Aishwarya, Sushmita,Lara Get Fucked Hard
Generally I prefer to wallow in luxury in my large, spacious Bombay mansion with my private harem of sexy starlet slaves. That is the reason that I rarely venture out of the city even though I am not afraid of flying like some other celebrities. But I had to admit these pagaent people had not given me cause for complaint so far, the suite was a spacious penthouse, with a nice view and the luxuries to match. I had brought Amisha and Katrina with me as my secretaries. The pagaent was going to start tomorrow. Miss India, always a prestigious title and one that could make a girl not only rich but also successful, reason for envy. What made it even more competitive this year was the fact that the first place winner would not only get the crown but also the lead role in two of my forthcoming movies. Subject to my approval, of course. Reason to kill for. Out of the other 3 judges one was a star heroine who had been one of my sluts at one time, and the other 2 guys had been my assistant directors one time or other though they were successful directors in their own right now. What it all boiled down to was that when the chips were down, I could crown any lucky girl the latest Miss India.
And don't think I didn't realize this when all the organizers and the contestants were being extra-sugary-nice to me all this time during the city tour and all such non-sense. Tomorrow the individual interviews will start. But right now this was time to relax... Amisha was perched on the arm of my sofa chair, attired in a small teddy that left her back all bare except for two thin spaghetti straps and ended just below her pussy. It was black but totally transparent so her big boobs, her nice erect nipples and her pussy were all visible and accessible. Especially her pussy in the position she was sitting, with right leg on the sofa arm and the left on my thigh, so her legs were open and her pussy lips so nice and inviting. She was holding my drink in her right hand with her left around my shoulders, one of her soft tits pressing on my right shoulder. Her job was to put the glass to my lips whenever I wanted while my hands were busy in the more important and delightful task of playing with her body.
My right caressing her soft back, in the thin, almost non-existent teddy and my left resting on her inner thigh, just below her pussy, caressing with soft irregular strokes that were heating up her tight, hot pussy as was evident from her moans. As I leaned in to lick between her gorgeous tits in her generous cleavage, I could see a definite glistening on her pussy slit. Just then the doorbell rang. Since Amisha was being used, it became Katrina's duty to open the door. But she looked to me, presumably on account of her attire. She was wearing a small stretch denim tube top that only covered the middle part of her tits and stretch denim blue shorts that were so tight and so short that the back seam was pressed in her ass crack and the front was outlining her pussy lips clearly.
They were low rise so the start of her ass crack was visible and from the short bottoms also her ass cheeks were hanging out. And of course, no panties or bra were possible in such skimpy, skin tight clothes even if permitted to wear my sluts any undies. So she paused to see if I would order her to throw on a robe or order her to open the door as she was. When I nodded, she simply walked out of the room to see who was desirous of an audience at 10 O'clock at night. Presently she returned with our visitor. Sushmita Sen, one of contestants, and one of the favourite ones actually. A lot of people thought she was going to the next Miss India. The dress she was wearing was a white sprinkly-shiny, halter straps that joined behind her neck and widened a little to press her soft tits, her back totally bare, ending unevenly on one leg on mid-thigh and on the other leg just below her waist. The below waist part was translucent enough to show that she was not wearing panties, when she moved and the dress stuck to her legs. She moved towards me with a sexy smile, putting one leg ahead of the other, so that the dress stuck to her sexy thigh and outlined her private parts in a very seductive way. Keeping my right hand on Amisha's bare back I extended my left. It was up to her to shake it with her left or right. She did neither. Instead she moved in, wrapping her slim slinky body in my extended arm and hugging me tight, with her soft boobs pressing on my chest she caressed my cheek with her soft cheek and kissed me nicely on the cheek with her tongue coming out to lick my cheek briefly. "Hello sir", she breathed seductively.
