself on his back he pulled her over his naked frame and embraced her tight. She was clinging to him. He parted her legs pushed his hard cock between her thighs through her crack between her ass cheeks; his cock came out between her thighs facing the roof. She could feel it throb and her seeping juices were wetting its stem. He was moving the cock forward and backward between her thighs causing the most pleasurable friction that was getting unbearable for her with every passing minute. Her breasts were crushed against her strong chest and had almost flattened with increasing pressure. His mouth sought her lips again and he started kissing and biting her lips gently. She felt the onset her orgasm hitting her body as she shivered with its intensity. He knew she was ready for the real taste of his cock and would willingly accept his cock inside her virgin pussy. He wanted to take her cherry that night but she was still too scared so he decided to get a blowjob instead. She sat down on the floor, took him in her tiny hands and caressed his wildly throbbing cock. He knew it was going to take only a few minutes when he would be releasing his stored juices, so he pulled her face into his croach and she took him in her mouth licking his cock with her tongue by tracing the stem with it, while her lips sucked him. He held her head in his hands and started moving his cock to and fro in her mouth trying to go deeper in her mouth. Twice she choked on his cock as she was unable to take more than half of it and tears came in her eyes from choking. She felt him throb vigorously in her mouth and she could sense that he was soon to deposit his hot and thick juices inside her mouth. She herself was approaching her orgasm with his toe massaging her pussy lips. In barely three minutes she felt a hot jet of his semen hitting the back of her throat, followed by another and then two more smaller jets. She immediately swallowed before she might choke with her mouth already full with his juices and her own saliva.
Her mind would be occupied most of the time thinking about her meetings with Aslam, her studies suffered a lot. She had her final exams after a month- in April, and she wanted to make a career so she desparately tried to concentrate on her studies. Whenever she tried to study, her body craved for his touches, his caresses, his kisses and even the pain that he caused. After a few days she could concentrate a bit on her studies, but as soon as she saw him, she would get wet. He would wink at her if no one was looking and she felt shy knowing what he meant by his winks. She wanted her exams to get over at the earliest.
She finished her exams but was not very satisfied with her preparations. She was always a bright student so wanted to maintain her grades, but she knew this time she might slip down in her class.
After exams as a routine both the girls went to mausaji's house for a few days so that they had a change and also because such visits would help the three sisters in a stronger bond. But Riya didn't want to go there that summer; however when her father insisted that they return after a week or ten days only, she agreed to go. It was for the first time that she had shown unwillingness to go there and everyone was surprised because they knew Riya was a favourite with her mausa and mausi both. During her stay there mausa and mausi found her preferring to sit alone or she would sleep in the days too, which she normally did not do. They thought might be it was because of hormones changing at this age when a girl goes through physical and psychological changes. Both the sisters came back only after 6 daysof stay at mausa's house.
Although Harish was home when the two sisters returned, Riya could not suppress her desires and went to his room at night at 1 am after Sunanda went to sleep feeling tired after journey. He was asleep in his bed, keeping the door and windows open, as it was pretty hot in April. She just laid herself in his bed and embraced him. He woke up was happy to see her in his own bed. He quickly undressed her, took off his lungi (he wasn't wearing anything else because of warm weather). Soon they both were stark naked and were in each other's arms kissing, caressing, and sucking eack other impatiently.
"Meri yaad aayi?" (Remembered me?), she asked looking into his eyes in the dim light coming from outside.
" Kya mere laude ko dekh kar tumhen pata nahin chalta? Roj raat ko issi tarah khada hokar jhad jaata hai mere haath mein" (Can you not judge it after watching my cock? Every night it gets hard then comes in my hands only), he said smiling and then clamped his mouth on her left breast and started massaging her clitoris with his one hand thumb. She started moaning with pleasure and with one of her hands she pressed his hand that was massaging her most vital organ.
He started pushing one of his fingers inside her pussy and trace along her pussy lips while he continued to rub her clitoris. All of a sudden when he found the clit rather hard, he started pinching and twisting it between his forefinger and the thumb. It was too much for her and she started coming just after two minutes of extreme pleasure he was providing her.
He laid himself over her naked body and started giving her a body massage while he made sure that their genitals were rubbing against each other. He pushed a pillow under her buttocks and this time he concentrated rubbing her pussy lips with his coarse pubic hair. All this time his lips were moving all over her upper body with kisses; her lips, ears, neck, cleavage, breasts, nipples and even arms received licking from his tongue. She was panting with ecstacy and her body was soaked in his sweat. She was trembling with excessive pleasure and could feel his pubic hair scratching her most sensitive parts taking her to one orgasm after another.
He sat up on the bed and with urgency came between her legs. Lifting her both the legs and placing them on his shoulders, he held his cock in his right hand and placed it at the entrance of hole parting the lips with its swollen knob. He rubbed the pre-cum juices along the length of the lips tracing with his hard knob.
"Aaj nahin ruk sakta... aaj to lauda daal kar teri choot ko khol doonga" (Cannot restrain today... today I'll open your pussy with my cock), he groaned.
She opened her eyes, which had closed with excessive ecstacy. She was still scared to go all the way, more so because her father was in the house and she was already in his room for over an hour. She took her right hand between their bodies, held his hard cock and started rubbng it against the inner lips without letting it enter her.
"Please aaj nahin... Papa ghar pe hain... mujhe apne room mein jaldi hi jaana hoga" (Please not today... Papa is home... I shall have to return to my room soon), she pleaded.
"Ek baar chod lene de na" (Let me fuck just once), he tried to pull his cock from her hand's grip.
" Please aaj nahin... lao choos leti hoon" (Please not today... come, let me suck you off).
" Main jhadne wala hoon... chal choot pe ragad ragad kar jhad jaata hoon" (I'm about to come now... okay I shall come on your pussy while rubbing it with my cockhead).
She did not reply, but took away her hand and ran her fingers on his chest lovingly, touching his nipples, caressing them with her fingertips.
He kept on rubbing his cockhead inside the parted lips of her pussy and she cried softly feeling his hardness rubbing her to yet another orgasm. She ground her pussy back and forth, rubbing up and down his cock calling his name again and again.
"Ohhh... oohhh... Aslammm... uugggnnnnn... Aslamm ruk jao naaaa... hhaaaaa..." (Ooo... oohhh... Aslamm... uuugggnn... Aslam please stop... hhaaaa), her hands went to his hips and pulled him towards herself. For once she wanted to ask him to enter her, but before she could do that he groaned loudly and his come was sprayed between the open lips of her pussy and her pubic hair.
