A young man gets to fuck his girl's mother
MILF: popular acronym that means “mothers I’d like to fuck”.

Its every young man’s fantasy to fuck an older woman.

It was a hot, steamy afternoon, at least 100 degrees here in Phoenix and no hint of any cool down soon since it was the last week in August. Typically this was monsoon season in Arizona but most of that activity was south, down Tucson-way. Phoenix only has an annual rainfall of about a half dozen inches so there was not much chance of relief from the blistering heat. Eddie was in his room starting to pack to return to college and thinking about Patty, his current flame.

She had left for school a few days ago so he was at loose ends and wondered how he was going to wait until Christmas time before he got to see her again. He let his mind wander and pulled up a mental image of her slim body with its just right tits. The heavenly smell from her fresh, young pussy. He could almost smell it. In fact, he was starting a little hardon and knew he would have to jerk himself off pretty soon.

He was just about to head to the bathroom for some much needed relief when the phone rang. He picked it up and said, “Hello?”

“Eddie? This is Mrs. Hastings.” She was Patty’s mother. Eddie’s heart skipped a beat when he heard her sexy, sultry voice. She was the reason he was originally attracted to Patty.

He had been shopping at the local market when he spotted Mrs. Hastings and her daughter. But, it was the body on Mrs. Hastings that caught his eye. He thought she was the most desirable woman he had ever seen. From the flowing brown hair which covered her shoulders, down to the full, rounded breast that looked to be D cups, a trim waist and an ass to die for. She had it all and he wanted it. So, he had decided to meet and date the daughter in hopes of getting close to her mother. In fact, quite often while he was fucking Patty, he was dreaming of her mother. The young man was obsessed with the older women, of that there was no doubt.

“Oh hi, Mrs. H.”

“Eddie, I really need your help and I know you are getting ready toleave for school and all but I have done something terribly stupid.”

“What can I do to help?”

“Well, somehow, I have dropped my wedding ring down the kitchen sink drain and Hank will kill me if I have lost it.”

Thinking quickly, Eddie said, “Now don’t run any water, I am sure I can get it out of the trap under the sink. I’ll be over in a half hour, OK?”

“Oh thank you, dear boy, you will be a life saver. By the way, its so beastly hot, bring your trunks and we can take a swim after you are done.”

Eddie’s mind ran wild. Mrs. H in a swim suit. Wow, now he would get to see all of her, close up. His pants bulged with a renewed hardon that he would have to lose before he got there.

“Will do, see you in a bit.” Eddie hung up and ran to his room for his swim suit, selecting the white Speedo that showed off his prominent crotch to its fullest. He slipped on sans jock strap, and then pulled on a pair of shorts over it. He went to the garage and gathered up the tools he thought he would need and hopped in his car and made tracks for the Hastings house.

Oh shit, he thought, its Saturday, her husband is bound to be home. Oh ell, at least I can dream.

But when he arrived he noticed only her car was in the open garage and his hopes soared anew. Maybe, just maybe, now play it cool dummy and you may get to …….

He rang the bell and could hear Sandy Hastings call out, “Eddie, is that you? Come on in, I’m in the kitchen wringing my hands over my stupid mistake.”

Eddie walked in and there she was, dressed in shorts and a halter top that concealed most of her bounteous pair of tits. Shit, he thought, no skin show here. Oh well, it was a wild ass idea anyway. “I’m pretty sure it will be in the trap, just give me a large pan to catch everything that flows out when I uncap it.”

He opened the cabinet under the sink, got on his back, and slid himself under the sink. Mrs. H said “What can I do to help?”

“Just hand me the pan, this will only take about five minutes.”

She slid the pan to him and he unscrewed the ring fitting holding the U shaped trap and was instantly covered in dirty water and all sots of nasty stuff. But he heard a distinct “clink” as the ring dropped into the pan. “Got it,” he said and fished the ring from the slime and handed it to her.

“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you,” she gushed. I can’t tell you what this means to me. Now, this will be our little secret, OK?”

“Fine by me Mrs. H but where is Patty’s father?”

“Oh, he left on two day fishing trip and won’t be back until tomorrow night. So that’s why I was so frantic. I had to find it before he came home or he would just be furious. Now come out from under there and lets clean you up. You are a mess.”

“Yeah, there was some pretty nasty stuff in your sink trap. But its all back together now and you have your ring back.”

“My you are mess, why don’t you take a shower in the pool house and clean up and I’ll get my swim suit and meet you in the pool.”


Eddie went to the pool house and quickly showered. He slipped his Speedo on and let it hang a little lower than normal. This really turned on Patty as his chest hair pointed downward, past his belly button and appeared to be pointing right at his crotch. It never failed to catch the eye of any woman he was near.

Both of them entered the pool area at the same time. Mrs. Hastings was in a white bikini that took Eddie’s breath away. Her perfectly formed breast were over flowing the skimpy top and her he tell her pussy was shaved as her bottom was the briefest of thongs. She looked at Eddie and whistled, “Whew, Patty said you were hunk and you certainly are dear boy.”

“Well Mrs. H you are pretty awesome looking your self,” was his reply. The two stood there, eyeing each other wondering what would come next.

“I have a confession, Eddie.”

Oh, oh, here it comes, he thought, the “we can’t do this” brush-off. “What’s that Mrs. H?”

