A trilogy of brother sister love
I used to drink heavily during weekends, ever since my wife went back to India for delivery. I took a chilled beer from the fridge and settled down on the sofa. I was on my second beer when the phone rang.
“ Hello brother, I am coming to Dubai.” It was my sister from Riyadh.
“ Oh! Wonderful sis, when?” I asked.
“Today’s evening flight!” she said.
She was coming down on such a short notice! She said she had a big order to deliver and wanted to do some urgent purchases in Dubai for that. She was managing a boutique shop in Riyadh. She hung up after a few minutes asking me to be in time at the airport in the evening.

She was married to a senior executive for the past six years and they were well settled. I did my daily chores and had a brunch and lay down lazily on the bed hoping to take a nap before going to the airport. I shut my eyes and suddenly memories rushed back to my mind. Things I promised my sister six years back that I would forget forever.

We were from a middle class urban family in Kerala. Dad was employed with a public sector company and mom was a teacher. My sister had just finished her PG in economics and I was preparing for my final semester engineering.

I was a loving brother to my sister till one day I accidentally saw her coming out of the bath. I was in her room searching for a magazine and she stepped out of the bath without noticing me there. She was wearing only a wet towel around her waist and her breasts were completely exposed. They were so firm and beautiful and the erect nipples resembled plumb grapes. Her naval was flat and below I could clearly see the bushy love box barely covered by the wet towel. She froze on her steps as she saw me and immediately covered her breasts with her hands. The stance was even sexier to give me an instant jolt. This was the first time I was seeing a female body so naked and so close and I had difficulty plucking my eyes from such a beautiful feast. I tried to apologize but words died halfway in my throat and I hurried out of the room. I wondered for a second if she had seen the huge bulge under the dhothy and I did not care.

That incident was purely accidental but gave a long lasting impression in my mind. It became a habit for me to gaze at my sister’s body when she was not watching. My eyes used to linger on her firm round breasts and big shapely buttocks. I used to fantasize about her and lately she became an obsession for me. At first she was not aware of my desire but eventually she realized my unholy affection. I think she was disgusted by the knowledge but did not confront me openly. She always locked the door when changing and studiously avoided the chances of us being alone. I was not deterred by her rejection and my lust for her became even stronger. I tried every scheme to arouse her and once or twice I flashed my erect penis under the guise of climbing up the ladder.

The sexual vibe I created was so strong that gradually her revulsion subsided and she became careless while changing clothes. I was rewarded by a “bra and panty scene” almost every day and in return I would expose my member in bed pretending asleep, when she brought me morning coffee. Even though we never talked about it we both were fully aware of our sexuality and it was a question of breaking the ice in the right moment.

Finally one cold rainy July night gave us the chance. Mom had gone to visit Dad and we were alone. At night after dinner we both sat in the front room to watch television. Suddenly the power went off and my sister said “ Oh! God I hope there are enough candles”. She got up and found a candle and lit it.
“ I need it sis because I have to do some project work.” I said.
“ No way Sujith, I am afraid to sleep in my room with out light. If you want you can do your work in my room” with that she proceeded to her room and I followed her.
“ Pull the table to my cot and you can work there.” She put the candle on the table and crawled on the bed. I sat there flicking papers and furtively looked at my sister. She was lying on her side with her back towards me. I stared at her round buttocks and thought of caressing it but could not muster up courage even to touch her. After a few minutes the candle flickered for one last time and died off. There was complete darkness now.

I sat there with out moving for whole five minutes and all this time my sister had not even stirred on her bed. Perhaps she was fast asleep, I thought and moved my hand a little. The first contact was on the back of her thighs. I gently moved my hands up and reached her buttocks. I gauged the size by my palm and moved further up thru her naval. Finally I reached the mount of her firm breast and cupped them gingerly over her dress. The breast was so firm and round. I caressed them and I felt her nipples erect in my palm. I squeezed them between my fingers. There was slight movement and I withdrew my hand instantly. She tossed on bed and now she was lying on her back with her legs slightly apart. I waited a few seconds more and again placed my hand on breasts. The position was so convenient that I could fondle both her breasts and I did so. The breasts were hard now and nipples fully erected. I slid my hand down and rubbed her belly button gently. All along there was no resistance from her and ...encouraged I reached down. My palm rested on the perfect mount of her pussy and she immediately closed her legs making my hand trapped. I pressed hard on her vaginal mount and she moaned.
“Sister.” I called her.
“Um?” she responded in a low voice.
“Do you like it?”
“Um” her whisper was barely audible.
I tried to poke one finger into her vagina thru her dress. She opened her legs and I was free to explore her love box. I pulled her dress up to her underbelly and bent down to reach her panty clad love box. I kissed gently on her pussy over her panty. The acidic smell of her pussy was so exciting that I immediately pulled her panties down. I licked delicately on the inner sides of her soft vagina and explored for her clit. She kept her legs apart making room for my endeavors and my tongue found her tender pea shaped clit. I sucked on it and she audibly moaned. I inserted my tongue into her pussy and moved up and down. The pleasure of eating a fresh clean virgin pussy was so immense that I did not want to take my mouth away for a second. I licked and sucked on her pussy for nearly 5 minutes and now she was shivering and whimpering.

