Anjali’s 1st episode
I am a frequent visitor in human digest.even though there are many other sex story sites i like this one particularly because they are comletely created by my fellow indians.i thank the human digest team for such a erotic site.

First some thing about me,

I am anjali, i am from dob is 25/1/1981.(i wish i ll get a lot of wishes from u).i am 27 now.i understood the full meaning of sex wen i was 16.but i being in a very good family i am also grown with all the good habits.but i always dreamt of some one licking all over my body.i decided to control my sex need till i get married and i had a good self control.i always go unnoticed where ever i go because of my shyness.there is nothing on my sex regard to say in the period of 16 to 25.i got married at the age of 25.i am very lucky to get a great hubby on all regards.he is also a virgin when we married.that was a big shock for me because i always heard rubbish stories about boys and my friends used to say no guy is virgin.also this human digest proved that fact.but i am very lucky my hubby also likes to do lot of experiment on my body which i enjoy without a single no.we had a very good married sex life for 1 year.after that my hubby got pomotion into a kind of job which needs staying out of station for 1 week in every month.

Oops i forgot to tell about my body…

I was blessed with 36-26-36.but i developed this only wen i got married before that i had a 30 breast…ok i will call it boob the way you like.i am wheatish with red lips my hubby asks me not to put lipstick.i have a long neck my breast are like cups but slightly hanging.i am not very slim but butts are very big once again the credit goes to my hubby and thighs are a good complement for it.about my heavenly pachi(vagina or pussy)i ll tell later.

Ok lets go to the story…

1st episode…

U know my hubby ll b out of station for one week every month.i didnt have the wish of having sex with a second guy till i met this sexy guy.his name is anush, he is my friend supriya’s hubby.they have newly shifted to my area.and my friend is working as a teacher in her she said she can come here ony after one month and asked me for a help to allow her huby for two days in my home during which he will search for a new home.i said ok thinking that he will be a descent guy as my friend is very descent.i told this thing to my hubby and he too accepted for anush came on a wednesday morning and my hubby was about to leave on thatt days night flight to anush came and we had a chat and then averything was normal till i bid my sweet hubby good bye(i gave him a terrific blowjob last night as he is going to b alone for next one week and he is a very good guy)

As he left we had our dinner in a hotel and he was driving back home.we were speaking about supriya and her silly pranks.then when we went to sleep there was a poer cut and there is power only in the hall and kitchen with a i came out of my room and i saw him in his burmadas and nothing on top.he shyed and said sorry for this and went and got a tshirt and came out.then he asked how power is in kitchen alone…then i told him about the ups.then i said he looked good in bare body …he said thanks.i asked whether u go to gym.he said s and said i should ask my hubby also to go to gym because he had bcome fat.he laughed.

We were speaking for 15 mins thinking the power ll come but it didnt.i got a cup of milk for both and we finished it.suddenly he asked me why u didnt have any kids.i felt shy at that ques and elt something different b/w my thighs.i said we are plaiing to have a baby only next year.they had one male child.supriya got married b4 6 months of my marriage.then we were speaking about some general stuff.and i welt very clumpsy in all my sarees and dress and went and got in a nighty which is semi transarent i used to wear that wen i had sex with my hubby.i didnt know how i got the gutts to wear such a dangerous costume in front of another man.but i didnt realize that it will take me to the level of getting fucked my my friends rreturned from my room i saw him in his bedroom removing his tshirt and i didnt move i just kept watching him.this time he didnt feel shy and asked me to come in ..then i thought instead of kitchen we can b in that room itself because of street light and air from the window that room had 4 windows on one wall fuly .i and my hubby used to sit there and enjoy the night sky.i was sitting on the bed and he was sitting on the chair beside.