“These tits aren’t really originals. My husband is a tit man and I had a good set but he wanted more so he bought me these for my 35 th birthday.”

“Well, I would say he gave you the perfect gift. They are magnificent.” And boldly he added, “I just wish I could see all of them.”

She looked at him and began to walk towards him. His pulse quickened and his cock was rock hard. He was not aware that its blood-engorged head had poked out the top of his Speedo. She said to him as she placed her hand on his smooth crotch, “Oh all good things in due time, dear boy.” He couldn’t believe what he was hearing and the feeling that just shot thru his balls as she caressed them. “Hmm,” she said, “you have quite a package down here don’t you” as she drew him near and slipped her hand down the front of his swim suit, enclosing his rock hard cock in her fingers.

He was gasping for breath at this point and just closed his eyes as she began to slowly jerk him off. “Does that feel good, Eddie? Your cock is so hard and I can feel your beat thru it. Would you like me to pull your cock out?”

“Oh yes, please,” gulped Eddie and she pulled his Speedo down a little fully exposing his throbbing prick. She began to slowly caress his hard prick as if it were a soft flower; running her fingers up and down on it while caressing and rolling his balls in her hand. He began to pant and sweat profusely as he knew he would blow his load under her ministrations.

“Do you like this Eddie, do you like me stroking your hard cock?”

He nodded, dumbly, unable to speak. “Would you like to see my breasts?”

“Oh yes,” he managed to get out as he felt his balls start to contract and the pre-cum flowed from the end of his dick.

She reached behind her and pulled the string holding her skimpy top and freed her gorgeous tits. He couldn’t take his eyes from them. They were perfect. They stood straight out with no sag whatsoever and her nipples had hardened to large sized pebbles. She knew he was about to cum so placed his cock between her tits and closed them around him just as he came.

“Oh God, oh, oh, I am cumming, oh, I am so sorry, oh, it feels so good!”

His hot semen spurt on her breasts and neck and some found her face. She continued to jerk him off with her tits getting all the cum from him and onto her. He was about to crumple to his knees when she stood and held him up right. “Oh Eddie, did that feel good? Wouldn’t you like me to do some more to you?”

“He looked into her eyes and couldn’t resist, so he kissed her, their mouths locked in embrace as their tongues probed each other. His hands on both her breast kneading them, pinching at her nipples so that she groaned deep in her throat. Her hands sought his cock and balls and she found him to be still somewhat hard so she broke the kiss and dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth. The taste of his semen was like nectar to her as she always sucked her husband off and swallowed his cum. Eddie’s cum was somewhat sweeter to her.

Eddie groaned in ecstasy as he felt her tongue laving his cock and he reached for her head to push himself deep down her throat. “No, don’t do that.” She said pulling his cock from her mouth. “I can’t deep throat but I can suck you dry.”

“But,” she added, “let’s jump in the pool and cool off for a minute. And, I’d like to get this dried cum off my titties.” She pulled off her thong exposing her neatly shaved pussy and dove into the water with Eddie right behind like a dog chasing a bitch in heat. He wanted nothing more than to plunge his cock into her smoothly shaved cunt.

It took him only two powerful strokes to overtake her and wrap his hands on her beautiful tits from behind. He pulled her to him and stuck his cock between her legs searching for the entrance he so desired but she quickly pulled out of his grasp and faced him with a somewhat angry look on her face.

“Hey big boy, slow down, I’m not some college age twit you’re dealing with. We’ll do things at my pace and my direction. Clear?”

Non-plussed, he nodded meekly. “I’m sorry Mrs. H I guess I got a little carried away, seeing you naked and wanting you so much.”

She smiled and swam towards him, her hands seeking him out under water. “That’s OK, Eddie, we just have to go a little slowly so we can both enjoy the experience. Now, lets get out of the pool and go over to the pool house.” She lifted herself out from the pool and sat on the edge of the pool coping as Eddie treaded water. She could see the look of hunger in his eyes so she slowly spread her legs, revealing her glistening pussy. Eddie swam to her and spread her legs further with his hands and feasted his eyes on her moist, juicy cunt. Her vulva was large, as expected of an older woman and her labia were hanging down and engorged with her hot blood. He placed his nose close to her and inhaled her sweet, sexual musk.

Eddie didn’t waste time and quickly began to lick at her clit and suck her pussy. He pulled her to him so he could fill his eager mouth with her entire vulva. He ate hungrily at her labia and clitoris while using his tongue to probe her love canal. Even after the water, she smelled and tasted delicious to him. He placed two fingers in her cunt as he suck voraciously at it.

“Um, God that’s so good, Eddie, did my Patty teach you to eat her pussy like this?”

“No”, he mumbled between breaths as he continued his oral assault on her.

“Well dear boy, you certainly know how to eat pussy. Oh, that so good! Yes, suck my pussy, that’s right, oh, right there, stick your fingers deep and lick my clit. That’s right, oh, yes, so good. Bit we need to stop and go inside. Its so hot out here, Oh, that’s right, yes, yes, uhhh, oh, God! I’m cumming! YOU BRAT! Uhh, uh, oh, yes, yes, so good, so good. Her body gave a slight shudder and he could taste her flow into his mouth.

She recovered quickly and said, “OK, lets go into the pool house where its cool and we can really enjoy each other.” She pulled her legs up, stood and walked to the pool house with Eddie right behind here like a panting dog.


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