Aunty Fucked Hard – Part I
My name is Akash and I am from Mumbai. I have been reading stories posted by ISS users for last 3 months and decided to share my Incest story with you guys. Now I am 27 years old, Graduate and still unmarried. I use to stay with my uncle. My father had 4 brothers and the Uncle I am talking about is the youngest and only 40 years old. My father is the oldest. Now, the Aunty is only 34 years old and 7 years older than me. I used to have a soft corner for her, since i came to stay with them 3 years ago.

My aunty, her name is Hema, is of Average built with bog boobs and round Ass! She is 5ft 4 inches tall and fair. She likes to wear saree and she looks damn hot in it. Now let me tell you how my Fantasy came true! 2 years ago, My uncle, who works with a Govt organisation, went on a Deputation to Chennai. He had some important work and was required to stay for 15 days. So, at home, the only people left were My Aunty, her 5 years old daughter Shikha and I. One night I was watching an English movie, when she came in the Hall.

“What are you watching, Akash? she asked. I knew, she had less knowledge about English movies, hence i narrated the story of the movie in bits and pieces and she listened to me carefully. That night she was wearing a cream color Maxi. I tried to imagine, whether she was wearing something inside or was she naked? My aunty snapped at me. She might have gauged that I was on to something. Suddenly the love making scene came on TV. In that scene, The hero was seducing a lady. He slowly took off her clothes and caressed her boobs. She had big boobs…

My aunt felt uncomfortable with the scene and tried to go, but I insisted her to sit, after telling her that the scene would only last for few seconds! She hesitated and sat without speaking a word. I felt the warmth of her body. The love making scene in the movie was not going to end so soon. Eventually, the Hero went on to fuck the lady, in a naked scene. My aunt went to her bedroom rather embarrassed! I too followed her after switching off the TV.”What happened, Aunty?”, I asked sheepishly.”Oh, Akash, I am just tired, my back in paining”, she replied.
I knew, she just wanted to get away from me as the scene on the TV was Intimate!

“Don’t worry, Aunty, I was massage your back”, I replied and went along with her in the bedroom. Shhikha, her daughter was sleeping. My aunt tried to resist, but i pressed on her and started massaging her back. I massaged her back for 15-20 minutes and suddenly came down to her round ass and started massaging it. My aunt didn’t respond to anything. It felt good. I kept on pressing her round ass for another 10-15 minutes and then started to caress it. My aunt suddenly jerked and tried to pull my hand off, but I kept it on her buttocks.
I kept on caressing her ass and rubbing my hand over it, for another 10 minutes and my aunt started to moan a bit. I took it as best of my chances and started to put my hand amidst her thighs. As my hand touched her private areas, she jerked again.”Don’t go there, Akash”, she whispered slowly.”It’s ok, Aunty”.I said and kept on rubbing it. She started to moan now. I could feel the wetness of her Choot as she was not wearing her Panty.
Wow! It felt so good; he kept on rubbing her choot to make her hot.

She suddenly turned and looked at me.”What are you trying to do, Akahs”, she asked upfront. I hesitated for a while and came closer to her face and said, ” I like u so much, Aunty, I want to make love to you, She looked shocked! Before she could say anything, I placed my lips on her lips and started kissing her wildly. She tried to resist for a moment and then gave away.
My hands started to work…. they went on under her maxi and took hold of her perfect round boobs.

She moaned. I kept on pressing and squeezing them for a while and then started biting them. She cried with joy. I kept the foreplay for a while and then went down to her choot region and started licking it.”Ohhhhh!” she cried in pleasure,” oohhh!!! I kept licking it and inserted my tongue in her choot. She raised her ass so that mu tongue went further. I caressed her ass and kept on licking. Then I undressed her fully, She looked marvelous with perfect big round boobs and shaven choot. I undressed myself and she looked amazed when she looked at my lund.

“Wow!, Akash, u have a big tool”, She exclaimed, I know that, Aunty, suck it”, i said.
She refused but, i was persistent and i inserted my lund in her mouth and made her suck in forcefully. She sucked my Lund for 30 minutes. Her sucking was so excellent that I cummed in her mouth, which she swallowed like a bitch. Then after that, i spilt her thighs and rubbed my lund on her choot.aahhhhhhh!!”, she moaned.

“Aaaaaaiiiiieeeee!”, she cried in pain as I inserted my 8 inch long lund in her Choot. She was wild and horny now. I started ramming my lund in her choot rapidly. She kept on moaning and asking me to fuck her as a whore! I kept on ramming my tool for another 20 minutes and then Cummed inside her choot. She too came to orgasm and the bed sheet got wet. We made love and I fucked her for 2 more times and both of us cum, after that we slept together the whole night. We kept making make almost each night, until my Uncle returned. Since then we make love when we have opportunity.

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