Actress Asin - Wild Fuck with five guys
Of course, it is very private," she mused, playing with the thought and then rejecting it as too dangerous. "Still, I could lower my straps." So thinking, she untied the suit at her neck and removed the straps, baring her chest to the sun, her breasts swelling upward, only the nipples covered. She ran her hand over her body again, admiringly, shivering at the sensations her lazy hand evoked. She squinted around the yard. It was as if she were completely alone in the world - the heat shimmered in the air, and no sound broke the stillness of the afternoon. She smiled to herself as her hand continued its journey over her body, spreading the oil in a thin film and massaging it deeply into her skin. She lay back and relaxed, emptying her mind of all but the sensations of her body. Her hand moved with a will of its own now, caressing her breasts lightly, rubbing her belly in rounded circles, touching her hips briefly in passing. One finger slipped under the tiny bit of cloth circling her hips and teasingly touched her pubic hair.
Asin gasped at the contact, but did not stop, only arching her hips slightly to give her hand freer rein. She masturbated quite frequently, trying to satisfy the urges of her healthy body, and had found that she could please herself as any guy can. She tried to stop thinking about getting fucked, but the feelings evoked by her hand were too strong. Her finger slipped inside her bikini and dug at her pubes. She moaned and opened her legs, letting the finger slide into her moist canal. Oblivious to anything but her own recollections of lust and present need, she fingered herself brutally, hoping to give herself the release she needed. Her finger slipped easily into her cunt, sliding back and forth, around and around, sending twinges of pleasure through her nerves. Asin closed her eyes against the sun, feeling it press against her. It was almost like being fucked by the sun, she thought in a daze, as her body responded to her finger and her hips began to buck up and down in the movements of intercourse. She masturbated frantically in her back yard, her body quaking with remembered lust. She could feel her orgasm coiling in the pit of her stomach, ready to explode and flood her. She gritted her teeth and slid another finger into her bikini, searching for the extended nub of her clitoris. As she touched it, her body shivered and her cunt poured forth a quantity of pussy juices, drenching her fucking and. "Oh ... fuck ... fuck me, ...oh ... God! Fuck meee ...", she strummed her clitoris with her finger. Waves of heat engulfed her as her hand sank deeper into her cunt, probing the walls, scraping her insides and making her shudder with orgasm. She bucked against her hand, imagining it to be her lover's prick, wishing with all her heart that it was. She needed a man inside her - a real man. She groaned in dismay, feeling her orgasm subside and dissipate leaving her strangely empty inside. She had cum - the physical motions had all been there - but something was missing.
I need a man, she thought to herself, lying in her back yard, her legs spread, her fingers still inserted in her cunt. She was exhausted, drained. With a great effort, she opened her eyes and squinted around, wondering dazedly what time it was. Her eyes passed over the men standing in front of her, then returned. She stared at them a minute in complete horror, a cold snake of fear hitting her vitals at the discovery. She wondered feverishly who they were. But she was unable to do so as a result of being under the hot sun for a long time and also for the great feeling she just experienced. She even lost her power to act quickly.
Slowly, the men formed a circle around Asin. Still shocked, she saw her audience gathered around. Some had removed their shirts. They were her servants. One, the gardener, was about 40 years old. The two security guards were about 30 and 21. One was her neighbor with the stereotypical macho look-very muscular and tanned. The last man was her cook, black and about 6'.

She let out a small scream and reached for her bathing suit. The men approached and surrounded her as she fumbled with the suit, trying to find the openings. They knelt next to her, enclosing her in their circle. All the while they were complimenting her on her performance. She was panicking, she took a long time to even begin to get her suit on. In the meantime she kept pleading for them to leave, not paying much attention to their comments. Soon one of the men reached out and stroked her arm. By this time her suit was almost back on and she started to stand up. The men stood around her, not letting her leave the patio despite her appeals. By this time they each were rubbing some part of her body, her arms, legs, neck, or back. They stayed away from the more private areas.
