Bahen ki Chut Mari
Hi human digest readers, I’m Sagar from Gujarat. I’m 26years 5.7 feets height and 65 KGs. The girls say I look handsome. But I don’t know how look. Not deviating you, I’m directly coming to the point. High guys and girls, I don’t have guts to express my real sex adventure happened with my sister Mathi when I was in 12th standard. But I’m sharing my real story here.

My sister Mathi looks very beautiful and sexy. She is 5.7fts and 36 28 36. Her face is very attractive. I’m unfortunate guy being born with her as brother other wise my full adventure would be different. Anyhow since I came to realize this world, I started concentrating my sister’s stunning beauty. We were three at our home.

My father passed away when was in childhood days. My mother is a peddler. She uses to go for selling fruits. Me and my sister we both always use to be together. We use to sleep together. Guyse when I was in 6th std my sister got puberty. After that her beauty grew within no time. Her small breasts grown huge melons. Her butt also grew. Everything went well with her.

But the changes that occurred in me because sexy body aroused me a lot. My mother use to sleep in one mat and my sister and me use to sleep on a meet separately. In those days me and sister tied together and slept. While sleeping me the touch on her huge tender breast happen with my face. At that night I could sleep.

It was not single event but it used to happen regularly I don’t sleep in the night because playing with her breasts and butts with her knowledge and I was scolded given punishments in the class for sleeping in the class. He was innocent my sir. Many times I use to keep my face in between my sisters sexy tits and sleep.

One day what happened when she was sleeping deeply, I was searching her pussy by inserting my finger her skirt. While I do this, she woke and asked me whet are you doing, I said no and slept. But in the whole day I was fully thinking to explore her pussy to the night. The night arrived very soon as usual we went to the bed slept.

At the midnight I woke and saw my sister sleeping facing me. I started lifting her skirt from below. She was in deep sleep. O my fortune she was not wearing any panty on that day. Her pussy was invisible. Because it was dark room. I can’t switch on the light my mother wake up. That’s why I slowly moving my palm on her pussy and felt her pubic hers very hot

And rubbing her pussy very slowly. I also know that if my sister wakes I would be caught. O my god it was blissful moment for me. My small cock rose and nothing happened. I slowly touched her clits it was soft. Some fluid was flowing from her cunt; I was not aware what that was at that time. I took little drop and tasted it was salty. She was still not wakening.

I was inserting my finger in her cunt hole it was too hot and very wet. I did not know what to do with the pussy those days. Because I was not matured enough. When I was 16years old my sister got married I was unlucky guy. She left our home to hubby home. One day my sister with her husband came to my home on the festive occasion.

I was very happy and looking for a chance to enjoy with my sister. Because by now I have got matured enough and so many times I have masturbated. I know what the sex is. My fortunate, that night my mother went to my grandma home and my sister I and her husband were there in the home. We were so tired of the festive and went to sleep.

I was not sleeping but I pretend like sleeping. My sister and her hubby started the game. I was near by them. My uncle removed her skirt and blouse and kissed her for a while, and then he was kissing her neck and removed her bra and started carousing her melons she was moving to respond to that stumily.

He started sucking the tits and she started moaning haha, haha slowly, hey slowly, fuck I fuck me soon, they forgot that I was sleeping beside them. He removed her panty and put his penis in her vagina and rided harshly she was crying in pain and enjoying equally. He climaxed with no time. But she was not.

She did not leave him and tied him and begging him to fuck her more. He was not interested so she left him and turned and masturbated herself with her fingers. I was so shocked to see these all this mess but I want to fuck her at any cost. After she masturbated slept her without wearing her skirt and bra.

I was touching her wet pussy mixed with sperms and juice flowing out. My I started tying her tightly and sucked lips and kissed long. She was enjoying. Because she was not satisfied fully by her husband. I relieved her and got up and turned her facing towards me and put my tongue in her wet cunt hole and started fucking continuously half an hour

I was getting so tired but I want to give my sister full pleasure, then I sucked her melon one by one, she was moaning slowly. Then I put my cock in her deep cunt hole she became hot once again, I was riding her she came in my tool three or four times while I was fucking her cunt I was also carousing her melons she was in ecstasy.

I climaxed on her and she also got satisfied by me. She slept beside me and I put her clothes on her. It was my first sex adventure with my own sister. In the morning I got up she was so happy. My uncle went to job. She said to me, you are suitable for me I want you to fuck me more and more please fuck me brother but keep it secret.

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