She kept her body presses against mine, giving me a nice boob massage on the chest, giving me ample time to rub her bare back from the neck down to her soft waist. Then finally I said, "Sit down, doll." "Mmmm, thank you, I thought you'd never ask." Moving gracefully and without and without any hesitation she slid her sexy ass on my lap, sitting sideways backing up her bare back into my left hand and putting her right hand on my shoulder. The halter dress was cut generously low in the neck and presented her sexy, soft, pressed-together tits right in my face. I took my right hand off of Amisha's back to hold one of the soft boobs into my hand, caressing the bare tit top through the low-cut neck opening. I fondled the soft tomato, squeezing it gently, "Nice pair!" I commented. "All yours!" She offered. Mmmmmmmmmmm, that was nice! I squeezed the soft globe harder in my big hand and she responded by burying her lips on the side of my neck and sucking hungrily. Suddenly I got up and walked to the bar to refill my glass. She groaned in despair.
Who said I wasn't a tease. There was a knock on the door just as I was putting the bottle back. Me being the closest to the door I just reached over and pulled the door open. The girl that entered was a vision of loveliness - big green eyes, dark black hair kissing her right cheek as it rested on her shoulder, round shoulders encased in a see-through reddish jacket ending just above her waist, gorgeous full breasts spilling over the tight, tiny top, the color of the top was pinkish-reddish and the fabric looked like it was made of blades of straw. The one-piece dress ended on her thighs just barely covering her pussy and from there on there were just two long, shapely legs ending in high heels that strapped up her calves, "fuck me shoes" I think they are called.
Her name was Aishwarya Rai, I knew, another favourite with the crowds. "Delicious!" was my one word comment on this paradise in a girl's body. "Hungry?" she asked with a candid smile and a twinkle in her sexy, green eyes. I extended my right arm and she walked right into it, I wrapped my had around her soft narrow waist, "You are dessert baby, always good to eat! Now, where should I start?" She leaned back into my arm, arching her back offering me the lovely view of her deep valley between the soft tits as they were pressed up and closer by the tight dress, "How bout here?" I pushed my tongue between the soft tits and licked up, running my hungry tongue on the roundness of both gorgeous tits. "Mmmmmmmmm" She moaned approvingly. "mmmmm I love those gorgeous tits" "But I have heard you also like nice firm asses." She moved out of my arms and walked to the bar counter behind me, her dress was not hiding the lower part of her sexy globes and it was exposed even more, bringing the lower tip of her pussy into the picture as she put her hands on the high bar counter and pushed her ass back, "and what do you think of this?"
I knew I could get away with it and much more as I walked up to her and putting my hands on her soft rounded shoulders humped her firm ass hard with my rockhard member making its presence felt through the silk dressing gown. "Ungh! Aah" I moved my hands lower on her chest taking a firm grip on both her soft tits and kneading them hard as I humped her ass again and her body rocked forward with my thrust. "Oooh my! Wish I could get some of that action!"
This in feminine voice from the direction of the door. It seemed I had left the door open after admitting Aishwarya and there stood yet another lovely beauty who had dressed in tonight's theme which seemed to be "seduce the judge". Her name was Lara Dutta and she had quite a following in the contest too. Dressed in a thin cream dress that let her nipples poke through visibly she smiled with those rose-petal lips, her shoulder-length, brown-black wavy hair falling on both sides of her face leaving her back bare in the strappy dress with the noodle straps and a nice amount of cleavage available. I knew the straps would cross each other on the back as the dress seemed to be ending just above her waist on the backside. What it did on her thighs was evening more interesting, as it left her long legs almost all the way bare the frilly opaque hemline just covering 2 inches of her leg below the thigh joint on right leg and slanting down to midthigh on the left thigh.