" aaaahhhhhhhh... mmmmmm... uuuufffffffffff", and he collapsed over her body. She came once again; it was difficult for her to remember how many times she had come that night.
After he came on her pussy inside the folds of its lips, she took her right hand to feel his semen; she touched it with her fingers and found it thick, white, glue like sticky substance.she rubbed his semen within the folds of her lips and it was very exciting to feel that she could make him so excited even without letting him enter her. After resting for some time he rolled off her body and grabbing one of her ( ) breasts he insisted that she suck him off to another orgasm, which she refused teasingly. He was adamant and his cock had not lost his hardness fully so finally she decided not to waste time on teasing anymore. She got up in bed and ran her fingers in his pubic hair, which were wet with their combined juices and were getting coarser as his semen was drying. She bent her head and holding his semi-hard cock looked at the circumcised head and traced it with her tongue tip. She felt it twitch I her hand, she smiled and looked in his eyes. Even in the dim light she could see the effect she was having on him; he groaned and this was a sign that he was enjoying it. She could taste their combined juices on his cock head and it was her first time to taste herself. Her palm was holding his heavy balls and she took her mouth there. She took each ball in her mouth and sucked it while moving her fist up and down on his cock that was regaining its hardness. After sucking both the balls taking them alternately inside her mouth, she came back to his throbbing cock again and making an oval shape of her lips she sank it on his cock, taking it deeper slowly. Her eyes moved towards his and she found his eyes closing and opening with pleasure. His one hand came to hold her head and push it down over his cock. He started pistoning motion with his hips trying to get his thick bulb of cock reach back of her throat. She started moving her lips in rhythm with his motion and took her other hand to caress his balls.
"oohhh jaannnn... mere laude ko poora andar le le" (ooohhh dear take whole of my cock inside).
She worked enthusiastically on his cock trying to milk him as soon as she could so that she could reach her room at the earliest. By now she was a bit worried as it had been almost two hours in his room and it was early morning hours already.
All of a sudden she felt his one hand grab her breast and felt it squeezed hard, pulling her nipple ouwards and twisting it. His other hand reached between her thighs and was squeezing her pussy lips. She bit on his cock gently trying to control her moans and this took him on the verge of his orgasm. He increased the pace of his hip movements and with the result his cock was going in and coming out of her mouth faster.
"uuuuhhhmmmmmmm... aaahhhhhhhh", she moaned.
She felt his cock spasm inside her mouth and soon after jets of boiling come hit her throat, which she swallowed eagerly. Since it was his second orgasm immediately after the first, the quantity of his juices was less than usual. She drank all his juices till he was drained of his last drop. Just as she felt the first jet hitting inside her mouth, she had her next orgasm.
After lying for a few minutes, she got up and started dressing herself up to leave. He got up and held her in tight embrace, kissing her lips, he caressed her ass cheeks and kneaded them pulling her till then uncovered pussy to rub against his softening cock.
Three days after their last meeting, Harish received an urgent call from one of his Agents asking him to come down to settle some disputes regarding the products supplied to the dealers in his region, so he had to rush immediately. Riya had not anticipated that she would get another chance of meeting Aslam so soon. She was kind of getting addicted to him; feeling his dark muscled body next to her in his bed was intoxicating. She longed to be in his arms snuggled against his hairy chest, her soft and silky naked body clinging to his hard and giant naked frame with her breasts rubbing against his hairy chest and his cock eager to penetrate her. Her heart was pounding faster with the news of her father going out for at least 3-4 days. Aslam had gone to drop Harish at the airport and when he was back by late evening, he found Riya was out in the lawn. They exchanged unspoken words and the meeting for the night was fixed through the slight movements of their heads. Riya was very happy and was looking forward to spend much longer time with him that night.
Aslam had retired to his room. He used to get his dinner from a widow staying just four blocks away, since he did not know cooking. His tea, breakfast and lunch were supplied from Harish's house; the maid would deliver it to him. Padma and her two daughters had planned to have an early dinner after which Sunanda wanted to watch TV for some time as she could not find much to do during her summer vacations. Padma said she was a bit tired so would rather go to bed a bit early. Riya was finding it hard to persuade her younger sister to go to sleep early. Both the sisters were very close to each other; they were more friends than sisters. They shared most of their secrets, but Riya could never
think of telling Sunanda about her relationship with Aslam; she knew it would be too weird to tell her that she was having sex with their own chauffeur. By 9.30 P.M. Padma had gone to her bedroom. Riya unwillingly sat watching TV with her sister for some time, but her eyes were not on TV screen. She was looking somewhere, lost in her thoughts. By 10 P.M. Riya also went inside the bedroom that she shared with her sister. Sunanda enjoyed company and she got bored watching the TV programmes alone, so she reluctantly switched off TV and went to the bedroom to chat with Riya. Both of them changed into their nighties and started talking about their friends and boys in their school. Riya got up telling her that she would get warm milk for both of them and will continue their talks for some more time. In the kitchen Riya felt guilty while putting the sleeping pill in her sister's milk, but smiled remembering the saying 'everything is fair in love and war'. She was not sure if it was love with Aslam, but it was some kind of attraction bordering around infatuation.
In half an hour Sunanda announced that she was feeling sleepy and before it was 11 P.M. she was sound asleep. Both the sisters did not wear brassiere at night under their nightie. Riya decided that she would not put on her bra, as she would have to ultimately take it off when she was with Aslam. She called out Sunanda's name 2-3 times and when she was sure that her sister was sleeping, she put on her slippers and switching off the night lamp, she slipped out of her bedroom. She tiptoed towards the stairs and on her way checked her mother's bedroom. There was no sound from inside which meant her mother had gone to sleep. It was just past 11 P.M.; she was sure that luck was favouring her tonight because both her mom and sister were sleeping and her father had gone out so she would be able to stay with him for a few hours without any fear.
She gently unbolted the door to the roof and just pulled the door shut. She saw his door open and knew he was waiting for her. She smiled feeling the dampness in her pussy with anticipation. He was lying on the bed wide-awake. He sat up in the bed when she entered his room. It was semi-dark inside the room. Some light was always there when his door opening in the roof was open. She saw only a thin sheet covering the lower half of him and he was naked above his waist. She could see the tent like formation in the sheet and knew he was hard already. He stretched his hands to reach her and pulled her on his lap. She could feel his hard cock as she fell on his lap; her ass cheeks rested on his stiff pole. She was wet now and was waiting for him to undress her so that she could feel his naked body transferring his heat in her body.
"Please darwaza band kar do, mujhe sharm aati hai"(Please shut the door, I feel shy), she pleaded.