Asin tried to force her way out of the ring but doing so only brought her in contact with one or another of the men. They kept begging her to stay saying that they wouldn't hurt her. That they only wanted to talk. She looked around but could see no escape. Again she push against one of the men but he only embraced her, rubbing his bare chest against her. After a few awkward moments one of the men embraced her from behind. Two others on each side of her each grabbed a leg. Together the three men laid her back on the patio.
She struggled trying to break free but this only caused the other two to each grasp an arm. They held her down as she struggled. After a few moments she tired a little and each man
held a limb in one hand while stroking her legs, arms, or neck with the other. The man at her head cradled her against his crotch as he sat cross-legged. She continued her verbal pleas but slowed her physical resistance. The men continued massaging her gently. Despite her objections she began to relax and obviously enjoy the ministrations the five pair of hands were giving her.When she was fully relaxed, they loosened their grips with their other hands and soon ten hands were caressing her. They passed around the bottle of oil and began to smooth it over areas of her exposed flesh. The man at her head began moving his strokes from her face and neck ever so slowly, millimeter by millimeter onto her upper chest. At the same time the men working on her legs moved higher and higher up her thighs. The men on her arms soon stroked their entire length pausing at the straps on her shoulders.
The large black man had her right arm, the neighbor her right leg, the gardener her left leg and the two security guards her left arm and head. They kept their touching away from her private areas which helped her to relax further. Soon they prodded her to roll over onto her stomach. ( ) She did this with a look of concern and curiosity. They continued to massage her legs, arms, and back. They worked the oil into her gently. She closed her eyes and moaned softly. The men working her legs moved higher and higher and soon began stroking the exposed areas of the cheeks of her ass. Slowly they moved her suit aside little by little until more and more of her ass was exposed. She looked back over her shoulder and tried to reach back to pull her suit out of her crack but her arms were gently restrained by the men working her upper body. They were soon massaging her cheeks gently and sensuously. She again relaxed and closed her eyes. The men working her upper body slowly pulled aside the straps of her suit so they could have unimpeded access to her shoulders. Again she tried to oppose the action but was gently stopped.
They pull her straps further and further down her arms until the top front of her bathing suit pressed against the ground stopped its progress. At this point they tugged a little harder until it began to slide down over her breasts which were against the pavement. This cause her to move her arms up in an attempt to push herself up. This only caused her to loosen the pressure against her body and the bathing suit and allowed the men to pull it down clear to her waist, exposing her breasts against the patio. She immediately dropped back to the ground, attempting to cover herself. She moaned a scared, almost crying response. The men further reveal her back to the sun and had greater access to her entire back. Her suit now just barely covered her waist and down her crack. The men continued their massage now almost having full access to her entire backside. She soon again relaxed and slowly closed her eyes.
This continued for about another 15 minutes. They then prodded her to turn over onto her back. She reached down and brought her suit up over her breasts and began to turn over. Once in a seated position she began to reinsert her arms into the straps of the suit but the men gently forced her back and pulled her arms away from the straps. She again moaned her disapproval. She started to say something but realized it would be of no avail and lay back against the pavement. She had, however, recovered her breasts. The men again began their sensuous massage. This time the men on her legs became a little more bold in their movements along her legs and up her thighs. Occasionally they would bump up against her crotch and indirectly rub her cunt with the side of their hands as they rubbed her upper thighs. The men working her arms and upper chest became also more daring and reached more and more under her bathing suit top toward her breasts. In doing so they pushed further and further aside the material of her bathing suit. Soon she relaxed and again slowly closed her eyes.

The man at her head lowered it to the ground, got up and disappeared around the side of the house. About one minute later he reappeared-naked. His cock slowly rising in a semi-erect state. He approached quietly and tapped the black man on the shoulder. The naked man reached down and took the place of the black man who got up and also went around the corner of the house. The naked man positioned himself so Asin's arm and hand were between his kneeling legs-her hand inches below his dangling balls. The black man reappeared sporting a huge member, also semi-erect. He approached and tapped off the man on her other arm. The black man then placed himself in a position similar to the man over her right arm. Each man took his turn disrobing around the corner. Asin was totally oblivious to this activity. All the while the men continued their boldness in exposing her breast and rubbing her crotch through her suit. It was obvious that despite her objections she was enjoying the attention. By the time the men were all naked her suit had been pulled down almost to her waist and the men working her upper body had full access to her stomach and breasts. She was breathing deeply and her chest heaved slightly with each breath-a noticeable sign of excitement.