I tore off the clothes I was wearing and laid next to her. I sucked on her plumb tits. My forefinger was moving up and down her tight pussy giving her a nice finger fuck. She had not moved or said anything. She just lied there silently accepting the sweet pleasure of my gentle fondling of her body. I reached for her hand and placed my fully erect penis in her palm. She caught it firmly. I placed my hand over hers and moved it up and down. She understood my desire and began to massage my cock.

I slid over her body and undid the hooks of her nightdress. I pushed the dress sideways exposing her bra-covered tits. I kissed oh the sides of her breasts and sucked on the nipples.

Suddenly the power supply was on and room was lit up. We both were startled. She hurriedly pushed me away and pulled her dress down and started to get up. Recovering from the initial shock, I pinned her down by her shoulders. Our eyes met and I whispered, “ Sister, please.”
“Switch off the light!” I got up and switched off the light leaving the bed lamp on. Now the room was dimly lit. I came back to bed. She moved a little to make room for me.
“Remove your dress, sister” She was shy but she sat and pulled her gown over her head. I reached back and undid the hook of her bra. Now she had only her underskirt on. I pulled on the strings but she stopped me and said, “No!” She was bashful to lay fully naked. I pushed her to bed and rolled her skirt up. I bent down and sucked on her vaginal lips. Now her pussy was flooding with her love juices. I decided she was ready for my cock. I put her legs wide open and positioned between her legs. With my right hand I pulled the foreskin back and placed my cock between her vaginal petals. The very touch of my penis on her vagina gave us both a delightful tremor. I pushed my swollen cock into her tight succulent pussy.

“ah!!!!!!!” she cried out with pleasure.
“oh, sister you are so tight!, so good!”
“Do it slowly brother” she wanted to enjoy the sweetness of gentle lovemaking. I pushed my seven-inch cock fully into her hot tight pussy and pulled up slowly. Again I sent my penis down to the hilt and she was crooning with pleasure. Her pussy lips were tightly wrapped around my cock and the friction of her hot juicy pussy was giving me immense pleasure. I slowly increased the speed of my fuck. As I began to move faster and harder and my sister bent up to meet my strokes half way to take the full pressure of my cock inside her vagina.
“Oh sister you are a great fuck!”
“You are so good brother. Fuck ,me harder. Oh, yes, I like it. Fuck me faster brother!” She whispered under me. I kissed on her lips and caressed her breasts. Her pussy was literally flooding now and we both were enjoying every single stroke.
“Sister hold it tight. I am coming”
“Me too brother. Just a little more, please”
I crushed her tits and sucked on her tender red lips and rhythmically fucked for a few more minutes. At last I could not hold it any more.
“Sister hold it tight. I am coming”
“Oh yes, brother, come inside me, brother. Oh, so good. Come brother, come!” she held her legs tightly closed and I shot my load deep down into her hot pussy. She held it like that till the last drop was drained out of my fat cock. I kissed her on her cheeks. She smiled and lied there satisfied with her eyes half shut.

Continued in Part - II

(A trilogy of brother sister love. Part 2)

(Continued from part 1)

The very first lovemaking with my elder sister was so intense and so sweet that we both wanted more of it. The same night we made love two more times and slept only in the wee hours of the morning. The next day was no different. After the housemaid left in the noon we both crawled on to bed and enjoyed a thorough fuck. She was so addicted to my cock that she was always ready and willing to spread her legs for me. We fucked on the floor and on the sofa and tried every conceivable position. By the time our mother returned on the third day, we both were well experienced in the art of lovemaking.

