Apni Bahen Ko Choda
i mera naam Raj hai aur mai Kolkata ka rahne wala hu. Mere family me mere parents aur meri ek choti bahen hai. Ye story jo mai likhne ja raha hu bilkul sach hai. This accident has happened with my own sister. When this sin has been committed, I was of 20 and her age was 17. First of all I shall give some description about her. Her name is Jaya. She is a fair complexion girl. At this age only her body parts have been developed very well. Her breasts are very pointed and smooth. She has got superb ass. In beginning I don’t have any bad feeling about my sister. We have a healthy relation like brother and sister. When this sin has been committed I was doing my engineering and she was appearing for her 12th examination. The story had been started like this my parents got invitation from one of my relative to attend their daughter’s marriage in Rachi. But we brother and sister can’t able to go because of my classes and my sister had her exams. My parents left on Friday for Rachi. We bro and sis had left alone in house. We have leave on Saturday and Sunday. Jaya had her maths exam on monday, so I decided that I will teach her maths in these two days. On Friday evening I told her to study and I went to meet my friends. When I came back, Jaya had already prepared the dinner and waiting for me. We had eaten together and thereafter I told Jaya to come to my room so I can show her some maths problems. She asked me to wait so that she can change and come to my room with her books.

After 10 minutes she came to my room with her books. She was wearing a loose nighty. She came and sits in front of me on my bed. I started to teach her. When she was doing problems she bent down and suddenly I have seen her huge breast. I had peeped there for quite a long time, but I feel very bad as she is my own sister. But I can’t control myself and continued to see at her breast. I have got a hard on seeing my sister’s breast. While seeing my sis breast I am very confused and thought that this is not good and I should stop seeing at my sis boobs. But I can’t able to remove my eyes from her boobs as sex demon has completely taken control of my mind. And till now I also keen to see her breast. I am feeling another type of sensetation below my pant. She was wearing a black colored bra. Seeing her in that position I have got a hard on. Nearly at 1 o’clock in night she told me that she is feeling sleepy. I told her to sleep in my room with me and she agreed. We both slept on my bed but bed is little bit conjusted for two of us. Our body was touching with each other. After sometime she felt asleep but I can’t able to sleep as my beautiful sister is sleeping next to me whose body is rubbing with me and giving me a hard on. So I have decided to feel her and I completely forgotten that she is my own sister. I had kept my one hand on her one of the breast and rested my hand there. I haven’t made any movement for sometime.

When I was totally satisfied that she is in her deep sleep I started to give pressure on her breast. Still she didn’t make any movement. I started to rub my penis on her ass. But I had not gone beyond this and I slept too. In the morning I wake up little late. Jaya had already completed her usual works. On that day she was wearing a frock which was too short and revealing most of her legs. I also got fresh and we had taken our lunch together. Then she asked me to show her some maths problems. She came to my room and sat on the bed. She sat in front of me due to which I can see her milky thigh. She had worn a black panty seeing this I got a hard on. I can’t able to concentrate on teaching her. After some hour she told to take some rest. I told her that as we are bored doing maths for hours let do something interesting to get refresh. She liked my idea and asked for pillow fighting. I immediately agreed for it. We had started the pillow fighting on my bed. Jaya beaten me many times with the pillow and meanwhile she was laughing too. While beating me with pillow she was shouting”Bhiaya ko maine hara diya”(I have defeated my brother). I hold her both hand and pushed her on the bed and climbed on her and told her that you can’t able to defeat me. Certainly I feel that my dick was rubbing with her pussy. I got an instant hard on. My sister looked into my eyes as she feels the pressure of my dick on her pussy. I teased her by saying now beat me. She told that she can’t able to defeat me and asked me to let her go. But I told her that you have beaten me I will not release you. And I have started to move my hip to and fro due to which my dick started to rub against her pussy. She started making noise like uhhhhhhhh……………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………………

I had grabbed one of her boobs in my mouth over her clothes and started to suck it. Suddenly she pushed me back and told that this is not right as we are brother and sister. But I had not listened to her and continue my activity. She was saying continuously Bhaiya chor do, but she was not trying to release from me. I pushed her frock above her panty and kept my mouth on her pussy over her panty and started to lick it. She started to moan loudly and soon ejaculated in her panty. I had taken off her panty and placed my dick on her pussy. I pushed my dick in her pussy but that was very tight as this was her first time. She cried out loudly and asked to pull my dick. I told her that it will pain a bit but after that it will give more pleasure. I kept my lip on her lip and sucked it so that she can feel little bit relief. And I pushed my dick completely into her she cried out loudly. Her pussy started bleeding. I rested into her for sometime, when she got relief I started to move my dick in her pussy. I fucked her very hard and ejaculated into her. I had pulled my dick out. Jaya told me”Bhaiya it’s to goods” and kissed on my lips. From that time whenever we get chance we do sex mith each other.

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