"Aaj teri sari sharm door karni hai. Ek baar mera Lund poora choot mein jaate hi phir kabhi sharm nahin lagegi" (Today I shall remove your shyness for ever. Once my cock enters fully, you shall never feel shy in future), he muttered.
He sat me on the bed and threw the thin cloth sheet from his lower half that was covering his vibrant cock, and got up to close the door without shutting it close so that a very dim light could filter in to make things visible. He moved towards me waving his mast and came closer to me till his cock waved just inches before my lips. I looked up in his eyes, knowing well what he was expecting, but I was still a bit shy to take initiative.
"Mera lund choos na meri jaan. Issey acchi tarah chikna kar de jissey isskey teri kori aur chhoti si choot mein jaane se tujhe dard kam ho" (Suck my cock, my dear, make it so wet that it hurts you the least while entering your small virgin cunt), he hissed.
His crude open words caused a sensation in whole of my body; they excited me more when he used them. I held his cock in my righ hand and my left hand reached for his hanging balls. I brought my mouth close to the cockhead and touch it with my tongue tip. He shivered with sensation. I traced around the bulb with my tongue then licked the underside of the stem a few times. I did it all by instinct and from his moans I could know that what I was doing was pleasurable to him. I then opened my mouth and took the soft and smooth bulb inside my mouth and started sucking on it; but soon I was pushing my lips over the throbbing shaft pulling him deeper inside the mouth. I continued to run my tongue around the sensitive cockhead. He pulled up my nightie and taking it off over my head threw it aside. I was naked above my waist. He took both my round firm breasts in his hands and squeezing them hard he pulled their nipples and pinched them hard.
"aaahhhh... aaaiiiiiiiii... uuuhhhmmmm... aaaaiiiii', I moaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure.
He started thrusting his hard cock in and out of my mouth, trying to force his cock deeper in my mouth than I had taken and at times I used to choke on it. He was massaging my breasts, mauling them hard. I decided to take my panties off so that he would know I was ready for anything he wanted.
I heard a sound because my ears were alert all the time. I guessed it was the sound of the door from stairs that I had shut behind me but left unbolted from roof side. I froze and pulled my mouth away from his cock.

" Maine koyi aawaz suni hai... shayad Sunanda theek se soyi nahi ho jab main tumhare paas aane ke liye chali thi aur mere peeche chupchap aa gayi ho" ( I heard some sound... possibly Sunanda was not sound asleep when I left my room for here and may be she followed me here stealthily), Riya was a bit uneasy because she knew Sunanda will hate it that she did not tell about the new relationship between her and Aslam. She was confident that in no case the matter would be reported to the parents, which was a big solace.
"Ruko, main dekhta hoon" (Wait, let me see).
She peeped out of the small opening between his door and the doorframe. she was so confused that in the darkness she could not find her panties. She was shocked when she saw Aslam opening the door and stepping out on the roof stark naked; he half shut the door leaving ample light filtering in in the room. She had already moved to the other corner of his room that was comparatively darker. She had her nightie in her hands but did not find time to put it on.
She was waited in silence till she heard some voices but she could not decipher the conversation or the person who was there on the roof with him. She was very shocked and annoyed with Aslam for stepping out of the room to face Sunanda stark naked with his cock bobbing. When she hear them kissing she moved noiselessly towards the half shut door and tried to peep out to find out what they were doing.
She could not believe her eyes when she saw her mother Padma in tight embrace with Aslam. She was kissing him wildly with her arms around his neck and his both hands had pulled up Padma's nightie over her butts where his hands were roaming and kneading her ample ass cheeks. Riya was dumbfounded; she could not believe that her mother was having extra-marital relations with him, while he was looking for new pastures in the family itself. She hated her mother but nevertheless it excited her to watch her mother and him engaged in sex. Her mother was making enough noise while kissing him feverishly. After a few minutes she saw her mother's one hand reaching between them and soon it was pumping his already swollen cock.
" Aaj to tum lagta hai mera intezar kar rahe the... chalo kamre mein chalet hain" (It seems today you were waiting for me... come let us go in the room), she tried to pull him towards his room and I froze with fear.
" Nahin, yaheen chat ke farsh par hi chudai karunga. Tum aaj ek mahine baad chudwaane aayi ho. Kya mere laude ka swaad pasand nahin aata?" (No, shall fuck you here on the floor of the roof itself, you have come today after a month. Do you not like the taste of my cock?), he teased.
" Yeh sawaal tumne pichhle chheh mahinon mein toh nahin poochha. Aana chah kar bhi mauka nahin mila, lekin aaj to rahaa nahin gaya... neend bhi nahin aa rahi thi. Donon ladkiyan so gayi hain isliye aaj mauka tha aur chali aayi tumhare paas"(you never asked this question during last six months. I wanted to come, but did not get an opportunity, but today I could not control... was not getting sleep. Both the girls are sleeping in their room so found the opportunity and came to you), she continued, "yaad nahin hai jab ladkiyaan apni mausi ke paas gayi thi tab Harish ke sone ke baad aayi thi, aur jab who bhi do din ke liye baahar chale gaye the toh poori do raaten tumne mere bistar mein gujari thi"(don't you remember that when the girls had gone to their mausi then after Harish had gone to sleep I had come to you; and when he had to go out for two days, you had spent both the nights fully in my bed).
"Yaad hai meri rani, lekin mera dil itne se nahin bharta na... main toh hardam tumhari choot mein lund daale pada rehna chahta hoon" ( I do remember my dear, but it's not enough... I want keep my cock in you all the time)
"Chalo, chalo, jhoote... ab kamre mein chalo mujhe bhi tumhare lund ki garmi leni hai" (liar... come let us go to your room I also want to feel the heat of your cock).
I could not believe my ears, I could never imagine mom to use such a slang word. I recalled Aslam had started asking me to use the dirtiest words just as he would use, but I could never gather enough courage or I thought such words would ever come out of my mouth. I was shivering when I heard mom insist on coming inside the room. I moved back to the darkest corner of the room and hid myself behing two chairs lying in that corner; I had lost the hearing power for next few minutes. I was trembling with fear and prayed that he never gets her here in the room. I saw the door opening and started sweating with extreme fear and shame. He pulled up a blanket from the wardrobe and went back on the roof leaving the door azar.