The dirty gardener, who was working her legs, reached up and moved aside the crotch over her suit. This caused Asin to open her eyes and try to reach toward her exposed cunt. This action only brought her in contact with two excited cocks. She looked left and right and all around and surveyed the situation. Seeing all these men naked and in various states of excitement caused her to struggle more violently to escape. The men held her tighter. The gardener grabbed the sides of her bathing suit and said, "O.K. Enough of the appetizers. Let's get to the main course." With that he quickly jerked down the suit totally exposing her fully naked body. She tried to kick and squirm but to no avail. She moaned half crying. The gardener then reached over to the lubricant and drooled a large amount down on her pubic hair and over onto her cunt lips. He gently reached forward and rub it into her lips while two of the men held her legs apart. He rubbed her clitoris for a minute or two and then slowly worked his middle finger into her vagina. "Boys, she doesn't need any lubricant. She's wetter than we thought." He reached down and stroked his own cock with lubricant back and forth until it stood totally erect.
He then told the other men to lift her up. Each man cradled a part of her body, controlling her squirming. They brought her up to waist height. The gardener then stepped forward between her legs and rubbed his cock up and down her moist slit. She begged him not to fuck her but her pleas were not even heard. The men at her upper body lifted her head so she could see the cock parting her lips. Slowly he began to insert just the tip a little bit at a time into her vagina. Moving back and forth he lingeringly entered her. After a few minutes of this teasing he was fully inserted. This was here first real cock other than mine she had ever experienced. The other men began to rock her back and forth on his turgid cock. He commented on how great it felt. Asin looked down between her legs watching intently. She appeared as if she didn't know whether to enjoy it or to fight back. She slowly began to respond. The gardener moved her legs up over his shoulders until her knees were locked up over them. He signaled the others to lowered her to the ground.
Once back on the ground he began his own rhythm-back and forth-slowly and deliberately. She braced herself against the ground still fighting slightly. Two men at her side, the black man and another placed their cocks into her outstretched hands. At first she tried to pull away but then they kept forcing her to make contact. Deftly they worked their cocks into her palms. At first she didn't respond but soon she tightened her gripped slightly. She turned her head to the side relaxed and closed her eyes. The gardener still worked away between her legs.
The gardener withdrew and one of the guards dropped between her limp thighs. He began to vigorously lick her cunt, especially her clitoris. After about a minute she began to respond. First she moaned and then gripped the two cocks tighter and began to stroke them almost subconsciously. The man between her legs carried on his motions. Asin soon began bucking and stroking the cocks faster and harder. The man licking her inserted two fingers inside and continued his tongue thrashes harder and faster. After about five or six minutes she tensed and moaned a deep guttural sound as her cunt began to pulsate rhythmically. She relaxed and turned her head to the side-stopping all movement.
The action stopped for a few minutes as she rested and then the gardener resumed his position between her legs and slowly reinserted his tool. This time Asin laid back and relaxed. Soon she even began to respond to his movements. She resumed her tight grip on the two cocks in her hand and slowly began to pump them again. This again triggered the hardening process. The gardener pumped harder and faster and soon was obviously well on his way. He reached down and locked Asin's knees in his arms and pulled her legs up over her shoulders-allowing total deep penetration. She moaned and bucked in response. Soon he rose up on his arms groaned and tensed the muscles of his legs and ass and poured his sperm into her waiting pussy. She moaned and froze in an effort to feel each squirt of his cock. After about thirty seconds he dropped onto her chest and lay there until his softening cock fell from her lips. Asin was feeling funny while thinking these dirty servants were getting a kollywood Celebrity who is the dream of many high class people.