With mother at home it was almost impossible for us to enjoy our secret pleasure. There were months on end we both were desperate but not getting a few lonely moments to enjoy a quick lovemaking. But our mutual desire was so strong that we stole an occasional fuck when mother was in bath. It was always a quick three minutes standing affair with me fucking her from back with her dress rolled up. It was not giving her any pleasure at all under such fear but she let me release my load once in a while like that. The two or three times we were alone at home I repaid her by making rigorous long lovemaking making sure that she climaxed with me. She liked very much the way I licked her pussy and always reached a multiple orgasm with my pussy licking.

We continued our secret affair for one and a half year without anyone knowing about it and it was she who always took precaution not to get pregnant.

One day our father called us and said there was a marriage proposal for her. The boy was coming to see her the week after. Everything went on smooth. He was an executive working in Riyadh and they wanted the marriage fast as he had only a few days leave. All of us were very happy at the prospect of her getting married to a handsome rich employed boy.

My feeling was somewhat mixed. I was happy. At the same time I felt a pinch of jealousy when I thought, that lovely tender body, which gave me such sublime pleasure, was going to be another person’s. But as a loving brother I always wanted her well being though I wanted a one last chance.

It was impossible to satisfy my wish with lot guests at home, and there were only two weeks left for the marriage. My sister also understood my desperate need by instinct but she was helpless.

With just a week left for the marriage, she said she was going to town to invite a few of her friends. She asked me to go with her. We set out in the morning on my bike and visited many of her friends. We had lunch outside and the few minutes we were alone I tried to tell her how desperately I needed to fuck her one last time before the marriage. But she cut off the conversation midway as people came around us.
“Now we can go to Sreya and she is last in the list” sister said. Sreya was her best friend and lived in an apartment with her parents. When we reached there Sreya was alone. Her parents were at work. We had cool drinks and my sister took Sreya to her room. After a few seconds Sreya came dressed. “You just relax and watch the television. I will be back in half an hour” with that she left the house and closed the door behind. I sat down wondering why she had left in a hurry with us in her flat. The bedroom door opened and my sister called me. I went in and she embraced me hungrily. I knew instantly my sister had tricked her friend to leave us alone.

I kissed her on her lips and cupped on her breasts. She undid the fly of my trousers and pulled out my half erect penis in a second. With her gentle touch my cock stood up to its full grandeur.
“Do it fast brother, we have only a few minutes!” she whispered. I pulled at the strings of her churidar and pulled it down to her knees together with her panty in one swift moment. I inserted my forefinger into her hot pussy. It was already wet and pulsating eagerly waiting for my fat cock. I tried to lift her kurtha, but she restrained me “ No, don’t undress. We can do like this” she turned and bent down holding on to the head of the cot.

The sight was so tempting. Her round big buttocks were towards me with her dress pulled down to her knees. I could see the blue curly bush of her pussy through the splendid thighs. I stood there admiring that sight. I longed to fuck that marvelous tight arse. But I knew she would not let me. The few times I tried to fuck her arse she had dissuaded me saying it is painful and unhygienic. “Come on! we do not have all the day!” she urged. I moved closer and took my cock in my hand. I caught hold of her waist and touched her arse cheeks with my cock. I squeezed my cock and smeared the pre cum on her arse hole. She sensed my intention immediately and reached back and caught my cock. “ Don’t try that now!” she reprimanded me and guided my missile into her tight pussy. I pushed and my cock slid into her hot wet pussy all way down through the closely held smooth thighs. I began to fuck her rigorously and she moved her hip back to meet my strokes. Her pussy started secreting love juices and there was sound coming from her love hole. “ Oh my brother, you are so good. Fuck me hard brother. Fuck me hard”
“Sister, you have the best pussy in the world. Take it sister. Oh hold it tight sister”
“Fuck me fast brother. Come fast! She might come any minute!” she urged. That really gave me an extreme pleasure. The thought that Sreya might return any moment and see us brother and sister fucking the wind of us in her bedroom gave an added flavor to our risky adventure. I rammed her pussy and crushed her breasts. She was riding the waves of joy and moaning openly with pleasure. “Oh come on brother. Do it fast. Come in my pussy. Now!”
“Sister…hold it tight. I am coming………” I pushed one last time and shot my semen deep down into her pussy. She waited till the last drop was out of my cock and stood up disengaging my shrinking cock from her dripping pussy. I wiped my cock on her churidar and inserted into my underwear and closed the fly of my trousers. At that very same moment the doorbell rang and I rushed to open the door. Before taking the bolt of the door I turned back and found my sister knotting the tie of the churidar and smoothing her kurtha. By the time I opened the door she was already on the sofa flipping through a magazine.
“ Here you go” Sreya handed a package to my sister.
“Thank you Sreya. You were a great help. Now we should really be going.” We left her and outside she told me to go to a restaurant. I drove in silence and found an empty restaurant. We ordered ice cream for both us. When it arrived she stood up. “Have your ice cream. Where are you going?” I asked her.
“Your cream is very sticky my brother” she told me in a low voice with a sly smile. I laughed inwardly. My semen must be dripping out of her pussy and obviously she wanted to wash it. After a few minutes she returned.
“Every thing okay, now?”
“How did you manage to send Sreya out?”
“Ladies secret my brother! But it worked and my sweet brother got what he wanted!” she said.
“Yes. I was so desperate sister. Thank you”
“I knew it. I asked Sreya to buy me some nice panties and bra for my marriage. I told her I was ashamed to buy it with you around. She understood and helped me and you got what you wanted”
“Oh sister you are such a considerate and cunning sister. I am going to miss you” There was a small delay before she replied.
“That is something I wanted to tell you. We both enjoyed our secret affair so far. Now we should forget it. I do not want anything to go wrong with my married life. I want to be a faithful wife,” she sounded so earnest and concerned. After a pause she told me
“ Now promise me Sujith, you would forget all this forever. For my sake please”
I felt a sudden prick of conscience and I reached and touched her hand. “Sister I love you so much and I promise you I will never think of you that way from this moment onwards.” I assured her. We finished our ice cream went home.

