Apni Behan Ayesha ko Choda
This story is absolutely true. It refers to actual incidents which happened few months ago. My name is Muneer Jan Khan and I am 40 years old. I am orignelly from Peshwar but now I am posted at Rawalpindi.I work in a govt office.I was at home one day when the phone rang and it was my mother-in-law who wanted to speak with my wife. When they finished, my wife, very upset, told me that she had to fly to her hometown Quetta to take care of a family matter. The next morning I drove her to the airport and she promised she would be back in no more than few weeks. When I went to work, Ayesha, my sister, had left me a message to call her back. I did and she told me that her her husband who was in Pakistan army was gone two week ago to kasmir area for duty . Her 12-year-old daughter was already at our parents' and she only had her 9-month-old son with her.she told me she felt a bit lonely I told her that my wife had left already to her parents home also I don’t have any body to cook so I will be staying with her for few weeks , and I wouldn't mind going to keep her company. She agreed and I said I would be there on tonight . Later that eyeining As I was driving to as I was driving to Ayesha's city (Rawat,a small city on G.T. road near Rosalinda ) my childhood memories came in to my mind...

When we were kids we had fooled around a lot and experimented with some sex We had never had actual chudie, . We used to play a game called doctor . Our favorite position was my behan lying down, me fingering her choot. She loved it when my finger was buried deep up inside her wet phudi. Even then ayesha had really big and heavy mymays, a lot bigger and heavier than most girls her age although she was never overweight. . I was thinking all these as I was driving and my lun was getting hard ! I thought, who knows, maybe I 'd get my chance now, the one I had been expecting for years, to actually fuck my saghi behan!!

Now, years later, Ayesha is 36 years old. When I arrived at my sister's home I saw her after a long time she was wearing a tight Shalwar kamiz which was clinging to her jism. The clothing outlined clearly the mottay mummy in her shalwar kamiz as I stared at her.

My sister's mummy was even bigger and I would love to feel them and suck them again!!!Ayesha greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek I press her jims hard in my arms and her mottay mummy crushed in my chest. My Lora was hard in my shalwar also I kew Ayesha had felt my hard lun .She gave me a smile and came out of my arms .later that day she went out to get some things from parrosi . She told me to make myself at home and to pour some tea. When she went out I had an idea: I went to her dresser and opened the drawer to check her bras: 42D!!! Wow, amazing! Then I checked her panties. I found some and I brought them to my face to smell her choot smell. I put them back and went for some tea just as she was coming back in.

I spent few days at her home she was happy to have my company there because her husband was not home .During my stay all that time I could feel my Lora was hard just looking at my behan. We were talking and giggling a lot we were having a very good time.

One day I went to the living room, Ayesha was sitting in room and was breast feeding her son she took out her muma and brought her nipple to her son. Ayesha lifted her heavy breast to position it better and a thin white liquid squirted in the air from the top of her s nipple. I was fascinated.I try to walk away thinking it is not right for me to look at ,my behan but my feet will not move.I kept looking at my behan's expose heavy, swollen brown mumays. The nipples were brown, and dripping with milk.

While breast feeding Ayesha looked out side she saw me looking toward her mumay.she looked in my eyes and saw an "aag" in my eyes. She got embarrassed She felt so much sharam that her bhai is "Tarna' her mumays Ayesha finish feeding in a hurry and put her kamiz over her mumays,then I entered the room .

That night I could not sleep at all whole night i was sucking milk from Ayesha’s mottay mumays..i wanted to chode Ayesha so badly...

Then it start happing every day,when ever she was breast feed her son I always steared at her mumays.At first she felt uncomfortable cause it was me her bahi who was looking at her breasts but then I noticed that she start exposing them more for me I always notice that she also looked at my shalwar which was making a tant infront of me This thing lasted for a while,I never tried to do any thing else with her even though .I wanted to touch her mumays and choos them but I did not try

Then one night I got the midnight it was so hot I was sweeting and decided to go downstairs I headed for the refrigerator. Ayesha’s room is the last door before the kitchen, and as I moved down the hallway, I noticed her door was open a couple of inches, and the light was on. Out of curiosity, I stopped and looked in. Wow! I couldn't believe it!