I heaved a sigh of relief but still was not comfortable. I waited behind the two chairs for next five minutes early, undecided what I should do; and then I once again regained my hearing power when I heard the sound mother made while kissing. I moved back behind the door and started watching the action on the roof. During these few minutes my own pussy juices had dried up out of fear. I saw the blanket was spread over the floor very close to the door, may be he expected me to watch and hear them properly, and my mom was start naked on her knees in front of him; her nightie was lying abandoned on the roof and she was sucking him wildly with her hands on his butts pulling him while her head moved to and fro on his rigid shaft. This scene brought fresh juices in my pussy. His hands were holding her face and he was madly pumping his cock inside her mouth.
"Bas ab nahin raha jaata. Ab daalo apne lund ko andar" (Now I cannot wait. Now put the cock inside me), saying this she laid herself on the blanket and spread her legs to welcome him between them.
He soon took position between her spread legs and aiming his cock at the entrance pushed the cockhead inside her well-lubricated cunt. He bent forward and took her right nipple in his mouth and stretching his legs outwards he raised his hips a little and then rammed all of his cock deep inside mom's waiting pussy.
"aaahhhh... aaahhhh... uuuhhhmmmm... chodo jor jor se ab" (aaahhh... aaahhhh... uuuhhmmmm... now fuck me harder), she said putting her hands on his butts and pulling him down...
" Itne dinon baad mili ho aaj phir se tumhari choot ke chhed ko chauda kar doonga. Tum bhi choot ko uchhaal uchhaal kar chudwao" (You have come after a long time, I shall once again widen your cunt hole. You also move your hips in rhythm), he said lifting his mouth from her nipple that he was chewing and sucking. He went back to her another breast and started biting its flesh gently her moand grew a bit louder.
"Main bhi toh ye hi chahti hoon" (I too want the same), she replied kissing his shoulder blades. He continued his in and out motion in her cunt and she was trying to embrace him tighter-using both her hands she had wrapped them around his waist.
" Mere Raja tumhara pora lund andar tak nahin jaa rahaa" (My dear your cock is not able deeper inside me), saying this she raised her hips and wrapped them around his hips and was pressing them hard to feel him deeper. It became difficult for him to slide the cock in her cunt comfortably. He told her that he was unable to pull out enough of his shaft out before pushing it back in because of her legs' pressure on his butts.
"Lekin mujhe tumhare poore laude ka swaad toh mil hi nahin rahaa"(But I am not able to taste your entire cock), she complained.
"Hmmmm... phir tu kutiya ban jaa... apne ghutne aur hathon per... Main peechhe se aakar tujhe kutte ki tarah chodunga" (Hmm... Then you be like a bitch... on your fours... I shall come behind you and fuck you like a dog).
She probably wanted it; she pushed him away and swiftly went on her fours on the blanket. She raised her round and heavy and waited impatiently for him to thrust his cock all the way in one swift and hard push. He did not disappoint her. He came behind her and traced the crack between her ass cheeks from her cunt lips to her anus.
" Aaaahhhh... ccceeeeeee... ooohhhh... aahhhh; ab lauda daalo na jaldi se... choot khujla rahi hai tumhare mote lund ke liye" (Aahhh... ccceeee... aaaahhhh; now push the cock in immediately... my cunt is itching for your thick cock).
He traced his cock between the crack for a few more minutes and his pre-cum had made the crack slippery. For once he thought of putting it in her ass to make her cry with pain (He had done it a few days back when Harish had to go for two days and both the daughters were at their mausi's house; but she could not bear to stand even half of his cock in her ass so he had to pull it out and push it back inside her pussy where he finally came), but he knew that it was night and he would need enough lubrication to penetrate her ass and they were in the open so if she could not control her cries then others in the house may hear it.
He bent over her raised hips; clutching her hanging breasts he manoeuvred his hips to bring his cock-head at the entrance of her very wet pussy. He raised his hips, kneaded her breasts and sent his entire cock in her with a very hard push.
"Oouuuuiiiii... itni jor se? mujhe thodi geeli toh ho jane dete" (Oouuuuiii... so hard. You should have allowed me to get wet enough), she said looking in his direction, "koyi baat nahin an chodo jor se poora lund daal kar" (No problem. Now fuck me hard with your entire cock).
He started pounding her, clutching her breasts, kneading, pinching and massaging them. He was fucking mom so hard that she could not bear the pain in her knees caused by hard floor under the sheer blanket and she laid on her stomach parting her legs to enable him to keep thrusting.
"Main hone wali hoon... uuuuhhhh... maza aa gaya chudai mein" ( I am ready to come... uuuhhh... enjoyed the fucking), she started moaning with excessive pleasure. He went on giving her deep thrust lying over her. In just two more minutes her mom came, but he waited for her climax to subside then turned her over on her back and pulled her legs up, bent them to the sides of her which resulted in her cunt getting raised almost 6 inches above the blanket. He almost laid over her after inserting his throbbing cock inside her pussy, the posture made her pussy tight but her juices helped him in pumping her with ease. Riya was very hot watching them and she started rubbing her clit and massaging her breasts. She wanted to throw her mother away and take her place under him, but she dare not come out. For once she was tempted to insert her finger inside her burning cunt but she decided against it; she thought it was criminal to lose cherry to a finger. She would rather wait some more. She soon reached her climax touching her sensitive clitoris and slumped there on the floor, excited and exhausted, resting her head against the wall with her eyes closed.
She opened her eyes and sat back when she heard her mother's soft cries and moans. She again peeped out and saw him humping her mom wildly with longer and deeper strokes, biting her mother's breasts alternately and squeezing them hard. Her mother was moving herself in the rhythm with him.
"OOOHHH... OOOHHHHH... CHOD DAAL MUJHEEE... Pyasi hoon... bujha de meri choot ki aag" (OOOHHH... OOHHH... FUCK MEEEE... I am so thirsty... put out my cunt's fire).
" Le aur le mera lauda... Mera bhi girne wala hai teri garam choot mein" (Here, take my cock... I am about to come in your pussy).
"HAAN DAAL DE... OOHHH... uuhhhmmmmmmmmmm... main gayiiiiiiiiii" (YESS COME IN ME... OOOHHHH... uuuuhhhmmmmm... am cominggggg).
Both of them were panting and sweating with such hard fucking. After a few more strokes he cried "AAAHHHHHHH" and started filling her mother's canal with his cock embedded deep in her pussy. He collapsed over Padma and they were breathing hard. They lay spent for another five minutes and then he pulled out his shrunken cock, which looked, tired and much smaller. Riya was disappointed and thought she would have to wait for another day to get her share from him. They both got up, her mother cleaned his cock with her paties and her own dripping pussy then putting her nightie she kissed him.
"Ab tumne sone ki dawa de di hai... main seedhe bistar par gir jaungi. Ladkiyan so rahi hain yeh accha hai" ( Now you have given me the sleeping dose... I shall hit the bed now... it is good that both the girls are sleeping).