Then i remembered on thing which supriya has told me about anush.she said that he said tat he had a lover in college . I asked about her.but he said not to speak about that.then i said sorry.and again went to seneral stuff.then suddenly i got an urge to piss and went to the bathroom in the same room and didnt close the door so that i can get some street light .i told him about that and said dont worry i am a good boy and said but i am not going away.i felt shy but just started my piss because i was in a very urgent.and to the shokof my life the power came and i was just pissing with my naked pussy right in front of him and he had his eye stuck in my hole.i dont know why i didnt try to cover my body i just pissed and went out and said that u r not a good boy and u r very bad.

The he said that no i allowed u to see my chest and u showed me your pachi(pussy) its so simple .but i didnt like word “very simple” because he didnt respect mu pussy.later i scoulded him for doing that after 5 mins.he said it was not his mistake and said tat he is ready for any punishment.then i asked him to show his tol as punishment but i didnt meen it actually.but to my shock he suddenly got up and removed his burmadas.i was shocked to see his 9″ big hubbies was just 6″.i just didnt move and he asked me whether its enough and i said enough and supriya is lucky.he smiled and was looking at my body very coolely.i asked him not to do so but he said wats wrong in looking and asked me have you never showed your body to anyone other than my hubby i immediately said no.he said if i have any wish like tat he said he can fulfil.i said i have to think and said good night and went to sleep .and he said to sleep in that room itself.i feared and went to my room but my bad brain made me not to lock my bedroom’s door thinking he may come.

Later at midnight wen i woke i was shocked to se him lying next to me with our any dress.he said dont worry i will not do anything without my permssion because he likes having sex and not raping.and told me to shave my pussy tomo for sure.i got very relaxed with his speech and all tension and fear went away from me.i asked him about supriyas sex and he said she is really mad and does any thing for me.he said they had sex befor marriage itself.that was a shock for me.i asked whether he had sex with his lover and he said no.thankgod i am only second and not third.he asked me about my sex life and i said all the the game which i played with my hubby with pride.

Then he asked me wen i ll be on period isalpped on his face and said never ask that ques again..but by sex brain repled his after 10 days.i saw that he was very happy and slapped him once more and asked how dare he is becoming such bad to his wife’s friend and reminded him that supriya had told that u r a good guy.he said ya i am very good but just cant control himself and said that i am veryy hot in my saree (supriya is always in her chudi’s).he s the first guy who said that i am hot.and that one word made my brain to finalize that i must give my whole honey body as treat for him tomo night.

We were chating for some time about sex and by the time i said good night he was liking my fingures and asked me whether he can do this for some time.i said ok and said i will surely shave my pachi tomo.he said thousand thankyou for me and said he will be the luckiest man on this world to second girl for sex that too whole heartedly.i said welcome and he got promise from me that he ll do what ever he wants t. I said ok with the condition of using condoms.he was liking my fingers for some time and then he was massaging my hips and i went to sleep.

Later wen i woke up i saw he was still on bed lying nude i can see his penis still hard clearly in the day light.i went near him and kissed on his lips and said good morning.he was looking at my bra and said that its to hot.i said thanks and asked im to put his underwear or else i will cut his penis he gave anaughty smile and asked me to take his penis on hand and i said nothing now.he said i had promised i had no other go…i took the huge rod of flesh in my two hands i thought he might ask me to take in my mouth.then he said whether she needs the small hairs on his penis…i said better you can shave then he asked me whether i can shave his penis as supriya always avoids that.well that was the stupid ques i have ever heard but i accepted because i have become his sex slave.then he asked me to show me any one part of my body
Breast or
Pachi or
Or thighs
Which he wants to lick now because he will be going out for a work and wll be returning at 2:30 for lunch after that we can have our sex episode started.