Her shoes 5" high pencil heels that made her hips so attractive as she provocatively moved towards me obviously having no intention to stop until her full, soft breasts had collided with my body. So I opened my right arm keeping my cock pressed on Aish's ass and Lara walked right up against me pressing her soft boobs on my chest and her arm went around my waist so she could flatten them on my chest. I put my right hand on her bare back caressing down to feel her narrow waist and then the lovely curves of her tight yet soft ass. I squeezed them both one by one and then pressed the length of my finger between those hot buns pressing the soft fabric on her tight ass hole, her pussy striking my thigh in the process. She opened her mouth to moan and I pushed my tongue into her sweet mouth massaging and caressing her soft wet tongue deep inside her mouth. Well, it was time to call the party to order. With one arm around Lara and Ash I took them inside, to the bedroom where Sush was waiting patiently. "On the bed all three of you, face towards me, sit on your knees, spread wide and hands behind your waist." Before my orders ended they were already climbing on the bed, high heels and all and took the position I desired without any hesitation or comment except a murmured "Yes sir". I pointed to the chest of drawers and looked at Amisha, "The bottom drawer." She got up and took out a riding crop from the bottom drawer with a soft leather tip.
As she handed it to me, I could see consternation on the faces of all three of my sex-kittens. I ran the soft leather tip on the Sushmita's face who was on my extreme right as I spoke, "You have dressed like little sluts, and come to me at this time of the night" the leather caressed her soft lips, then her neck, moving down towards the tight opening between her tits, as they were pressed by her tight dress straps, "and I would be a fool not to know what you want." They were listening with bated breath as my riding crop touched between Sushmita's breasts and she gave a little gasp. "So I'll put it to you straight." My crop moved to Lara's body, who was in the middle, caressing her nipples poking through the thin dress with the soft leather square as I outlined the conditions to them. "From this moment on you'll be mine - my sluts, my slaves, my bitches, whatever I want. You'll do exactly as I say no matter where it is or how humiliating or degrading it might be." The crop was now playing on her pussy, the thin fabric of the dress clinging to her slit as I pressed on it. Lara was biting her lip as she got more and more aroused. "There will be three criteria for your success. Obedience, shameless sluttiness and how much I enjoy fucking you. And the best slut will win!"
The riding crop moved to Aishwarya's body, playing around her nipples and in her paradise valley between her tits, "If any of you don't agree to any of this mean, cruel humiliation and abuse, she can leave right now. If you choose to stay you become my property to be treated anyway I like in private or public, from now till the end of the pageant, even after the pageant for the lucky winner." I hit the spilling bare top of Aishwarya's breast with the crop, "Do you want to stay?" She gasped, "Yes, sir. I want to be your slut, please!" A similar stroke on Lara's inner thigh with the same question and the same response. The stroke on Sush's thigh was even higher, I bet she felt the pain waves in her pussy right away. But she wanted to stay and be my slut. "Ok part one. I am going to check your holes for tightness. If I do not approve, you'll be sent back right now. Lean back and take support on your elbows and spread your legs wider." They obeyed instantly presenting a very nice array of hot moist pussies in those short sexy dresses.
I started with Lara putting my middle finger on her pussy slit and running it up and down a couple of times. Then I pressed it on her cunt hole and rammed it up into her wet cunt in one hard deep thrust. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" She screamed and bit her lip as the pain in her pussy set her whole body on fire. I fingered her slowly a few times feeling her pussy get wetter with each thrust. Then it was Sushmita's turn. She knew what to expect and her body was tensed up for it. I put my already wet fingertip on her moist cunt hole and start moving it in small circular motions. With each motion she was aroused a little more and then she started thrusting her hips upwards to get my finger into her hole and then suddenly I slammed the thick, hard finger deep into her tight wet cunt hole, with the result that her whole body tensed up and she arched her back with a passionate scream "aaaaaaaaaiiii!" I thought she was going to cum there and then.
But she didn't. That was good as I had lots more fun planned for them. Her friends' or rivals' screams had made Aishwarya very nervous. When I stepped in front of her, her body was all tense, he breathing heavy and she had closed her eyes. I started by running my finger in her ass crack first, then up on her pussy slit. Once, twice up and down, again, her head started to move side to side as she squirmed in that awkward position. Her pussy was getting hotter and wetter despite her fear and my finger was getting soaked in her pussy juices and when I drove my long hard finger deep into her tight love-hole it made a hot, slurping sound in addition to Aishwarya's scream, "oooowwwww!!"