I was paralyzed. I'd never seen anything like this before Ayesha just came out from bath room she was wraping a towel around her ..she went to her bed and sat down on it She took her towel off and I got my first real good look at her, she looked at her reflection in the mirror. Running her hands under her mottay mumay giving them a shake Her hands ran down her sides to her hips, then she turned around and looked at her motti gaand .then she realy surprised me.Ayesha lay on the bed and Her hand went to her choot and she spread her choot lips open with her fingertips.

Wow! That really turned me on, and I grabbed my rock-hard lora and began to rub it, imagining what it would be like to put my motta lora in her choot hole. As I watched,
I lowered my shalwar and with my right hand I pulled out my swollen lora, slowly start rubing my lun . , Ayesha kept working closer and closer to her shaved choot. She was breathing harder and harder,

Ayesha just kept on stroking her choot and I just kept on staring and rubbing my lora
She played with her choot , sliding her finger inside her phudi as her eyes closed . her legs open wide to let her hand between her thighs. I saw her take a deep breath as her finger entered her choot , she worked it around a few minutes,

[Image: 200PA020006.jpg]
Her other hand went to her mumay gently squeezing it, She had huge, high mumyas with dark brown nipples , . her nipples were big - Then she grasped the nipple between her fingertips and pulled on it, her mouth opening slightly as she did. My mouth fell open watching her do this to herself.

I got a perfect view right up between her legs, where all the action was going on. She was making all sort of moans but all in whispers She started saying "Ooooohhh, Oooohhh, O Amir O amir "

She was choding her self while thinking about her husband I could not hold any longer . I thought "it was now or never I have to chode my behan tonight!!!". Slowly i opened her bed room door and went in. She rolled her head to the door and her eyes went wide,

she looked at me naga and tried to cover her self with towel but i grab the towel and throw it away from her jism... Muneer ya kiya kar rahy ho mujay towel do she asked me with anger.

I replied “ who hia jo tum chati ho, jaan aaj main or tum dono nangay rahay gay hum dono aik dusaray kay liy taras ray hain aaj hum dono apni apni payas buja latay hain”.
I am going to chode you tonight ayesha

She looked at me with panic in her eyes as she said: "No, Muneer no, it's not right, we are not kids any more, we are both married and we are behan bahi , it’s not right ,but her eyes were looking at my lora as she spoke. I approached her a bit more until my cock was about 2 feet away from her face. "Come on, Ayesha I know you are very garam and you rally need a motta garam lun in your choot right now and I will give u that ans no body will ever know that.

My behan's eyes opened wide and her mouth almost fell to the floor!! She was watching my motta lora my big brown head and my sperm-filled tutay.

I said "Come on, ayesha , tell me, is my lun bigger than your husbands?" tell me "Is it thicker?" "Does your husband suck you choot ?" she did not answer Come on.Ayesha touch your bahi;s big lun, I know you want it a lun in your choot right now , you know I want your choot ever since we were kids.So lets play the game we used to play.

Very slowly , Ayesha extended her hand and her fingers touched my burning lora: I had to grind my teeth and concentrate so I wouldn't come right there! Ayesha 's hand had gripped my lun and was going slowly up and down, masturbating me! She whispered "Oh, God, ya galat hai Muneer " but she didn't stop for a second her face was red with sharm

I grabbed my behan's left muma , it was huge! Ayesha moaned ( www.indiansexstories.mobi ) softly as I started massaging her massive, heavy muma, paying special attention to her sensitive nipple. She made a weak effort to push my hand away, but I insisted and she eventually let me massage both her mumays .