She went down the stairs after kissing him some more. When she was to bolt the door from the other end, he stopped her saying it would be morning soon and may be he had hard on again so could join her in her bedroom. She smiled and left the door open. Riya was relieved, because it would have been difficult for her to reach her room if the door was bolted from the other side.
Aslam was coming towards his own room after satisfying her mother. She did not know if he could be able to get it up again.
Riya was ecstatic after watching her mother with Aslam. She imagined the kind of pleasure awaited her in just a few minutes, yet a part of her was scared, wondering how such a big thing would enter her tiny hole. She decided to wait till she would know if what she had read in a few naughty books that circulated among the school girls, and heard from a few older girls who had had experiences the pleasures of sex. But most of the girls had sex with their classmates or seniors, who were teens only. Here Aslam was a grown up male and, she was certain, had a much bigger cock than boys in her school.
Aslam was angry that he had to pour his first seed, which he had stored for this teen girl, in the mature cunt of her mother; on the other hand, he knew that watching her own mother pounded by him must have aroused the girl to prepare herself for surrendering her cherry to him. His cock had started getting the life again and was twitching imagining about the prospects of deflowering a young teen of 14 years. By the time he entered his room, his cock had attained a respectable hardness. He saw the girl looking downwards, her face between her folded legs while she sat close to the door on the floor. He bent and lifted her head holding her chin motioning for her to raise herself. He held his cock in his left hand and moved it close to her face. She knew what was expected of her. Her lips opened voluntarily and took his hardening cockhead between them. She couls smell and taste the traces of combined juices of her mother and this hunk. She wanted to taste more so she would her fingers around his by now throbbing cock and sank her mouth on the long and thick shaft. He was hard in just two minutes and was now seeking the teen's cherry at the earliest. He pulled the quilt from his bed and spread it on the floor, laid the girl on it and cupped her small breasts.
" Chudai dekhi apni amma ki?" (you saw your mother get fucked?).
She did not say a word, just smiled and went red in her face.
"Bol na? Dekha kis tarah teri ma choot uchhal uchal ke mera lund andar le rahi thi?" (Speak up. You saw how your mother was humping herself to take my cock inside her?)
She was embarrassed hearing his comments about her mother's wild craving for sex with this man.
His hands were busy rubbing her clitoris with one hand while with another he was mauling her firm breasts. He trailed her small brown aerolae with his tongue making the girl squirm with ecstacy. He came over her; positioning between her widened legs, he started rubbing his swollen cockhead along the lips of her virgin cunt. She started moaning; beads of sweat forming on her face in anticipation. He smiled and placed the cock at the entrance and rubbed it just inside the opening to make it slippery with the ooing juices from her small hole. He then lifted her legs and moved his hips forward gently to lodge the cockhead just inside the opening.
She could feel the cockhead trying to open her hole, but slid along the crack between her ass cheeks, as it could not spread her hole wide enough to accept the thick circumcised cockhead inside. He got impatient. Placing her legs on his shoulders, he stretched his legs out almost laying on her soft body, he clutched her breasts in each hand and again aiming the cock at the opening, he pushed his cock in; this time a little harder.
"AAAAAHHHHHH", she cried as she felt the cockhead lodged inside her very tight cunt with the help of her own juices lubricating the passage for him, "Dard ho raha hai" (It pained). She tried feebly to push him.
He started sucking her small breasts; to let her relax till she was ready for more, he did not push the cock in further for a few seconds. After a few seconds he just moved his hips gently up and down without trying to push even slightest of his cock inside her. But this movement helped her release some more of her own juices which alon with his pre-cum were making the passage smoother for penetration, besides making her confident that she could accept more of him within her tight sheath. His one hand reached between them to squeeze her clit, to massage it and to make the small young teen to bear the mild pain she had experienced. His lips were on her lips, sucking her lips and soon he pushed his tongue inside her mouth to play with hers. Occassionaly he felp the girl to raise her hips slightly and this was an indication that she wanted him to continue the assault. He shut her mouth tight with his lips, held his face between his hands tight and then raising his hips without letting the cockhead slide out of her; he pushed his hips down harder. Her muffled cries could not be heard beyond a few feet outside his room. He felt resistance at this stage and knew he was very close to the thin memberane that he was to break in soon. He gave her two minutes to get accustomed to his fat cock inside her. He shifted his lips to suck her nipples so that she could moan for some time and feel relaxed.
"Bas ab aur mat daalna. Itne se hi karo. Bahut dard huwa mujhe".( Do not push in more. Do it with this much only. It hurt me a lot), she pleaded.
"Theek hai"(Okay).
She whimpered for some time and then wrapped her arms around his back to kiss him back. He knew the time was ripe for the final act. He kissed her all over har face, her neck, her cleavage and sucked each of her breasts alternately. He clamped his mouth once again over her lips and started moving gently in and out of her cunt till her moans appeared to be moans of pleasure. He stopped for a few seconds, raised his hips once again, waited a few moments and then tightening the grip of his lips over her, he slammed his cock in with a hard stroke.
"AAAAI I I I I I... MAAAAA... MAR GAYI I I I I I..."(Oh Ma! Am dying), she cried, "Pleaseee nikaaaaal looooo"(Please pull it out).
But before she could think, he made three more fast and hard strokes and his entire cock was embedded deep inside the tortured girl's soft and tender pussy.
"Jor se mat chilla... koyi sun lega" (Do not cry aloud. Someone may hear you), he cautioned her.
She realized her mistakes immediately but her sobs continues.
"Poora lund andar gaya; ab thodi der mein tujhe maza aayega" (Entire cock has gone in; soon you will get pleasure), he hissed, "Pahli baar jab lauda jaata hai toh thoda dard toh hota hi hai"(First time it does hurt some when the cock penetrates). He then laid over her with all his weight on the delicate body of the girl, without moving much, except for a few short jabs to keep her feeling the cock moving inside her. Her cunt muscles started getting accustomed to the girth of the big cock lodged deep inside her. Her spasms were making the pain replaced by waves of pleasure and she was happy that she could take all of him inside her small tunnel. He started moving his hips in circular motion keeping the entire length inside her. His hard pubic hair were rubbing against her soft brownish hair and her clit, which were taking her to new heights of pleasure she had never known.
" Ab dheere dheere karo. Tumne toh intni jor se kiya ki bahut dard huwa" (Now do me gently. You did it so hard that it pained a lot), she said moving her hips against the delicious cock in her cunt.