Her clit was up and erect and I couldn't resist flicking it a couple of times with my thumb as I fingered her pussy. So, at the end of round 1 all of them were wet almost to the point of dripping and they had an idea of things to come. I think they were expecting my next order, "On your hands and knees, bitches. Spread those legs wide, raise the dress and expose your ass holes." In addition to the actions, I think it was the way I bluntly issued the orders that was bringing the blush of shame to their cheeks. But they assumed the position readily, exposing those lovely tight pussies and hot little rosebud asses. "Amisha, temperature check." "Yes, sir." She brought out a thermometer that was a little thicker than the medical thermometer used by the doctors and about 7 inches long. One by one Amisha put the tip of the thermometer against the closed rosebud ass hole of each of the girls and pushed it roughly in, driving the whole 7 inches of the thick glass into the tight ass hole causing a hot scream in result. Then she let it in there for about a minute and pulled it back just as roughly, generally greeted by a sharp intake of breath. The temperature would be the same as expected in any normal human being, but the aim was to humiliate and objectify them, making them submit to the extent where they felt nothing more than slave-sluts for use. And that it did.
Apart from the screams, gasps and groans there was not a word of protest from my beautiful beauty-contest sluts. "Let's explore the night life of this city!" I decided and they consented. What other choice did they have though each of them did take a good look at their slut-style dresses. Well, they were fine with me I wanted to humiliate and show them off myself. Before starting I directed Amisha to tear off the frilly hemline of Lara's short strappy dress with the result that her new hemline started at about her thigh joint on the right leg and ended above midthigh on the left. If she didn't move very carefully her pussy slit will come into view. But as the evidence indicated Lara was only turned on by this sluttification. I left Katrina to hold the fort and took Amisha with me to drive the car. In the backseat of the car, Sushmita sat on my left and Aish on my right both close by to provide the warmth of their soft bodies in the air-conditioned car. Holding Lara by the arms I brought her to my lap and lowered her slowly under her bare pussy (the dress was really short now) was pressing on my hard rod in my pants. Instead of letting her grind her wet pussy on my pants, as she wanted to do, I had Aishwarya unzip my pants and take out my throbbing monster. The hot long rod felt so nice in her fair, soft hand. At the signal from my eyes, Lara lowered herself on my erect cock this time, with Aish guiding the raging hard missile into her tight depths. As the swollen cockhead parted her puffy wet pussy lips and entered her tight pussy hole, a gasp escaped her lips. Then she wanted more and more. She rammed her pussy down on my hard erect cock like a hungry slut and then moaned loudly when the fast, hard penetration her hurt soft little cunt. The delicious soft yet ramrod hard cock was taken from Aish's hand by the hungry pussy so she took to massaging my back and kissing and licking my neck with her luscious lips. Sushmita followed suit, licking my neck on the other side while pressing her soft tits on my shoulder. Still feeling all these wonderful sensations I grabbed Lara's firm ass cheeks and parted them, lifting her up a little so half of my cock came out of her pussy.
Then I lowered her again which she participated in by using her own force to impale herself on my hot pulsating cock. But just as she came down on my cock to fuck herself I pushed one hard long finger up into her tight ass hole causing her to lift her head up and scream with the unexpected pain and pleasure, "Aaaaaaiii". Lara started a nice, hot rhythm of fucking, rising and coming down on my hard dick with hungry, passionate strokes, and I kept fingering her tight hot asshole, fucking her in both the holes at once and making her go crazy. Presently, she screamed "aaaaah, yessssssss!" and spewed hot cum all over my throbbing, wet cock. I kept my grip on her firm, soft ass cheeks and kneaded them as I pushed up pumping her hot juicy cunt in and out. And then as my hot thick guided missile exploded in her tight cunt she felt the wet, burning hot spray hit her pussy walls and that started a whole new series of convulsions in her soft, lithe body. I told Sush to lick some of the cum from Lara's pussy but leave enough she was smelling of my cum all night. I put Aish to lick my cock clean which she did with passion and relish. That of course, made me hard again but we had reached the hottest nightspot of the city.

