Six months later disaster fell, my step-mother's elderly sister in North Wales became ill and Jane had to go and nurse her, however she refused to leave me alone although I was now a tall, well-built lad of 18. Desperately Jane tried to get neighbours and friends to take me into their homes but to no avail, returning home I was greeted by a very relieved Jane, she said that she had almost overlooked an obvious solution, I sat stunned as she recounted how she had contacted Miss Needham who although we hadn't seen for many months still lived at Birch House School. When Jane broached the idea I protested, but in a perverse way I was almost eager to be placed into the charge of Miss Needham, I was quite aware her interest in me was physical and probably sexual, she certainly desired to inflict very severe punishment to my buttocks, obviously well rounded young male buttocks did something for her, however I was also not totally unaware of my submissive leanings, I hoped being in the hands of a cane wielding strict mistress would give me a buzz.
My step-mother contacted Miss Needham who said she would be delighted to take custody of me, her only condition was that I would be treated as one of her pupils and be subjected to school discipline, she also mentioned that she proposed to re?open her school so to have at least one pupil in residence would be helpful, on an ominous note she added that a young lady had now taken the position of matron, and Mrs Wallis would in future be giving her attention to individual boys who needed very strict supervision and rigorous punishment.

Early the next morning carrying a small suit case I walked up the drive to Birch House School, as I rang the door bell I could hear the sound echo deep in the house, after several minutes I heard the click of approaching shoes, the door was suddenly opened and I found myself face to face with a young woman not many years older than myself. She was tall with a stunningly curvaceous figure which a close fitting very short black dress showed off to good effect, her good looks were rather spoilt by her grim expression, her long red hair was tied in a pony tail which hung down her back, however by far her best feature were her long very shapely nylon clad legs enhanced by very high stiletto heeled shoes. Eyeing me up and down she informed me her name was Miss Brown and she was school matron, and that I would address her at all times as ma'am. Turning on her heel she ordered me to follow her, as we travelled along bleak cold corridors I couldn't keep my eyes of her well rounded deliciously swinging hindquarters, which protruded almost obscenely through the thin cotton of her ultra tight dress, abruptly she turned and faced me and looking angry sharply asked it I liked what I saw, before I could look away in embarrassment her right palm had struck me hard across the cheek, three more slaps followed as she slapped me both forehand and backhand while I submissively stood before her. As she turned to continue down the corridor I thought I detected a small smile on her lips, and guessed she was probably proud of herself having found a reason to punish me so soon. As we walked up stairs to the first floor the swing of her hips seemed even more exaggerated than before, and I felt an uncomfortable tightness in my trousers, I prayed she wouldn't notice the bulge in my crutch as my cheeks were still stinging. The click of Miss Brown's high heeled stilettos resounded off the uncarpeted wooden floorboards, we finally came to door which Miss Brown led me through and I found myself in a huge room which was obviously the dormitory, a dozen narrow iron beds stood against the walls of the room, six on each side, only one bed the nearest to the door had been made up and this was presumably mine. A rough looking middle?aged woman was sweeping at one end of the room and studiously ignored us, she seemed familiar and I then realised she was the wife of a farm worker who occasionally came into the village shop, she was very surly with a sharp tongue. The young matron produced a pile of clothing from a cupboard and tossed it on my bed and snapped that I was to put the uniform on, she then left the room returning to the ground floor leaving me alone but for the cleaner. The cleaner whose name I remembered was Mrs Cook, sneered at me and said in future I would be scrubbing the floors not her, and if I didn't make a good job of it she would have matron "tan my arse", I mistakenly retorted that I was no old scrubber woman. Clearly angry Mrs Cook stormed off no doubt in search of Miss Brown, I meanwhile decided to quickly change into the brown school uniform, as I stood naked preparing to put on the short trousers, to my horror I heard the click of high heeled shoes approaching and the whine of Mrs Cook’s voice. The door of the dormitory burst open and a very angry young matron entered followed by the smirking cleaner, clutched in Miss Brown’s hand was a length of thick black leather, the young woman grabbed my hair and as she sat on my bed she unceremoniously dragged me over her lap, the first stroke of the strap almost took my breath away with the intensity of the sting, and my nakedness was soon forgotten. It soon became apparent that the strict young matron was determined to teach me a very severe lesson indeed, as the hard leather strap again and again cruelly wrapped itself around my blistered rump, I sobbed like a baby. I franticly tried to protect my sore buttocks from the ferocious punishing strap, but had my arm painfully bent up my back. Mrs Cook was clearly thoroughly enjoying the spectacle as she stood grinning at my predicament, finally after 5 minutes I was released and pushed to the floor howling, through a haze of tears Miss Brown informed me that my conduct would be reported to the Headmistress, and I could expect a very severe caning. As I stood up before her she leant forward a slapped my genitals hard with her hand, commenting that she would sort out a suitably tight penis restraint for me. I was