He started pulling his cock out just a little and gently pushing it in back. His balls were thumping against her tender pussy lips. She did not feel his heavy body lying over her, crushing her small breasts and his chest hair rubbing against her nipples.
She felt sensations deep inside her spasming cunt and felt something churning; she imagined it was probably her climax, as she had read and heard.
"Andar kuch ho raha hai" (Am feeling something inside me), she said inquiringly looking at him.
"Tera paani nikal raha hai" (you are coming).
In next few seconds she had her first orgasm and felt her tunnel getting more slippery for his cock. She felt a bit exhausted but was now enjoying the throbs of the cock which had invaded her forbidden territory for the first time.
He resumed his fucking, now satisfied that the innocent girl had reached her orgasm around his cock. His pace of in and out movements went on increasing. He was soon pulling almost whole of his cock out, leaving only the cockhead inside her gripping pussy lips, and then in the next moment pushing all the cock back in her with a gentle smooth sliding motion. The tight grip of her cunt muscles and the heat inside her cunt was making his cock throb harder, he could feel it swell more and more and felt the churning sensations in his balls. He knew he would not be able to control his climax for long now so he grabbed her breasts, one each in his hands, and fucking her mouth with his tongue, he increased the speed of his assault on the freshly deflowered cunt. She felt a mixture of pain and pleasure both, but was sure that this pain would subside and will soon be replaced by extreme pleasure. Slowly she also started raising her hips in rhythm with his strokes. Once again she felt her approaching orgasm and was bucking herself.
"Aaaahhh... aaahhhh... uuuhhhh... mmmmmm"
"Maza aaya chudai mein?" (Enjoyed fucking?).
She just replied looking in his eyes, which conveyed her feelings of pleasure.
"Mera lauda bhi teri choot mein jhadne walaa hai" (I'm also about to come in your cunt).
"Please baahar nikaal lo; andar mat ho jaana... koyi museebat na ho jaaye" (Please pull it out; do not come inside, lest there is some problem)
"Mujhse lund baahar nahin nikaala jaata aise time pe. Masti itni hoti hai ki lund choot mein hi jhadna chahta hai"(I cannot pull the cock out in such situation. The excitement is so much that my cock prefers to pour inside the cunt only).
Her excitement, extreme pleasure that she was feeling and her fast approaching orgasm, in the wake of renewed pounding she was getting, had sealed her lips and no words, except her moans were coming out. She was lost in her pleasure.
"Ooohhhh... hhhuuuummmmmm... hhhaaaaaayyyyyyeeeeeeeee... mera lauda teri choot mein virya daalega abbbbbbbbbb... oooohhhh" (My cock will pour the semen in your cunt now).
His words helped in reaching her orgasm and just when she was feeling it, she felt a series of hot liquid pouring inside her. She knew he was coming inside her, but she had no complaints. The pleasure she felt when he shot his juices inside her was just beyond her imagination and at that moment she decided that it was worth the risk of her getting into problem.
He collapsed over her with his cock deeply embedded in her soft body; their eyes closed, both breathing heavily, and sweating a lot following the excitement and apprehensions. They lay like this for ten minutes till his cock had been squeezed completely of his juices by the young and tight pussy he had just deflowered. His cock came out of her with a big plop sound as she rolled off her. She felt their mixed juices rushing out of her cunt. In the dim light also she could see some dark traces in the mixed juices. She held her pantied at the mouth of her oozing cunt to collect all the liquid on it.
Aslam stretched his hands out and pulled her close to him. Half lying on him, with her breasts once again against his strong chest, she found herself in his tight embrace. He kissed her lips gently and ran his one hand all over her back, while the other hand squeezed her young, round and soft well-shaped ass cheeks. She felt relaxed now and enjoyed his kisses, but she was shy after what had transpired between them. She looked like a small baby in comparison to his frame.
"Mera lauda saaf nahin karegi?"(Won't you clean my cock?), He teased.
Without replying she raised herself slightly and picking up her panties she started wiping his cock, his balls and his pubic area to remove traces of their mingled juices. She watched with amazement his cock stirring again; she decided not to allow him to even touch her there, as she was still sore with the forced penetration. She recalled the three or four strokes in quick succession, which took him all the way inside her. She was not prepared for such hard strokes. 'They must have bruised my insides', she thought.
She was very anxious to know how her mother had started having sex with him and since when they were having this relationship; she had avoided till now because she herself was very horny after having witnessed her mother getting pounded by this stud. She did not want to annoy him by asking a question that could annoy him, and besides, she thought her first priority was to feel him inside her so the question could wait some more. She knew he would tell her the truth.
He told her that when he had joined here as our chauffeur around two years back, he used to stay about a kilometer away from our house. The room he was now occupying was used as a kind of storeroom for mostly useless items. Within a month, it was on my mother's insistence that he was asked to shift in the room. Harish was a bit unwilling because the room had a door opening on the roof; and at times, especially in summers, he loved to sleep on the roof under the open sky. Ever since he shifted, he found her mother taking interest in making his stay more and more comfortable. It was her who arranged for her tea, morning breakfast and lunch being supplied from their kitchen. Harish never interfered in her domestic decisions. Aslam confessed that he was always fascinated with her beauty, her well-shaped and well-developed body, more specially her round and a bit heavy butts and her 38C round breasts and her nipples which were always prominently visible even through her bra and blouse. He told her that he had married his cousin but did not find her good in bed; she was kind of passive, so he divorced her barely 4 months after their marriage. Soon after the divorce he was selected for job at our house, so he was starving for good sex. He had never thought that this family would give her enough to satiate his hunger.
"Tumhen yaad hai chhe-saat mahine pahle- pichhale saal baarish ke dinon mein tumhare pitaji hospital mein 18-20 din rahe the jab unhen attack huwa tha?" (You remember six-seven months before- last year during rains your father was admitted to the hospital, after he had had an attack, for 18-20 days?), he asked.
"Acchi tarah. Mummy sara din unke saath rehti thi, raat ko hum donon bahenon ne rukne ki zid ki kyonki mummy thak jaati thi. Hum donon bahenen company ke liye aur saath hi Papa ko attend karne ke liye ruki thi. Mausa bahut beemar the isliye who aur Mausi aa nahin sakte the. Papa ki badi bahen USA mein thi, unke aur koyi bhai ya bahen nahin hain. Friends din mein aaya karte the Papa se milne" (Yes, very well. Mummy used to stay with him whole the day, and at night we both sisters insisted to say with him because she would get tired after attending on him all the day. We both stayed together to have company while looking after Papa. Mausa was unwell so Mausi could not come. Papa's elder sister was in USA, and he has no other real kins. Friends would visit Papa in the day).