So i showed him my left thighs and said only 5 mins.he made all my thigh wet with his saliva.i enjoyed every stroke of his tongue and i liked him very much because he didnt even try to touch any other part of my body and stopped exactly afer 5 mins.i showed him my right thighs but he said no and have to leave and got from the bed.wen i he got up i saw traces of semen on the bed sheet and asked him whether he masterbated on tha bed he said yes and i can taste and smell that cum untill he comes in the eve.i said u r very mad and i love you.he came back and hughed me and kissed on my neck and said he too loves me and hold my butts very tightly that even after he left i felt his hand .then he asked me not to masterbate as he wants a lot of cum from my pussy that night.i agreed.

After half an hour he called me from the bathroom i thought he is calling me for a blow or handjob.but he asked me to dry his body and dress him as if he is a lkg kid.his kunji (penis i like using tamil words it turns me on)was still erect.i dressed him and then he said that he will be leaving in half an hour and ordered me be naked still he left.i obeyed and removed my nighty and then my bra .he is the second guy in this world to look at my firm boobs well he had seen my pachi before itself.when i walked my boobs were jumping up and down and he was enjoying it that feeling was newfor mee too and to make him more happy i satarted sweeping the home wen my boobs are hanging in full swing.

No men in this world can control his cock after seeing that …he is no exception.he asked me to give him a handjob.he asked me whether we should go to bathroom.and i said no and i took him to my bed room and removed his clothes which i wore him and took his kunji in my hand and started stroking.he is moaning.i tried to take in mouth but he refused and said only handjob.i liked his rules really a lot of rules but they were making me hot too.

I can write a 1000 word esay on his penis but i restricted myself to this 4 lines.
I havent even concentrated on the characteristics of my hubb’s penis like this.his penis is about 10 inches which s really biggest for me.i will die for taking his penis in my velvetty paachi.its head is very big than the shaft.the nerves are as if it were gonna explode as i stroked the precum came slowly.i begged him to allow me to take the biggest head in my mouth he said no with a moan.i cant control myself.i stroked faster.lot of precum on his head and some fell on my boobs u know i am nude actually.i kept his penis in the angle that all the precum fell on my left breast.i just spread all his precum on all his shaft.i didnt know why hasnt got an orgasm yet.he was moaning wildly and askig me to do fast.i did my best my left breast was fully wet with the precum i was actually neeling down b/w his legs.suddenly he shouted ok ok ok and he showered me with his honey semen or cum or sperm in my face i was terribly shocked .

I never had that much amount of cum on my face and upper body i is gasping slowly and i again tried to take his kunji in my mouth but he refused again and i am dying for the cum…he asked me to bring a karchief. Then he cleaned all the cum on his penis in the karchief.then he ordered me not to wash my face and breast untill he asks to do so.think of taking a litre of cum and pouring it on ur face and breast .i was in such a condition.and the smell of cum is making me drousy.then he asked me can i piss in your bed .i begged him to piss on my body and in my mouth he refused then i said its my pleasure.and he pissedright on the bed and made the handkerchief completely wet and the piss and the cum was dripping from the kerchief .and then anush asked me to tie the handkerchief which is very wet on my vagina as i used to put whisper pads with that band he is really driving me crazy.but i know that his penis is also dying for a suck from my mouth.i did wat he said.i was having that kerchief in the position he wanted.he ordered me not to remove that untill he comes.then he kissed on my lips and i am surprised that he tasted his own cum from my lips which i havent cleaned it.he said i can clean my face after half an hour.then he cleaned his body and dressed and left.

I was just enjoying that bad smell which was driving me crazy i just lied on the bed in which he has pissed and my body was fully covered with his piss and its fealing great and i cant believe how crazy i have become and i a pissed in the bed itself without control on my vagina.i cleaned my face after one hour.i took all the liquid on my body in a cup and kept in the fridge.then i got a call from anush and he said that he ll like to shave my pussy on his return so i said ok theni reminded him to buy condoms he laughed ad said did u wash ur face.i said no i am still having the cum on my face i ll not remove it .then he laughed and hanged.