I touched her mumays and looked at her, she closed her eyes. I just pressed it and milk started to ooze from it. I slowly put my tongue on her nipple and licked the drop which ozed out. She gave a sound “aaaaaaaaah”I put my mouth on the nipple and started to suck. I began to suck my behan’s swollen nipples. I tasted her sweet milk as it leaked from her erect brown nipples into my mouth. I sucked the other nipple and was also rewarded with a stream of ayesha ’s milk. Ayesha moaned as I sucked her large breasts I slowly kissed down her thighs, spread her legs and dived for her choot :I told her: "Open up, Ayesha

I started licking slowly the delicate area between ayesha legs and her choot and that drove her wild. When my tongue touched her big, wet, brown -hot choot lips and started playing with them she jumped and grabbing my hair with both hands she pulled my face closer until it was literally inside her mooti choot’mari garam behan "Do you want me to stop now ? Say it!" I asked her . "nooooooooo!!", she said Plz meri choot chato na.

My God, ayesha you are so garam , your jism is motta magar sexy !", I whispered My behan 's choot lips were on fire!! Huge, brown -hot and so wet that they were making funny wet noises. I could feel her phudi juices coming down on the bed ! I put two fingers inside Ayesha 's choot and started finger-fucking her,Ayesha bit her lips hard to hold her screams: she started coming uncontrollably shaking , I kept finger-fucking my sister and she had another powerful orgasm. ! My sister was moaning heavily now, coming close to another orgasm. I stopped then and I whispered: "ayesha , tum nay mujay pajal kar diya hai"

I'm going to chode you," I said . I've wanted to chode you for a long, long time. I've dreamed and fantasized about you more times than I care to remember, but I never thought it would happen, but now it will, because I'm going to chode my garam jawan behan until she begs me to stop!

"Oh Muneer , no. It's not right, ," she pleaded Ayesha looked me in the eyes and said: "Please, Muneer , mujay maat chodana !", but I could see that her body was begging me to to chode her choot !

"So you don't want my lora in your choot ?" I teased, rubing my lun back and forth on her garam choot "Are you saying that you don't want me to fuck you?"

"Oh God," Ayesha moaned as she watched my hard lun moving back and forth, Her own choot was dripping juice onto the bed now. Ayesha bit her lip and closed her eyes. Suddenly, she knew that there was no turning back. With a sigh of submission, she opened her legs.

"No mari jaan I said. "mujay bool kar batoo. Tell me you want this. I want to hear you say it

She couldn't take it anymore. "chodo mujay !Aab bardasht nahin ho raha hai please chodoo mujay ,aab dair maat kaaro, my dear dont wait any more,come on chodo mujay Oh fuck me, Muneer Please!"

"That's what I wanted to hear." I reached down and lifted Ayesha ’s legs an put them over my sholder. Slowly i moved my hips forward.
I closed my eyes as my lun moved into Ayesha ’s choot I had waited for years to do this. Her choot was as tight and warm . Ayesha aslo couldn't wait any longer. She reached forward and grabbed my hips and pulled, forcing me lun deep into her payasi choot "Ohhhhh!!!" she moaned

"Oh God, mari jaan ayesha , your phudi is so nice tight and garam ," I whispered

I looked deep inside my behan’s eyes and my face approached hers. Our lips met and my tongue slipped inside my sister's mouth for the first time ever. We started kissing like lovers while our hands were exploring each other's body.

Now there was no holding back. We were lovers. My lora thrust down into her choot as hard as I could, I leaned down and hungrily sucked her nipple into my mouth.

"Ohhhhhhh, My, Muneer mari jaan ,I waited for your lun for so long please give it to me.OHHH CHODO MUJAY.MARI CHOOT AJ SAY TUMARI HAIÃ

I sucked her motay lambay nipple, I grabbed hold of her breast and roughly massaged it as I continued to grind my lun into her


I entered deep into her My lora began to thrust inside her, back and forth, first slowly and then vigorously. She too began to move her hips along with me Ayesha humped back and shoved my cock up her phudi I bent over and caught hold her nipple between my lips. . I sucked and pulled the nipple from the flopping muma .

