Aunty & Uncle Sex
This is a real story of middle aged aunty and uncle, who were our tenants. Uncle was 46 year old and shy guy type fair, short and skinny type, where as aunty very fast talkative tall, well built and sexy looking lady, her voice was also very husky and she is a dominant type, she used to dominate uncle by making him all the house work, poor uncle as he was shy type and much less in height and weight compared to aunty.

Aunty was exhibitionist, she used to wear saree very tight and her blouse was also very tight. One day nobody was there in my house everybody went to marriage and will not be returning till 2 days. As i was alone aunty and uncle came to sleep in my house to give company. I was sleeping in my room and uncle and aunty in the hall, as there was some noise, I suddenly woke up and heard some talking was going there in the hall between uncle and aunty. when I went slowly to the door of my room which was half open

I was able to see aunty and uncle both were not sleeping they sitting, that sight was very romantic, as uncle was only in his lungi and auntie’s pallu dropped and deep cleavage between her big firm boobs was clearly visible, I was shocked and bit hesitant at first to see as it was dim light they were not able to see me, i got interested when aunty suddenly started kissing uncle on his lips, he held uncle’s head tightly with her hands and kissing very passionately, uncle was trying get away from her, but her hold was so tight uncle was not able to get away from her, after

10 minutes of passionate kiss aunty broke the kiss, immediately uncle was what is this there is teenage guy sleeping in the room, what if suddenly he come here. Aunty taking it easily and not caring for uncle’s words, she started removing uncle’s lungi, within seconds uncle’s lungi got separated from his body, his body was very fair and soft, and he was wearing long boxer type underwear. Then aunty also started removing here saree, then she removed her blouse, and petticoat too. I was shocked to see her in this state, she was wearing only tiny thong type bikini and strapped bra.

She was looking much taller than uncle in this dress, and she was having a very well built body, broad shoulders, long toned hands, her belly got bit flesh, which was covered to her height, and very big and strong thighs and round firm big buttocks. Aunty jumped on to uncle like a tigress and easily lifted him in the air and started kissing and sucking his lips, poor uncle was pleading aunty to leave, but aunty was not in a mood to listen, uncle was not able to do anything as aunty was much stronger than uncle. She thrown him on the Deewan and jumped on him, now she was on top of uncle, pressing him tightly with her strong body.

She took him near the big mirror and both were seeing each other in the mirror, aunty laughed at uncle by looking in the mirror, my sweet hubby, see my body how big and strong it is than your’s, so don’t miss behave and do what i say, otherwise you will be in trouble. She again took him to Deewan and made him lie on it. and lay on top of him once again kissing and sucking his lips she came down little bit on his chest and was slowly sucking his nipples, uncle was unable to bear this pleasure and his cock stood like a pole, by seeing this aunty told uncle oooooh my darling see your cock like me, like my strong body,

She how it stood up and dancing, se slowly sucked his nipples and then went to his tummy and kissed around his belly and sucked it with her tongue and she went further down and took his cock in her mouth and started sucking and liking it first slowly and then started to lick fast, after some time aunty sensed uncle might ejaculate she removed his cock from her mouth and once again kissed all his body including his thighs, then she removed her tiny thong and bra, now i was able to clearly see her thickly hair covered pussy.

Went straight on uncle’s body took his shaft in her pussy and started grinding her pussy on uncle’s shaft, first she was doing it slowly, uncle was trying to push her away, but in vain, after some time slowly grinding her pussy on uncle’s cock, she started to rotate her big from buttocks fast, and her grinding become faster and faster, i was very painful to uncle to tolerate her fucking, she fucking him very badly and she was showing no mercy towards his body, his body was no match to her strong body, she held him in between her thick strong thighs an fucking him like a bitch,

I was shock to see the scene, wondered how strong aunty was than uncle, I was seeing first time wife is almost raping her husband, and he was helplessly getting fucking by his wife, after fucking him very hard for 30 mins uncle unloaded all his cum into auntie’s big pussy and aunty also after some time hugged him very tightly and she was also very close to her orgasm, then she held uncle in between her big thighs and slept, and she fucked him that night in various positions, poor uncle could not able to walk in the morning.

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