Before leaving the car I had Aishwarya leave her jacket in the car and the effect was spectacular. The lovely, full breasts pressed together by the tight low-cut top, her bare chest, soft round shoulders, and the luscious lips, asking to be sucked. Her long legs totally bare almost up to her pussy in the tight, hip-hugging one-piece dress looked too charming to be from this world. She was not a girl but a mirage for any hot-blooded male. I wrapped my right arm around her slim waist and pressed her close against me as we stepped towards the joint, the feel of her soft tits on my sides was exhilarating. Sush came on to my left side and threaded her arm through mine pressing my biceps it close against her soft breast.

With the two beauties in my hold I walked into the bar. Instead of going to a private cabin I just sat on a barstool and held Aish in front of me, her bare back pressed on my chest and her ass rubbing on my tool, which was already semi-hard. Putting my right hand on her soft, bare thigh caressing and rubbing softly while my left hand moved to her neck and brushed her soft silky raven hair away from her soft cheek.

My first order was for Sushmita. "Sush, go get a drink for me. Vodka martini." She said, "Yes, sir" obediently but lingered on expectantly, presumably for me to give her money to buy drinks. Instead I said, "No money."

"But sir..."

"You have a great body, a beautiful face, and the manner of a super-model. Use yourself to pay for the drink."

"Sir?..." She was puzzled and nervous, not really wanting to hear what it meant.

"Offer to show the bartender your tits in return for the drink." She swallowed visibly. She, a hot model, queen of the ramp, prospective Miss India, flash a bartender? God!

With one severe glance I dismissed her and she had no choice but to turn away and approach the bartender. He was a young lad of about 20 or so who was already ogling the girls, most likely stripping and fucking them in his mind. When Sushmita approached him his eyes were transfixed between her tits in that low-cut halter dress. From our position we could not hear what they were saying but we could watch the drama clearly. Sush was making her proposal in a meek, nervous manner to the young bartender and from her expression she was feeling like a whore doing it. The bartender seemed incredulous at first, he even looked in all directions for the hidden camera. But Sush's insistence made a believer of him and he decided to test it out. He made the drink and set it before Sushmita, not really believing she'd fulfill her side of the bargain. When Sush actually unhooked the dress behind her neck and lowered the straps to expose two gorgeous, perky tits to his candid gaze, he stared like mad. He licked his lips as he careesed her jutting out nipples with his eyes. She let him look all he wanted. Still he moaned in despair as Sush hooked her dress back and picked up the drink.

Aish was pressing her head back in the nook of my neck, her bare back feeling so soft on my chest as my fingers played on her inner thigh, almost touching her pussy. Sush came and put the drink before me. She seemed ashamed of her recent slutty deed but also proud of her accomplishment. I put my hand on her ass and slipped it lower between her legs pushing her from behind towards me, my fingers touching her hot, soft sex. Pressing my lips on her soft lips I pushed my tongue into her mouth and kissed her soft sweet mouth hard. From the arousing touch of my fingers on her soft pussy lips, she moaned into my mouth, while I sucked her sweet mouth, exploring her sweet, delicious depths with my probing tongue. I moved my face back a little, sucking her tongue out of her mouth, my hot, demanding tongue dancing entwined with her sweet tongue in the air between our mouths. And just then my finger entered her tight, little pussy hole, making her jerk a little but not letting go of my tongue.

Finally, I broke the kiss and let Aish put the drink to my lips. Sush understood the gesture of my head and put her hands on the bar counter, bending over slightly and pushing her ass back so I could finger her pussy easily. Aish was now standing between my legs, half-facing me, rubbing her thigh on my hard rod as she helped me sip my drink. The place was crowded but not crowded enough to create any problems.

My drink was finished and I ordered Sush to get more drinks, for me, Aish and Lara. This time she was to show him her pussy in return for the drinks. She seemed very nonplussed but practice makes perfect, she had the earlier experience to guide her.

The bartender was obviously glad to see her return. This time he didn't doubt her proposition. He was practically drooling as he made the drinks quickly. He set them on the counter and looked at Sush expectantly. She stepped back, spread her legs shoulder width and hooked her fingers in the helm of her tight dress that was just barely covering her pussy. You could see the bartender's tongue hang out as he stared at the completely smooth shaven, tight pussy, wet from my recent fingering. He licked his lips, not daring to blink lest the sight of paradise disappear. After giving him a good look at her tight, desirable, hot pussy she smoothed her dress down and started to pick up the tray of drinks. He said something to her in an eager manner, she nodded and walked towards me with the drinks tray.

Instead of extending my hand for the drink, I positioned my hand so it was at level with her pussy and my middle finger was sticking out. She saw it, understood it, and walked closer until my hand was just under her pussy between her legs. Her ultra-short dress posed no problem as I pushed up and impaled her tight pussy on my long, hard finger. She bit her lip against the sudden painful entry into her private parts and the tray shook in her hands. With a nod, I allowed her to set the tray on the counter and asked, "Yes, what do you want to say?"

"Sir...the bartender....he..he was asking.."

"Yes?" I encouraged her.

"He was asking..what does he need to do to get to finger pussy."

I smiled but didn't give any reply. She didn't push for an answer.

Slowly, playfully I started fingering her tight sloppy cunt. "What are you Sush?"

"I am a cheap slut, sir." She answered unhesitatingly.

"And what are sluts for?"

"Sluts are for being fucked and used, sir."

"So what are you for?"