He continued, "Tumhare Papa ko teen din ho gaye the hospital mein. Shaam ko main tumhari mummy ko ghar laata tha aur tum donon ko chhod aata tha. Un dinon raat ka khana bhi yaheen tumhare ghar se aata tha. In the day, after dropping you at school I would also be there at the Hospital" (Your Papa had been in the hospital for three days. In the evening I used to bring your mother home and then take both of you sisters to the hospital. Those days even my dinner used to come from your house. In the day I used to be at the Hospital only), he looked at me then waited for a few seconds before he continued again, "Uss raat tum donon bahenon ko Hospital chhodne ke baad tumhari mummy ko lekar wapas lauta to colony mein bilkul andhera tha. Koyi transformer jal gaya tha aur light jaldi aane ki ummeed nahin thi. Uss din shaam se hi bearish ho rahi thi." (That night after dropping you both siasters to the Hospital when I brought your mother home, the entire colony was completely dark. Some transformer had burnt down and there was no hope of electicity supply for quite some time. It had been raining that day since evening).
He then told her that her mother said she was scared sleeping alone in darkness and asked him to get his bed in the drawing room. He returned soon with his bedsheet, which he spread, on the carpet in the drawing room but she insited that he would better sleep on the sofa. She lit a candle and they had dinner and then she went inside her bedroom taking the candle with her. He told her that he could not sleep with any light in the room so did not need another candle for the drawing room. The windows of the drawing room had been opened to let whatever light from outside could filter in, and also for the fresh air it was only drizzling then. He decided to shift to a darker corner because in the darkness of room with Padma just a few feet away, he could not control the desire to massage his rampant cock thinking about her. He could not get sleep till late; he was thinking of Padma's sensuous body and wished he could lay hands on her naked body and push his steel hard cock in her juicy cunt. He was in his normal sleeping dress- a vest and lungi (wrap around). He had taken off his vest and placed it near his pillow; and lifting his lungi, with his eyes closed, he was caressing his cock that was looking towards heaven; he was imagining Padma's body riding him with her heavy breasts swaying. He heard a soft sound and, in the darkness of the drawing room, he saw a shadow moving near the sofa he was to sleep on and then saw the shadow move towards the stairs leading to the roof. He was sleeping on the floor and he knew the shadow would definitely stumble upon him. For once he though it was some burgler but from the size and walk of the shadow he was certain it was Padma. He waited excitedly for her to stumble and was preparing himself to grab her. He was watching the shadow moving very slowly in his direction and before it could stumble he decided to grab her because he did not want her to get hurt, in case he could not hold her well in time before her fall. He wanted to grab her from behind, so just as the shadow moved past him, he got up and grabbed the shadow tight making sure that both his hands were clutching her breasts. His cock was very hard with excitement and was poking between her soft, heavy and round ass cheeks.
He shouted loud enough to give her an impression that he mistook her for a burgler in case she got annoyed with his act, but he did not let his sound go outside the four walls of the room.
"Pakad liya " (Caught you).
" Main hoon. Padma"(It's me. Padma), she whispered.
His hands were holding one breast each in his palm. There was no attempt from Padma to remove them either. He knew that she was willing but he did not want to rush up, so holding her breasts he started squeezing her breasts and he pushed his cock as deep as he could in the valley between ( ) her ass cheeks. There was still no sign of resistance so he started pinching her hard nipples, which were easily of the size of a berry. Her hands covered his hand and pressed them against her heaving breasts. He was by now sure that she was willing to co-operate fully and he could now fulfill his desire. He immediately pulled off his lungi and stood stark naked in the room and kissing her lips he pulled her knee length nightie over her head; she was only in her panties. He immediately laid her on his bedsheet and pulled her panties down and off her legs.
"Ooohhhhh", she moaned.
Without wasting time he was all over her, no words were exchanged for some time. Both were impatient to enjoy the pleasures that they could derive from each other's body. He started kissing her feverishly over her lips, face, neck and on and around her breasts and nipples, while rubbing his cock over her soft skin close to her dripping cunt.
"Ooohhhhh... uuummmmmmmm."
She reached her one hand between them and wrapping her fingers around his red hot thick cock she massaged it for a few seconds then placed it at the entrance of her steaming hole. She raised her buttocks till his cockhead was lodged between her inner lips. He bit her left breast and in one single stroke drove himself to the hilt. She was very wet so he could reach the depth of her slippery tunnel in one single stroke. He was bigger than her husband, she thought.
"Jaldi karo. Jor se. Ooooohhhh... lambe lambe dhakke maro" (Do it fast. Harder. Do it with longer strokes), she was unable to control herself.
"Aaj to Mem saab aapko chudai se mast kar doonga" (Mem saab today will satisfy you with my fucking)
"Mem saab nahin; Padma ya kuch aur bolo" (No Mem saab; call me Padma or something else).
"Oooohhh meri jaan Padma tumhari choot abhi tak bahut tight hai" (My dear Padma your cunt is still very tight), he goaned and started pounding her steaming pussy with longer and deeper strokes.
Padma was happy to have a handy cock for herself whenever she could get an opportunity he could be available. She was justified in her decision to have him shifted to their house, which had now bore the fruits. She did not like to be treated like a woman; she preferred to be treated like a slut or a slave by her men. She was moaning and whimpering when his cockhead touched her cervix and his balls hit against her thick pussy lips. She had been dreaming about fucking him tonight as there could not be a more opportune time to seduce him, and had been getting moist in her cunt about the prospects. She thus soon reached her orgasm.
"Aaaaahhhhh... uuuhhhhhh... hhaaaiiiiiiiiii", and she came and came.
She was happy that he had not come yet, which means she could have another climax to match with his. Her full and heavy breasts were swaying vigorously when he was humping her and her big dark brown auerolae topped with a big cherry sized nipples were too tempting. He could not wait to chew on them. His one hand cupped her left breasts and kneaded it hard and with the other hand he held her right breast and bending on her he started sucking and gently biting the nipple.
"Tumhare mamme mujhe hamesha tumhe kisi din chodne ko majboor karte the. Aaj mammon ko choos choos kar laal kar doonga aur tumhari choot ko bhosda bana doonga laude se"(Your breasts always aroused my desire to fuck you some day. Today I shall make them red sucking them hard and make your cunthole big with my cock).
His dirty words were making her hornier than she could think. She loved the use of such vulgar language while she got fucked, but was controlling herself from replying in the same manner.