Then i went to take shower and came at around 12:30.there s two hours to go for my episode to start and then i went to my friends home who once said that she has some porn dvds.i got 3 dvd’s from her…she was giving a naughty look and i said that i am getting only for fun.she smiled and i left.i learnt some new moves and it was 3:30 wen he returned.i was actually using my sex toy (which my cousin padma brought for me from canada last year).even my hubby knows that i have a sex toy.its only 8 inches and an inbuilt vibrator.he saw that and took it out of my pussy and licked the juices on it.then i went and took the cum from the fridge and drank it in front of him.he is shocked to see wat a bitch i am.then we were watching a porn movie for an hour as he is tired and during that he was playing with my ass.

I was lying on the sofa with my breast faced down and my ass is exactly on his lap.he is playing with my ass buns and he is just seducing the upper lips of my vagina.he was very softly handling my velvetty vagina.i liked handling style.he was handling my pussy like a felt wow.i shouted wow hubby used to be hard at my pussy always.but i liked that too.he said my ass is better that supriya’s.he said that supriya never allowed him to enter har ass hole.he asked me will you allow me enjoy as ass fuck with you.i smiled and said i am your slave so dont ask permission.he looked very happy his penis too.i asked him to be nude.he too obeyed my orders and he said that he will also be my slave from now.he was happy with that word.

In the porn movie there are 5 guys showering a slut wife with their cum .looking at that he asked me will you like group sex.i suddenly got up and feared he may make bad use of my weakness and said i will kill you if u do some thing like that.he also got tensed and hughed me and said that he loves me very much and said sory for that silly statement.i saw his eyes .i was sure he is really loving me and will not get me in to any trouble.again he said i love you anju.i kissed him and went back to my position because he said my ass is btter than his wife’s so i decided to give a lot to him.we were speaking about supriya’s body her vagina and boobs he said both my pussy and ass were great then supriyas.but booobs are bigger than mine.i said you will change your mind once you suck my boobs.he showed me the condoms that was my favorite one and asked him how he knows this was my favorite.then he told that supriya told that it was my favourite.

I got shocked at that statement…he has told supriya that he is going to fuck me tonight and i cant believe that supriya had agreed for that.then i remembered that i once supriya told that wat flavour of condoms i like.i never thought that supriya will take it such easily.but this s fact .this thing has increased some more wetness to my pussy.wen i got relaxed from that news i saw anush was licking my ass hole like a baby eating an icecream.he is biting my ass but i didnt say no.he was also licking my was good suddenly i felt like getting orgasm because of his feather touch.i ordered my slave to make me orgasm.then he said me one thing.that he likes to several sex plays but supriya never allows to play all dirty he begged me to do wat ever he says and accept waever he did to me.i said ok on condition of only i ll allow him and he sholuld never plan for a group sex.he said i am a stupid and promised he is not tat bad.

Then only i felt safe and said u can do wat ever u want and i ll give only moans.then he said they he will make my pussy the wettest then it had ever been.i asked him how.he said wants to do bursting orgasm in mybody and i said take me to heaven.actually he explained like he is about to fingure my pussy untill orgasm and then stop before orgasm..and then repeat the same untill i cry for a orgasm he asured me a heaven in this sex play and i begged him not to delay too much or else he may not get the full pleaseure while fucking because my pussy may have lost the strength.

Then he said ok we will do it tomo because he wants to give all my holes a fuck.i was very happy at his decision.later we wnt in the bed room i got on the bed and he removed all his clothes and jumped on me.his whole body was on mine and he was kissing and sucking my lips for 20 mins .we tasted each other’s saliva and tongue.he licked all over my face my lips then my ears .we ate each others lips for 15 mins.then i licked his tongue and then his neck and his chest which was superb .he had a great chest and some amount of 6 packs.his body tasted good and all the time his penis was in my hand and i was stroking it grew very big.then i came down and started licking his balls .ya i forgot to tell u we shaved each others hubby never shaves his anush flesh rod was a new treat for me.i was liking his balls for some time.i felt his cock was throbbing to get into my i took his penis head in my mouth .

