Actress Asin Fucked in the Virgin Ass
One year back I Was working with Actress Asin has her personal assistant. We went for outdoor shooting to Srilanka for a Hindi movie. Asin and Salman khan used to stay in a single room. I used to stay next to their room. Asin used to make loud noise while sex.

One day they had a fight, she came in midnight at 2AM to my room and asked me to go to his room and sleep. I was confused. When i came out salman was standing outside with vaseline bottle in hand and only shorts. Asin was saying "i wont accept, dont even dream about it" and closed the door hard. I dint understood, then he called Asin and said, ok, i wont to do in ASS. I was shocked hearing his words. I was not shocked that they were having sex, i was shocked that asin is having Virgin AssHole.

Next day Salman and asin went for a PUB and came late. They knocked my door and got the key, but i could feel the diference in Asin, she was kissing salman and licking him on floor itself. She was in damn mood. I dont know what Salman (later i Came to know he gave some Viagra type of medicine which makes her very high mood for a long time). Then while opening the door, Salman phone rang, he left asin on bed and came outside. Suddenly he went inside the room and asin was shouting like mad dog, and in next 5 minutes or so, salman came out with packed luggage and left. Asin was in damn high mood and salman left for some personal work urgently.

Then Asin called my mobile, i was anxious pick up the call. She told, come to my room immediately. i could guess my luck and went inside her room. As soon as I closed the door, Asin pounced on me like a hungry tigress.

She hold me from behind and her small boobs were crushing on my back. She got hold of my cock over the shorts and started squeezing over it. I then turned up to her and lifted her and carried to my bedroom. Asin had tied her both hands against my neck and kissing my cheeks.

Once we are in the bedroom, I put Asin on the bed and immediately, she started removing her clothes and within no time, became completely naked. I also parted out with my shorts and now both were naked. I got hold of her boobs and started sucking it one by one. Asin also started to kiss my face everywhere. I then pulled her below me and spread her legs. It was now uncontrollable for me as well. So without wasting any time, I had put my cock inside her pussy and started ramming her straight away.

She gave away a loud moan and started enjoying the heavenly pleasure. At the same time, she was moaning ooohhhh aaaahhh yes fuck me hard fuck me fuck me. I noticed that in the heat to fuck her, I had not put the condom on my cock but continued to fuck her. After fucking her for around 15 minutes, I was about to cum and removed my cock from her pussy and started shooting ( ) the loads of cum on her body. In the meantime, she had her 2 orgasms.

After the first session was over, we lay in each other’s hug and I told her that I had already explored her 2 holes, but the 3rd one is still virgin. Asin was not ready for that but then I got up and put a porn CD on the laptop and showed her. We sat on my bed in each other’s hug with lots of pillows behind our back. So we were in a slanted position to get the good view of the video.

It was a video, where a boy was exploring the ass hole of a virgin girl. While watching the video, Asin again got aroused and started playing with my cock. I took my right hand towards her ass crack and started exploring it slowly.

I reached near her ass hole and inserted one finger in her ass hole. Asin gave away a loud moan aaaaahhhh its paining. I then got up again and took a vaseline bottle and applied a lot of vaseline on her ass hole. Also I had applied vaseline on my cock as well as my fingers. Now I had inserted the finger again in her ass and started shoving it in & out. This time, Asin told that she is feeling very good. I told her that she will enjoy the ass fucking. Since that day, we had a lot of time, so there was no need to hurry. That’s why I kept finger fucking her ass hole. In between, I was applying some vaseline on her ass hole.
After about 30 minutes of continuous finger fucking, I noticed that my 1 finger is moving very easily within her hole. Then I put 2 fingers and again started finger fuck her ass hole fast. Asin was already hot by watching the porn movie and over and above, my finger fucking had mad her aroused and her pussy started dripping again with the love juices.
Still I continued for 15 minutes to finger fuck her in ass hole. Now after 45 minutes of finger fucking, it was nicely lubricated. I then put her in a doggy style and put my t-shirt in her mouth so that she don’t scream. I then slowly started pushing my cock inside her ass hole. Asin was crying in pain but could not scream due to my t-shirt.
After trying for 10-15 minutes, ultimately I succeeded in entering her ass hole and then I gave a big push and my entire cock was inside her ass hole. Asin was shaking her head in pain and her tears were wetting the pillow.
After the entire cock went inside, I did not move and waited for 15 minutes. By the time, she had her pains subsided and was now ready for the fuck. Asin removed the t-shirt from her mouth and told me to fuck her hard. At the same time, her ass muscles started tightening on my cock.

I then slowly started pumping her in & out and she started enjoying it. Asin was moaning aahhhh oooohhhhhh fuck me fuck me fuck me. I then increased my spread and started ramming her ass hole faster. Now she was really enjoying the ass fuck and her body was in the rhythm with my strokes. Asin was moving her butts front & back according to my strokes and the pppucccchhhh pppppuuuucchhh sound was prominent.

I really love the horny sound while fucking, which makes me more hornier. Even Asin was also horny now and asking me to fuck her harder and faster. I then lifted myself and literally sat on her ass crack and started ramming her ass hole really fast. At last after 30 minutes of hard fuck, I shoot my cum inside her ass hole.

I literally collapsed on her with my cock still inside her ass and my cum started oozing out of her ass hole. Once my cock got limped, I took it out and immediately both of us went in 69 position and she started sucking my cock and I leaked her ass hole and pussy to dry.

Asin was also bit tired so we rested for about 30 minutes. During this, we were playing with each other’s pubic parts to get ready for next round. In 30 minutes, we were ready again for next round and this time, I explored her pussy deep. Again I ejaculated on her body by removing my cock at the time of ejaculation. We then took bath and cleaned ourselves. We then lay in each other’s hug and she came over me and rested her head on my chest.

We got sleep and when I woke up, it was 5:00 Am. I then woke her up and we had a last round of pussy fucking. When we finished, it was almost 6:00 Am and then she wear her clothes and I also had my t-shirt and shorts and we lay in each other’s hug for 30 minutes before parting.

Then by 7Am salman came to the room cursing his luck. But myself and Asin was satisfied a lot.

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