He used to push all his cock deep inside her and then clutching her hips would rotate his hips in circular motion and this felt exceedingly pleasurable to her to feel his cock touch everywhere inside her while her clit would get rough massage from his thick growth of pubic hair. She would cry with pleasure whenever he plunged his cock deep in her and then rotated his hips.
"Aaaahhhh... bahut maza aata hai iss tarah... aur karo... poora andar daal kar jor jor se"(it is very pleasurable this way... do it faster pushing all the way in), she cried.
He continued to maul, knead, suck and bite her breasts; he was pounding her tender pussy with harder and deeper strokes because he felt the stirring in his balls and knew he was soon to spill his thick juices in her hot cunt.
"Aaahhh... aaaahhhhhh... uuffff... Allaaaaahhhhhh", he cried loudly while his semen shot deep inside her bringing her to her own second climax. She wrapped her legs around his waist to pull him deeper in her.
"Ooooooooooohhhhhhh... ooooohhhhhhhhhh... uuummmmmmmmm", she joined him reaching her own orgasm.
He collapsed over her; both sweating profusely, their breathings hard. It took them over ten minutes to get normal breathing.he rolled off her and lay beside her and then kissed her and gently caressed her both the breasts. After another five minutes she got up and went to the bathroom to clean herself and brought a small towel to wipe him off. She was still naked. They both wanted to fuck some more.
"Uss raat teri ma ko maine char baar choda. Jab tak tere Papa hospital mein rahe roj raat ko teri ma poori raat nangi rahti thi, khud mere kapde utaarti thi aur mere laude ko khoob choosti thi aut phir jam kar poori raat chudwati thi. Uss din ke baad phir toh jab mauka milta hum chudai kar lete the" (That night I fucked yout mother four times. Until your father was in the Hospital every night your mother remained naked all the night, even undressed me herself and would suck my cock a lot and then we would fuck to our hearts' content. Ever since that day we would fuck as and when we got an opportunity), he said concluding.
Riya got very wet inside her pussy, but she dare not get ready to fuck again. She felt sore and a bit tired. It was almost 4 A.M. now so she wanted to get back to her room.
"Ab main jaati hoon" (Now I am going), she said picking up her clothes and trying to put on her nightie.
"Itni jaldi? Abhi toh theek se choda bhi nahin tumhari kacchi aur kori choot ko." (So soon? I have not fucked your tender and virgin cunt properly yet), he was in teasing mood. He pulled her again and taking her clothes from her, put them aside.
"Ab nahin please... mujhe to abhi tak thoda dard ho raha hai" (No more please... I am still having a little pain), she complained.
"Ek baar aur chudwa le sab dard chala jayega" (Let me fuck one more time and your pain will vanish), He said squeezing her both the breasts.
"Aaaaahhhhh... yahan bhi dard hai" (Here also it pains)
He pulled her up and started licking her breasts, sucking them gently, coating them with his saliva all over. It felt nice to her and for a few moments her eyes closed with pleasure. When she opened her eyes, she looked at his croach and found him almost hard; his cock waving at her. She was scared and pushing him, tried to get up again. She felt a little weak in her knees, but she got up and once again picked up her clothes.
Aslam wanted to take her again so he got up and went behind her. Watching his cock rise again had brought fresh juices in her cunt, which was healing her bruised insides, but she was scared of another penetration. He took both her breasts in his hands and massaged them gently, then squeezed her nipples taking them between his thumb and forefinger. He knew there was chemistry between breasts and the pussy. She could feel her cunt moistioning.
He bent her forward and asked her to hold his bed with both her hands. She did it as he was much stronger than her and was bending her forward. He parted her legs and rubbed his hard cock along the crease between her ass cheeks.
"Please ab nahin... ab chhod do... phir kisi din kar lena..." (Please not now... let me go... some other day you may do... ).
"Theek hai. Bas laude ka supada daal kar chodunga aur virya andar daalkar nikaal loonga" (Okay. Will fuck only with the cockhead in and shall take it out after pouring my semen inside).
He smeared her juiced around his cockhead and gently pushed it inside the tight inner lips of her cunt. She cried softly as it still hurt her a little. She wanted him to come as soon as possible because she knew he would not let her leave till he had his way with her. He started moving gently forward and backwards sending a little more of his length inside her.
"Tumne kaha tha sirf thoda sa daloge" (You said you will put only a little inside).
"Dard ho toh bol dena. Uskey baad nahin daloonga" (Tell me when you feel pain. I shall not insert after that).
"Dard toh ho hi raha hai" (It is paining already).
" Abhi ek hi bar chudi hai na isliye thoda sa hoga. Do teen baar chudwa legi phir nahin hoga" (You have been fucked only once so it will hurt a little. After you get fucked two three times then it will not pain), he told and started massaging her breasts a bit hader now. He had already pushed almost half of his cock inside her and was trying to push all of him at the earliest. Her whimpering and moans continued.
When he started longer and harder strokes her already bruised pussy hurt a lot and she started sobbing ans asking him to be a little gentle.
"Uuuhhhh... aaaahhh... maaa... bas karo... ab aur andar mat daalo... please nikaal lo na"(Please stop. Don't insert more of it... Please pull it out), she cried in pain.
Bending fully over her back, he grabbed her pussy and squeezing it he pounded her small tight cunt mercilessly. It seemed as if he thought he was getting her pussy for the last time in his life, so wanted to quench his thirst for a tight virgin pussy.
He could feel her cunt muscles spasm and contract squeezing his thick cock stem; she soon was experiencing her climax, which reduced her pain to some extent, but his strong and fast strokes still hurt inside her.
He continued to jab hid cock in her swollen pussy lips, then taking one hand under her he grabbed her pussy lips and squeezed them hard; his other hand held her down and its palm was covering her breast which he kneaded hard.
" Sacchi bahut dard ho raha hai, please nikaal lo apna" (Really it is hurting too much, please pull yours out)
"Dard pe malham lagaane ja raha hoon" (Am going to apply ointment to relieve you of pain), he said crudely without letting her get any respite.
"Ab phir se ana virya daalne ja raha hoon teri pyari I chhoti si kacchi choot mein" (Now I am going to pour my semen in your sweet, small and immature cunt), he said biting her right shoulder flesh and his warm and thick jets of semen hit her womb. She went numb as her yet another climax reached at the same time. She collapsed on his bed under her weight as he put his entire body's weight on her after coming; both were exhausted and panting.
By the time she left his room it was almost 5 A.M. and she was very tired.
Riya returned to her room tired after series of orgasms of her own and two sperm doses from her new lover. She hid her blood and sperm soaked panty under the bed and immediately went to sleep. She was happy that Sunanda did not wake up to find her missing in the bed.

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