A Sex Hungry and Beautiful Aunty
Here I am explaining my Real experience which was happened 1 month back. Hey that was a very hot climate day and I am very busy in the office which was working on the project release. I got a missed call to my mobile from the unknown mobile number, I didn’t care about this number and seriously involved in my work after half an hour I got again a missed call from the same mobile, I got little bit curious about this number and redialed to that number, first time its disconnected from another end, I tried again to that number phone was ringing I heard one seen female voice from other end saying "Hello". I enquired about the lady details by asking her, where she is living, profession and blah blah.... One day she called me and asking me to come to her place, but I was very busy I am unable to meet those days. Days are passed away; we both are speaking in the phone each other and became very good friends. Again she asked me to meet heart her place Vijayawada, But I am not ready to go that week end, because I have to attend some another party. She told me that she may come to Hyderabad for meet me here. I accepted her proposal and she was started on Frieda night and reached here in Saturday wee hours at 4.30 am. She gets down from the bus in the MGBS and called me, I woke up from the sleep and get ready within ten minutes and started from dilsukh nagar.i reached there at 5am, and fended her in the bus stand by instructions which were given by her. Wowww wowwww wowwww what a beautiful lady, I doubted for 5 min for is she came for me? She is very beautiful and sexy looks on her eyes. She told me that she came to meet me only and she dent have any relation and friends in Hyderabad. But I don't have a plan to keep her any place at that time. I called to my friend who is living in ameer pet asked him to help me with a room. Actually he has a good relation there in ameer pet, he known all the restaurant owners and front office executives. Me and Bhargavi went to ameer pet and meet my friend there in the morning 6 am. He guided me to nearest Restaurant to take an a/c room using his influence. Soon we got a room in third floor and room is in full corner of a restuarent. We went inside and fresher up both bhargavi and me. Well furniture is there and along with them a TV is there. We watched a TV for 10 min and chit chat about her family and my friends and all. She told me that her husband is in US and He may come after three years.

She is having very interest in sex and she dent have a sex for a year. I asked her why u came to Hyderabad suddenly, replies I would like to enjoy with you and spend my time with u only. I heard the bell which was pressed by the boy outside and he brought a coffee for us, soon we had coffee and she suddenly hugged me from the back side. I don’t know what was happened and realized that this aunty is going to fuck by me .She is kissing me from the back side on my neck and pressing her boos to my back, it was a very nice experience like a heaven and I slowly turned HER side and I gave a big hug from behind and I justly kissed on her eyes and forehead. she just close her eyes and enjoying the feeling. Then I just kissed and release on her pink and sexy lips. She just shived for my kiss and gave small moan. Again I keep on kissing on her lips and took her lower lip with my teeth and gently pressed it and I insert my lips and tong into her month and keep on kissing for 10 min. while kissing her I just place my hands back to her waist and rubbing her waist very justly, actually she having a very week point there for a sexy mood. Then I moved my hands to her hips and keep on pressing that very soft and nice hips from the Saree. Now I put my left hand on her blouse and just press are release on her left boom, which is very soft and stiff. She asked me to remove her blouse, I have done it and stunned to see her ‘36/24/36 " figure. I am very anxious to have her in front of me who am having a best figure. She asked me to press her boos and suck her pink nipples, I pressed her boobs with my both hands, but my hands are not getting the grip to fully enjoy because her boobs are very large and that is very new to me (This is my first experience). She is a whitish complexion and her boobs becoming reddish due to pressing. She has a good novel and I brought an Ice piece from the fritz which was there in the room and asked her to sleep in the bed. She obeyed my order and slept there.

Now she is having only her petticoat and panty and having very thin waist. I placed the Ice cube in the novel and moved it to her stomach and novel three or four times, she is moaning with a pleasure and asking me to lick her novel with a ice cube. I places a Ice cube on her novel and licking her novel with my tong and she is moaning very please and asking me to fuck. Actually this is a effect which was in the KR telugu movie and I was inspired and applied at the first time only, any female can mail me .I removed her petticoat and climbed on her. I kissed again on her lips and pressing her boobs very hardly, she inserted her fingers in my hair and enjoying the move. She is trying to press my head to her boobs and asking me to fuck as soon as possible, because she has been waiting to get fuck by someone for a year. She has a good net shaved pussy which is very nice to view. I took off all my cloths, including my underwear also. I have a 6 inch cock which is already ready for the battle with a female soldier. I am trying to insert my cock into her wet pussy but it very resistant and unable to enter in. I just gave her a jerk, it went only 2 inch inside and she is feeling very pain, because my rod having 3inch girth. Again I tried and insured my cock fully and keep on fucking her for 15 min and came on her pussy at that time she is moaning allot and I afraid to hear someone from outside. We slept like that only for half an hour and she said please fuck me all the day.

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