She got married and they were happy and well settled. I had difficulty in keeping my promise but I never openly did anything to upset her. Then last year I also got married and the secret fun we shared were pushed to the oblivion. At least till this day when she suddenly called up and announced her short visit.

(Continued in part 3)
(A trilogy of brother sister love. Part 3)

(Continued from part2)

I stubbed out the cigarette and stood up as the passengers arrived at the lobby. Through the glass partition I spotted my sister near at the conveyor belt waiting for the luggage. She had put on wait, I noticed. The extra few pounds she had gained over the years had made her elegant. She was wearing a white churidar, light blue top and a matching shawl was swung around her shoulders. Dark glasses shaded her eyes. No one would say that this tall fair elegant lady was the mother of a 4-year-old child. Even at the age of 28 she looked so beautiful as ever.

She picked her luggage and came out. I waved and rushed to her.]
“How was the flight sister?” I asked as I took the luggage from her hand.
“It was okay. Where is your car parked?” I led her to my car and put the luggage in the car.
“So what brings you here on such a short notice, sister?” I asked as I started the car.
“Aren’t you happy to see your elder sister?” There was a mock shock on her face. “ I told you about the boutique I am managing. I need to buy certain things for it” She said. “ I think we can do some purchases now” she handed over a list to me. I glanced at the items and took her to the shopping mall. We moved from shop to shop and by 8 at night we were through with the purchases. We had dinner out side and reached my apartment. It was small but tidy apartment with a bath attached bedroom, a living room and a kitchen. She put her luggage on a side table and took a bag and headed for the bedroom. “I need to shower,” she said. I sat on the couch and lit a cigarette.

“Would you like some coffee?” she asked as she came out. She was bathed and changed to a nightgown.
“Sure, let me make it for you” I stood up.
“No, no you change your dress. I will do it” she headed for the kitchen. I went to my room and changed to a printed dhothy and loose T-shirt. I never wore any underwear at home. I came out, put on the television and sat on the couch. A few seconds later, she came with two cups of coffee. She set them on the side table and sat on the armrest of the settee near me.
“You should give more attention to your hair” she inserted her fingers into my hair and commented. I sat there without saying anything. She picked her coffee and drank it all along her fingers were running through my hair and sometimes patting my side-whiskers. The feeling was good and I did not stop her.
“I spoke to Sreya last week” she said as she put her cup back. I was lost for a second. I could not remember who it was. “Don’t you remember her?” she asked.
“Sorry, but I can not place her face”

