Annu and her tailor
It was a hot summer day. Anu wanted to go to the tailor but her mother did not have the time to take her there. Her father was also out of the city for another few days. She was feeling very desperate as she had to check the fittings of her new dress which she was to wear on the marriage of one of her cousins. Few days back she had sel the cloth herself but could not give her measurements properly and had to give her another shirt for the purpose as on that day also her mother was busy somewhere. The tailor had told her that he will do the basics but next time once she comes she must have more time so the proper fittings could be done. He also told her to bring all the other accessories also which she wants to put on with the shirt so that all the fittings are done accordingly. This was the first time that she got herself fixed in such a problem as previously she always use to give her other dresses for the fittings and measurements and things use to get ok. But this time she was in no mood to do any experiment and wanted to look the best in the ceremony. She was 18 years old had a perfect figure 34-24-36 and she was praised by all her colleagues.

After having a lot of discussion with her mother it was finally agreed between both that her mother would drop her at the tailors shop and would pick her up after about 2 hrs once she would finish her own works. It was the first time that her mother was leaving her like this alone. They both reached the market, it was 2 o’clock in the afternoon and the sun was shining bright. Anu’s mother told her that she will be back by 4 o’clock and Anu should wait for her until then at the tailors shop. Anu started moving towards the tailor’s shop. It was in the basement and in a corner, not many people used to pass from that side. As it was mid day so on that day there were very few customers in the vicinity at that time, Anu entered the shop and saw that two ladies were already there in the shop and were having a chit chat with the tailor. Then they asked him that they wanted to give their measurements. Tailor asked Anu whether she has some time so that he can get over with them. Anu agreed to that. Tailor asked the ladies to come in the small room which was at the back side as all the measuring tapes and other stuff were lying there. They agreed, in followed the tailor. Annu was sitting alone in the shop and kept scanning through different magazines which were lying there of different designers, she liked few of the designs and decided that next time she would select few designs for her from the same. After about 15 minutes the ladies came out giggling and laughing at each other and told the tailor that they would come again after 1 week and would collect their dresses. While going out of the shop one of them commented at Annu that you have come to the right place and the best tailor’s shop in the city and passes a smile.

After their departure tailor paid attention to Annu and asked her if she is ready. He also told Annu that he dress is almost ready but she needs to give that a final try. Annu followed the tailor into the back room. It had a dim red light and was quite cool unlike the main shop which was very hot at that time, Annu felt quite comfortable in that room. Tailor asked her whether she straight away wants to try the dress or would like her to dry herself and told her to stand infront of the fan and the mirror meanwhile he will have a fresh measurement of her, annu agreed to the suggestion and followed the instructions of the tailor and came infront of a big mirror. Tailor measured her shoulders and noted down in the small note book. The he tried to measure the length of her shirt but her dupatta came in between, tailor slightly put that to one side on her shoulder and put one of his hands on her shoulder and with the other lifted her front of the shirt and noted down the readings once again. Till now the things were going fine and Annu was satisfied with the proceedings. Next the tailor started the measurements of her balley , then moved a bit up and asked her to lift the dupatta up so that he can measure the upper part of the balley. Annu felt a bit uncomfortable but agreed and did the same as told. Next step was amazing and she felt a cold breeze blowing through her body once the tailor lifted he boob a bit up and inserted the measurement tape under them and asked her to turn around. But tailor was doing everything in a very professional way. Then came the turn of measuring the boobs. He asked annu whether she will do that her self or want the tailor to do that for her. Annu had no answer and before she could speak any thing the tailor removed her dupatta completely and asked her to lift her arms. Annu was getting ashamed but did the same , tailor touched her boobs and moved his hands over them very delicately as if he was trying to feel something. He was searching for her nipples and put the tape on them and measured something, next he moved his hand under the arm pit of annu which was fully wet with sweat by that time and tried to feel the wetness there. He smiled a bit and tried to smell her sweat. Annu felt dying with shame as she knew that she had not removed the hairs from her armpit for the last few days because of which she was sweating more. Then the tailor moved his hands on her back as if he was searching for something. Soon annu realized that he was finding the top of her back zip. He started opening the same , annu got terrified but soon the tailor stopped and just unzipped that for about half where he could find the joint of her bra straps and stopped theer. He then measured both halves of her shirt from the back separately. Then came the turn of the arms. He once again asked annu to raise her arms. He came closer to her and first checked the circumference of the arms. Then the radius, then came the important thing , length of the end of the sleeve from the armpit. Tailor inserted his finger into the sleeve and took that deep till annu’s arm pit , she was dying with shame once he moved his finger into the arm pit and felt the hairs there and gave a low smile. After taking out his finger from her sleeve the tailor smelled the aroma of sweat on his finger. Then he further moved on. Next came the turn of measurement of breasts and the chest. He asked annu very politely what is her size? She told 34B with extreme shyness. But the tailor said that in order to have a perfect dress lets measure once again. Annu wanted to say something but her voice could not come out. Tailor put the measuring tape on the right breast first and moved his hand on it and then very delicately measured the left breast. His hands moved with such proficiency that annu felt a current in her body. Now her nipples were getting hard and getting erected. They were trying to come out of her bra. Now shw was getting excited. The tailor then held the V neck of her shirt , inserted his fingers in that, touched her cleavage and asked her that hoe deep she wants the neck of her shirt. Simultaneously he was inserting his finger inside and then touched the bra of annu and then started movinh his fingers on the linening of the bra. Then he himself said that I think it will be ok here and was touching the center of the cleavage. Then he took the measurement of that also. Then he told annu that now I will have to remove your shirt from your shoulder cz I have to see that where the straps of your bra rest on it and remove dher shirt from the right shoulder and measured something from the neck . He did the same on the left shoulder also. Then he moved down and measured the belly from her navel around her waist, and moved further down to measured the shaolwar. He measured the length from the sides by moving his hands on the outer side of her thighs. Then he told annu to hold her shiert up and inserted his head under her shirt and started measuring the inner side of her shalwar. He started movinh his hand from the place where it was tied and moved down words. His hands kept moving down and were moving on the panty which annu was putting on. He was trying to find out the exact place of her pussy but as she was putting on a panty so he was finding it hard to find the lips.

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