Meanwhile, the men in her hands had pulled free and the black man had moved to the lawn, laying on his back. He called to her stroking his cock and invited her to come over and ride it. At first she hesitated. I don't know whether it was because she was beginning to feel guilty and did not want to continue or because she was fearful of the size of his monstrous cock. It stood up against his stomach, extending about eight inches from its base. She looked at it for a minute as the other men prodded her to try it. She then crawled over toward the awaiting erection. The entire inside of her thighs were coated with oozing cum and it dripped down toward her knees as she crawled along. As she approached the dirty, black colored penis, she reached forward and touched in gently. She
examined it thoroughly. Then curiously she bent over and put the cock in her mouth. The dirty black cock smelt dirty. But it gave her a weird kind of arousal. She began to taste the huge cock. She worked it all over. In the meantime, the others approached and began rubbing her back and ass. Two men again began rubbing her dangling tits. The peeping neighbor moved in behind her and slowly insert his hardened cock into her cunt. To this she responded by glancing back to see who her visitor was and then went back to work on her dirty smelly rod which was arousing her even more. As the man pumped her from behind, she moaned. She was experiencing for the first time having two real cocks enter her body at the same time. She continued to suck and lick the cock in her mouth, pausing occasionally to feel more completely the penis in her vagina.
After about five minutes the man in her cunt exploded and pulled her tight against his loins. She stopped sucking and closed her eyes, again trying to feel each streaming jet of sperm entering her. He came for almost a full minute and then withdrew. Asin then moved quickly astride the black man and positioned her cunt above his dick. She rubbed the lips of her cunt against his cock, spreading a mixture of her juices and the semen from the two other men over him. She then whispered, "Put it in but please go slow." He reached down and she raised herself up slightly. She looked down between her hanging breasts and watched as he place the head against her entrance. She began to lower herself, savoring each millimeter of the large cock invading her. She moved up and down slightly, each time taking more and more of the immense unit. After about two or three minutes she finally hit rock bottom. Their pubic bones hit. Asin threw back her head and closed her eyes, sitting still, feeling the experience of this mammoth tool. Slowly she began to move. Soon she was really getting into it. The other men again surrounded her and began to stroke her body. She continued to pump the large cock hard and fast. After about five minutes she suddenly got off and urged the black man to do her doggy style-her favorite position. He pumped her solidly as she let out little squeals and moans with each thrust of his hips. The other guys watched the two unserviced men stroking their ever hardening cocks. After about another 3-4 minutes the black man tensed and poured his liquid her plumbing. They both paused and slowly relaxed. He gently pushed her forward and they both fell to the ground as he lay atop her. The contrast of her milky white skin against his dark skin was beautiful. Soon his cock softened and fell from its cavity.
One of the neglected men then laid down next to her and pulled her atop him. She lay there breathing heavily, exhausted from her last encounter. He slid her up so their bodies were face to face. He tugged at her knees and she brought them forward into a kneeling position. She sluggishly began to rub her vulva against his turgid cock. She sat up and reached between her legs. This time she guided his manhood into her without any prompting. He reached up and massaged her breasts, tweaking her nipples to full erection. The last man moved behind her and knelt down. He then reached around and began to stroke her breasts also. He commenced kissing and nibbling her neck from behind. Soon he reached over and took the sex lube and dripped some along the length of his rigid penis. He stroked it back and forth, working in the lubricant. He then gently nudged her forward until she was lying flat against the man under her. He reached down and slowly rubbed his cock against the upper portion of her cunt opening which was already filled with another firm unit. He gently pushed against her vagina and used his index finger to create a small gap between her vaginal wall and the other man's cock. Slowly he prodded forward, stretching open her pussy, making room for his unsatisfied penis. He continued his prodding until he was also buried to the hilt. Asin glanced back and under her trying to see the action first-hand.
She moaned and together they began to establish a new rhythm. The gardener, who had been laying nearby watching, moved over and knelt in front of Asin's face, offering her his wilted cock. She reached forward and took it first in her hand and then in her mouth. The mixed smell of dirt and their cum was very tickling. This performance continued for a few minutes. Then the man taking her from behind reached again for the lubricant. He drizzled a small amount down the crack of her ass and over her anus. He rubbed it into her asshole with his middle finger. Asin suddenly turned and gave him a look of discomfort but said nothing to stop him. He carefully inserted first just a little of his finger and then ever so slowly the entire length into her rear opening. This he also continued for a minute or two. Then he withdrew from her cunt and began rubbing his cock against her anus.
