A Girl in a miniskirt, fucked by crowd at concert
When Sophie initially broached the idea that they form a rock and roll band, all of her friends thought she had slipped off the tracks, so to speak. In particular, Renée had serious misgivings concerning what to her was a dubious enterprise to say the least.

Sophie was proven correct when they seemed to jell immediately upon their first few practices and soon they sounded as if they had been together for years. Renée’s old teenage ‘angst’ poetry made great fodder for their original songs and they would intersperse those with the top hits of the day.

‘The Marauders,’ as they came to be known were highly successful at playing at sorority and fraternity parties and finally were accorded the honor of opening for the headliner act that was performing at the university’s homecoming concert. It was to be held in the university outdoor amphitheatre on Friday evening before the homecoming game and dance on Saturday.

On early Friday evening, Renée was beginning to feel quite excited concerning her involvement in the homecoming concert. As their part in the concert was due to start in a half an hour, Renée was quickly changing into her costume. As she stood nude except for a thong, she held up her skimpy outfit consisting of just a whisper of a top that barely covered her nipples, much less any of her ample breasts and a macro-mini skirt.

The outfit was another thing Renée initially had misgivings over, but Sophie had managed to appeal to Renée ’s vanity by expressing to her that this was their big chance and their performance badly needed some sex appeal. None of Renée’s more traditional bra and panties would have sufficed under the outfit, as they would have been larger by far than the top and skirt. Renée had adamantly refused Sophie’s suggestion she wear nothing beneath the extremely short skirt. They finally had to travel to an adjoining town to locate a specialty shop that sold thongs tiny enough to wear beneath the skirt.

Unfortunately the dressing rooms at the amphitheatre were currently under repair and Renée was going to have to dress for the concert in her room. Although by doing so, Renée realized the drawback was she would have to walk though the campus from her room in the dormitory down to the amphitheatre and suffer the stares and possibly obscene catcalls from male students and visitors she would pass along the way.

She would not be able to rely on her boyfriend, Sid, for a ride because he had a late lab that day and calling for a cab was out of question because of it being homecoming weekend. All of them would be busy transporting visitors from the airport and railway station to the university.

Because of the unseasonably warm weather, Renée hadn’t brought back to school any of her long warm winter coats yet and she didn’t even have a raincoat to put on over the skimpy outfit. Usually she could have borrowed a coat from one of her friends on the floor, but they all had already left for the evening and she wasn’t comfortable around any of the other young women in her dorm. In fact, unbeknownst to the good hearted Renée, none of them could stand her thinking she was too stuck on herself.

Dressing quickly and how else could you dress in such a minimal outfit, she thought and double checking in the mirror on her wall that her top did indeed cover her lovely aureoles, she left her room and began walking down the dormitory corridor.

Finally arriving at the back stage area and still blushing furiously at the obscenities that were suggested to her on her way there through the campus, Renée noticed Kell tuning his electric guitar and Irvin removing his cowboy hat and long cattlemen’s coat in anticipation of his role as lead singer.

Sophie was quickly darting hither and yon in a frenzied attempt to micromanage every activity, pertaining to their performance. As she was stepping past, Renée touched Sophie on her shoulder and said, “Sophie, I’m here!”

Turning quickly toward Renée, Sophie exclaimed, “Renée, you look absolutely fabulous in that outfit! Doesn’t she, Irvin?”

“She looks incredible,” Irvin replied, leering salaciously at Renée.

“Uh, Renée,” Sophie said while pointing at Renée’s bust line.

Quickly glancing down, Renée espied that both of her breasts were completely exposed because her flimsy halter top had fallen near her waist!

“Oh my God!” Renée shouted, while quickly adjusting her scanty halter-top.

More to escape the smirks she observed on Sophie and Irvin’s faces than anything else, Renée stepped toward the front of the stage and peered through the red, velour curtains and out into the audience. She ascertained every one of the red, plush theatre seats that sat row upon row were filled in the huge amphitheatre. There was also a mosh pit area that was used during rock and roll performances.

The mosh pit was already completely filled with overly excited young college age men and a few especially hardy young women, along with a number of high school boys from the local town and a few old hippies. Most of them were already body-slamming each other and pogoing everywhere.

Since the backstage crew had set all of their electric equipment up, Sophie ordered, “Everyone, hit your mark!”

Renée, who was playing the tambourine and singing backup, took the mark next to Irvin very near the lip of the stage. Sophie, who was playing electric bass and Kell, who was playing electric lead guitar, were standing slightly behind Irvin and Renée. Behind Sophie and Kell stood a preprogrammed drum machine.

Perceiving everyone was on their mark and ready to perform, Sophie ordered the curtain opened. As the curtain began to open, the activity in the mosh pit became even more frenzied.

Launching into their first song, Renée felt herself caught up in the excitement of the crowd and began some frenzied dancing of her own, never noticing the affect she was having on the males in the mosh pit, which was significant. They had ceased all prior activity and were now all crowded at the lip of the stage intently watching Renée, as her extremely short skirt flew up near her waist totally exposing her narrow see-through thong.

Midway through the performance, one of the college age men could no longer control himself and reaching up and grabbing Renée’s thong, he pulled it off her body thereby completely exposing her currently wide open labia to the sexually charged crowd of young males!

As Renée screamed and attempted to step back from the edge of the stage, Irvin and Kell both reached out attempting to prevent her from being pulled down in the mosh pit. When another male reached up and grabbed Renée’s ankles, she was quickly yanked completely off the stage leaving Irvin holding her skirt in his hand and Kell holding her halter-top!

Sophie quickly ordered Irvin and Kell, “Keep playing! She’s only playing a tambourine, for God sakes!”

Renée, who had been stripped completely naked except for her high heels, quickly disappeared into a sea of hands and young men! She suddenly felt hands clutching, and rubbing every inch of her body. She realized her screams could not be heard above the loud rock and roll performance and most of the people in the main audience in the theatre seats probably hadn’t noticed a thing out of place!

Renée couldn’t believe this was happening to her. To be pulled off the stage in front of twenty thousand rock and roll fans was one thing, but to be stripped almost completely naked in front of them was just too horrible to even think about. She had continued to scream without break in hopes of eliciting some kind person’s attention who would pull her out of this hideous nightmare.

The beautiful young black-haired woman attempted to crouch in an effort to hide her most precious secret places, mainly her breasts and her pussy when suddenly there were two fingers jammed up her lovely vagina and her screams reached a new crescendo, but as the fingers continued to probe, she began to moan in sexual pleasure. She felt her nipples become erect and then mouths that sucked gently suddenly covered each one. Her sexual enjoyment moved up a notch and she began moaning louder.

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