left in charge of Mrs Cook who was instructed by matron to make me scrub the dormitory floor, refusing to let me dress I was naked on my hands and knees, she said that she intended to keep me “bullock naked” for the rest of the day and commented that my red sore bottom thrust up in the air looked quite sweet, and if I didn’t want a really good hiding I had better ‘keep her sweet’. After several hours Mrs Cook returned home for her dinner leaving me to finish cleaning the dormitory. On hearing a car drew up in the drive way below I peered out of the window, a rather stern faced young women with very short black hair was impatiently leading a boy into the building, her loud scolding voice could be quite clearly be heard. The ‘boy’ looked about 16 and was wearing an absurd childish sailor suit outfit; his name was obviously Smithers as the young woman constantly referred to him by name. She wore a smart business suit and I guessed was the boy’s governess or stepmother; she was quite young maybe 23 or 24 much too young to be the lad’s natural mother. Her guttural eastern European accent sounded harsh and frightening as she threatened to thrash the boy if he didn’t obey her, as they entered the building I quickly carried on with my chore. The afternoon dragged on with my knees becoming increasingly sorer by the minute, I was determined not to give matron another excuse to give me a “really good hiding”. Daydreaming I suddenly heard the sound of approaching stilettos, matron swept into the dormitory looking incredibly sexy and demure in a smart dark blue nurses uniform, her long red hair was pinned back under a white hat making her appear hard faced, the ultra tight fitting uniform hugged every curve of her body and did nothing to hide her large firm breasts, the skirt if possible was even shorter than the black dress she had previously worn, not only were her magnificently long shapely legs displayed to perfection but her smooth nylon clad thighs as well. If her idea was to excite me then she had succeeded, I had no wish to go back over her delectable thighs for another session with her strap, so I tried desperately to control my thickening organ. She curtly ordered me to change into my uniform and present myself at Miss Needhams study; turning on her heel she left the room, hurriedly I donned the stupid little boys school uniform, I pulled the tight short trousers on and to my dismay found they were even more revealing than the shorts Jane had put me into. As I made my way down stairs I was frightened, my bare buttocks were fully exposed in the short trousers and I was sure Miss Needham would introduce my already very sore bottom to her reformatory cane.

Timidly I knocked on the heavy oak study door, to my surprise I was ordered to enter by a heavily accented woman’s voice, I opened the door and was confronted by the young woman I had seen earlier from the dormitory window. She was much taller and well built than she had appeared from my view above, although slim she was broad shouldered and had an athletic build, instantly the disturbing thought went through my mind that this woman looked quite capable of administering a very severe caning indeed. Looking at me with a superior smirk on her face, she curtly ordered me to face the corner with my hands on my head, I knew better than disobey especially as I had glimpsed a leather padded horse with restraining straps in a side room, on top of the horse lay a long, heavy cane. As I stood shaking with fear I could hear Miss Needham talking to someone on the ‘phone, suddenly the conversation stopped and she called from the side room, “Would you strap the boy down over the horse Lela, and warm him up with that heavy leather soled slipper in my desk drawer”. My buttock cheeks involuntarily clenched at this information, before I had a chance to collect my wits I was spitefully grabbed by the ear lobe and led across to the vaulting horse, on Lela’s instructions I quickly stripped completely naked while the young woman stood hands on hips looking and me with amusement, I could not fail to notice the outsize leather slipper she nonchalantly held in her hand. I attempted to hide my genitals from her searching gaze but had my hands slapped away, ordered up on the horse I hurriedly obeyed feeling the cold leather on my stomach, Lela first secured a broad leather strap over my back almost taking my breath away, next my wrists were tightly lashed to the legs of the horse, my ankles likewise were secured, then to my humiliation leather straps were positioned at the top of my thighs forcing them apart, fully exposing my anal cleft, I was terrified not being able to move an inch, finally a gag was forced into my mouth and tied behind my neck. Seemingly pleased by her efforts the young woman gave me a hard full handed slap to my rump, “Keep that arse nice and tight for me boy, I want you to really feel this slippering” she crowed. The first smack of the slipper brought tears to my eyes, the shear intensity of the sting was unbelievable, and I hadn’t dreamt the slipper could be so painful. The young woman didn’t even seem to be putting much effort behind the tanning, a second, third and fourth stroke landed on my tender rump causing me to buck in my restraints, as the burning pain spread over my rump I sobbed into my gag. There was no respite as the slipper smacked again and again onto my blistered buttock cheeks; I seem to lose track of time, the only thought in my mind the hideous burning pain afflicting my rump. At last my tanning finished and Miss Needham came over to inspect my sorely damaged rump, running her long thin fingers over the hot skin she commented “Excellent Lela, nicely blistered and swollen, he’d have a problem getting those shorts back on, it’s fortunate then that he’s going to be kept bare bottomed for the rest of the day, now lets see if I can add some nice red stripes to your cheeks, oh dear I do think you thought your punishment was over. I’m going to be spending the whole afternoon teaching you obedience, where