I ran my hands down Ayesha back as I worked my cock faster into her tight pussy
Her mumays bounced up and down with every up-thrust of my dick. 'OH MY GOD! IT'S SOOO BIG!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!!Apnna bada land meri choot me zoor se aander bahar karo. Mera doodh piyo. Chooddoooooddoo ohh aiihaaa. Zoor se ghusedo ohhhh Muneer

My hands had gripped her mumay once again and with every thrust my lora would almost hit her womb Ayesha was screaming with pleasure until she came with multiple orgasms. Then I started coming: my lora pumped load of my child seed deep inside my behan;s choot . .I stayed inside her for a few minutes while we both tried to catch our breath Then we went to sleep. The next morning I woke up late and, ayesha had woke up before me and was in kitchen, I also went to the kitchen totally nanga . Ayesha was making breakfast with her back turned to me. I said salam alikum She said walikum salam but didn't turn around. I went behind her and I lined up my already rock-hard lun with her gand : I put my arms around her, grabbed both her mumays over the kamiz she was wearing and put my lun in between her ass ckeeks! She tried to pull away: "No, Muneer please, stop it, God, this is so wrong, we already made a big mistake last night!", but I wasn't listening. My mouth found her smooth neck and started kissing it while I was trying to take off her kamiz , letting it fall to the floor. My sister just stood there, completely naked, while I was fondling her big breasts. ; then I turned Ayesha around to face me. I looked deep inside her eyes and my face approached hers. Our lips met and my tongue slipped inside my sister's . We started kissing like lovers while our hands were exploring each other's body. "Do you want me to chode you again, mari behan ? Say it!" I asked her in her ear, biting it, whispering. "haan !!", she said, and this time her hand found my motta lora and guided it between the soft, tender folds of her pussy. I pushed her against the sink and my motta lun got buried deep inside my sister's choot . She sighed with pleasure as we made wild, passionate love once again. I was fucking Ayesha, kissing her and my hands never left those mottay mumays. Finally she came with a long, loud scream and I pulled out: "Come on, baby, kneel down and take your baray bahi’s lun in your mouth", I said. She did and for the first time ever my behan was giving me a blowjob! I guided my lun inside her mouth while she had started fondling her own breasts Oh, God, this was heaven!! Ayesha's mouth was making wet slurpy noises as she sucked my lun . I was holding her head with both hands, moving it back and forth in rhythm with her motion, caressing her hair as well. I didn't las long: soon my lun erupted like a volcano, spilling hot sperm like lava, filling my behan 's mouth. Some of my cum landed on her humongous breasts. When we caught our breath back we had breakfast and then we were ready to start again. This time we used a new position : I was lying down on my back and Ayesha was lying on top of me When we were kids my lun was ususally between her thighs or over her choot , but this time my lun was inside my behan‘s choot! My hands had gripped her mumays once again and with every thrust my cock would almost hit her womb. Ayesha was screaming with pleasure until she came with multiple orgasms. Then I started coming: my cock pumped one more load of my seed deep inside my sister. When I finished I stayed there stroking Ayeshas body. I thought about fucking her asshole, but I decided to save that for later. Then the phone rang; Ayesha managed to get up, fully naked and with come all over her body, and answered it. It was her husband. I creeped up behind her and as she was talking to him my lun was between her buttocks and my hands on her mumays again. She tried to push me away, but I wouldn't go. Then she gave up and just stood there talking on the phone as I was touching her jism . Then my cell phone rang. I quickly ran to the other room to answer it: it was my wife. She asked where I was since she called home and there was no answer. I told her what happened - I mean, that I had to come to Ayesha's house, not the rest! - and she agreed. She would be back in few days. Then the baby started crying and my sister had to go and check it out. Later we had lunch with Ayesha. She was quiet and I could tell that after her husband calling guilt and remorse had replaced the lust and pleasure she was feeling before. I wasn't feeling very comfortable either with my wife's call but I still had a massive hard-on with my sister's name on it just the same!! I got up and went to the fridge to get some water. On the way back I stopped behind my sister and my hands found her shoulders. Ayesha jumped but I told her to relax. I gave her a massage all over her neck, shoulders and spine. She had started melting when I stopped and picked her up in my arms. My mouth found hers and we were kissing as I took her to the bedroom. I put her down on the bed and very slowly undressed her despite her weak efforts to protest and stop me. Then we made love until late in the afternoon. We fucked whole night and then slept in each others arms like husband and wife.

I stayed there few more days and we chode like couples on honeymoon. She did get pregnant with my child later on.

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