A Bar Girl
This is a real story that happened when I was visiting New Delhi on business last December. I was staying at the Hotel Taj and decided to visit the hotel bar when I saw this beautiful girl dancing and thought to myself she has real class. She was wearing a short black sexy dress and a figure one would kill for. When she stopped dancing I went over to her to ask if I could join her. Her name is Aarti and 24 years old and really a sexy lady.

She accepted and after talking I found out she worked as a graphic designer and came from a Punjabi family Delhi based, but she liked night clubbing to pick up eligible guys. Thinking this I knew if I played my cards right I could score here. As the night progressed we became closer and being a keen dancer, we danced on the floor so close that we could feel the contours of each other much like the lababda. I could tell she had nice breasts and yet very erect nipples that needed a good licking and sucking.. The night came to end at 1am and she and I had were intoxicated and we had kissed many times passionately that she came with me to my hotel room. She entered my room and went straight to the bathroom and it was then that I was thinking about her ample breasts and hot nipples, wet pussy and beautiful ass. When she came out I wanted it so bad, I asked her to sit next to me on the sofa, she came to me and wearing that very sexy short black dress with a low cut front, and a black silk push up bra, and silk black stockings, high heels and silk crotch less panties. I am almost creamed right then - I could feel PRE-CUM dripping off my fat brown swollen dick head, as just seeing her looking so radiant and sexy.

She looked at me with a surprised look on my face, and stood up in front of me, and started rubbing her hands all over her body, and I was trembling, as I watched those ample breasts and to see those nipples getting so long under her dress:>)))!!!! Ohhhh AARTI, that is so hot!!! Her nipples were about an inche long and breast size of 36D and the curve on her figure was so nice, she told me she loved the gym and working out. Her waist was about 23 and hips 36 to good to be true. She came closer, and sat on the edge of my sofa, and lifted up one of your legs up over the other leg, her dress creeped up, and her hot stocking tops were showing!!! I reached out and rubbed my hand along her silky leg, and then I moved closer, taking her into my arms, and as we hugged and kissed so passionately!! I was so hot - I wanted my hot tongue and hard red cock tip in her hot and wet pussy !!! As we kissed, I took my hand and rubbed her upper thighs, and then my fingers found her slit in her hot black crotchless panties. I pushed my fingers into her pussy - and I could feel her hot wet silky pussy lips and her pussy juices coated on my fingers. My cock was so hard, and I could feel it pressing against her, as I continued to finger and rub her wet juicy pussy:>)))))!!!

My mouth and tongue move down along you dress, and I tongued and bite her cleavage, as I lifted up her dress over her hips. I moved away for a second, and then pulled her dress over your head and let it fall to the floor!!! Aarti's nipples were so hard, as I reached inside her bra and rubbed and pinched them lightly:>)!! My fingers were shaking with excitement, as I undid her bra, her breasts were so ample, her long hard nipples pointed towards my face. I took her breasts into my hands, and squeezed them together as my hard hot tongue moved slowly along them. Then my mouth and hot lips closed around her nipples as I sucked on them hard. Yes Aarti, this feels so good to you, my fingers continued to move in out of her pussy faster now, as I rubbed her swollen clit with my thumb - and sucked on your hot hard nipples!!! I could see she was going to explode any second now!!! She was telling me how she loved fucking so much that she could never get enough good quality cocks.

Oh yes my sweet lover she said to me, Aarti could feel as her inner pussy muscles grasped my fingers and coated them with her hot wet white pussy juices and cum!!! I moved down and ran my tongue along her pulsating pussy lips, spreading them very wide, and tasting all of her juices as they flowed onto my tongue. I tongued her pussy and clit rapidly, and used the tip of my tongue - running it along her engorged clitoris, and then spread her pussy lips wider, and sucked her whole clitoris in to my mouth, shaking my head from side to side, while licking the sensitive underside of her clit with the tip of my hot tongue!!! As I licked it with 4 or 5 darting licks, I could feel her body shake again and again as she EXPLODED onto my mouth in such an intense orgasm!!! Ohhh Aarti, that is really making me so hot, as I imagined this happening between us!!! I got up and give her a real deep long kiss and hug - rubbing and massaging her back - as she trembled from that incredible orgasm!!

