Amma aur Dushman Foji
Rahul saw his village overrun by enemy soldeirs when he was 10 years old. He saw war ravaging his country, destroying it, while one man was also ravaging his family.

This is his story.

One hot summer, we woke up to the news on the TV, the slavic army has invaded us. They are on the outskirts of our village. Most of our men have lost their lives or have been taken captive. The rest fought the invading army and died or just surrendered and accepted the invading men in their villages.

The enemy came maliciously. The officers said that they will not stay long in our village. They just need to regain their strength and move to the capital, leaving our vllage in peace. They were lying....

One of the demands, or orders, of the army is that each house had to accommodate one of the officers of the army, while the soldiers stayed in the school, hospital and hangars of the village.

A few days later, I saw dad coming with a tall blond man from the distance. Running outside, my curiosity as a 10-year-old boy pushed me to see this stranger closely.

Dad was around 40 years old then, a previous boxing champion, he was well built, salt and pepper hair and a moustache, all complimenting his handsome dark features.

Next to him, stood a 6 feet tall Adonis of a man. Blond, chiseled jaw, deep blue eyes, bearded, and filling his army suit nicely.

Dad invited him to our house and introduced him as Captain Jake Cocksman, one of the top ranking officers of the slavic army.

Looking closely at the Captain, I couldn't help but notice his huge biceps, thick hairy forearms and developed pecs. I also saw how the Captain's eyes widened up the first time he saw mom, and no one can blame him for that.

In our village, dad was considered quite the man, for being able to score mom as his wife. Marryig her just out of school, mom was 18 years old, beauty queen of the region.

At 5'6'', with black eyes, luscious lips and fair skin, she was a dream come true. Her beauty was not completely innocent though. Her huge breasts, small waist and tight ass made her the wet dream of most straight men who knew her. Dad was always proud and protective of mom. She was his prize.

At the dinner table, Dad sat at the head of the tale with mom and me on one side and the Captain at his right.

The Captain was quite captivating with his smile, his confidence, his manly attitude and his politeness.

I got to know he was 33 years old, and the fastest officer to reach the Captain rank in the history of the slavic army. Mom laughed a couple times during dinner at jokes the captian would throw, while dad was stern and kept his attention. After all, he had an enemy at the table.

The next day, in the morning, I went with dad to take the shower behind the barn. Since the war started, water didn't arrive home. Men had to shower with water used for irrigation while preserving the hot water in the house for the women.

Arriving there, we saw the captain just arriving in his pajama pants and his wifebeater.

Saying good morning and winking at me, the captain joked it's gonna be a group shower today.

I laughed heartily and lokoed at dad who was a bit uneasy.

Taking off his pants, it turned out the blond captain didn't have any underwear. I caught a glimpse of his tight ass, with blond thin fur all over it. And then he turned around, taking off his wifebeater, flexing in all his muscled glory.

Looking at dad, I saw his face turn red.

"Come on boys, hop in" said the young captain in an inviting tone.

I rapidly got out of my clothes and got under the running hose.

"Come on dad" I shouted.

"Maybe he is shy, son" said the captain, half jokingly.

Dad took it a s achallenge, so he took of fhis clothes and came under the running water.

In my young mind, I used to be fascinated with dad's manly mature body, but seeing the captain soft dick made me do the comparison.

Soft, the captain had a snake between his legs, that was double the length and girth of dad's dick. The captain's blond testicles were easily the size of small apples.

"How come your thing is so much bigger than dad's, sir?" I asked

This question made the captain laugh hard, and then saw how dad was kind of embarassed and trying to finish his shower as fast as possible, unconsciously hiding his dick with his hands.

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