It was very solid that i was not able to bend it.i took the head alone and started licking all over it.his precum came slowly i took all his upper skin down and licked to the core.he was giving moans which increased my sucking speed.i tried to take all his penis flesh in my mouth but i was not able to do that.he was not happy with i suked his for 30 mins.and then.he started licking my boobs and started biting it .my breast turned redand my nipples were hard.he was sucking hard on my tits.and having his left hand on my vagina and his right hand on my boobs squeezing them.his fingures were inside my vagina.i was very wet by then.and his fingures too.after enjoying both of my boobs he got down to my paachi and licked them so softly for some time.later suddenly he became to hard on my pussy with his fingures and tongue and started eating my vagina lips.i was fealing like i was in heaven and i loved the way his tongue explored my inner vagina…my bed was full of my precum and some off my piss which leaked while he was licking me.then he turned me and started licking my ass and the hole and his fingures got deep into pussy and he touched my love spot many times.he liked my ass very much so he ate my ass for a long time and suddenly said that he is gonna fuck me.i was dying for that instance and asked him to be fast.he lied on me and his penis lips were slowly rubbing on my thighs with the wet precum .i was getting very mad and took his penis in my hand and kept them on the entrance of my vagina hole .he was searching for the hole for some time later which he found his way inside me.i was feeling some pain wen his head was entering my pussy.but i got a lot of pleasure wen his head was inside .

I was sure he cant enter me fully.but wen his shaft entered i was completely filled and i was shouting like a mad.he was kissing my lips.and getting in and out of was fealing great .his penis was very big that there is 1/4 th ouside still throbbing to get inside me.we both were very wet inside.he got a lot inside my body i felt his flesh touching inside my pussy were even my hubbies hadnt bfore.i got a great orgasm first which made almost of the bed wet later which he gave a very big shot of cum inside me.i was not able to open my eyes by then.he was fucking me badly without a gap.i got drained and he was fucking me for hours together i had more than 8 orgasms in 2 hours after which i slept and was still lying on my body.

When i opened my eyes it was morning and i felt a very open vagina i felt his cock without the erectnes still inside my pussy it was totally messy with all the cum and precum and smelled wow.i tried to get up but i cant because of his body on mine.he too opened his eyes and asked me to suck his penis and left the way for me.i was totally energyless.i crawled on the bed and took his litttle penis outsside and it started to grow again in size it was having a gelly liquid and it a mix of all the fluids.i had never tasted such a penis before and it took some time for me to clean it dry he said i am doing great.he said he never had his penis even inside supriya for more than 1 hour but it was inside me the whole night.lot of fluid was dripping from my pussy.he said sorry for not wearing a condom and i said he thankyou for his cum treat but i didnt get any shot in my mouth .he pulled me on him and i climbed on his body and placed my pussy near his face.

He licked my pussy it was actually very messy and licked my thighs and ass after which i went for a shower.i was not ablle to get out of that drowsiness .then asked him for a shower with him.then we had a shower together and cleaned each others body.after that we had our breakfast and he left to his native to bring supriya in the next week.i asked him to come hear very often.i felt very shy when he reminded me that supriya knos about this and i have to face her the next week.

In the eve my hubby came and got a lot of sarees for me and other stuff.i said no to fuck his because my pussy had still not returned to its normal…its still loose.

This is my first sex experience.
I suggest all wives to have sex with other guys atleast one before they loose their hot body.thats the only stuff which brings the max pleasure to our body and makes us feel satisfied.

After that till now i had sex with 3 more guys and 1 girl.
These stories are coming soon…….

Anjali’s 2nd episode—with another hubbies friend
Anjali’s 3rd episode—with my cousin
Anjali’s 4th episode—with my neighbour (college girl)
Anjali’s 5th episode—with the medical store boy

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I will be very happy to have close contact with you pals.

Happy journey through out your life.

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