Aunty Seduced Me
Dear Readers I had been reading these stories and would like to tell mine with my auity who was my neighbour. I stay in Hyderabad and it was few years back this incident took place
I am 5’9″ tall broad structure and friendly with everybody.
My aunty stays beside our portion with only a door dividing our portion. She is sexy wheat complex and sexy figure. Let me call her Jaya. She used to be friendly and would chat freely and would tell me you are smart good looking and ……
One day she called me and asked to to do a favour. I agreed to make use of the situation. She brought the stool near the washroom and said the bulb got fused please replace. She asked me to remove and be ready to get good one from her standing on the stool. She went to other room bolded the door and came in. I as usual removed the bulb and turned to get the good one to replace. I was shocked she was naked with bulb in hand. She laughted and said replace the bulb and see me in the light. I did not know what to do. Her sexy figure was soo tempting that my cock was rising fast. She had tempting breast with clean shaved cunt. I took it as a chance to have my first sex with her and enjoy. She said take and do the work. I replaced the bulb got down from the stool. She hugged me and said you are lucky to have me. Many wanted my but i did not accepted them. I want you in me for atleast once. so saying she touched my cock and said the tool is ready let me see it. Saying soo she undressed me and said i love your structure you sexy tool.
she took me to her bedroom and made me to sleep. She started sucking my tool. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it was my first enjoyment i couldnot contain it. I said ” Pl stop for some time. Let me enjoy seeing your body first and lick the pussy”. She said “take it and make me the enjoyment of best sex in my life” she was already ooozing. I licked it was tasty. I liked it till she said “please…… hold for some time i am at the maximum enjoyment”. She the turned back and showed her ass. Asked me to insert my cock in her pussy and push the tool soooo deep that she feels like a cumming. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO she shouted. “If your cock could give me such pleasure I was fool leaving you all these days “. she made me sleep and she unloaded all her juice on me. “See how your cock gave me this much pleasure”.
She then wiped it with her hair and said ” Now i want you to fuck my ass” She made me to enter her ass and gave me the maximum pleasure.
She was soo engrossed in giving me friction to my cock in pain that i almost pushed all my juice into her ass.
She then took me to the bathroom and cleaned herself and my tool. She was showing her ass and laughing. I felt it was and inidcation for second round. The pussy was soo teasing me such that my coock could not control. I tookhold of her waist from behind and pushed my cock in force she shouted soo loud that my cock went deep without any help. she said ” You fuck very sexy and i want to see you doing even with your wife”. So sayiing she took me again into the bedroom and slept facing me showing her sexy cunt. I cound not hold back i just pumped my cock into her in soo crazy because it was my first sex. She was laughting at me saying “you are enjoying my body and pussy”.Please do it daily for me. so saying hugged me soo tightly.
The hour passed by with both sleeping and having sex in all styles.
She at last said. Let me kiss your cock that gave me soooooo much pleasure and licked it till i came out again.She got trasfered to other city later and we lost touch with each other.

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