When he felt she was prepared he inserted the tips of two fingers into her rear and expanded the opening enough to insert the head of his cock. He grasped his penis by its base and slowly nudged forward, inserting his cock a millimeter at a time. Asin simply leaned forward and half heartedly accepted the invasion. After perhaps two minutes, he was completely buried in her third opening. She now had three real cocks invading all her ravished cavities. Again the rhythm began. After another five minutes the man under her began to tense and pump up into her cunt with much more determined strokes. It was evident that he could not last much longer. As he commence to spurt his prize, the man in her ass felt through the thin membrane of her body the excitement and immediately emptied the contents of his swollen testicles into her ass. Asin stopped sucking the cock in her mouth long enough to experience fully the eruptions her sensuous body had caused. The three of them collapsed in a heap.
The gardener tugged her from the pile of bodies and rolled her to her back. He climbed on top of her and placed his now rehardened cock at her much used pussy lips. This time he plunged in quickly and began hard and fast movements. He held her arms above her head while he raised himself up on his extended arms and pounded away. Asin turned her head to the side and closed her eyes. As before, she began to whimper in little moans and stifled cries of excitement. The neighbor approached and lay beside her, pressing his soft cock against her lips. This she gobbled up. The other men moved over to the hose and took turns showering in the hose. At this pace the gardener only lasted about 4-5 minutes and again emptied his treasure into her pussy. He withdrew and the neighbor, who had regained his erection, quickly mounted her. He continued the same tempo and velocity as the gardener. After his shower in the hose, the man who had screw her ass place his cock in her mouth and again she began to suck it to hardness. The neighbor went for about 6-7 minutes and then withdrew. He reached over and grabbed Asin's face and plunged his cock deep inside her hot mouth and helped her move it up and down as he shot jets of liquid heat from his hose. Asin swallowed most of his cum down her throat but some spurts reached her breasts and she reached over and rubbed the gel into her breasts and stomach.
The neighbor jumped aside as the other man moved from her mouth to her cunt in one smooth movement. He plunged in and picked up the gait that had been established. The last white man finished his shower and also place the head of his dick at her mouth, which she nearly inhaled. About two minutes into this round of rapid fucking Asin began to tense and breathe heavily. She stopped sucking the cock in her mouth and appeared to be concentrating only on the event between her legs. She then moaned loud and long, reaching down and pulling the man in her womanhood deep inside as she came just from fucking. After about 30-45 seconds she relaxed and tried to keep him from hitting her over sensitized clitoris. One more minute and this man spilt his load into her opening.
The last of the white men then mounted her and began a slower, gentler motion. He lifted up his upper body and caressed her breasts and face. After she had recovered from her orgasm, he leaned forward and began more vigorous motions. The other man were beginning to get dressed and traded camera duty. The black man was the only one who remained to watched. As expected he too offered his immense licorice stick to Asin. She gently nibbled and licked and then sucked the staff. The other man lasted about another 3-4 minutes and then rolled off exhausted. He stumbled to his feet and began to shower and clothe.The black man allowed Asin to suck him to full erection and then moved atop her and slowly implanted his root in her fertile loam. He also held her arms above her head as he began to pound his full eight inches into her abused pussy. She again turned her head to the side and closed her eyes, trying to concentrate fully on the endeavor between her outstretched limbs. He kept up a vigorous stride, sliding almost fully out and then all the way in to the hilt with each stroke. About 5-6 minutes into this episode she again began to breathe heavily and to tense up. She drew her legs open wider and pulled her arms free, grasping his black ass and urging his movements back and forth. She guided each thrust until she tensed, threw her arms back, stretched out her legs and came. The black man began to come soon after she did and she enjoyed a mutual climax with her new found pleasurer.
The man rested atop her until the gardener called, "Hey, Let's get going. We're already two hours late to the next job." They rolled off and began to dress. The gardener approached Asin and said, "You're too much woman for just one man. Do think we could come back and party another day?" Asin just kept her eyes closed and didn't say anything. She could never say "yes" out loud??


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