"I am for being fucked and used, sir." As she finished the sentence, I rammed the long finger hard into her tight cunt, her tight hole feeling the impact of the hard thrust. "Ouch!" Her head shot back with the sudden pain in her intimate hole, and my hand got all wet with her juices as the pain excited her hot cunt beyond her wildest imagination. I pulled out my finger and held the wet hand for Amisha to lick clean but Sushmita protested, "No!! Please sir, fuck me....please make me cum, master!"

"Come let's dance." Putting my hand on her bare waist I escorted her to the dance floor. On the elusively-lit floor, she came into my arms, very close, pressing her soft, hot body against my hard body. I rubbed her bare back and waist, feeling her soft body as she pressed her pussy on my hard rod. Trying to hump it through my pants. With my right hand on her ass, I could touch her ass cheeks bare with the tips of my fingers, while my left hand was caressing her bare, soft back pressing her against me, her hard nipples digging into my chest. She clung to me tight, and pressed her soft cheek against my clean-shaven cheek, whispering in my ear, "Oh god, sir., I am so wet. My pussy is dripping on the floor!"

I rubbed her bare back quite confidently, knowing I owned her, she was mine to use anyway I wanted. As we moved slowly to the beat of music, I could feel her eager heartbeat, her whole body hot, horny and begging to be rammed, fucked and used roughly.

She was too horny to realize when I hiked up her dress a couple of inches to expose her pussy except by the touch of cold air on her hot pussy. I dug my teeth into her soft, warm neck as I slipped my hand between her legs, running one fingertip on her wet pussy slit. She reached between my legs and grabbing my hard cock through the pants, rubbed her soft hand up and down on the long hard shaft. As I pressed my fingertip slightly on her pussy slit, she begged in my ear, "Please fuck me, sir, please, I am begging you, master, please!"

I said only two words in her ear, "Unzip me!"

I think she was too horny to think anything. Her ears heard the command, her hands obeyed, there was no intervention from the mind. She held my hard rod and guided it out of the pants, almost before I gave the order. Her soft fingers felt so hot and arousing on my hard, pulsating rod which was fully erect now.

"Spread wider and take it in." She spread her legs wider, still dancing in my arms, and guided my cock as I pushed it into her tight hot cunt. Moving slowly, in tune with the dance movements I penetrated her fully. Then I proceeded to fuck her hot sloppy wet cunt with my hard long cock, using the movements of the dance to pull out and push in, feeling her pussy respond to each stroke. She bit and suck my neck passionately as my steel-hard rod moved in and out of her dripping wet cunt, hidden from view of the most but not from all. With the smooth hot fucking going on we were still dancing, using each dance movement of the dance in the fucking.

Then she came, her hot pussy oozing cum all over my hard cock. She kept sucking my neck, her body jerked with a grunt as I fucked her in a couple of hard, deep strokes pumping her wet cunt. I could feel her pussy respond in more waves of orgasm. Just as I started feeling a huge orgasm build up in me, I pushed my finger into her tight ass, fucking her from both sides. I bit her neck, sucking her soft flesh, licking her round shoulders and then I was cumming inside her. Shooting my hot load deep into her hot dripping wet cunt. She bit her lip as the sensation of my hot wet load on her pussy walls hit her and made her spurt more cum on my throbbing cock.

No matter who had seen us or not, the bartender guy had not even blinked. Or so it seemed.

He watched as I led Sushmita to a booth, my hand inside her dress on her ass cheek though she had smoothed her dress back down.

My other sluts joined us there and I let Aishwarya and Lara take my wet cock out and lick it clean of Sush's cum and mine.

The booth had curtains and all so I could have as much fun as I liked without being observed. But I zipped my pants back up before I had Sush call the bartender in.

"You wanted to finger her cunt?" I asked him rubbing Sushmita's bare back as she came to stand by me bent over the table, a nice, obedient pet.

Not sure how I'd react he just nodded slowly, looking apprehensive but still hopeful as he eyed her slim, gorgeous body. .

"I saw a young girl outside, long dark hair, small sexy body, dancing with a punk kind of boy. If, without using my name, you can get her to come in here and take her top off, I'll let you finger Sushmita. What's more if you can make Sushmita cum within one minute, I'll even let you lick her pussy clean. Deal?"

"Deal." He was too confident and too eager. I suspected he had an ace up his sleeve. I was right.

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