is my reformatory cane”. I could just see out of the corner of my eye Miss Needham rolling up the sleeve of her blouse, after swishing her cane through the air a couple of times my thrashing began, although I couldn’t see her I knew Lela was watching no doubt with a smirk on her face. The first cut of the cane caught me completely by surprise, it sliced into my lower thigh leaving a hideous searing pain, as I again felt the light touch of her cane on my rump I franticly clenched my buttock cheeks, “Oh no you don’t you disobedient boy, how dare you clench your arse cheeks during punishment” Miss Needham murmured, I was rewarded with a dozen cruel strokes of the cane across the most tender part of my thighs, almost mad with pain I strained on the restraining straps and bucked trying to free myself, “You wilful boy” Miss Needham chortled , “So you want a test of wills do you” , she then administered a further dozen stripes of the cane with all her strength across the very crown of my buttock cheeks, on the area which had received the most punishment, the strokes had obviously broken the skin and left my cheeks bleeding, as I felt the trickle of blood run down my leg. Out of breath the Headmistress, suggested to Lela that they took a break, slapping me hard across the rump Miss Needham told me not to go anywhere as she had only just started my obedience training. My relief came from an unexpected source; refreshed the Headmistress was about to resume my thrashing with a vengeance, before she could begin the door of the study burst open and the Matron rushed in to warn Miss Needham that the school inspector Miss Symth was due, cursing under her breath the Headmistress delivered one finial stroke of the cane to my now raw buttock cheeks, the long, heavy cane wrapped itself around my buttocks and lashed into my tender thighs making me scream into my gag. Turning to Matron Miss Needham instructed her to clean me up and have me ready for inspection in the dormitory, before Miss Symth came.

An hour later I was standing rigidly to attention in school uniform at the end of my bed in the dormitory, my eyes were still puffy from crying and my buttocks throbbed almost unbearably, the boy Smithers had been brought to the dormitory by Miss Wallis and he was in an even more wretched condition than me. The boy had arrived at the dormitory gripped by the scruff of his neck by Miss Wallis, his buttocks; thighs and legs bore the obvious marks of prolonged strapping- overlaid vivid purple bands. His fair hair had been cropped almost to the scalp and he seemed unable to stop his lower lip quivering, ordered to stand up straight by his bed and lift his head I could see for the first time that his tear strained face also had a large bruises to both cheeks. The sound of approaching female voices could be heard in the main hallway, then the click of shoes on the stairs, Miss Brown the Matron had replaced her revealing uniform with an old fashioned rather frumpy outfit, and was standing by the door pointedly watching us, behind her back out of sight she was holding her thick very heavy leather spanking strap, both Smithers and I had been told in graphic terms what would happen to us if we spoke out of turn. A sharp female voice could be heard lecturing the Headmistress about the standards required for a Boy’s Reformatory school Class One certificate; Miss Needham entered the dormitory with a very attractive rather horsy woman in her early 40’s, quite tall she had a hard face which made her look the epitome of a very strict Victorian school mistress. Heavily built, a grey trouser suit could not hide her outstandingly curvaceous figure, her slacks were extremely tight around her plump buttock cheeks and the outline of her good legs could just be discerned. She initially seemed oblivious to the presence of pupils in the room, as Miss Smyth bent over to pick up a pen she had dropped on the floor the tight cloth of her slacks stretched tightly across her delightful rump, to my horror I felt the beginnings of an erection. As Miss Smyth straightened up she noticed us for the first time and her face flushed with anger, realising the display she had presented, I bizarrely noticed at that moment the very high spiky heeled shoes she was wearing. Turning to Miss Needham obviously livid she pointed to the rack of punishment implements by the door, although a wide variety of canes and straps were in evidence there was obviously one item missing, “Standards must be kept up Miss Needham,” the younger woman snapped, much to the Headmistresses annoyance. To my acute discomfort I felt the cold blue eyes of the School inspector alight on me, “I didn’t realise you had boy’s as old as this at your establishment, I do hope you are being exceptionally strict and severe with him”, Miss Needham desperately needing to show she ran a efficient strictly run school, leaped at the chance to impress Miss Smyth and in turn thoroughly humiliated me. Curtly the Headmistress instructed me to remove my shorts, touch my toes and present my buttocks for inspection; the young woman watched with keen interest as I thrust my bare well thrashed rump into the air, Miss Smyth could not contain her admiration, as she ran her palm none to gently over my swollen cheeks she exclaimed “Excellent, I do hope you have learnt your lesson boy”, as I stood up my erect organ became visible to the women, clenching her jaw with anger the school inspector turned to Miss Needham and pointy inquired why I wasn’t fitted with a penis restraint, flustered the Headmistress lamely explained that Matron had not yet had time. Looking at me Miss Smyth snapped “I think boy that you need personal tuition of the strictest type for a few weeks, and I’m just the lady to bring you to heel”, addressing the Headmistress she added “You will have no objection if I take this lad in hand for a few weeks”, although unhappy Miss Needham said she would be quite happy if Miss Smyth wished to tutor me.

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