She took my face in her both palms and looked into my eyes and said, “Oh my forgetful brother, don’t you remember the house we visited last before my marriage. She went out to buy me some things and ………” she stopped midway. Now I remembered and I said, “Yes, I remember her”
“Just her or…” there was a sly smile on her face now. Her face was just inches away from me and I smelt the sweet aroma of the soft perfume she was wearing. I wanted to tell her how could I ever forget the last frantic lovemaking we did in her flat. But instead, “do you remember?” I asked her.
“How could I ever forget my brother!” she kissed softly on my forehead. That had an electrifying effect on me. My shaft started to lift up and I needed no further invitation. I reached for her breasts and patted on the sides. She moved her face down and our lips locked in an earnest kiss. I poked my tongue into her mouth and chewed on her full tender lips. I was hungry for her body now. I undid the front buttons of her nightgown. When I removed the top buttons she stood up and gown slid to the floor. She had a black bra and panty on her. She sat on my lap and kissed me again. Then she pulled the T-shirt over my head. She kissed me on my lips and ears and her tongue moved down to my nipples. She chewed them and slid to the floor and pulled my dhothy off. She licked on the inside of my thighs and finally she took my mast in her hand as if testing its strength and size. She kissed gently on my shaft and took it in her mouth.

I was shocked for a moment. My sister had never performed oral for me before. Now she was kneeling on the floor sucking on my cock! She took my 7-inch long cock fully in her mouth and with tight lips she was giving me the perfect mouth fuck of my life. She lifted her eyes to see if I am enjoying and I reached out cupped her breasts. I undid her bra and caressed them while she sucked and licked my cock. The friction of my cock in her full tight red lips gave immense pleasure and I knew I was about to ejaculate. “Sister easy, I am coming!” I blurted. But she did not stop and I shot my load into her mouth. She drank my cum and sucked on my cock till the last drop was out. At last she let cock free and sat on my lap and kissed me.
“Did you enjoy that?” she smiled sweetly.
“That was the best oral I ever had, sister. How did you learn all these?” I kissed her breasts.
“I am a married woman you silly!”
“Wonderful sister, what else you learned?” I could not believe that my brother in law taught her this.
“You will find out soon my sweet brother”, she said with a smile.
“Come on let us wash” she took me to the bath. There were a few drops of my cum dripped through the corner of her lips and spread on breasts. She lathered soap and washed my dick making it fully erect in doing so. I removed her bra and panty and admired her beauty. “Sister, you look more gorgeous now.” Her pussy was covered with curly blue hair, which was clipped and pruned. I sat on the closet and pulled her to me. I put one of her legs over my shoulder and her vaginal petals opened for me. I licked the tender lips of her vagina and sucked on her clit.
“Oh!!!!! Ah!!!!!!! I missed you so much my brother! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!” she groaned with pleasure. I sharpened my tongue and gave her a long tongue fuck. I knew she was enjoying every bit of it and finally I felt her body tighten and she cried out, “now brother, now!!!!” her head was tilted back and body became limp and for a second she lost her balance. I stood up and held firmly. She placed her head on my shoulders and her eyes were glazy.
“Did you come sister?”
“Several times!” she smiled. I lifted her bodily and laid her gently on my bed. I heard the phone ringing in the lobby. It was a friend of mine asking if I could join him for a drink the next day. I told some excuses and hung up.

My sister was lying fully naked on my bed. I sat down and fondled her. When I kissed her pussy I noticed it was wet and ready again. I lay next to her and said “Let us try doggy style” She immediately turned and stood on all four. I positioned behind her and the wonderful arse, which I so dearly longed all these years, was inviting me to enjoy. I kissed her buttocks and poked my tongue into her arse hole. She did not stop me at all. On the contrary, she seemed to enjoy it. “Perhaps, that is something she learned from her marriage”, I thought. I spat into her arse hole and took my rod in my hand. I smeared the spittle on her arse cheeks and placed the head in position. I caught her firmly by the hip and pushed. I thought she would cry out with pain and wriggle away. But there was a sudden gasp and she said, “great my brother! Fuck my arse. I love it!” I rammed my rod into her tight arse and she moved her hip back to take the full length in. The pleasure was so exquisite that fucked her arse with full force. “Oh sister your arse is so great. I am dying with pleasure sister. How you learned to hold your arse so good?”
“My sponsor for the boutique shop is an Arab my brother!” she whispered back. I was jolted by her confession. Obviously the Arab sponsor has fucked the wind out of my sister. The knowledge that she had fucked around after her marriage gave me an added strength and increased the speed and force of ramming my cock into her tight sweet arse. I crushed her tits and slapped her buttocks. She was enjoying all this and finally I was ready to shoot. I rammed one last time hiding my cock fully inside her arse and released my load in her arse. We stood like that for a few minutes till my cock shrunk and slip out of her dripping arse.

We made love one more time that night. The next day before taking her to the airport I fucked her twice making her exhausted but fully satisfied. She told me she would come quite often to Dubai to enjoy sex with me till my wife was back. Obviously my sister loved my cock better that anybody else’s.

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