We were hugging and kissing, she reached down now and rubbed my cock through my pants. She could feel it continue to harden with her touch, she slowly pull down my zipper and kneeled down in front of me, and released my 10 inch long cock from my red boxer shorts!! My cock head was now so nice,full and red, and shiny with pre-cum as she licked it gently. Aarti licked up my PRE-CUM and commented how nice it was to taste she then ran her tongue along my cock, and then along my swollen soft shaven balls. She ran her tongue along my swollen balls, and then sucked and licked on them gently and rubbed my cock with your hands. My cock was getting harder, the cock tip was very bright red and so ready to explode, and the veins were sticking out on it, as she ran her hot wet tongue along my shaft!!!

Aarti ran her tongue up and down my fat red cock tip, and then pushed her mouth over my cock taking me deep inside her mouth!!! She squeezed her lips around my cock head, and then pushed her mouth up and down my shaft, I could feel my swollen shaven balls slap against her chin:>)))!!!! Aarti, please suck me harder and deeper with each movement, as my hands reached out, I pushed her head onto my throbbing cock!!! She quickly ran her tongue along the underside of my swollen red cock head, as 4-5 jets of my HOT WHITE CUM - pumped onto her hot mouth!!!! Ohhhhhhh yes Aarti, that is so great, she continued to suck on my red swollen cock tip, massaging my balls with her gentle fingers, and fingering my ass - until she had drained me of all of my hot CUM!!! Hmmm that would be so erotic, having her swallow my CUM like that - as you know you love the taste of it so much!!!! But there is more, she continued to suck on my cock, it regained life and was so hard again, she licked and sucked on it as I was moaning and I rubbing her skin again, making it tingle. As I sit down on the sofa, she came to me, with my cock so hard for her, she came into my arms and pushed my hard cock tip into her red hot pussy, as she sat on my lap driving my swollen cock head and shaft - going in so deep, I sucked on her nipples and massaged her breasts, and rubbed and massaged the skin on her back!!!! Her nipples were so hard, and she and I were now breathing so hard, as Aarti was controlling the movement - all the way in, and then all the way out!!!! We were both so passionate and hot, as we started to tremble, and then she slowed down, as I was cupping her ass cheeks in my hands - but letting her control the movement!!! Ohhhhh, Aarti, that feels so damn good, as she was working her hot pussy slowly up and down on my fat red cock head and hard shaft!!!

We were both gasping, as her fingernails grasped my back, as I am sucking her long nipples, she meanwhile drove down on my fat cock head and shaft, she felt my balls touch her ass cheeks, as we started to tremble again:>)!!!! Aarti was now moaning "I want you so much to fuck me on the sofa like this" as I am sucking her hard nipples, and massaging her buns, and I say to her "Ohhhhhh yes!" Aarti, move faster up and down on my cock, we are hugging and gasping, as she yells out "Ohhhh I want your fat cock red head in my pussy!" she clamped down , and I bite her ears, and her neck, sucked her nipples, my swollen cock is sinking in all the way into her hot wet pussy, as I massage her ass cheeks!!! We are just trembling, as we do that once more - and then we start to explode on each other - I can feel her pussy muscles contract, and on sensing that, I pull it in so deep, as I start to sense her oncoming orgasm - I pulled her hot wet crevice up one more time - and then slam it down on my cock, as her nipples elongate and both of us CUM in a crescendos!!!!!! We are hugging each other so tight, I am sucking her nipples so hard, biting on them gently, as we quiver all over, her nails dig into my back and my hands cup her buns - as we EXPLODE in a continuing orgasm together!!!!! Ohhh, we just pulsate together, as I can feel her pussy muscles squeezing my shaft, my cock head explodes with 4 or 5 more big jets of hot white CUM into your molten pussy, as we both CUM with each other so EXPLOSIVELY!!! We just hold each other so tight in the post orgasm, touching each others skin with our fingers, as we tremble in on the sofa!!! We rub each other with our hands all over each others skin, kissing and caressing, as our passions subside.

This was the best fuck I ever had in the chain of events which made us both cum so perfectly. She left and I never saw her again, bit like the Indian summer wind, never to return.

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